Queen Elizabeth dropping by RIM on July 5th - What device should she be using?

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jun 2010 10:26 am EDT
 Queen Elizabeth  

Queen Elizabeth is set to drop by RIM HQ in Waterloo on July 5th as part of a brief trip to Canada. She will be receiving a tour of RIM's production line and then be returing to Toronto later in the day. If she's lucky she might snag a pre-release 9800 (or something even better?) before she heads off, or maybe just get a closer look at BB6 before it rolls out. 

HRH started using a BlackBerry a few years back, but surely she has upgraded since. While we don't know for sure what device she uses, we want to know what device you think she should be using. Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know why. If you think it's something other than what we have listed, don't vote and leave a comment letting us know what device and why.

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Queen Elizabeth dropping by RIM on July 5th - What device should she be using?


Personally, I could really give 2 sh**s what that outdated and useless monarch will be using. I find it amusing/nauseating that anyone still cares what that family does with their lives. They are purely symbolic in nature and poor symbols at that. The queen is the only one with any class and I still don't care what goes on with her. I'm just sayin...that's all.

Clearly it matters to you quite a lot. Enough that you felt to voice your opinion so strongly.
I guess my response is just as pointless & self gratifying. Oh wells.

I figure she'd be best with a big simple iphone.

Please be so kind as to share with us what the Queen has ever done to you, that brings out such hatred.

Useless monarch? The Queen has achieved more in her lifetime than you will ever dream of achieving. You or any of your descendants.

You sound like a very angry, hateful person, and my advice to you is that you try to get help, so you can find inner peace. If not, it will only destroy you, not the other person.


FYI...I expressed no hatred whatsoever. And I'm not angry with anyone. I just don't know why society is so obsessed with what celebrities and politicians do in their spare time. I also think time would be better spent on something more important other than taking a poll on what type of phone the Queen of England should get. And what exactly has the Queen achieved? Can you give me specifics? And how do you know what I have achieved? Can you give me specifics on that? You have no idea who I am. Looks like someone is angry and it isn't me. Grow up already...I was just making an observation and you're clearly taking it the wrong way.

1/ I expressed no hatred whatsoever......Just go back and read your initial post.

2/ I just don't know why society is so obsessed with what celebrities and politicians do in their spare time.....you are allowed to feel that way, but that doesn't mean that everyone has to feel the same way as you.

3/ And what exactly has the Queen achieved?.....there's something called history. Find a library (or I guess in your case I should say try Google), and read up on this noble monarch.

4/ And how do you know what I have achieved?.....from your ignorant post, it is pretty easy to determine what kind of person you are.

5/ Looks like someone is angry and it isn't me.....You are right. I do get angry, when I read ignorant posts by ignorant people.

Like I said earlier, get help with your anger and hatred. It will do you well. And when you are done with that, spend a little time gaining some knowledge on who Queen Elizabeth II is. A little knowledge is always a good thing.

Cheers mate!

FYI, the Queen is not HRH, that "title" is for members of the Royal Family who are not the Queen. She is HM.

I'll remember that next time O run into her on the street...lol

But seriously, good to know. You really do learn something new every day. :)

I think she should be honored with custom hand made BB9000
With real leather and few precious stones embedded in it.

i think she should use 9800. because she will get teste of touch screen as well as fabulos BB keypad too. and queen should have what no other people have it yet.

I think its the other way around, she'd get more frustrated with the keyboard. Its smaller requires two hands to hold. If she has any medical problems that elderly people have typing on a tiny keyboard and screen may become a challenge. She needs a full touch device Storm2 would be blah because its to the best touch device out there.

Its much easier to teach someone to point and touch rather than holding down key combinations on a tiny keyboard.

I chose the white 9700, it just seems to go with her... but I do agree that she should be the first to own a working 9800 in any color. Although, I kind of also think she should have a white Pearl 3G...

there no NONE or Other (Andriod / Iphone) i think she'd be better with a full touch screen and not the 9800 or storm. Why cause its easier on the eyes and she can use 1 finger to navigate around and not have to type on tiny keys which may be difficult for someone her age.

So my suggestion an Iphone or Android touch device would be best for ease and comfort.

The 9700 is the flagship device so she would probably have that. And I voted for the white version because white just seems really classy. haha

except the iphone is the least secure mobile device on the planet?
intuitive? sounds like a euphemism for 'crippled devices for simple minds'.

Nothing other than one of the leaked future devices, which - quite naturally - one of HRH's James Bond 00x ninjas procured off e-Bay...

The poll options are somewhat scarce... :)

Kind of random but pretty cool for RIM. Although who is the Queen emailing on her BB? I thought she had people for this...

For someone of her stature, I would think someone else would do her emailing for her. While apple says they have an app for that, for the queen, if you need to email Charles about brunch, there's a person for that. But if she absolutely wanted a phone just to have one, the Bold would be a good fit for her.

i would put money down that she has a security enhanced world edition like they gave to obama.
voted for white 9700 because there isn't a single person on the planet that shouldn't want it.

also, she wears gloves way too often for a capacitive touchscreen to be of any merit.

Since I wouldn't like to be using the same phone as that queen, I vote for the Storm 2. It's a phone I'll never, ever use so she can have it.

A royal blue + white leather + Jade stone on back (replacing BB symbol) + OS5, of course latest and stable (with royal theme) = BlackBerry 9000 (Ròyalé Edition)

awesome! Of course, I'd prefer it if they added at least 256 mb of memory. That (and a trackpad) are the only reasons I don't buy a 9000. I want one so bad but the low memory (trackpad/ball doesn't matter too much) makes me not want to buy it. I don't think I'd be happy with a phone that needs battery pulls once a day.

sad to see the replies, don't like/care for the queen, then don't post, oh well.

But I bet if britney or paris were switching, this poll would explode. Oh well, HM is still a classy lady from the old school of values, got to at least give her that.

I wonder if they all have a bbm group set up for world leaders..LOL, but I'd say 9700 would be good.

I agree with those that said that a full touch screen device would be easier on the eyes. We all know (or at least most of us know) that the Storm 3 will be one of the first devices on Verizon's new LTE network scheduled to launch Q4 so I think it's only right that HM receives a proper copy of the Storm3. Also, I must say, the level of disrespect for HM is a disgrace. It's fine if you don't care for her, but keep that to yourself.

~ NewsWorthy ~

That's what Her Majesty should be using. Very classy device.
Low key but still powerful :)

Get it Colorwared and definitely get a custom battery cover
bearing the family crest.

Minor non-BB point of order: The Queen is a "Majesty" NOT an HRH- that is reserved for children of a Monarch, regnant or surviving consort (remember the "Queen Mum" ? She was also the only other Majesty at the time) ....

Also, the Monarchs grandchildren are HRHs, but Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was GIVEN the HRH when he married The Queen- since a non-Roayl title was "unbseemly" for a Queen
the end

Why does HM need a BB? She probably has a DOD built (or British equivalent, perhaps MI5?) encrypted Satphone! Much as I love BB, kinda gets blown out of the water, no comparison!

Why does HM need a BB? She probably has a DOD built (or British equivalent, perhaps MI5?) encrypted Satphone! Much as I love BB, kinda gets blown out of the water, no comparison!

LOL. I imagine it as a Bold 9700, diamond buttons with laser-engraved text underneath said diamonds. It'd be white, because white is....regal. The casing would be made of ivory and back battery door would be leather from endangered bison.

I'm just kidding--it's all in good fun.

As it turns out Elizabeth has more class in her baby finger than all of us here, and has accomplished more than we all, collectively, will ever accomplished. She is visiting here in her capacity as the Queen of Canada and is the head of state of our country. Her age is not slowing her down one bit as she maintains an absolutely grueling pace that none of us would or could. She is an amazing woman, in spite of a few minor mistakes over the years, that have only served to help bring her closer to her subjects, one of which I am proud to be. Canadians who don't like these facts, usually protest without really knowing what she does for us. You would be better served to research more of what she means to us and what we would stand to lose without the institution she represents. On a lighter note, she likely uses a Bold 9700, black. She also likely has no problem with the keyboard. She uses a Blackberry for a number of reasons I suspect. Not the least of which is the superior security offered, and remember RIM is a Canadian company, two important reasons to not even consider Apple or Android. She likely doesn't BBM Obama either, but it might be neat to see who is in her groups.

Later, shred...

Apparently HM and Prince Philip each received a white 9700. The Queen is an amazing lady given that she had devoted her life to public service. Sre she lives a high standard of living but just imagine living in the public eye every day of your life. At 85, she blows people away 25 years younger than her. I almost saw her in Toronto but my plans changed.Too bad. I hope I get another chance.