Qualcomm Toq BlackBerry 10 app in the works

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2014 11:41 am EST

I am sure many of you know that we recently launched our new site dedicated to smartwatches, but sadly there aren't any watches that currently have official support for BlackBerry 10. There are a few great third-party Pebble apps and we've even seen the Sony Smartwatch 2 working with BB10, but that's about it. 

That may change soon however as forums member moneytoo is working on an app for the Qualcomm Toq. Currently the app only supports phone calls and the dev says there is still much work to be done, but it's a great start and something we're definitely looking forward too. 

You can check out a quick video of the app above and hit up the forums for more discussion.

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...we are all connected...


Where did you get that BB logo symbol?


It's cool I figured how to get it hehe 


i'll def get one once there is more functionality.


Thanks to moneytoo for tackling this one!

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How well does the Pebble work with BB10?


At least someone is giving us some type of love even if it's only a little, I'll take it

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Dev love for the win

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Still don't get the whole smartwatch thing. Seems a little redundant with Q10.

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Same here. I spent good money on my smartphone. I don't need a watch to tell me whats on it. If I want to see who is calling, check notifications or whatever, guess what... I look at the damn phone haha!


Ditto. Haven't seen the benefit.

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Dave Bourque

I can see the benefit when it acts like a luxury watch and a smart watch. Meaning I don't need to charge the watch component.



Actually, I see a lot of use for the connectivity. When I am in a meeting with a client, it would be nice to have a subtle reminder of my next appointment, of an important message or text coming in. As someone who is very connected digitally, I see the notifications as being a huge plus. I don't plan to play games on it, make phone calls from it, create tasks, messages, etc on it, or watch TV on it. But the notifications would be well worth it. I wear a watch during my workday, so having one with that functionality would be very useful. My reasoning is not for everyone, but that's how I see it benefiting me.

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And in the eyes of your colleagues, you are clock watching every time a message etc. Comes in.

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BB Adict

I am with you Bro. I guess it must be techie types with extra discretionary cash to spend. I can't figure out the need either.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


I'm quite a techki type person, but even I can't see the true use of this product.

I strongly agree with a previous poster.... anything I want to check on my phone, i'll just lift up... my phone!

And with BlackBerry led indicator and customisable vibrate function, I already (most of the time) know what's going on with my phone without even fully looking at the device.

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Talk2Watch works ok.


Is it reliable for getting gmail and text notifications (and Twitter/Facebook)? That's all I need.


Sweet #TeamBlackBerry 

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I picked up the sony Smartwatch 2 to try and get it running on my Z10. I got it connected but it would not Sync...? if any know what problems I'm running into I could surely use the help?

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It would be not bad idea to BBY to make their own watch compatible with all platform smartphones.
I think that smart watches might be a new fashion and could sell a lot!

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I agree. However I think there are other, larger fish to fry on their plate. Now, if they decided to persuade one or two device developers to support BB10, that would be plenty sufficient for me.

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Great new avatar pic, Adam! That's easily the most accurate one I've seen of the Mobile Nations crew so far! The resemblance is uncanny!



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This is great when you are the one sitting and should be listening... but when you are the one doing the presentation, you want to detach their arms from their body so they can concentrate to what you are presenting...

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I want a pebble watch

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