BlackBerry Q10 & Q5 owners can now get some QR Invaders action

QR Invaders
By James Richardson on 4 Feb 2014 05:36 am EST

You may remember that in very early 2014 we featured QR Invaders for BlackBerry 10. At that point the Space Invaders style game (with a twist) was only available for all-touch BlackBerry 10 smartphones. 

If you are a Q10 or Q5 owner and were saddened by the games lack of availability you can wipe away your tears as the developer took onboard my comments and the game is now supported on all BlackBerry 10 handsets - sweet. 

If you missed our original video post - the twist comes in as you can scan any QR code and it will produce a level for you to play - clever stuff. With old school style space invaders graphics but the ability for endless levels thanks to scanning this one takes an old classic and spices it up nicely.

Features include: 

  • Certified Built for BlackBerry
  • Every QR Code creates a new space invaders experience
  • An almost infinite number of QR Codes to fight
  • Online score boards, compete with the world for the highest score
  • Multiple weapons and power ups to collect
  • Many invader types to fight including Boss invaders and many mini bosses
  • Regular Updates to add new features
  • Gamepad support, including Wii Remote, Moga, Steel Series and more
  • Play with the touchscreen on Keyboard for phones with keyboards

QR Invaders is priced at £1.50/$1.99. 

More information/Download QR Invaders for BlackBerry 10 



Hey crackberry would you do please some research about the battery draining after updating to 10.2.1?

Why is it so?
Any tipps/tricks?

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Try the forums, also try removing battery for a couple of minutes, give the new OS time to settle ;)

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This is not a correct platform for such questions, there are lots of threads regarding this issue in the forums section good people.

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>wipe away your tears

*swipe away your tears


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Great to see some Q10 love again!

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