Get scanning codes with QR Invaders for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 2 Jan 2014 10:11 am EST

For those of you that are fans of the old school game Space Invaders you're going to love QR Invaders for BlackBerry 10 as it takes the original style of game and adds a new modern twist to it. To cut a long story short - you can scan any QR code you find and it will produce a level in the game for you to play - clever stuff!

There are four QR codes already pre-loaded into the game so you can play as soon as you download, but I suspect half the fun here is going to be searching out new codes to give you some unique combat action. 

The game itself is very much like the original. You only have two controls - a fire left and fire right which is achieved by touching either side of the BlackBerry display. The graphics have retained the old school style, but are bright and crisp. When it comes to the sound though this game kicks butt. Not only does it have great sound effects, but it also has a fantastic rock backing track which certainly adds to the overall gaming experience. 

QR Invaders is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all touch only BlackBerry 10 devices. No support yet for you hardware keyboard lovers I'm afraid. 

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Get scanning codes with QR Invaders for BlackBerry 10


The majestic Second post has thereby been posted! LOL!

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i guess quicky's been roaming the depths of the internet. detecting every new entry and its first-post might be quite time consuming. we're lucky he's got a place for ourselves in his heart and checks on us every now and then.

Yeah I spin trance. Other styles too but Trance & Progressive with some electro$

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Pretty clever, but since most QR codes are basically links to websites, could there be a secondary reason for the app to be asking you to arbitrarily scan any old QR code you come across? Is it just me being paranoid?

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To bad about all the users with keyboard device :( bit it sounds so funny.
I will purchase :)

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Yes! Gamepad is supported. You can also touch left and right on the lower screen to move without shooting.

Yes, it does support Gamepad and Q10 support is coming soon.

The point of the scanning a QR Code is it generates a different stage, so every QR Code gives a different numbers of baddies, different difficulty level and sometimes different baddies. So you might end up with a lot more enemies before you hit the first level boss on more complex QR Codes.