QNX Software Systems Provides New Software-Based Engine Noise Reduction Technology for Automobiles

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2013 07:59 am EDT

The QNX team again has a hand in some new car tech, this time for engine noise reduction in vehicles. The QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control integrates with current vehicle infotainment systems and uses existing audio hardware. Rather than having a standalone unit, the system is able to reduce engine noise without added costs to both manufacturers and car buyers.

Press Release

QNX(R) Acoustics for Active Noise Control offers a high-performance software solution for engine noise reduction in passenger vehicles; eliminates added costs associated with dedicated hardware

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - October 08, 2013) - QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for in-car electronics, today announced the availability of QNX® Acoustics for Active Noise Control, a high-performance software solution for dramatically reducing unwanted engine noise inside passenger vehicles.

Compact and efficient, QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control is designed to integrate seamlessly into a vehicle's infotainment system or audio amplifier, providing automotive system designers the ability to leverage existing infotainment or audio hardware. As a result, it can help automakers realize significant cost savings while achieving better performance than current Active Noise Control (ANC) hardware solutions.

"Be it powering infotainment systems or reducing engine noise within the vehicle, we provide our customers with solutions that enable them to enhance the driving experience and ultimately meet consumer demand," said Derek Kuhn, vice president of sales and marketing, QNX Software Systems. "By leveraging a software approach, QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control eliminates the need to add dedicated hardware, saving automakers development time and significant bill of materials costs."

Highly flexible, QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control can support a variety of hardware and software configurations - with or without an operating system. Developers can easily integrate the solution into a vehicle's head unit or audio amplifier, using an application processor or digital signal processor (DSP).

"Innovations that deliver better gas mileage sometimes have noisy side-effects that automakers have increasingly had to deal with by using active noise control technologies. Traditionally, a hardware box has been needed to do this, but QNX Software Systems has changed the cost equation by delivering a pure software solution," said Mark Fitzgerald, associate director, global automotive practice, Strategy Analytics.

Additional features of QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control include rapid calibration and tuning, seamless integration with the QNX® automotive hands-free technology, vehicle diagnostic support, and easy configurability for a wide range of microphone and speaker arrangements. In addition, customers have access to a specialized team of QNX acoustics engineers for software support, consulting, calibration, and system tuning.


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QNX Software Systems Provides New Software-Based Engine Noise Reduction Technology for Automobiles


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lol but it is funny, especially like MC_A_DOT said, because it is an epic fail!

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Agreed it's pretty childish to begin with. And to top it all off, he wasn't even first! Lol

"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)

At the risk of enticing trolls, who cares about these nonsense announcements. BBRY needs to generate revenue. If this doesn't contribute, why bother announcing? I'm tired about hearing about all these supposedly wonderful QNX programs that don't amount to squat when it comes to sales. BBRY is losing money / burning cash like crazy. I know this is a big ask of the current management team, but I'd like to know how they plan to monetize QNX for cars, what kind of sales we can expect and when.

It's doesn't take a genius to see that the "software" could be applied to a phone and make it easier to hear someone in a crowded place, like a bar....

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That's assuming BBRY doesn't start selling QNX at selfridges first, in which case, it would sell out very quickly!

Sorry but no way to be possible without a good sound power source (headset) and good microphone next to the hear. Active noise cancellation is not that easy! In a car it is different, the noise from the motor is very regular and very similar in all the space of the car.
Anyway it is still a tech that can generate revenue, that is not nonsense.

allisos: it does indeed take a genius to have your idea work. the way noise cancellation works is by creating the opposite sound for the whole space. It is relatively easy to do that in a close environment like a car, but for it to work in a bar, you would actually need loudspeakers loud of enough to overwhelm the whole bar. Plus, it would therefore also cut the sound of your voice. :)

QNX aims at big manufacturer and commercials products, not consumers. It is absolutely normal if you don't hear publicly about Ford or Toyota having a new supplier for a part of their car. Don't think that because you don't hear about it that nobody is interested.

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I don't think you understood my point. My point is that while these announcements sound nice, none of them are resulting in material revenues. For example, let's assume annual global car sales are around 60 million units (http://www.worldometers.info/cars/). If BBRY is able to get 50% market share and generate $100/vehicle - then that's great, $3 billion of revenue at what would presumably be a very good margin. However, if they're only able to generate $10/vehicle, or $300 million, then it's a nice addition to what they have, but really not that material.

Maybe you should temper a tolerance of a positive point of view, with your pessimistic point of view, regarding a lack of facts, and a clear misunderstanding of the point of the announcement.

I understand what kermit is saying. BlackBerry and its subsidiaries can have all the "look what we've done" announcements in the world. But they need to monetize that urgently, now.

No need to attack him for stating his viewpoint.

well, if it's done, why not announce it ?
It does bring money right now (but to a few manufacturers indeed, this is what innovation is about anyway, start small and leverage when the real-life proof of concept is successful), as well as show the potential for other features.

Besides, the QNX teams does not amount to a lot of people. They probably make the cash flow much more (in proportions) to the old RIM team.

As far as I understand things, the BlackBerry company will focus much more on cars than on BES. And much more on BES than on hardware phone units.

Think BlackBerry as a start up company without thick war chest but with amazing innovations. What they need to now is a get a lot of money for partnerships.

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Good comment. That is what is missing. BlackBerry has been working very hard at the next phase of technology and this is what they need. Get people to look at as a new company, put the past to bed. Z30 on the horizon.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

BlackBerry doesn't need cash for partnerships. What they need is better marketing and an improved strategy for selling their phones. For example, instead of trying to make a ton of money off of the Z10 and Q10, they should have been priced much lower, with a focus of rapidly increasing the number of BB10 users, making it easier for app developers to spend time developing for BB10. This leads to a positive cycle - more sales=more apps=more sales=more apps etc. Instead, there's a constant parade of negative news and predictions of BBRY's demise.

Why would anyone need to ignore a successful part of your business to make a sluggish part work better??
That's like telling Tiger Woods he should stop playing golf, and work on controlling his urges first.

Euuuuhhhh... Thats what Tiger Woods did! He stopped playing golf for awhile due to that exact reason! Wow lollll

That was a dumb answer LMAO

CNN Money had an article earlier in the year that said they made up 3% of revenues. It was out of 18.5 Bill at the time So 550 Million.

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Soo you think qnx doesnt bring sales because you don't hear about it? Thats why you dont want to hear about it? Guy go under a rock or something, this is wicked, qnx has 60 percent of the automotive industry right now, think long term buddy!

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Go into the history of the posts here on Crackberry. Lou will see that kits of companies are using the QNX software. There was an announcement of a GPS (TomTom if memory serves) signing on, so we have a possibility of more than just cars.

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Maybe Mobile Nations needs a separate forum for people who want to follow the financial end of things. I'm one of the people who found this article interesting and I don't really care what the media says about BlackBerry's future because I already have my top of the line Z10 smartphone.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

They will bring in money to the company via OTA downloads to car infotainment upgrades see (in car BBM video/heads up display etc) will probably be on a subscription or per download fee as part of the purchase price charged either to the manufacturer or consumer.

CB10 - Z10 -

Possibly destructive interference by playing sounds that are 180 degrees out of phase.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Think Bose noise canceling heads phones. This is not new technology but a new method of integrating it.

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Yes that's how it works, recreate the noise, flip the phase of the signal 180 degrees and voilà. Simplified version.

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QXN for cars is simply bullshit and just hype. What has Blackberry earned via this QXN in cars and that to big brand cars? Today when the company is selling itself no one is valuing QXN.

QNX is licensed in a lot of areas, in which to my knowledge there is not a lot of competition. So no, this does not look like hype to me.
What you see on the QNX blogs, obviously, is aimed at making the company better known, this is why you keep on seeing either very technical articles (how to manage asynchronous queries for trafic data from your GPS route prediction system) or concept articles (how to tune my 200k Bentley with a PlayBook).

BlackBerry is gaining quite a lot of marketshare in the car industry. And as you may know, there are two fields for innovation in the car: battery and computers.
Batteries: => BlackBerry does not care, it is not their domain.
- Computer for infotainment (think all you can do on your smartphone, but on a screen in your car and using the sound system too)
- Computer for the global car management (think Fast & Furious 6 with the car bombs that hijack the engine)
- Computer for navigation (having maps & trafic jam is not all to drive you from one place to another)
Computers => as any software, it needs upgrades and apps. BlackBerry knows how to do that on a QNX system now (PlayBookOS and BlackBerry10) so they can license that tech, or even better, license the use of that tech (just like today people call France or Russia to send satellites into space, because there is no other cheap way so send something out there).

but yes, it is true that all this is not going to directly bring anything positive to the smartphone business in a near future (I at first thought they could benefit from the BlackBerry Bridge, but since they have not exactly enhanced it since 1.0...)

Well ok you are entitled to your own opinion. But how can we take you serious if you misspell QNX twice?!

The smartest thing BlackBerry did was acquire QNX. I think if it wasn't for QNX BlackBerry would have died a long time ago.

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I agree, but they needed the Z10 five or six years ago. The Z10 (or rather it's equivalent five years ago) is the phone they needed to be the iPhone killer. I Loved my Storm and Storm II, but the company's stance on media consumption and consumer focus (or rather lack thereof) ended up causing long term problems that they just can't seem to recover from.

"The Best Device is Debatable - The Best Security is Not"

Lotus out of the UK were working on system such as this almost 30 years ago. The similarities are astounding.

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@ Playbookster, this would be outstanding if this was actually intgrated into a Z line or up and comer.

Amazing piece of tech. kit to talk in a crowded bar/pub without having to shout and stick a finger in your other ear or leave the establishment. I would like to see this in a BB hand set

MARKETING??? 99% of the general public have no idea what qnx is OR that it's owned by Blackberry, OR that it's in 65% of car infotainment systems. So, at the end of the day, WITHOUT MARKETING... Who cares?!

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What is BBRY going to market with QNX? It isn't like they have a consumer product that people can buy off the shelf. Yes, BBRY can throw some advertising money to the major car manufacturers that use QNX infotainment to get some space on their advertisements saying ”Powered by QNX/BlackBerry".

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I want this. Yesterday. I wonder if this tech is or will be available after market...

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

On topic, as an acoustic engineer this is actually pretty awesome if it works. Active noise control is crazy difficult to accomplish with good results

Now, if it could just silence these damn noise boxes that shake my windows from a half mile away

Posted from my Z10 using CB10

I wonder if they can provide a negative noise reduction solution for tech blogs as well, BlackBerry would benefit from such tech for sure :)

QNX have been an abysmal failure so far. Each & every product backed by BB10 have sold underwhelmingly. I would never write articles about this inept team.

BlackBerry isn't going to survive. My S4 is so much better than Z30.

Yep, the Space Shuttle program, US Nuclear Submarines, and 65% of all car infotainment units are all failures (all powered by QNX). Just to name a few!

You have about as much clue now as when you bought your fragmented android platform and your s4. How do you even know if the z30 sucks.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Nice to hear (or better: NOT to hear anymore)... getting (deathly) silent seems to be the current karma of BlackQNX resp. QNXBerry

Just throwing this thought out there ok, dont bite lol

QNX in 65% of infotainment systems. BlackBerry bridge.....

Approach Car, recognises bridge phone and unlocks.

Driving along call comes in details appear in you HUD.

Message comes in, option to have sms/bbm read out through in car system.

System recognises car is not in motion, BBM video chat via HUD and infotainment system.

How about this For a news story: Ford to offer free BlackBerry handsets with 2014 line up. Full BlackBerry integration into the cars infotainment system including optional HUD unit. The ability to stream music, pictures and videa from the phone via secure wifi/bluetooth connection.

Maybe, just maybe it might work.

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Active noise technology is great! And has been around for 5+ years in the auto industry! Huge fan of QNX but seems late to the party for innovative unless Pioneer and Bose have been integrating QNX software for years now.

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