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QNX Software Systems launches new Cloud business

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jan 2014 12:30 pm EST

On the Inside BlackBerry Blog today, CEO John Chen introduced QNX Software Systems' new Cloud business. The dedicated group will be a part of QNX and will "support the Internet of Things" — bringing solutions for embedded platforms, networks and devices as well as machine to device interaction. The group will work alongside the existing organizations that already serve the embedded market and will be dedicated to bringing the solutions to market in a timely and cohesive manner.

Alec Saunders has been named as the Vice President of the QNX Cloud business. Marty Mallick has now been appointed as Vice President, Global Alliances and Ecosystems which combines his current role with developer relations. 

Read the full post below.

As BlackBerry continues to transform its business by building a world-class team and bringing even greater focus to the company, I’m happy to announce the formation of QNX Software Systems’ new Cloud business.

In this growing, connected world, it’s more important than ever to create technologies that not only connect people to people, but that connect to machines and devices for greater communication and interaction. BlackBerry and QNX have a long history of developing solutions that do just that. Solutions that connect and support the Internet of Things, including embedded platforms, networks and devices, are at the heart of what QNX delivers. Consider this – while there are 5 billion handsets in the world that we want to connect to, there may be 500 billion devices out there that present a tremendous opportunity for an organization with the experience and track record of QNX. I’m thrilled to create a group within QNX that will be dedicated to bringing these solutions to market in a timely and cohesive manner. This business is being established alongside our existing organizations that serve the embedded market (including general embedded and automotive).

Alec Saunders will lead this new group as Vice President of the QNX Cloud business. I am confident Alec will be successful in his new position given his previous experience in helping to build BlackBerry’s dedicated developer community and growing the BlackBerry application ecosystem as Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development. Alec is returning to his roots, as he previously held the VP Marketing role at QNX from 2001 to 2002.

In addition, Marty Mallick has been appointed Vice President, Global Alliances and Ecosystems, which combines Developer Relations with his current Business Development and BlackBerry World responsibilities. Having worked closely with Alec on the evolution of our ecosystem, there is no better person than Marty to continue to advance this work. Marty’s expertise will allow him to work with partners and developers to make BlackBerry 10 users even more productive and efficient.

These changes underscore our continued efforts to drive collaboration across BlackBerry operating units, while leveraging top internal talent to help seize emerging business opportunities. I look forward to sharing more information about our Cloud team at QNX in the coming months as their work progresses.



So who is now leading Developer Relations?

Edit: Oops answered in the article.


"Marty Mallick has been appointed Vice President, Global Alliances and Ecosystems, which combines Developer Relations with his current Business Development and BlackBerry World responsibilities. Having worked closely with Alec on the evolution of our ecosystem, there is no better person than Marty to continue to advance this work. Marty’s expertise will allow him to work with partners and developers to make BlackBerry 10 users even more productive and efficient."


Someone hasnt been reading :)


Someone wants to go first (undercover)

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Umm ... i think this was answered in the press release. Looks like Marty is picking up that portfolio.

Hitesh Laxman

That's great... sounds like the business is heading in the right direction.

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Observation Junkie

If I've understood the article correctly, this could revolutionise computing as a whole, meaning no more desktop, but all controlled and all documents saved in a secure cloud system?

Catapulted from my Z10.


Hard drives are cheaper than ever. This might work for larger corporations who want to be more productive.

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Does this sound familiar? We are going backwards to terminals and terminal emulators. Think that was in the 80s (and beyond?).


My dude Alec!!!!!

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+BB10. :)

I'm sure glad to see he is still there and taking on another daunting task rather that leaving or being "downsized".
He does great work and I'm sure he will do an excellent job in this position.

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It will be interesting to see how the QNX cloud works


I'm wondering the same thing. I'm a civilian BlackBerry consumer with an older vehicle so I don't think QNX is relative for me at this point. I am very interested and supportive of BlackBerry and QNX!

Go BlackBerry!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


My guess is this fits with their plans for the connected car, except this doesn't just limit them to cars but any machine that's "connected." Take for example a car that connects to the QNX Cloud, uploads data regarding maintenance (mileage, brakes, fluids, etc), which then QNX Cloud sends off to the vehicle manufacturer. Manufacturer then pushes data back to the QNX Cloud which then gets pushed to the car. The driver is then given options to book service appointments at the nearest dealer, etc. QNX Cloud would work sort of like BIS/BES works, except it's a network that delivers secure data, not just to a phone, but to any QNX device.

Kriilin Namek

This could also be a great way to push recall notifications to the car, irrespective of owner as the system could (in theory) push to specific VINs.


Car? How about refrigerator, washer, dryer, TV, sound system, robot vacuum cleaner, furnace, pool equipment... anything that need routine attention.

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And how many of those devices do you own??

Smart Appliance are not anything new.... I saw a full "smart house" at Disney World 30 years ago with I think it was GE Brand Appliances all were connected and monitored by a central system.

There is a difference in something being possible, and something being practical. It will happen one decade, but the QNX Cloud is going to be for industry right now.


I think what they are aiming for is similar to what Sony (or whoever it was) is trying to accomplish with DLNA. Allow different devices to talk to each other regardless of brand or interface.

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The World Wide Web did not exist 30 years ago. Neither did the average person use the Internet at all, in fact most people (except Al Gore, of course) had no idea it even existed. DNS was not even invented until 1983 and was not deployed yet.

The concept of "Connected" is relative.


My OnStar equipped Chevy Equinox already does this. I believe utilizing QNX software.


Yes its QNX, and my Equinox does too.


This would be the fifth element of BlackBerry right?


Congrats...keep the good work up!


Good Job Alec! Good luck Marty!

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R Field

Love the QNX cloud systems for the internet of things. With the recent huge investment from Cisco in the Waterloo region I think we'll be seeing the internet of things a lot sooner. Marty Mallick is pretty awful though I've never seen a more awkward presenter in my life.


Cisco seems like a logical partner in this growth area, to weight,heft, gravitas, financial backing etc. I wonder what the service model looks like. Subscription? Licence? Fee per unit volume data transmitted?

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If BlackBerry and Cisco announced a strategic partnership, the share price would rocket north. Sounds like a good plan.


To be fair none of us have seen exactly where Marty has put his efforts. I could care less about how good of a presenter he is.

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Thanks, I couldn't have said that better. Really, what does his presentation skills have to do with his competence?


In that line of work, presentation skills would be kind of important, don't you think? Maybe MM is still pretty good at it, as awkwardness (combined with sincerity and good content) can trump smoothness (combined with bs, insincerity). Still, consider the difference between Chen & Heins. Heins had good presentation skills; Chen has great presentation skills -- and a large part of what he's been able to do for BB goes back to that skillset.


Wishful thinking that somehow BlackBerry Protect gets integrated with this? and never going back.


Nice that the company go cloud business!! Another opportunity to develop!!!

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I hope to be baffled and bewildered in the future of BlackBerry! Bring on the technological splendors!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Prem WatsApp


Bring it on!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


Good Luck Alec and Marty


YES! Finally they are moving forward with the power of QNX! John Chen is incredible! 2014-2015 will be HUGE for this company.


The left over standalone MDM vendors Good and MobileIron going to have a hard time to compete with initiatives like this one from BlackBerry without having a big Corperation like VMWARE, Citrix, SAP or IBM to invest in development. Looks like the changes are turned. Game Over Good and MobileIron?

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Kevin Michaluk

Cool. Both Alec and Marty are great guys, who've been trying to make the most of what they've had to work with these past couple of years. Neither in a easy situation based on where the platform has been at, as well as the device sales and time getting to market w/ BB10.

I think these changes help to give each of them more tools at their disposal to which they can further push BB ahead. Very interesting too that QNX is pushing forward strongly with the QNX name here. It seemed the past year that the QNX name was taking maybe a bit of a backseat to the BlackBerry name (Frank Boulben wanted BlackBerry to be the mega brand for all the things), but keeping QNX front and center here makes sense. QNX does have a great reputation, and the brand hasn't taken the same sort of beating that BlackBerry has these past couple of years.

Best of luck to them!


My concern with this is it seems like a big portfolio for Marty to run with focus. Does this imply less intensity in the dev relations side of things.

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I would say yes, less intensity in the dev relations than previously, simply because the platform has been released and is growing - - - as opposed to trying to get devs on board with an unknown OS. The improvements we're going to see with Android APK downloading will also make the whole dev-side of things a bit less of a hurdle. BB10 development is still important, but may not need as HUGE a focus as there was prior to launch.


Doesn't mean they should be treating Android like some sort of savior though. Seems to me like there needs to be a dedicated person on that side, not someone who is 'splitting shifts'.. *sigh*


Good point. I'm thinking they've got a plan to give other people on the dev team more responsibilities/tasks now that Alec is no longer there. He did a TON for dev relations, so I agree that if they want to be as active in the community, Marty needs a few guys behind him to delegate tasks to. Dev relations is a pretty big deal in this market, so I'm hoping they release more info than what was given in this PR.

Richard Buckley

More action for the evangelist team perhaps. I think pushing some of the action down lower on the org chart, and broader afield would be a good thing to bring the word to more devs, and assist those who are already working the platform. We do need continued strong leadership on this file, but maybe not the same level of personal attention from the top.



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I agree. Saunders has very good social engagement skills, not sure how useful that is when you're just selling cloud services.

On the other hand, QNX seems to really need marketing and market outreach bad. They could have had a jump on everyone else years ago in regard to the now-trendy "internet of things", but they seemed to have squandered that window of opportunity bigtime and are now playing catch-up as a tiny competitor running after the coattails of the giants.


With 10.2.1 and the Android run time coming, I would like to see them take their focus away from developing consumer related apps, at least for now. Let Android worry about that and just advertise to consumers the BB10 runs Android apps. App gap closed.
They should have their in-house app team focused specifically on apps for corps and business users and integration to QNX Cloud Business... This has been my thinking for awhile now. Even if they hired 30 of the top app developers to help companies develop amazing apps that fit their needs you could be gaining larger contract sales for devices and MDM.


I have to disagree with Kevin. I don't think Marty did a good job. For one thing, compared to Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 got beaten to a pulp when it comes to apps. And the apps he did manage to get are low quality and don't get updated or fixed. Maybe I'm missing something though.


Totally with you on that one. They're adding more to Mallick's plate after he did a shitty job enticing big name devs plus they're not naming a replacement for Saunders. This is great for BlackBerry's cloud computing but doesn't bode well for native app development.


I think the big thing that's missing is the $$$. Microsoft's version of Marty Mallick probably had a lot more money to grease the wheels with than Marty himself was allocated

R Field

yup agree with you buddy.

jojo beaconsfield

If people realize what QNX is they would be amazed ,I have seen many Kia and Hundai tv commercials recentely, and they feature the dash board, which I think is QNX powered.


So is this BlackBerry's response to iCloud?

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No, it's more background service related than consumer

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Dammit and here I was thinking we were gonna have our own and not have to resort to 3rd party apps for our private files... sigh

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No this is something different. BlackBerry doesn't really have an iCloud equivalent.

This is also different then BES10 Cloud.

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I beg to differ.

I have access to my work PC, my home laptop and my parents' PC via link. My work PC is networked to three 10TB servers, which I have access to. My home Laptop has around 250gb and my parents PC has 500gb. This is all free and accessible on my BlackBerry.

I'd say that that's a pretty great cloud service.

Christophe Piquemal

Well, it's a pity; I hope something like that in the near future.

With all US clouding companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Google and others; dealing with Prism and NSA; the timing would be perfect...


More related to Google's takeover of "Nest".


Read below... I believe it is what BlackBerry's MDM system is to mobile phones, QNX Cloud is to Internet of Things.


You can already access every single file/folder on your computer using File Manager.

It's just not nicely polished off like iCloud but much more functional.

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So, am I right that Alec is the first, and only so far, person inside BlackBerry to get a higher job since Chen?

Must mean he is doing something right

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Not really, he was a VP, and he's still a VP. The only difference is that it's in a new department that he will help build.

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New CFO was promoted from within.


As BBPandy says he is still a VP, but at least he didn't get fired. ;)

Saunders seems to be one of the few publicly-known executives who you couldn't really fault the results of his work. Getting a brand-new platform off the ground and getting as many developers on-board as they did, starting from nothing and with many factors working against them, was no mean feat.


Oh - lots of armchair execs here on CrackBerry belittled him too. :-)


This is great. Will they be leveraging the BIS infrastructure?


That would make sense as it eases the cost of building a new infrastructure, and it's already tested and ready to go. The argument may be from some of the hardline BBOS lovers that if QNX can run on BIS, why can't BlackBerry 10 without realising that we're talking about two very different kinds of data loads.


The left over standalone MDM vendors Good and MobileIron going to have a hard time to compete with initiatives like this one from BlackBerry without having a big Corperation like VMWARE, Citrix, SAP or IBM to invest in development. Looks like the changes are turned. Bye Bye for Good and MobileIron.

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Prem WatsApp

Nice pun, bye for Good...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


Neither one of them were able to land the "big developers" and get them to develop for BB10. I hope they have better success with their new roles.


Marty's role was to land the big name developers and yes, I have a number of those apps on my phone. Alec's job was to support the little guys. And he did heavily.


This is great news. In just a few months, eyes are turning to Blackberry as they go back to their roots and truly innovate. And how about Apple, oh right they changed the colors on the iPhone.


So now we know what they will be doing with all the BIS infrastructure lying around the globe. And by putting it under the QNX brand it distances itself from the cell phone only misconception most US consumers have.


so, will Alec do another song on the roof of a Bentley ?


We are going back to what I posted a couple years ago... the BlackBerry refrigerator!!!!

Look over CES 2014 and see that everything, from your stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, bathroom scale, lights, mirror, thermostat and countless other appliances and devices in your home are now carrying built-in WIFI modules and can be controlled through apps in your phone.

It makes perfect sense! QNX is an amazing embedded systems OS that is secure, robust and efficient. I believe this "Cloud" service is designed to allow management of the Internet of Things, just like MDM is to phones. It is hard to understand now, but as we upgrade and purchase new devices, all of which have a WIFI connection and apps, we will need better management of these systems as well as security.

Google understands this, which is why they bought Nest for >$3 billion. It is not for thermostats and fire alarms, they have a greater purpose and I believe is it related to this.

Pilot Prop

Can't wait to see what comes of this.

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All good news (y)

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We need an I cloud equivalent BlackBerry...and a new tablet.

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What potential services are we talking about?

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100gb for each Bb10 device and native app??


Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage apparatus!


QNX has been designed since the beginning to become the ideal kernel of the upcoming internet new era.
It was about time to get someone steering into the right direction.
BlackBerry has such a great advantage over the competition (although the fart-apps demanding crowd and the big numbers market evangelists still don't get it) because of this masterpiece RTOS, which btw. has been around for decades.
Cisco should run on QNX instead of waiting on some new Google pseudo open-source project with all sorts of flows to be recommended by some Wallstreet guru... Let's hope for a better future!

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Good for Mr. Yeasty Nose!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Not Alec Saunders again!! Get rid of him once and for all!

I will be back

Is it QNX as Host OS for clouds?

Small footprint and real time capabilities could kick competitors where they do not expect.


Another great way to leverage qnx, with clouds services. I wonder how seamless this solution will integrate with qnx embedded in the car, like real time feeds etc. Im glad Alex Saunders got a more critical role with Blackberry. I think he kind of got a bum rap with dev relations. After extensive readings about qnx over the years, seems an extremely reliable OS with years of proven field uses. Qnx feels like Blckberry's Trojan horse in the mobile space.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger


I should elaborate on the origin of the nickname I gave Alec Saunders :

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Did my stocks price rise up a bit after this announcement?


Mine didn't. It’s down some this afternoon.

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Pete The Penguin

What did Alec actually achieve for Dev Relations?
He basically condoned stealing apps without actually condoning it... Plus there's the S4BB app debacle... and this is how BlackBerry reward him?


Hyperbole, thy name is "CJH_".


Stealing apps? Phil, is that you? ;)


Aweesoomee stuff :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


And Alex just moved to Waterloo. Maybe he will have to move back to Ottawa now.

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Onward marching!! BlackBerry can't go wrong with this philosophy.


Great timing.. keep pushing out press releases to make BlackBerry and QNX brands more and more visible. It is strategic to keep the "ball rolling" and to use the momentum created to increase even more the speed. A good move should be in the next two - three days another press release from Mr. Chen who provides a more tangible idea of what the M2M (machine to machine) applications can be and can be monetized. The topic was first introduced by Mr. Heins but he never specified practical applications. The market reacted negatively also for that reason. Now with Mr. Chen we have seen the stock rise again because he explained HOW he wants to reorganize the company. I hope he shows what direction the M2M market will take


This is awesome news...but does anyone besides me really dislike the expression "Internet of Things? " Can we come up with something better?

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Used to be called "Ubiquitous computing"...
I like Internet of Things, otherwise you could use Smart Connected or something...


Excellent press release ... all the points hit home and to the media and analysts key words that are required! This has been a very LONG TIME coming.

BAD: Using Alec as the lead on this! He's just been waisting company money eating and travelling posting on foursquare. I honestly believes he's NOT the right corporate fit for this team and this M2M service/product - which uses the QNX and BES10 infrastructure.

They really should've hired someone within QNX team that has shown leadership, proven skills and abilities ... someone who's been faithful to the cause since day one ... QNX director of strategic alliances, Linda Campbell.

She's also presented at BlackBerry Live 2013 - "Evolution of Mobile and M2M Computing"

Taking Apps to the Road

Teknision - QNX Home Automation Prototype

Alec has really only done 1 project at BB and although had a great start only really showed improvement for 4mths after launch. He's NOT the right fit but the project will go very well due to senior management pressing hard and the hard core team that is QNX making Alec look good.


Dude, you really think you actually know why he has or hasn't accomplished based on press releases and media


Are you obtuse?! Developer Relations, his very last ole is ALL about what he has/hasn't done based on press releases and media!!

I do my research especially with respect to QNX ... I've contributed a LOT of knowledge regarding it to many members on these boards very early on and have been mentioned many times and thanks specifically on this topic - look up my posts in the past year. So I KNOW for a fact that Someone such as Linda Campbell would be better suited for this role vs a developer relations (and an experienced developer himself).

BES10 nor QNX, nor M2M is about developer relations ... sure you need developers but THIS is about a huge corporate development ... project managers, engineers (electrical, mechanical, physics), database specialists, and marketing.

Try looking up Audi MMI for the past 5yrs and see just how evolved and multiple stages they've changed over and over specifically regarding this. And you dare post what does Audi or MMI have to do with M2M - you need to be smaked (politely to wake the 'funk' up). Audi revolutionized, heck even started the MMI or Audio/Video/Navigation Infotainment system and controls in the auto industry. Yes a former Apple designer worked on the project as a lead, but it was there influences that you now see that control nob in Caddy's, BMW's, Bentley's etc etc. This was simply the first stage ... now that these consoles are completely smart and connected - again on a country deployment Audi was first (not what most ppl in the USA believe is what Cadillac did with ONStar) - M2M business is the next step.

Think of the REAL reason why BB worked with Mercedez-AMG-Petronas in F1 ;)

Alec continually for months wastes time posting on twitter about eating drinking and travelling and NOTHING to do with developer relations long while BB10 developer relations was under way. Wasting company resources - although fun to very many, it's stil NOT productively signing up more developers during that time - creating music videos to thank developers?? I'd rather see developers highlighted publicly - both big and small individual devs and big corporate developer houses - have prominently featured. Apple does this perfectly and you SEE how they went from Zero to Hero just because of this very early on, and why BB developers are still few and far between working on new apps (besides awesome games). I'm not knocking BB developers and I'm sure their work is VERY difficult and even less respected by whiners but a person like Alec in charge of a HUGE corporate intiative such as M2M with his antics shown in the past is NOT ideal. He's gotta put on the corporate hat and reach out huge on this. a LOT of BB's future depends more on this than you even can imagine.

M2M EMM management is projected to be a $14 trillion dollar industry!!


Someone's twitter feed cannot be relied upon to give you a complete picture of their work efficacy.

I think Saunders did a fab job of DR considering what he had to work with.


I might agree/concede 50% of the way if it not for when the first few months ALL you could see is his promotion of his twitter feed. Many of his tags in twitter are directly related to BlackBerry ... then it fell off very suddenly like an extended vacation. I've mentioned this months ago.

Regarding "what he had to work with" please elaborate. He was head of DR, had ALL the push and support by top brass at BlackBerry, all expenses covered on global trips regarding BB DevJams so ... what exactly do you mean "what he had to work with"?


Speaking of armchair know it alls ...


I agree with your comments about Alec's endless self promotion on twitter, etc. You begin to question his contribution to QNX cloud when someone has so much free time to tweet such drivel.


Ghostzapper, SupaFly -- I'm inclined to agree with you, as I got pretty tired of Alec's shtick, especially after the scandal, when we found out that App World's amazing app growth was based almost entirely on travel apps from S4BB. On the other hand, getting developers to develop for BB has always been a huge uphill battle. A second thing to consider is Saunders' overall biography, not just his last year and a half as BB's "App Man". He has founded his own company -- Iotum (building the next generation of meeting-based communication, collaboration, and conversation) -- and b4 that worked at Microsoft. Among other things, he helped launch Windows 95, and was marketing director for home appliances. I.e., this last item is right up the QNX Cloud alley. The thing is, too, that Alec has a LOT of contacts in the industry, a lot of people he can consult, hire, work with, etc. I'll give Chen the benefit of the doubt on this one, and hope that Alec does a great job. I suspect he's the kind of guy you'd like a lot more in person than you might as a personality in public media. Media personality requires a cool, dry presence for popularity (as McLuhan might put it), whereas Alex is all warmth, enthusiasm


Also ...

As director of strategic alliances for QNX Software Systems, Linda Campbell has built a technology ecosystem that encompasses hundreds of hardware, software, and service vendors worldwide.

In her role of managing the alliance practice at QNX, Ms Campbell is a key contributor to the company’s business strategy. Over the years, she has been prime on developing relationships with Adobe, Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Audi, Freescale, Gracenote, Google, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, and many other industry players. She has also spearheaded QNX participation in industry initiatives such as the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Eclipse, and ng Connect.

Most recently, Ms Campbell has been involved in developing the M2M alliance strategy for QNX Software Systems and BlackBerry.

Ms. Campbell holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the University of Ottawa.


Are you her agent? Finders fee?


^ no! lol. I just did some research ... something that is lacking by commenters far too often.


Sounds interesting keep it coming

Vtecberry Z10


Sounds like they are really thinking forward about the way how of connecting all types of hardware period .

This is good indeed.

Posted via CB10


Does this mean will be able to store our data that includes contacts pictures and among other things in a cloud environment like the one available with i cloud? Can anyone care to explain

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I like the energy Alec has been bringing to the table.

 CB10 


Marty is no stranger to Developer Relation so I hope he continues to maintain or out performs Alec's track record.

 CB10 


It's a shame alot the general public doesn't know qnx, if qnx was a household name then any qnx based phone would be easier to sell.

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!


This is major progress and it gave me 'hair raising' effect when I read the header. Changes at my mobile company of choice and I am loving it. I am bit confused with the comments in this thread. I thought the term 'internet of things' meant all thing internet ready and capable with devices? If QNX is providing a cloud infrastructure with BB10 being built on QNX, why would that not include an equivalent to 'iCloud'? Having to communicate to devices (HaaS), SaaS, DaaS is all part of cloud infrastructure which should integrate the use of mobile devices.

Please correct me if I am wrong...share some knowledge.

We do need a more robust ecosystem from these two organization; BlackBerry & QNX.


The Internet of Things ... is basically connecting the common things we use in daily life (commonly looked at household appliances: TV, Fridges, Stoves, Thermostates, Home Security, Home alternative power source and weather sensors to accododate those alternative power sources like roof solar panels with vanes to protect them in major storms).

QNX replaced a LOT of BlackBerry's NOC server OS and other switching equipment during the first implementation before BB10 was used.

Cloud backup like iCloud ... no need to invest in infrastructure like that at this time considering (personal or corporate)+/Work Drives (in File Manager for corporations using BES10/BB10) and DropBox with storage offerings are already entrenched .. easy for users to use and implement and works with migration from other mobile platforms with ease of use/setup/migration ... actually there IS no migration. With iCloud if you leave iOS and OSX then you'll want to migrate all that data to Android/BB10/WP8 ... so for now not worth the work, especially if not done very write to public perception can hurt the brand name ... we ALL don't want that.

an EMM for M2M management of the internet of things means Train Companies can go global - a train master in Fort Worth, TX could control trains in a train yard in Japan (not just in Kansas, TX/Kansas, Kansas, Mercedez/Audi/VW/Cadillac/Chevy/Ford etc can manage deployment and monitoring of MMI patch updates - even to sub systems without a massive recall to do so.


BlackBerry need to be smart and encourage the development of apps for your BlackBerry mobile phone that interact with all of the QNX-enabled kit you have - so you can monitor/control your fridge, thermostat, car, stereo, etc., etc. from your phone. Then maybe we'll finally see an end to companies providing apps for the iPhone/Android only...



Zee Z30 pozted thiz


But... Alec swore at some spammer 6 months ago! Didn't that ruin his career???? What kind of example are we setting rewarding that atrocious behaviour!? Won't SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN???? I mean, besides Vlady Putin.


Do this right and own the space. Apple users are dying for a top notch Cloud solution and QNX can be the answer.

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^ THAT my friend is precisely my point in stating someone else should be in charge to lead the team on this.


So what will this all mean to the average consumer? Will this compete with Dropbox, Box, GDrive, etc., etc.? Or is this more on the business side of things?


To the 'average' customer ... hard to say on your definition of that 'average' ... if we include condo/home owners ... no separate app for your Nest, your Rogers/AT&T home security, or your Car - tire pressure, fuel level, oil level - oil change estimation for accuracy, send maps to the car (as featured in the Bentley QNX ride), etc etc. It will not be cheap initially but BlackBerry better really push and design this layout right down to BB10 to the tits!! I want them to OWN, Brag, and Control the market.

Drew Oswalt

Congrats Alec!

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Of all the announcements since the Chen take over, this one kinda scares me. Alec did a great job of leading the dev department at Bb, and he may have been responsible for the tools as well. With him gone, I worry where BlackBerry 10 as a developer platform will be going, if anywhere. It's hands-down the best platform for a developer.


They need to get into the auto drive car; software and systems for autonomous vehicle navigation.

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This in itself is a major milestone as BlackBerry will have and be able to host their own clouds service and platform, wow that is more than very good on all aspects. Can wait to see the integration and deliveries.

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So, cloud by technologically advanced and trustworthy partner and seamless integration in BB10? Take my money!

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Could this be a move to easily get into the ATM world quick? I know ATMs need to move away from windows XP soon?

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Some still use Token Rings for connection and monitored using AS/400 ... I highly doubt the infrastructure for banking machines is windows xp based; even the GUI.

IMPORTANT: If' you've ever felt the UI on a bank machine (even third party terminal) was windows based, especially if the panel was touch based or even raised from the surrounding finish of the main hull (screen shell) AND if the password had failed 3 times when you KNOW it was entered correctly - IMMEDIATELY contact your bank! Most likely an application called Paragon (if the name doesn't escape me) is running on WinCE on those oldschool tablets (like NASDAQ traders would have over their shoulders some 10yrs ago) and it's using a card reader connected and saving your bank card details and PIN.

I've personally seen one of these before it was setup and I was not amused.


So al the meaningful MDM/EMM vendors in today's corporate workspace; Intune, XenMobile, AirWatch, BlackBerry, Maas360, SAP have either enough and a healthy cash flow or are bought by a important Tech Corp. Will there be more consolidations of technology (M2M, home automation, Icloud)? And what is the faith of the leftovers like Good and MobileIron? Seemed like VMWARE, Citrix, IBM and SAP where not interested in them. Didn't they got enough to offer on a variety of fields that make them interesting? What is there faith when they stay standalone? Are they financial healty enough? Have they got enough cash to quickly innovate, stay secure and compete with the Big Boyz? And if not who is going to provide the financial backup? What does it mean for there customers can they rely on there support in security and existence in the near future. A quick personal advise if you at a point of making a EMM/MDM decision take it carefully.

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Mo Cat

BB could give every BB10 owner a good amount of free secure cloud space and the option to sync apps like password keeper, remember or a backup to it. Maybe a stimulant to others to buy a BB10 device. I would rather sync my device to a BB cloud then to all these different other apps. If a person needs more cloud space, they have to buy it from BB. Makes any sense?