QNX Software Systems to demonstrate HERE Auto embedded navigation at CES

By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2014 10:31 am EST

Just in case you thought QNX was done, there's more. They've now teamed up with HERE, a Nokia business, to add support for Here Auto into the QNX Car Platform offering car owners a fantastic navigation application and access to the bundled services such weather, parking availability, traffic, fuel price and payment services, and more.

As cars evolve into the ultimate connected device, location will be a key element to delivering a whole new class of driver services," said Ogi Redzic, Vice President, Connected Driving, HERE. "HERE, along with market-leading partners like QNX Software Systems, is ushering in a new era of mobility for the automobile industry.

We're on hand for CESLive so we'll be getting a closer look at everything put out by QNX shortly, for now though you can read the full press release below for further details.

Press Release

HERE and QNX Join Forces to Bring HERE Auto into the Car - QNX Software Systems to demonstrate HERE Auto embedded navigation at 2014 CES

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - 2014 INTERNATIONAL CES (NORTH HALL - BOOTH 536)--(Marketwired - Jan. 7, 2014) - QNX Software Systems, a global leader in software platforms for in-car electronics, and HERE, a Nokia business, today announced a new technology partnership with the goal of enabling personalized, cloud-based location services for the connected car.

As part of the collaboration, QNX Software Systems plans to add support for HERE Auto, an embedded navigation experience, to the QNX CAR™ Platform for Infotainment. QNX Software Systems will also demonstrate HERE Auto running in a new QNX technology concept car, based on a 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG, this week at 2014 CES (North Hall, booth 536).

Connectivity paired with dynamic, personalized services and precise location awareness can transform cars into powerful connected devices that help drivers make sense of the world around them. With its foundation in delivering best-in-class location services in the car, HERE is one of few companies that can deliver high-quality location services to help automakers stay ahead of customer demands and allow them to differentiate their connected car services.

HERE Auto is an embedded in-car navigation application that builds on the HERE automotive-grade-quality map, which includes fresh turn-by-turn data for 95 countries. HERE Auto connects to the HERE Cloud to access connected services, including weather, parking availability, traffic, fuel price and payment services, and more. HERE Auto is scalable and supports a variety of platforms.

QNX Software Systems plans to support HERE Auto on its QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, extending the reach of HERE to more cars and drivers around the world. QNX Software Systems has created a partner ecosystem to offer the best possible foundation for building vehicle infotainment systems, and adding HERE Auto is further testament to the momentum behind the multi-platform HERE Connected Driving solutions.

"As cars evolve into the ultimate connected device, location will be a key element to delivering a whole new class of driver services," said Ogi Redzic, Vice President, Connected Driving, HERE. "HERE, along with market-leading partners like QNX Software Systems, is ushering in a new era of mobility for the automobile industry."

"HERE Auto opens the door to an enhanced driving experience that leverages the cloud to make navigation and location services more personalized and convenient," said Peter McCarthy, Director, Global Partnerships, QNX Software Systems. "We look forward to supporting this solution on the QNX CAR Platform and making it accessible to our automotive customers." QNX Software Systems has licensed its software technology for use in tens of millions of in-vehicle systems worldwide, including 3D navigation systems, multimedia head units, digital instrument clusters, connectivity modules, and hands-free systems. The company's QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment offers a unique set of pre-integrated technologies to help reduce development efforts and speed time to market for connected, media-rich infotainment systems. The platform is also highly flexible, providing customers with support for a rich choice of application environments, smartphone platforms, user interface technologies, and connectivity standards.

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QNX Software Systems to demonstrate HERE Auto embedded navigation at CES


Cool story bro.... Maybe post something more constructive to the post instead of trying to be clever by posting fist in disguise....

Fist...really, if you're going to be an arrogant a-hole at least be correct while doing it.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

There's nothing more annoying than reading quicksilver comments on the first comments - dude you got nothings else to do than bust other people balls?

Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft (while still maintaining their patents, maps and networking) for more than it would cost them to buy BlackBerry's handset business to replace what they sold. Nokia would come out ahead on that deal AND they would end up with BlackBerry's patents, network, operating system, BBM, etc... as a bonus. Nokia started working (integrating) with Microsoft before they sold their handset business to them. Now BlackBerry is working on integrating Nokia's maps into BlackBerry products. This may prove to be the most interesting development to come out of CES this year.

Actually, this has nothing to do with Blackberry, only reason blackberry is involved is because they bought QNX… Blackberry is not QNX, QNX is blackberry… and Nokia being involved in QNX's car business is not Nokia being involved in Blackberry's handset business.. two different entities

First, as I can't edit my first post, let me correct it : it is not Nokia-Siemens Network anymore, but Nokia alone (since last summer and was tricky, as they kept the NSN acronym; aka Nokia Solutions Network).

Then, "merging" was maybe an inaccurate term, might have been "connecting". What is implied here is not a capitalistic alliance, but a resources share. This can lead to revenues (BB NOC being much bigger than NSN) ...
All this is pure free thoughts ... so put as much salt as needed ! :)

I have been saying that BlackBerry should use Nokia Maps for a while now. Ever since they sold their handset business to Microsoft they are no longer the competition. I think that partnership would work well for both companies. BlackBerry doesn't want to be doing maps, and Nokia is trying to get more into maps.

Even before Microsoft bought Nokia, I have been interested in their maps. They are not as good as Google maps (for finding stuff) but Google has demonstrated that they don't really want to provide their services to other phones. Look at how outdated Google maps was on BBOS & the issues that Apple had

Posted via CB10

I would like to expand more about your thoughts! Interesting ;-)

nokia solutions and networks is a provider (as in sw and hw carrier grade equipment), don't have a network itself. They have NOC, as in Network Operation Centers, to operate carrier networks. So not sure how they can share resources.... :-S

Quote: wikipedia : "On 7 August 2013, the company completed the acquisition of Siemens' stake and renamed as "Nokia Solutions and Networks". After this acquisition NSN is fully owned by Nokia.
Nokia Solutions Networks operates in more than 150 countries worldwide and has about 58,400 employees (end 2012). Most of those employees work in one of the six central hubs around the world, including: Espoo in Finland, Munich in Germany, Budapest in Hungary, Wrocław and Cracow in Poland, Chennai and Bangalore in India, Guangdong in China and Lisbon in Portugal."
At least they are connected to operators with what I'd name a proprietary "backbone" ... like BB NOC "infrastructure". (Sorry to be vague in my terminology : mmhhhoooooo ;) )

Agreed. Used it for offline mapping on a holiday trip, running off a Lumia 521. BlackBerry maps is useless in ultra remote places where there is no data.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

BrowswerMap in BlackBerry World is very good! It includes Nokia Maps, Google Maps & Open Street Maps.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Was waiting for some announcement from BlackBerry at CES. At last good news!

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What I want is a docking station for my phone in my car. Let the phone run the navigation software, it's easier to upgrade phones than car in-dash systems.It's ok if the car has a secondary display but touch screens in a car are a disaster as you have to look at them instead of the road to manipulate it.

Agreed. I use BlackBerry maps very successfully. Would be nice if I could just dock my phone on the dash and off to the races. Z30 is all the infotainment system I need.

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Please, please, please, replace BB maps with Here maps. Offline maps are better than tiles, period. The Here apps on windows phones (Maps and Drive) are hands down better than BB maps.

Stock reacts well!! Impressive stuff, QnX might be the best thing BlackBerry has right now! Keep it up

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