QNX shows what the future may hold - Some very amazing stuff!

By James Richardson on 4 Jan 2013 03:30 pm EST

This video from QNX really shows us the potential power that they may well give cars in the future. Though the video is from November, the RIM owned company has once again got our juices flowing with this sneak peak into what they are likely working on. With QNX-based BlackBerry 10 launching later this month, I wouldn't be surprised if we see some sweet integration between phone and car in the years ahead. Who knows how much of what QNX are demonstrating may be close to release? Only time will tell but it looks exciting stuff.

CES is kicking off in Las Vegas in a few short days, and we should get a good look at the latest concept car from QNX as in the past. If you'll be attending CES next week, make sure you stop by the QNX booth (Booth 1837) and check them out! The Mobile Nations team will be at there as well, so stay tuned across our network for all the news.

Reader comments

QNX shows what the future may hold - Some very amazing stuff!


amazing!!! if RIM owned QNX powered cars could do those personal assistant like things, why wouldn't QNX powered BB10 be able to do it too? the future is bright!!

I'm obsessing over getting a new BB10 phone. I wish there were 10+ new articles, pics and videos a day right now...

They need to start doing gr8 stuff now and quit wasting time making fantastical vidz. Anybody can make a vid of stuff they hope to see 1 day. Had my PlayBook since launch and I'm extremely disappointed by all the hype and "potential" ya'll keep claiming. Its an ok tab but nothing extraordinary, downright mediocre.
But let's wait an see what they come up with in bb10.

I can't express how badly I want this future to arrive... Especially autonomous-driving and the augmented reality windshield.

Nope. Pretty sure that's a Hyundai Genesis sedan. Likely picked because it has that smooth, buttonless glass panel on the dash that makes it easy to superimpose simulated images.

Fully Agreed @ Teostar... Anybody can create a stunning, amazing video like this one, probably even better. So RIM needs to step up real fast, get back on track. Or elese other Competitors will beat them again..

QNX has opened a whole new experience in automobile & mobile computing systems. This is the breakthrough. Bring it on QNX, bring it on BB10!

I saw the new 2013 Range Rover a couple weeks ago and it look as if QNX is still involved in their system. Nice to see that.

It is really funny when people talk bad about Blackberry and do not know that RIM is the market leader in infotainment because of QNX.

Hell the Audi system that runs Google Maps in the dash is powered by the QNX system on the back end. Pretty amazing stuff.

Aside from the radio and CD player in my car I do not want to be entertained while operating a motor vehicle. Whether RIM is the infotainment market leader is irrelevant to me. I look forward to the collisions in the future when cars and trucks start arguing amongst themselves over right-of-way on the roadway.

Even though those things are not all available today it's a pretty cool video on the possibilities and imagination. Dream big or stay home.

I'm surprised on how people could be wow'd by this. We have all the tech available to do everything in this video. For anyone who is a car lover and gear head, they all know anything is possible. Its the money that's the problem.

Problem with your comment is not everyone is a gearhead, much like not everyone with a CB account stays on top of all things tech.

This is a stupid video. It reminds of the kind of inventions Microsoft use to share with the public at shows and stuff 20 years ago and its really only been in the past year we have any real Microsoft products in the car industry. The things they talk about with respect to cars driving themselves will take years yet though we are closer than we were it's still going to take years until we such a car driving off the assembly line.

Autonomous cars are already on the road, and 3 States are working on the laws that will govern them.

"Google co-founder Sergey Brin, wearing Project Glass augmented reality glasses, said he hopes that Google employees beyond those working on driverless cars will have the opportunity to ride in the company's autonomous vehicles within a year and that the general public should have access to the technology within five years. He said that Google's cars have driven 300,000 miles on roads so far and that, while human intervention for safety reasons has been necessary periodically during testing, the last 50,000 miles of driving have passed without requiring any test engineer to take the wheel."

Self driven cars already exist. Check out Google. You should try to stay more current. Your argument is flawed. Just saying.

These concept videos always gets people too excited. Looks nice but I doubt the way the technology highlights the store's sign or the lights up the obstructed stop sign will be happening anytime soon. Nope. Not gonna happen. I don't doubt that car computers will get better with information for anything you might need right at your finger tips but turning your windshield into a HUD that highlights points of interests like they were showing in the video? Not gonna happen. Still waiting for the jetpack.

What a close minded view. Get out more. If the rest of the world thought like people with that mind set technology would never advance.

What a bunch of killjoys. Its a concept video! So what if we saw it in November. It still looks pretty darned neat to me. It is somebody's dream. Doesn't mean it will be in production tomorrow or that somebody else hasn't had the same idea. It is what might come to be. Go and find magazines like Popular Mechanics from the '50s and '60s or before. They used to run articles in a similar vein all the time. Most of the things they predicted didn't come to be and in hindsight look absolutely silly but who knows what young engineers and thinkers they may have stimulated and the same is true of this video.
There, I feel better and I'll crawl back into my cave until the BB10 is released and I can get one!

This is interesting, shows the true power of QNX. I am sure Apple is going nuts trying to do anything to fumble the BlackBerry 10 launch. The fact that the QNX has been used in Military, casinos, Governments, NASA etc., is a testament on how much potential BB10 holds if and when this power is harnessed properly. I can see developers creaming there pants waiting for the launch event. I know this, because I am.

The technology or lack thereof isn't the problem, it's the current mindset of the consumer market entrenched in the traditional in and out method of computing. The QNX powered Blackberry 10 OS with its intuitive gesture based UI represents a departure from the present standard, it's the first step toward making the vision presented in the video a reality.