QNX set to show off three connected cars at CES

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2014 09:00 am EST

The team from QNX is once again on the ground at CES, and this year they'll not only show off one car, but three. The trio of rides includes two technology concept cars and the QNX reference vehicle.

A Mercedes CLA45 AMG will be outfitted with all kinds of QNX goodies including vehicle-to-vehicle calling, multiple navigation engines, rear-seat interaction and more. A Kia Soul will be showing off QNX Acoustics technology with Engine Sound Enhancement, QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control and more. Lastly the reference vehicle will be making its second appearance at CES with a QNX infotainment system. 

Check out the full press release below and stay tuned for more on QNX from CES! If you simply cannot wait to see more, have a look at the QNX Flickr account.

Press Release

From the latest advancements in car infotainment, acoustics technology, navigation engines, and natural speech recognition, this year at 2014 CES QNX Software Systems is showcasing a unique and seamless way to interact with a vehicle, where consumers can interact with the car in a natural way – in much the same way they speak with friends and family.

At 2104 CES, QNX Software Systems will demonstrate not just one car, but three vehicles with new features and capabilities. This includes two new technology concept cars and the QNX reference vehicle:

New technology concept car based on a modified Mercedes CLA45:  The new technology concept car will showcase the next 3-5 years of automotive innovation. Powered by the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, the vehicle will feature:

  • Fullband stereo duplex vehicle-to-vehicle calling with the QNX technology concept car for Acoustics
  • Natural speech recognition technology from Nuance
  • Multiple navigation engines from Elektrobit, Kotei Navi & Data, Aisin AW, and Nokia HERE
  • Rear-seat interaction featuring native apps for tablets and phones that allow passengers to interact with the car
  • Support for Android Jellybean apps, including iHeartRadio
  • A HTML5 keyfob app that control windows, door locks, and even the car media player that is powered by new Big Data start-up, DotLinker
  • A reconfigurable digital instrument cluster
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • A media player that includes a cloud-based music service as well as support for other media

QNX technology concept car for Acoustics based on a modified Kia Soul: For the first time at CES, QNX Software Systems will have a vehicle specifically focused on QNX Acoustics technology. This technology concept car will demonstrate:

  • Advanced hands-free capabilities, including narrowband, wideband, and fullband stereo calling to the technology concept car based on a modified Mercedes CLA45
  • The recently announced QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control, a high-performance software solution for dramatically reducing unwanted engine noise inside passenger vehicles
  • Engine Sound Enhancement (ESE) technology designed to playback synthesized engine sound over the vehicle speakers and synchronized with the engine’s rev.  More and more vehicles today use engine management techniques to reduce fuel consumption (eg. variable cylinder management, low engine torque). These technologies are changing the way engines sound, and OEMs have a desire to maintain their ‘signature engine sounds’ and cater to vehicle enthusiasts. 

QNX reference vehicle: The QNX reference vehicle based on a modified Jeep Wrangler Sahara is making its second appearance at CES. It will showcase the capabilities of the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, and for the first time, Qualcomm processors. The QNX reference vehicle will also feature an IBM cloud services demo, including IBM’s MessageSight, InfoSphere Streams, and Worklight products for performing remote, real-time control and analytics of car sensor data.

Additional booth demos: QNX Software Systems will also feature a partner area showcasing two Japanese vendors: Aisin AW, a navigation engine provider, and HI Corporation, a provider of digital instrument cluster technology. There will also be a demonstration from QNX customer Rockwell Collins, showcasing in-flight entertainment powered by the QNX CAR Platform.

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QNX set to show off three connected cars at CES


How can a QNX press release boast about integration, interaction and support for a variety of different systems and applications, but makes no mention of BlackBerry?

Anyway, I will be interested in what they have to offer and demonstrate.

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Best thing they can do is NOT mention BlackBerry at all at this point IMO. They are trying to sell QNX through the auto industry, not promote BlackBerry... :/

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry I think wants to use the BlackBerry name for mobile products and QNX for their integrated products.

I think it would have been better to keep the company as a whole named RIM and the business units as, BlackBerry (devices), BBM, BES, and QNX.

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All very valid points... I just thought that they could have used it as another integration opportunity rather than highlight BlackBerry as a key partner / parent company.

If BlackBerry are looking to focus more on business and enterprise, they could and should use QNX technology as a selling point for company fleet vehicles for things like navigation and communication ... especially if it could connect to BES10.

Posted via CB10

Although it's a nice concept, the best feature is for car companies to stay neutral. It is best for QNX to stay neutral and provide a system that works with any phone. I just leased another company vehicle and that was one of my first questions. Is it iphone dependant. The answer was no, and the system proved to work fine via my z30. Deal closed. I purchased an Alpine stereo for an old truck and it works with my z30, but it uses iphone screen buttons. Pisses me off every time I look at it. It now is failing not even 6 months later. Ask me if I will buy another Alpine. Premature failure combined with the iphone signature, I think not.

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Because it's a versatile platform ... works *better/safer* with BlackBerry but also hosts Android, iOs and WP ... and probably more in the very close future. More, it's a "hidden" software platform; each car manufacturer will customize it along its needs. You'll NEVER see a QNX logo on these infotainment systems ...

QNX is just a way of making everything you see on the onboard systems work without issues. BlackBerry has nothing to do with it other than owning QNX.

I think they want pp to focus on QNX.

Of course pp know QNX is a part of BlackBerry.

~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry

Well, to begin with, I'd say that if it weren't for QNX, BlackBerry would still be clinching Legacy platforms for dear life right about now.
Additionally, QNX is a stand-alone entity that's owned by BlackBerry for a few years now.
That being said, it would have been more fitting had the name "RIM" continued to be utilized. Right now, even given the influence of the Chen dynasty, it's still a product brand perception dichotomy.
When most people think of "BlackBerry", they basically think of Legacy phones and little else.
But hen the name "RIM" comes to mind, it could encompasses a greater deal of innovation and technology, especially since it stands for Research In Motion anyway.

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I wonder what the costs($) are to change a company's name in total?

BlackBerry probably should have saved their money and kept their birth name.

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Yes, of course they do. They have but Google innovation in the car field is pretty lame. Car to car communication is huge

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I meant Google has size going for it but the innovation side is pretty lame.

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+1 Just wanted to say this. Google is not sleeping. They might not be there just yet but I believe they will push very hard to penetrate this market.

They are there. Remember The car Audi is showing off is the product of the new Google push into the car

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Thanks for confirming. I wouldn't be surprised if this finds it's way across the Volkswagen group. Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and Volkswagen.

"Multiple navigation engines from Elektrobit, Kotei Navi & Data, Aisin AW, and Nokia HERE"

If QNX can get Nokia HERE maps, can we get a native Nokia HERE map app for BB10 please????

Maybe it will arrive someday. That has to be a reason why BlackBerry QNX, so that those partnerships would spill over into the handset division.

"QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control... dramatically reducing unwanted engine noise inside passenger vehicles"
"Engine Sound Enhancement (ESE) technology designed to playback synthesized engine sound over the vehicle speakers"

Haha, so, block out actual engine noise and replace with fake engine noise! Excellent.

New opportunities
... engine sound.... downloads!

Who will come up first with the fart engine sound ...

Posted via CB10

Yes, thought that was kinda interesting too. A lot of enhancements, cancellations for simple engine noise.

I just thought the two options were amusing, I actually like the idea of the ESE technology, would be especially great if you could choose from a variety of different vehicle sounds.

The technology is amazing, but they need to work on more adoption by automakers to leverage this tech we've been seeing demos of for years. Android and iOS have multiple big name companies committing to using their OSes by end of 2014, possibly at the expense of QNX market share. While it's possible that QNX can co-exist, let's be sure that consumers start to know more about the role BlackBerry plays in their automotive lives when things count.

Posted via CB10

Google at this point has nothing but vague commitments and the possibility of building a shell on top of a QNX platform. Apple is going nowhere as there iOS is a closed platform. No car maker in their right mind would let that happen.

Personally, I think MS is the competition.

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Ford says they have the issues with sync solved in their newer cars, yet I believe they have MS in the courts. Anyhow leasing our first new Ford, so will let you know if that system is reliable going forward.

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No BSODs for my car!

"A problem has been detected. If this is the first time you've seen this stop error,..."

I never wanna see it. QNX has dual drivers running, if one crashes, the other sleeping one kicks in.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I just bought a 2014 Jeep Cherokee with UConnect 8.4 The technology is there. And Google's Android infotainment system as well as Apple's will be running on top of QNX at launch. They say they will move away from QNX eventually but the question becomes why? GM's OnStar runs on top of QNX. I'm not sure you grasp just how many cars out there are already using QNX since the OEM's put their own spin on it. Perhaps QNX should require co-branding going forward so they can capture mindshare like Google and Apple do.

Where will they move to. QNX is POSIX compliant which means it supports Unix type OS's which is what Android and iOS run on. People need to realize that QNX also runs your braking systems, your engine, your pollution controls, your safety systems, etc. Are you going to trust your braking to Android or OSX. I think not.

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QNX needs some serious successes in the auto market very quickly.

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QNX is a dominant player in the automotive market, with plenty of success already.

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It's under serious threat given that both Apple, and more recently Google, have recently let it be made known that they're ramping up their automotive integration efforts. 4 of the top 10 Auto manufacturers, GM, Audi, Hyundai, and Honda just announced they're going with Android based infotainment systems. Honda, Kia, Chevy and others are supporting "iOS in the car". So how is QNX dominant again?

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QNX is a company in itself.

When BlackBerry is as successful and reliable as QNX maybe BlackBerry can be mentioned as the parent company.

Until then keep your mouth closed and your eyes peeled. BlackBerry have already made an appearance at CES Government Enterprise.

Remember you build a solid foundation from the ground up. Enterprise is BlackBerry's bread and butter, that needs to be improved and sharpened.

Devices are just one part of that, along with BBM and QNX.

Enterprise is the glue the binds it all together.

The missing pieces are an absolutely amazing device and an improved app store.

Time is not on BlackBerry's side hence the Foxconn deal.

Execute or face your own execution.

Posted via CB10

This is all good but for some reason I feel as if QNX will suffer the same fate as BlackBerry 10. It seems that anything apple or Google touch is just an instant success on brand alone.

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Obviously u lot dont have faith in the company you claim to hold dearly. Fuck Apple and Google, I stand by what I believe & which is that QNX is a stronghold in the automotive business. Infact I think its a good idea both companies come onboard, I would love to hear interesting news about how the NSA now spy on iOS enabled vehicles or the shitty malware infestation from Android.

And the fact they're already so well established in mobile. The concept of having access to one's iTunes library through iCloud without their phone present is a significant value added proposition for a lot of people.

... iCloud spycloud...

Only thing people seem to care about now is entertainment value. Security, privacy, safety, ... oh oh, I see where this society is headed.

People are now going to buy a car not for what the car is, but whether it connects to their favourite toy.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

BlackBerry needs to commit to the government sector like Mr. Chen has reported, consumers especially the U.S. don't give a rats butt how good BlackBerry or QNX is, they buy whatever the Jones have next door.

Keep cutting expensed Mr. Chen, it's going to be a steep uphill battle for a while but BlackBerry can persevere an a niche player.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

They will put a negative spin on it while in their sleep! Majority of people will agree, mission accomplished!

Posted via CB10

Sounds cool.
I just sent a letter of complaint to Audi. It's a bit ridiculous and they will probabaly not care at all, but I felt like telling them that I will never buy a car where Android plays a role. I think that Android just doesn't fit the image of a serious, professional, secure and top-class car maker. To me, Android actually feels like exactly the opposite.

BB for the pro.

Fiber back, steel frame, stainless steel between the keys,...

Not some cheap Samsung plastic.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

has anybody somehow harped upon QNX and "introducing Qualcomm processors"? Now that is something, over Google's partnership with NVIDIA.

If anything, Qualcomm is going to back QNX on this one (although I still firmly believe that Qualcomm has been, and always been screwing BlackBerry over, and over, and over, and over, forever)

I think no mention of BlackBerry in this press release is because BlackBerry wants its divisions to operate in the short term, more or less independently, establishing themselves in their respective fields and then integrate them, with each division bringing in its advantages.

Nice to hear, bit I won't get too excited until I see actual contracts from Mercedes, Audi, etc. As Google and Apple (to name a couple) are also involved.

From where I sit, it's nice to see the articles, but I am sceptical. What's the plan here? What's the vision for connectedness and how does it integrate with my data needs and data systems. I can imagine that Apple has a system plan, Google is working on one. BlackBerry? I see a void but then again, I am distant.

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Can any of the "techies" here confirm or deny my thinking, layman style? Thinking the the QNX system runs as a foundation and OS for the machine to machine communications, PROVIDING Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) to be utilized, provides access, allowing the software of these two to run ON TOP OF & not separate from the QNX platform? Therefore, QNX is required to be accessed by these (Google, Apple, & MS) to be able to function? Not much different from having the computer system of QNX that plays all other softwares? Am I way off or does this sound "basically" correct? I am aware the Tesla runs an Apple system, Yes? No? Thanks for a reply...

Man Matte paint finishes look awesome on some vehicles. The problem is car washes from what I heard.

Looking forward to seeing all the new QNX stuff.

It's about time the market, as a whole, started focusing on car implementation. I remember one of rettinger's rants on the subject. Vehicles are solid machines and are very capable. We need more companies on board.

Please put Nokia Here to BB10 also! It's the best mapping solution on any smartphone.
A port from symbian shouldn't be too difficult

I wonder if there will be an "unsupported" update to chrysler's mygig I would be willing to try it. the 2008 interface is looking a little "dated"