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QNX hosting Project Ion webinar July 10th, learn more about the Internet of Things

By Bla1ze on 9 Jul 2014 03:58 am EDT

Curious and want to know more about Project Ion along with the 'Internet of Things'? If so, QNX is hosting a webinar on July 10 at 1 p.m. ET that might help you get a better feeling for it all. Although it's going to be focused on how Project Ion can transform your business, it's worth tuning into to learn more and it's open to everyone.

Earlier this year we unveiled Project Ion, a series of initiatives for the Internet of Things (IoT). One part of the project is an upcoming, secure, cloud-based IoT platform from QNX Software Systems. On Thursday, July 10 at 1 p.m. ET, QNX will be hosting a webinar to demonstrate how this simple, secure, and scalable solution can transform your business.

Whether you're a developer, manage a business, or are just generally curious about Project Ion, you'll be sure to learn something valuable.

Steve West, senior director for business development (of QNX Cloud) will lead the discussion to discuss the potential of the IoT platform and how it can transform businesses and customer experiences through the power of data and real-time decision making.

I'll certainly be tuned in because even though QNX and BlackBerry have been talking about it all for a while now, there's still a lot that isn't clear and this is a great chance to gather more information. It's also part of a series, so there's certainly going to be more webinars upcoming in the near future. If you're interested in attending, you can register using the link below.

Register for the Project Ion webinar


jojo beaconsfield

I'm in ,should be intresting,thanks!!


Can you be our messenger?



Do you mean our BlackBerry Messenger?

Posted via CB10


Any update?



Me too.

Posted via CB10

Laird Goulet

I'll check it out

Posted via CB10

nicky devriese

looks very interesting! QNX is the future


Hope that it brings in more revenues for BlackBerry.... that's what matters as of now!

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10


Really interested to see what they have to say!
Could be the beginning of the next big wave :)


Yeah...I'm fan-boy enough to check this out w/o having a business of my own to use it on. sign me up!

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!


Yes, I hope blackberry's stock shot to $15, so I can sell it with profit.


Bummer I won't be able to listen in. But I trust that you'll provide an excellent briefing for us, Bla1se.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

Bacon Munchers

I can just image bringing out the toaster for the guests and saying:

"Why yes! It is a BlackBerry!"

Project ion aims to be in everything!


Won't be able to tune in live but I will definitely check it out. Though I might be more interested in the latter parts of the series as I am interested in how Project Ion will work to integrate existing QNX based systems to leverage QNX's strengths and really make them a leader in IoT.

This is in my opinion BlackBerry's largest opportunity for growth and the one area that they could potentially gain a leadership position in cementing the future of BlackBerry among the Global Tech Giants.

If BlackBerry is able to leverage the widespread deployment of QNX neutrino in millions of devices already out there, Project Ion could definitely be the future of the entire company. It could be that rock solid business foundation that allows BlackBerry to stay in the game making smartphones, apps, services etc. without risk of a couple failed phones here and there bringing the whole company to it's knees.

Google is not reliant on Android for it's survival. Microsoft is not reliant on Windows Phone for survival.

Project Ion and BlackBerry's unique positioning and technologies in the IoT space could if all goes well be just what the company needs to built and support the other divisions of the company over the long haul.


Agreed. This could be the bread and butter going forward.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Prem WatsApp

The cream and cherry on a huge Black Forest tart.

Pasted via CB chen


I hope this time is the right time. J2ME and the utopia if having ovens and parking doors powered by Java did not go very far

Posted via CB10


Warning, that webcast is not compatible with the WebEx client for BlackBerry 10, I just tried.

I will have to be connected to my PC.

Posted via CB10


Yeah.. I had the same issue.

Absolutely great that BlackBerry chooses to use a platform which isn't supported by BlackBerry phones. My plan was to live stream it from the beach/boat, but now... hopefully it'll be made available so I can watch it tomorrow.

If you live under the paradigm that 'Everything is marketing' then the choice of WebEx as platform for this webinar goes under 'Fail'.

Posted via CB10


+1 to 'Everything is marketing'. Especially for a webinar talking about everything working together.


The problem is not WebEx. The problem is that the webcast is configured by the host to require a PC/Mac.

Posted via CB10


Can only join from a desktop...


i missed it, is there a replay on their site. I see they have some old ones posted. Hope so.