QNX powered BlackBerry smartphones to be shown off at DevCon!

By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2011 05:51 pm EDT

It's no secret RIM has been working on their next generation smartphones powered by QNX. Today though, during their Q2 Fiscal 2012 Results Announcement Conference Call, both Mike Lazridis and Jim Ballsillie confirmed QNX devices are already in development and come time for DevCon, they will indeed be shown off. Keep in mind, shown off -- does not imply announced. These devices will be development devices. In addition to that, RIM also confirmed a new development platform will be made available -- presumably for QNX devices. Needless to say, the disppointment of not getting PlayBook OS 2.0 until after DevCon hurts but the joy of getting a glimpse at some of RIM's QNX devices gets our blood rushing.

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QNX powered BlackBerry smartphones to be shown off at DevCon!


Nice! I was thinking of holding off the purchase of a BB7 device (not to mention that AT&T still does not have the 9900 available anyway), now I have a better reason. Let's see what release timeline is given at DevCon.

I have been reading everyone's post about RIM and the QNX phones. It is so funny to hear people complain about them not having these phones, when in reality they have had a working model of one for quite a while!!! The world will see these phones very soon. Go back and read what people have been saying the past couple of days it is comical!!

Since we're now going to have the same OS on both smartphones and tablets, they should rename the PlayBook's OS from BlackBerry Tablet OS to BlackBerry QNX OS1. Doesn't make sense to me to have the PlayBook on version 2 and smartphones on version 1 when it's pretty much the same OS.

That's quick Kevin. they literally just announced it. I wonder if they will give everyone in DevCon a free QNX phone just like the playbook.

I still don't see qnx bb's releasing any sooner than the middle of Q3 of next year... But its nice to know we can see what they have in store...

yeah remember devcom last year? they showed the playbook didn't come out until mid April, then the Blackberry bold announced in may didn't make it to a carrier until late august

Sadly I agree with your point. I love BB but If they just can't keep up I may hear the calling to a Mango powered device. RIM cannot afford many more under performing quarters... They need something to WOW investors and I do pray that QNX is so awesome it puts them back on track for great success. Only time will tell.

The thing that's got me all "meh" about the QNX phones is so far none of them have a physical keyboard. The reason I have stuck by Blackberry all this time is their great keyboards. I got rid of an iPhone because of the horrid touch screen.

Now their first batch of QNX is going to be touchscreen only? What happened to the iconic keyboard that BBerry is known for??? Very disappointing.

I only hope they get a keyboard version out ASAP or my next phone may very well be an Android with a keyboard, which would be a shame.

No they don't. I have to laugh at all the iPad morons at work. first they show up with the iPad trying to hold it, then they use the little flap stand, and after meeting 4 or 5 they carry it in with a wireless keyboard.... ummmm that's a laptop (especially given the size of the iPad. LOL

Same with phones. The craze is touchscreen but they will give way to phones with keyboards most likely slide outs in some form fairly soon. A RIM QNX phone might just eb a winner there. I"d take a little thickness on my 9930 (and I mean a little) if it had a full screen and that awesome Bold keyboard as a slide out, and I believe so would tons of others.

The New Blackberry OS 7 phones will be be able to use the QNX software - hence the new hardware. If you want a phone with QNX and the bb keyboard, the new 9900 is a good option. If you want a newer phone, i aussume they will release a classic bb style soon after the release of the colt!

is this confirmed 1lomeri? i have been searching high and low for a definitive answer on this and most suggest bb7 devices will not be qnx updateable. this is a game breaker for me so i am extremely interested in this

I understand QNX is the future, but I also don't understand why anyone wouldn't buy an OS7 device if its their time to upgrade right now. For goodness sakes, what EXACTLY do you think you'll be doing with QNX upon release that you can't do with OS7?!? OS7 is a beautiful upgrade from os5 and os6, so hop on board brother!!! In 2012 OS7 will still operate just as nice as it does today ;)

Yeah, but why buy something which will be obsolete within 6 months. RIM have consistently shown that they just release the new phones and forget about the old ones. Happened from 4.6/4.7 to 5, then from 5 to 6, then from 6 to 7, and in my opinion will happen from 7 to QNX.

All the information that has been posted has stated that QNX will require dual core. Also hasn't RIM made statements with the BB7 devices will not support QNX? I think they did.

You still have the 9900 to go to. But if you're looking for QNX. Give it about a year for a QNX Bold to come out.

I hate to say it. If RIM doesn't release an SDK for their QNX phones in a timely manner RIM is done for.

They should be WOWing us with the Playbook RIGHT NOW and making us crave QNX phones because of it. Instead we're we're making excuses for the PB and placing all our expectations on the untested QNX Superphones.

I was hoping for an optimistic earnings call today, but unfortunately we might have to wait 3 more months. In the mean time we'll have to put up with the apple and google fanboys talking smack.

Yes, when is devcon?

Also, if they drop the keyboard... it's over.

That darn keyboard is THE big deal with blackberry. They will not be able to compete with the current flood of slab phones. That is just downright silly.

HOLY CRAP...I just wet myself.For anyone wondering Devcon is Oct.18-20 That's when we'll see a glimpse of qnx berries if jim and mike follow through!

Playbook OS???

Why don't you post that RIM is currently trading at $24 a share and that a bunch of lawsuits will be coming thanks to your loved misleading Co-CEOs????.

Blackberry Fever... Catch It! ... And Die!


No blood rushing here. Trying to rally enthusiasm ain't gonna work. More like it's time for bloodletting. At this time I presume qnx phones will be as half-baked as the pb and take longer to get up to speed.

They better execute...Droid app eco system on playbook and qnx phones or it will be the end of RIM...RIM cannot afford one freaking hicup or they will be dust from apple and google. oving my new 9930 but missing some of the functionallity and apps from my jailbroken iphone 4...

I have faith in RIM but this is their last chance w the masses

RIM is not dead...yet !

They will remain in the market as long as there are businesses and government in the world. But unfortunately their market share in the consumer market AND in a little bit of the corporate market will keep decreasing.

What RIM needs to maintain or increase their market share is make QNX Phones litteraly kick a$$. More importantly they need to fire their current marketing and public relations people and hires more talented and smart people.

I do not understand how non RIM doesn't have any presence in the market with supposedly 3 Billion in cash. When you go on carriers website they either push Android devices or Apple right from the homepage. I went to t-mobile the other day and i was passing by in my car and there was no sign of the Blackberry 9900 in the front of the store. I still gave it a shot and I went in to make sure they didn't had it yet. SURPRISE!!!! There was the device. This lack of awareness for the average consumer is ridiculous. Anyway I can go on for over.

I believe in RIM I want them to succeed but its going to be very hard!

Very correct here sir. RIM needs help in this aspect. The good news is that the OS7 devices will sell very well anyway... They have a good product and will have MOST of there people re-buy bb's. I also think many dissatisfied driod owners will buy bb next time around.

I agree on the marketing issues ... where is any kind of campaign? I have been shocked at no displays and sales people seemingly unaware that BlackBerries exist. I get blank stares ... what is that?

I think the OS7 Berries are rich, and can turn things around for RIM. It is also obvious RIM has been a)listening, and b)working hard. I think the Rimpire could strike back!

Yes, os7 competes VERY well with both iOS and Android. How come its never highlighted the MANY things bbOS7 does that the others can't??? Or does 'well' that the others can't do 'well' ??? Always the negative highlighted... *sigh*

VERY TRUE. I went to a sprint store, and the guy literally was almost asking me to go for an android instead like "why would you get a BB?" Like someone said they really have no idea it exist.

About highlighting things that Blackberry does well in general, it comes back to the marketing issue. I mean i saw a video of the Playbook at the BB World conference a few months ago and they had this terrific samurai 3D game(that made me want to get a playbook but still haven't heard of the release), a great Dead space game, a TAT scrapbook app just amazing, and a 3D HDMI connection through playbook. None of those fantastic things are shown in their TV commercials which are what consumers want lots of great apps.

RIM can and I hope will do better.

same here, told verizon rep I was looking to get 9930 and he starts going on and on about how nobody buying blackberry (get android or iphone), people who bought blackberry are all returning them. sign. I had to put both my hands in my pockets and pull out 8100/9650 which made him stop.

Didn't they learn their lesson from the PlayBook? What's the point of showing off devices that won't be available for 6-8 months? It's a move usually seen by vapourware companies. Enough with the "Oh just wait, good things are coming!".

It's time for the CEOs to start producing. Enoguh with the promises.

the timing is about right. I'm hoping it'll arrive sooner. QNX for the Blackberry will at least be a lot more mature then when it was first released on the playbook.

Having said that, this is on a smaller form factor and to make sure it integrates well into the blackberry eco-system could get messy.

I don't think us OS7 fellas have anything to worry about when the QNX bb arrives. QNX is going to be lacking MANY features that bbOS7 has mastered. Its clear that QNX is the future for RIM, but its also clear that bbOS7 is a great OS that is more than capable of competing for the next year or so.

It won't arrive sooner which is why they shouldn't be showing it off at all. They seem more concerned about quieting criticism and keeping their jobs than considering what's good for the company.

They cannot afford to preview another device, make the public wait 8 months and then release it without key features. Unless they plan on throwing in a quad-core processor, it's going to look like RIM is waiting until next year to release a device that is behind what's on the market today.

But how will they play it? I think they need to work with bands and set up a group that the band manages & streams some new or not yet released tracks. Get a version for the playbook. I think QNX while it is a cool OS, it leave app developers wondering why they should write for OS 7 when QNX will totally different & they will have to start from scratch.

CB Nation ... hard-hitting, fact-based debate is fun and beneficial. A hint that you might be becoming overly emotional and the maturity level is sinking is when your lips curl back from your canines as you type. Foaming around the mouth means you might be happier somewhere else...

Unless it's Something that's bounds and leaps above android devices and they market the shit out of it to show it's better than android. It's gonna fail.

Reasons for "betterness than driods"
1. Secure
2. Bbm
3. Email
4. BES
5. Keyboard (I'm sure RIM will have a keyboard version)

Only it will also have the flashy ui that competes well in the consumer market.

I love BlackBerry to death but knowing RIM's trackmarket, the QNX slate device they are planning is going to be 1.2 Ghz, 1 gig of ram, still the same usual minimal app storage and probably the weird little useless gimicks like front facing cameras and 3d.

(*wants a torch 9810*)

I don't think they can afford to go with such shitty specs, because people will flip. RIM must go above and beyond what the current market has rather just catch up, which is what they are currently doing.

I assume that the app storage will work like the PlayBook where 5gb for example will be for everything not just Apps.

Hmm... let me see then:

1) Yes
2) Don't use
3) Yes
4) Don't use
5) Don't use (Storm / Storm2)

So... I shouldn't be on BB then? I checked out the Droid Bionic tonight, and if the battery life is long enough, I think I'm going to get that over an OS7 phone which won't be supported (like my Storm and Storm2 had no plans for support after launch).

Me too... I think a nice look would be a 9900 without the keyboard.... Just mirror the top half for the bottom... Perhaps make the display a little bit slimmer allowing room for the swipe able edge like the pb :)

I sure hope those guys at TAT have been working their asses off on the QNX phones cause they ain't been doing anything else......

In all sincerity, I hope RIM is paying attention and learning from the difficulties they are going through now. As a Berry fan and user it is very frustrating to know that RIM has all the capabilities and resources available to compete, however because of bad decision making and bad executive management they seem to always be behind the competition.

On paper QNX seems to be a superior OS, in reality it is more stable & more powerful than anything else available on the market now. But PB sales are dismal. We've been hearing for months that QNX was going to be available on handsets in 2012, but RIM decides to release a full line up of devices running OS 7? Of which none will be able to upgrade to a QNX based OS (am I correct in thinking this?)

If RIM were a restaurant- they would have a top of the line kitchen facility, access to the finest ingredients, however if their food taste stale, what could be the problem? The Chef. Fire them and get someone in there who knows what theyre doing.

Its good im holding off... Wanna see these phones. I've been telling my friends all about it and how its supposed to be superior, I hope im not wrong. Really hoping that my want for specs that are competitive with the latest gen phones will come true!

My 9650 is VERY important and usefull for work and personal business and it does everything
I need it for and does it very well and when it begins to fail, whatever top of the line Blackberry Sprint is offering when this happens, I know I will be very happy with.


However problem is the "when it begins to fail" doesn't happen (8100, 8830 etc still in top notch condition). I end up moving to new berry just for change.

Really looking forward to seeing what the OS is like on phones... and what their design will be.

I just hope to god they don't make the same mistake they made with playbook and rush it out without email as it will be death of the phones. Even if they update it month later (yeah like that will happen based on the wait PB owners have had) the word on the street will always be "doesn't it not do email?"

I think this could be a turning for the future of RIM, i just hope they release a finished polished product rather than rushing it out to keep investors happy of they are well untruly 'circular fixinged'!

That is why PB came first. Most likely whatever PB has before launch of the phone, will be on the phone as well. At this point when the phone comes out it will most likely have equivalent or better specs, so resources should not be a problem (to match PB's multitasking, android player etc). Another thing that the phone should do is at least match everything that the current BB's can do (BES, BIS, BBM etc).

Since I got my torch back in may I am kinda holding off getting an OS7 phone so that I can see how the qnx is and buy one :)

im very happy with my 9930 but releasing a whole flock of devices that most of their repeat customers are going to get is kind of foolish when your claiming to have new releases that turns the phones released 6-7 months back obsolete ( even though os7 will still run like it does today ) is going to piss people off... on the other hand showing off a device and releasing it 6 months to a year later is crazy i'm a BB fan for sure not a android or ifan at all but they market very well and in my opinion thats whats making BB apear to be failing

Really? Showing a demo already??

I was expecting to wait until next year around summer to see something, but sure. I thought it would hurt the 9850/9860 sales.

I'd like to hear Kevin's opinion on this situation. Personally, i agree with whoever said RIM's public relations/marketing staff needs to be fired. RIM clearly produces competitive phones, they are simply lacking the publicity and also the support of developer community such as Apple's or Android's. Another thing RIM is lacking right now is a clear direction of where they want to go with things. remember when OS 7 was going to be 6.1? What about the ever elusive PB os 2, which supposedly will give the playbook a substantial makeover? A strong, business savvy CEO (not plural) is what RIM needs right now. if RIM can get their stuff straight, i think they can produce some really powerful, competitive QNX handsets. Processing power and app selection is what will win the handset war. if an android app player is brought ti QNX phones and RIM invests in superior hardware, i believe theh can recover a significant portion if the cellular market. With the retirement of Steve Jobs, the next two years will be interesting to watch for Apple. I really cant see where ios can go from here, and that might be RIM's chance to win over dissatisfied consumers if apple cant find a clear direction to go. oh yeah, a slide out qnx phone would be awesome

I think this is a Big step for rim....we have to many gov people that DONT leave rim nor will they ever because COMPANIES depend on them and no company has moved to Iphone and that will never happen.....mabe the kids are moving but thats it CEOs dont have Iphones

QNX? Please announce release dates of BlackBerry 7 in Latin America, wake up RIM,

We're still waiting for BlackBerry 7 to be available for sale in Mexico city. I am frustrated, I really don't get it, it seems that RIM is sleeping, this is a huge and growing market that is running away from the platform.
The Samsung SII is available here, as well as the newest LG smartphones, and other Android powered like HTC also available, there are lots of Nokia phones and the Windows phone, but when will RIM release BB7 in Mexico?
The new iPhone 5 is set to be released here a week later than in the US. Please RIM wake up! we can't compete anymore with the old BB models. Bold 9900, Torch 9810 are desperately needed. Hopefully you will announce a release date for the new models in Latin America.