QNX breaks down some of the BlackBerry PlayBook inner workings for us

By Bla1ze on 6 Mar 2011 01:10 am EST

QNX was on at hand at Embedded World 2011, as such they were giving off demos of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the whole QNX ecosystem of devices. The video above gives us a rather revealing walk-through of the BlackBerry PlayBook while highlighting a lot of the technical aspects of the OS that interests many folks out there.

While Research In Motion has given plenty of demos thus far, something about watching an interview from QNX employees always seems to more outward with their explanation of how things work and what to expect in the future. Check it out. Some of the questions asked and ultimately answered, really might have been passed over if this was a Research In Motion demo.

Source: ARMDevices

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QNX breaks down some of the BlackBerry PlayBook inner workings for us


The eventual availability of an SDK to make apps that run at the native OS level makes this tablet better than anything else out there. There is NO way that Apple or Google would ever willingly give that level of access to their developers. This will be THE tablet to have for businesses with serious needs.

Imagine the VM's and emulators that will come to be in the future? You name any mobile software on the market...someone will find a way for it to run on Tablet OS(playbook)! Woohoo!

i liked this guys presentation of the "behind the scenes" aspects of the Playbook. I wish this was released sooner, it was a good demo of the unit.

I noticed as he was scrolling around the apps menu that there's a GMail app installed on the device. Looks like for all the people complaining about native mail support, as a minimum, GMail should be ready to go at launch!

qnx in a 52 inch flat screen LED TV wow that woulkd be amazing fronty faceing camera for video calling right to your house it woukd be endless you got to believe that thats were this stuff is all going .

QNX is the company, NeutrinoOS is the RTOS behind it all. This guy, being at a trade show, doesn't give that much details about it but being a low-level software developer (C++/ASM), I can really appreciate how awesome what he is saying is.

The Playbook needs to be released and placed in a direct head to head comparison with ipad 2 & Xoom by a unbiased 3rd party. The performance of the Playbook from all the videos, articles & released specs appear to be outstanding. Something tells me that RIM is being very conservative when displaying the overall capabilities of the device. About the only complaint I can see people having about this device is the fact that they may prefer a larger screen.

Apple & Motorola currently have the edge simply because their devices are available today. In addition RIM is at a disadvantage because of the lackluster success of past releases, however I think many of us can agree that RIM will turn that around with the Playbook. Looking forward to ending the speculation and the trash talk

I believe that this time next month (give or take a week) we'll have the PlayBook in our hands, and that excites me very much! (It could also be morning wood, but hey, I woke up 10 minutes ago..)

I gotta be honest, I was really disspointed at first when I heard that the PB wouldn't be released for a while, but after all these videos and demos I understand why. They didn't want to release something half assed, especially with all the people involved on this project. They wanted to insure they had a winning product(not a Charlie Sheen) on launch day and not a repeat of the Storm(which wasn't all that bad unless your screen was defective, which mine and 4 of my friends devices were)

All in all I'm really looking forward to this device, and like most of you in the CB nation, I'm hoping I'll win the device from one of the contests!

I too am one of those who'd love this in a 10" or so, size. I don't understand why RIM can't launch two size options at the same time. Sure there is a market for the smaller screen, but there is also a market for a bigger screen... why not go for both??

I've heard that Apple has the market locked up for glass that size or close to locked up. In time they probably will have a 10 inch. look t all the phone type they make compared to Apple.

However I firmly believe that for business 7 inch is vastly superior. There is simply no advantage to carry around the iPad over a laptop. My Sony vaio Z is not much heavier than the iPad and runs circles around my iMac!

I am excited about the Playbook because it small enough and light enough to carry around instead of a laptop.

I think people that want a 10 inch are thinking they'd like to sit on the sofa and play with it, but this is no good for business people.

I thought the interviewer was a real work. I hope we don't see a lot more interviews from totally incompetent/inexperienced reporter. But othe than that, the info presented was ok.

Here are two more Playbook videos I published:

Blackberry Playbook to get Android Dalvik engine support? http://goo.gl/3K1xa

RIM BlackBerry Playbook Tablet UI showcased: http://goo.gl/BEwOb

If you think you can make better Playbook videos and ask better questions to the representatives, I suggest you go yourself to the conferences and submit your own interviews.

Don't be a dork.The first thing to do is film yourself doing an interview and when you play it back you'll appreciate how difficult it is.

I tried watching this video this morning and it started playing then gave me this error message and won't play anymore. I tried waiting and reloading the link but still no luck.

What else could RIM could be hiding? 3D gaming for PlayBook? A TAT UI for release? We know video chat. And Yes the mail apps are going to be released on playbook.

To me the killer consumer app would be movies from NetFlix or some kind of hook with with Amazon for movies and music. That is some tie up with big names to counter apple and google. It seems like the playbook can handle all of this stuff because of the browser but some slick packaging of the alliances could go a long way with the media

I don't think Amazon is likely since the e-reader it comes with is Kobo, although Amazon already said they'd have kindle software available at launch.

Although not expected, I do think Amazon would be a great partner because it is developing several products that compete with Apple: books, movies and music. In fact if I was Amazon I'd promote the hell out of the playbook even without teaming with RIM.

The other killer announcement of course would be "We run Android apps"

I think If Playbook can do below things it will be huge hit in the market.

1>Awesome TAT developed Media player
2>If BES can control Palybook connected by Campus wi-fi
3>Native client for personal emails.Ofcourse user need BB to access their comany emails via PB.
4>Android Apps available at launch
5>3G and 4G connectivity.

This much would be enough to reach no 1 position.

I hope thsi week we will get luanch date.

I for one am extremely excited for this product to release! I am actually going to collage to learn how to make apps for the thing cause everyone says its going to be the go to platform for app designers!

Hi nick13b@msn.com,

Douglas from RIM here. Great to hear you’re interested in developing for the PlayBook.

For other folks here who might be interested in doing the same, we rolled out versions of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK (http://bbry.lv/fkcd1u) and BlackBerry Tablet SDK for Adobe Air (http://bbry.lv/fOjT6F) over the last few months. This allows developers the chance to create PlayBook apps using the standards they’re most comfortable with, which include Adobe Flash and AIR, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We’re also providing a free PlayBook (http://bbry.lv/fWu6ge) incentive for developers whose apps are accepted before March 31.

We see the QNX architecture as a definite game-changer given its proven reliability and security. Combined with the PlayBook’s 1GB of RAM and 1GHz dual-core processor, users will experience smooth and reliable multitasking, resulting in faster app loading times and faster page rendering online.

For all the latest info on developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook, stay tuned to our Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog (http://bbry.lv/bsbpYQ).

Douglas, Blog Manager, RIM Social Media Team