QNX Automotive Technology to Power Garmin K2 Platform

By Adam Zeis on 28 Aug 2013 09:19 am EDT

It was announced today that QNX has been selected by Garmin to power the new Garmin K2 platform. The K2 platform is the next generation of vehicle infotainment solutions and will include capabilities such as multiple displays, voice recognition, smartphone integration, 4G connectivity and more. The systems will provide in-car access to navigation, streaming media and real time web information. The customizable K2 platform will be able to meet a large variety of OEM needs and costs. 

Press Release

Garmin leverages flexibility and reliability of QNX CAR platform in its next-generation infotainment solution for automotive OEMs

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - August 28, 2013) - QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for in-car electronics, today announced that Garmin International has selected the QNX CAR™ platform to power the new Garmin K2 platform, the company's next-generation infotainment solution for automotive OEMs.

K2's capabilities include multiple digital displays, on- and off-board voice recognition, smartphone integration, and optional embedded 4G connectivity. The system provides drivers access to navigation, vehicle diagnostics, a variety of communications options, streaming media, and realtime information from the Web. K2 is a highly customizable platform with scalable specifications to meet a range of OEM needs and cost targets.

"Our K2 platform will provide customers with the exceptional in-vehicle user experience they expect from Garmin - and the QNX CAR platform has played a major role in helping us to achieve our goal of providing both world-class software reliability and flexible access to emerging consumer applications," said Matt Munn, Garmin managing director, automotive OEM. "From the proven stability and performance of the QNX architecture to the company's worldwide industry recognition and acceptance, QNX was the logical choice."

The QNX CAR platform for infotainment systems is based on QNX® technology proven in tens of millions of vehicles. Designed for flexibility, the platform supports a rich choice of application environments and smartphone platforms, as well as a comprehensive set of pre-integrated components to help automotive companies build connected, media-rich infotainment systems.

Other key features of the Garmin K2 platform include 3D-enhanced city model, MyTrends predictive services calendar and text messaging integration, and remote personalization and control via web portal or smartphone. The platform was chosen as a finalist for the 2013 CNET Best of CES Awards in the Car Tech category only days after being unveiled.

"We are thrilled and honored that Garmin chose QNX technology to power its K2 platform," said Derek Kuhn, vice president of sales and marketing, QNX Software Systems. "They have raised the bar for automotive infotainment system functionality, providing an innovative solution that appeals to both automakers and consumers."



first.. haha.. i had to just once to see how it feels..


i really wish qnx has blackberry integration already.. so when people use qnx.. they automatically get the app store and emails.. i'm sure that would push blackberry sales..


They aren't using a finished product from QNX, just a base that they will build on.

Most likely users won't even know BlackBerry had anything to do with the system.


I think they might have some kind of integration. I just saw this on the qnx web site: http://www.qnx.com/news/pr_5309_1.html?rss=18 where the QNX added the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK into the QNX CAR 2 application platform. I hope they keep all of the hooks into the BlackBerry10 within the WebWorks SDK they put into the car!


My Cars will be in app world so you download apps for your cars from there.

Gord Cluthe

Good point. I'm sure there's an agenda that's happening behind the scenes.

I wonder if the "how far am i" golf app that you're advertising in your profile picture will be in Golf Cart infotainment systems someday?



I can see a Garmin App on the horizon! How good is Garmin. Well let's just say they rule in the aviation world! They have maps for the entire world etc.....this is huge.....this is what Heins is meaning when he says partnerships, mobile computing, m2m. While everyone is screaming dead, why are huge companies such as Panasonic and Garmin signing deals with a company that is dead and whose technology no one wants. This is actually starting to look like a bright future! Go BlackBerry!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


Great news!

What's Garmin's marketshare worldwide and in the US?


And how does this add any benefit to BlackBerry users?


Not directly, but it does benefit BB as a company. And it's not that hard to come up with indirect benefits for BB users in the long(er) run.


What we need to see is the ability for BB phones to connect M2M.


Excellent comment. I was hoping for this too. GE, IBM and Linux have or will be joining the party. BlackBerry has to get this m2m going

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Maybe an eventual BB app?


It really seems like, with so many positives in place, BlackBerry would need to try to fail. (that's optimism kids! )

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Yea. . . almost seems like they are doing just that. . . (and there goes some pessimism . .. sorry. . .lol


Btw the Garmin GPS systems are so much better than Tom Tom. Would prove a better system for BlackBerry Maps.

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Garmin is the best NAV system. It would be awesome if it ran BlackBerry maps.

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Kriilin Namek

Maybe we'll see some cross-licensing between Garmin and BB, would be full of win for everyone!


Agreed. I've had GPS on many devices for years buy there's a very good reason I keep my Garvin Nuvi updated and always in my Jeep. It's simply the best.

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As they port their map platform to QNX, we may yet see it on a BlackBerry device in the future :)


This is awesome. Go BB and Garmin.


SWEET! That's awesome news! Go QNX BB

I'd love to see a line somewhere on these releases "QNX the power of BB10 phones".


I ask myself too... they should finally appear as one company!

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So agree! People don't have a clue QNX is owned by BB. If they did and knew what QNX did there would be a huge change in the perception of BB.


Yes, QNX in car entertainment has BlackBerry services integrated into it from what I could remember from one of their Bentley demos

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I will be hanging on to my BlackBerry stock.

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Good news coming on the heels of yesterday's good news for QNX:
"QNX CAR Platform Chosen by Foryou General Electronics to Bring Advanced Infotainment Solutions to Automakers in China"

Stephen Cooper

Wish that would have read "Garmin chooses BlackBerry ". Just saying.

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But they didn't choose BlackBerry, they chose QNX! BlackBerry just happens to own QNX.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Fantastic new. Slowly but surely!
BlackBerry for life!!!


I think that this is another indication of the possible direction the company could be headed. BBM could be a division, QNX could be a division. The BB10 OS could be another. Set hardware into another and now the overall company is compartmentalized. Let the successful parts flourish!

Just me thinking with my outside voice.

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QNX is already a totally separate company from BlackBerry. BlackBerry just happens to own QNX.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Maybe :)

I would add enterprise solutions & services BU to your list.

Having HW BU, this would lead to be more autonomous and freedom. Maybe even have infotainment HW ;)

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Too bad it's not bb10, with some collaboration on bbmaps to make it less sucky.

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That is great news for QNX and BB.. I just hope they use Garmin on the BB instead of this Tom Tom crud.

Also - You guys should update your BBM channel with all of your blog posts.. ;)


The Channels are useless redundant information.

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I like that I can keep multiple sources in one UI. I think if they can get movement, it could be the next twitter.

R Field

More good news. This is the partnerships I like to see.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -


Awesome :) Now they just need to get BlackBerry to make the UI for it :)

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Garmin makes some excellent UIs themselves on their GPS devices, although in my opinion the UI on their older devices was better.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Go go

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Good. Hopefully BlackBerry slowly and steadily regains it's posture in this highly competitive field which is oligopolistic and severely restricted due to technological obsolescence which is so quick. Perhaps the management of BlackBerry sees this as one of the ways to re-stablish itself. Can only wish it the very best in its endeavours. Easy to say that it is coming rather late.

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DAMN it shame BBX name is already taken.Would of been called BBX platform by now.That way the branding would be well known across phoen and anything BB touch.This is good news right after the china news huge market.Now I know what oftur was talking about when he meant multiscreen streaming capability wil lbe in 10.2 something qnx can do.Looks like a new QNX car will be show off soon with a BB10 device showcasing something very cool.


Questions: how much money does BlackBerry make from this deal? Is it a onetime amount, or a steady stream of income?



My guess is it would be continuous, ie. a royalty or similar.

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Wilsonia Goldens

WoW! Garmin on BB10 that would be fantastic! Stock jumped already on the news.


LOl tom tom reupped their deal with BB a while back they dont want to lose.

Bj Mac

Garmin in vehicle NAV running on QNX is already available in Chrysler/RAM vehicles with uConnect 8.5. Glad to here they a continuing to partner up.

I have uConnect in my truck and it works awesome with my z10. I rent a lot of vehicles due to travel and have to say uConnect tops any system I've seen yet.

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Not true. The 8.5 uConnect is by Harman Kardon but also runs on QNX. I got it in my new Jeep and love it but wish they had stayed with Garmin. Good to hear it works great with the Z10 since that will be my new phone soon.

Bj Mac

The unit in my truck must be Garmin nav. The uConnect site states it's uses Garmin Navigation. The nav menu on my unit has the signature Gamin "Where To?" and "View Map" icon layout on the main menu similar to the Nuvi. "Where to?" menu is similar to my Nuvi with a bit of Chrysler customization. I have used uconnect in some 2013 Jeep and Dodge vehicles that had the older uconnect without Garmin and the nav sucked. Ended using my Nuvi because the onboard unit had horrible routing.

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I think it's time to start advertising/promoting the fact that QNX is part of BlackBerry. They're doing some really good things and making some fairly significant deals that are going unnoticed by those that report on BlackBerry as a cell phone company.


See good things with the name QNX, bad things with the name BlackBerry when it comes to how press releases are received. BlackBerry needs to ditch the name BlackBerry and all the negativity tied with it for the BB10 devices and come up with a new name or use QNX. Sorry but the name BlackBerry is an Albatross now in the tech world!


No, BlackBerry can be resurrected. No doubt in my mind.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


Something tells me that BlackBerry only need to hang on until QNX takes off,...and all of a sudden BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be extremely relevant! Keep an eye on the smoke,...there's about to be a fire!



Bingo....time to buy more stock for those not fainy of heart.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!



BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


I think it's time to buy some stock in Bbry while the price is good... I can see chu chings in a few months time with all the positives coming there way...

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Where can I buy BlackBerry stock? Wooo

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They need to have a BlackBerry logo some where or somehow promote it as powered by BlackBerry. So people know BlackBerry is not dead. (many ppl truly believe BlackBerry is no longer) . This is the free marketing BlackBerry needs. For the longest time QNX has been the heart of automotive infotainment but who knows it. In today's world where mind share correlates somewhat to market share, BlackBerry needs to step out of the shadows. Not just for this technology but all things running QNX needs to say "powered by BlackBerry "

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Actually, I think it is the other way around : BlackBerry powered by QnX.

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Technically you may be right. But branding is the real focus here.

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Now if Garmin & Blackberry could integrate their Edge 810/Q10/Z10 into a single device (Edge BB10?) that would be one sweet GPS/Cycle computer/phone all-in-one.

Must be possible.


Nice headline. What is the revenue going to be and what are the margins?

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QNX should already be re-branded as BlackBerry, to gain some traction with lost customer confidence...

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that guy 123

Garmin used to have a BlackBerry App for BlackBerry, I had it on my Storm. After that it was no longer available for my Torch or now Z10. Hopefully that they bring one back now. After it was no longer available for BlackBerry I never purchased another Garmin GPS, or any other r or that matter. I'll use BlackBerry maps until Garmin is available for BlackBerry again.

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