Charge multiple platform devices at once with the Qmadix USB Mobile Duo kit - Enter to win!

Qmadix Mobile Duo
By Kerri Neill on 10 Mar 2012 01:40 pm EST

"Like many families, mine is a multi-platform mobile device household. Thankfully there are chargers like the Qmadix USB Mobile Duo for the car that keep our batteries full."

In Short:
"I love that it'll work with any USB cable."

Should I Buy?
"There are cheaper versions out there without the cables."

Picture a 16 hour car trip with your Blackberry device, a spouse and his iPhone 4s, two teenagers both with BlackBerry devices, iPods and gaming consoles. Now add to the mix a four year old that refuses to sit in a car for longer than 15 minutes without her DVD player on or my BlackBerry PlayBook in her hand. Usually this wouldn't be a bad thing. Everyone is occupied with a device and the car ride is pretty peaceful. The problem starts when devices start the low battery warning all at the same time and my SUV only has 3 power outlets. Welcome to my personal nightmare. The husband and I fight over who charges their phone first, one teenager and the four year old bicker because to charge his devices he'd have to unplug her DVD player and one teenager in the back enjoying an outlet all to herself. Keep reading for the review.

The Review

With several of the Qmadix Mobile Duo charging kits I can use the included cables to charge my BlackBerry and the hubby's iPhone at the same time. With one in the back, the kids can use one it to plug in any of their USB cables to charge whatever device is running low and without disturbing the 4 year old and her movies.

Kit Contents
Kit Contents:

  • USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub
  • iPhone/iPod Charging-Data Sync Cable
  • USB Charging-Data Sync Cable

Multi-platform charger

  • Provides up to 2.1 amps for quick charging
  • Sonically sealed, rugged polycarbonate
  • Advanced smart circuitry to prevent overheating/overcharging

The USB Mobile Duo Charging Kit usually retails for $34.99 ($29.95 at For me, who has owned several Qmadix products, it's worth it. I've never had an issue with the cables going bad or not working and the hub fights tightly in all of the power outlets I've tried them in.

USB Mobile Duo Charging Kit
by Qmadix

The Good

If you own multiple platform devices or just have to charge more than one device at a time, this is the perfect accessory. No need to remember to bring the cables with you since the kit comes with two already!

The Bad

There are cheaper dual chargers available so some may balk at the $29.95 price tag.




I love this kit! Even when it's just me in my SUV, I can charge both my PlayBook and my 9930 so both are ready when I need them. With the Qmadix USB Mobile Duo charging kit, no device will be left uncharged!

USB Mobile Duo

Contest: Summer is coming (eventually) and a lot of you will be out travelling, so we're giving away 2 of these charging kits for our lucky readers! To enter, leave a comment below. Contest ends Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

Charge multiple platform devices at once with the Qmadix USB Mobile Duo kit - Enter to win!



In it to win it !!! This would come in really handy ... Especially with the scenerio listed above 8)

This would be great for my wifes galaxy LTE and her Ipad plus my playbook and torch 9810

Hope I win Thanks,,,,,Phil

I'd love to have 1. But I don't have a vehicle :P

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

This would be the perfect solution for our situation: 2 BB Torch, 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab, 2 iPod Touch ansd a GPS - try to charge it all at the same time!!

What can I say... It's definitely a useful device! And I do understand you Kerri! My girlfriend has a samsung galaxy S II and an iPad (the new one) is coming. My BB9900 has to fight to get some charge :)

This would be the perfect end to all the nonsense that goes on with my children arguing and fighting over the one plug in the back. Now they can charge two at a time and stop hollering and me driving into a brick wall or the river.....j/k
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Qmadix!
Thanks Kerri for the review!

I have 2 BB cellphones and my Playbook to keep charge. This should help me with some of them. Come on Crackberry, Help me out.

We haven the same problem. BB Playbook, Ipod, two cellphones, a tom tom, an xm radio, and dvd player. Please help! I need one of this device!

this would be awesome for my road trips im planning for this summer. Got myself, my fiance and her three year old son. we got two BBs a PB and a DVD. :D

I purchased another USB CLA for my car that has an extra charging port and the second port won't charge any blackberry device. :(

I need this, badly!

So needful not only if you are driving for a long period its so useful to everyone that depends on their Blackberry Phone and Playbook for a daily basis every time you get to your car you get to charge your diveces.

I need one of these. I have too many devices that need to be charged while traveling. This would definately help.

I'd love to win this. I bought a different model dual charger and guess what.......DOESN'T charge 2 devices simultaneously. At least not 2 9810s anyway.

I feel your pain. I have my own family going through the "who goes first" type thing. Every June we take a trip to Florida with our daughter and two granddaughters. Each has the phone, tablet or dvd device and it can be a chore trying to keep peace. Even though we have two charging outlets it still would be so nice to have the dual chargers to help keep the peace.

Please give me one

Count me in! It would be really nice if I could charge both my Playbook and my phone at once.

I average 2 hours every day driving and usually have my blackberry on pandora.....doesnt last very long this would be the best since my bro has an iphone

Oh my I wou?!I I do not use my car to work, I walk. However, if I win, I will use my car to charge my blackberries and leave the car on until it finishes! No worry, I won't kill myself, I would just want to make use of this wonderful useful gadget!!

Do both the USB ports provide 2.1+Amps? I've seen/used many of these 12v adapters but many fail to charge the higher draw devices like PlayBook, iPad, 9900, iPhone etc.

I can only presume this device does! thus I want one! ;-)

Pick me, I am in desperate need. 4 year old, DH and same scenario heading to NJ from VA a couple months back. Oh PLEASE pick me.

Would love to win one of these, with four phones and 2 ipod touches and my playbook this would really come in handy on those long trips. I can't get my 2 year old off of my Playbook. :)

I'm in... my current charger doesn't put out enough amperage to charge both the playbook and a bb at the same time.

Like many families we too have multiple devices and multiple chargers. This would make life so much easier

This is just what I need, having two playbooks, the kids always fight for the charger in the car while playning on the tablet !
I need one !!

I've got a glove compartment worth of dedicated chargers and a multi purpose charger that simply aren't compatible since I made the switch to BB. One of these would be awesome given the amount of time I spend in my car.

This would definitely help me out on the road... I guarantee I would be stress testing this kit constantly!

I sure would like one of these kits. With a Playbook and Bold 9900. it would be very handy. Thanks for sensational offer.