Qik On Your BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2009 09:56 am EDT
Qik Updated For BlackBerry Storm!

While the announcement of availabilty for the alpha build of Qik on the BlackBerry Storm came to us all via the CrackBerry forums a few days ago, there really was not much mention of it on any of the blogs or even from Qik themselves. Since I was a little late to the party on the download of this on my Storm, I can say the current version is now at 0.1.4, but I'm lead to believe by @0mie that this is actually an update from the intial alpha build that was released to the public.

All in all, after testing out the latest version for the Storm I can say I'm quite impressed with how well it functions even for an alpha. And for those who may not be aware of Qik on your BlackBerry be sure to check out Qik's site for more information and downloads.

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Qik On Your BlackBerry Storm!


Unfortunately, I clicked the link when it pointed to 0.0.6 >_<. The video stream was crap. I found the 298 link on the getsatisfaction page for qik. I just came to point out the old link reference but it looks like I'm too late :)

I really like this app. Much like Bla1ze said it works really well for being such an early version my only complaint so far is that at some points it can take a while for the live stream to show up on the qik site. But that can be related to any number of things; the VZW network, qik's internet, my PC's internet connection. But so far it works very well, the sound and video are decent quality once everything loads. Can really be good if you have family or friends that can't be somewhere but you still want them to see what is going on.

Anyone esle able to get this to work properly on the Storm? Does the Chat feature work on any of the other devices because I am having no luck with that either? Is it really supposed to be recording to stream the video feed? Not digging this app so far...

It works on my storm no problem just hit the record button and it transmits to the qik site. I'm not sure about the chat feature I haven't tried it yet.

1. Has anyone got it to stream live on the Storm?
2. Does clicking live open up the camcorder view for you?

When I click stream "Start Streaming" the camcorder view is opened. I then click record and I can see data starting to transfer (arrows in top right); however, I've yet to see the stream live on qik.com. Maybe it's the network in my area, but I do have 5 bar EVDO.

This app has a lot of potential.

(Running v4.7.0.109)

I'm having the exact same issue. Deleted and re-downloaded but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have gotten a live stream however it is slow its about 10 to 15 seconds behind what I am actually viewing on my camcorder. I don't know that the OS makes any difference but I am still running .75. Are you clicking the record button at the bottom or the share video option?

I have fooled around with this app for the last few days and it has the potential to be really good. You are correct, it is not true live streaming. It may say it is live, but it doesn't actually start uploading until after you stop the recording on the device (which is not truly live).

The version I had was 0.1.4 and I played around with some of the settings - it only gave me a choice of CDMA or to do nothing in the upload options. I decided to check and see if there was a newer version. I downloaded again and it was 0.1.8 - this gave me the 3G option finally. However, the speed of upload did not improve at all - still extremely slow in my opinion. Also, I had a couple of fewer choices in the menu and the application would not close at all. I have to do a battery pull each time I open the app even if I don't record a video.

Without a doubt it could be the OS I am running - it is a Hybrid - still the app would shut down properly before the upgrade, so that has me baffled. Finally, if you are lacking in device memory, it is nearly impossible to run this app because it brings the entire phone to a screeching halt if you try to navigate with it open (thus the constant battery pull).

I've been beta testing this release for a few months now and I've never had it stream live. In addition, I have been sending QIK my log files so they can try to identify the problems. It's been awhile since I've talked with anyone but the issues are still present. Anyone else having any luck?

tried to download this app and then email to my storm.......thought i finally had it but it says a missing file not found error when you ty to install??