Qik Now Available For BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2008 03:49 am EDT

This is awesome!! Long something that was available on Nokia phones and even the iPhone, Qik has announced and released (I love it when a company announces AND releases same day... RIM could learn from this!) a version that is compatible with BlackBerry devices. Never heard of Qik you say? Well it's like this - it's a streaming video application made for your phone which allows you to record videos using your devices camera and upload them live to Qik.com. Friends and family can then log in and watch you streaming or after the stream is completed they can view and even download the videos. Qik also has many social network integration options such as Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Blogger and more. Pretty Cool if ya ask me!

Devices currently supported are as follows: BlackBerry Pearl 8120, BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (Running 4.5 OS is a must), and BlackBerry Bold. BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 will follow soon. Now keep in mind this is a new app which is currently in Alpha form, I had some issues with getting it to work on my Rogers Bold, took me 3 installs to get it too function but don't let that scare you away from trying it. Also fair to point out best results were with WiFi then 3G and then of course EDGE.

Read the release notes first as they contain instructions and then create an account. If you give Qik a go, be sure to report back in the comments and let us know how it went!

*UPDATE* - Qik has just informed us that the BlackBerry Curve 8320 and 8330 are now listed under supported devices.

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Qik Now Available For BlackBerry!


Dev just wrote on their comment system: "Folks on Curve 8310 - currently it works only on Curve 8330 and 8320 on GSM networks. Support for CDMA networks and 8310 is coming. stay tuned..."

videos record fine but it never actually streams or uploads to the site.....suggestions. working with an 8130

AS I noted on your Qik Site, I'm having trouble with the system rebooting my phone each time. Only one out of 4 times did it not reboot, and in that instance, it didn't upload either. I have a 8310 running on using the ATT network

Not to thrilled with it... downloaded the app to my BB and went for a test run... it records the video fine but it never seems to stream or upload the video to the site... never passes 0% any ideas im running a 8330

i cant run the program!

every time i download and then try to launch it says sd card not installed, please install and retry.

but i do have an sd card installed

I was able to get this up and running on my Bold, as I stated in the article it took a few tries but in the end it started to work, I enabled wifi and then streamed that way...after I enabled wifi, 3G and EDGE just automatically started working..also be sure to check your APN's under your TCP settings to ensure they are correct as well if your are still experiencing issues.

And post has been updated to reflect support for 8320/8330 devices, one thing to remember folks it is an Alpha release, things will not always go correctly and the best thing to do is provide feedback to Qik so that they do indeed no of the issues that arise. Without feedback...no one will know what is right/wrong :)

8320 T-mobile V PF

it worked fine with me , i can stream and see on the website.

it is only one screen with one big button to stream, thats all what i see, click it and u r online.

Anyone else having problems with latency? Qik says they have the fastest latency (half a second to three seconds) while streaming live from your phone, however both times I have tested it on my BB Pearl there is a ten minute delay before it is on the site.

Maybe it's just due to the no doubt massive amount of new people trying it out now on their BlackBerry's...

I was fortunate to have it work first try on mine, it just takes forever for it to finally go "Live." I tried two videos and both took ten minutes.

Loaded this onto my 8320 running 4.5 and it worked the first time, takes a few minutes to go live but its pretty cool but it did freeze my phone for a little while exiting the program...

I just download this and installed it on my BB 8320 and reg. online and did everything it say to to and for some odd reason when I tried to log in on my phone in the app that is, and click sign in, a message popped up "the application Qik has attempted to open a connect to a location inside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy" and it has an ok button for me to click on, and when I click on it another window popped open stating, "can't connect to server and another ok button. IDK beats me... OH well I guess... Any ideas?

They say it's supported, but when I tried to load on my 8330 with 4.5 OS, no love.

'Your device is not yet supported for qikking.' Damn curve, I guess I have to dump Sprint, so I can get real 4.5 OS on my curve, and get ATT or version so I can get a BOLD.

I sign up and downloaded it the app without any problems. The only problem is that after I signed-in with my BlackBerry, I don't get the "stream" button. What's the matter, am I doing something wrong?

I have a Blackberry Pearl 8130 with 4.3 os and it works fine. Only thing I noticed is this thing eats a lot of memory while running the prgram.

I am not getting past the qik logon screen on my BB 8330 w/VZW's release. Seems to be a known issue they are working on.

Sounds like they are working on it though.


If somebody has a copy that works, why not make a link available. Qik.com says they don't support the Storm.