From the forums: The Q80i BlackBerry 10 concept

By James Richardson on 4 Mar 2014 04:25 am EST

It's concept time again - another from CrackBerry forum member Andreas Kimishis1 who also recently added the BlackBerry slider S50 concept. Although I'm all for a hardware keyboard device with a bigger screen I'm not so keen on this one purely down to its height. Of course, it's only a mockup, but as always it's nice to get some feedback from the CrackBerry community. 

With a BlackBerry design of this nature I'd much rather see it in a slider concept and judging by the recent poll we added to the S50 concept post it would seem that the CrackBerry nation would like to see the return of that form factor too. 

If you head on over to our concept forum you can check out the 'alleged specs' of the Q80i, which are of course wishful thinking. Either way - it's always nice to see possible designs and I'm sure that BlackBerry themselves read your comments and take them onboard.

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From the forums: The Q80i BlackBerry 10 concept


Great to see people with ideas!
This one's proportions somehow don't feel right, though, from the looks of it.

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This isn't that tough. Put a Qwerty keyboard on a Z30. Nice sized screen with the world famous BlackBerry, patent infringed upon, keyboard.

CB10 from the Z30

And move the BlackBerry logo on the back up so it's not covered by a hand when in use!

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The BlackBerry Z60c concept is my favorite I just saw it at blackberryos and loved it! That would definitely take BlackBerry back to the top but as reader commented there. Are they willing to go back to the top???

Time to turn "of course it's wish full thinking" into, "yeah, this is how we do"

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only con is trackpad, we don't need trackpad anymore, full touch screen + qwerty keyboard type with high specifications which is like bigger Q10 would be great

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Agreed 100%, if u have to reach the top of the screen with your thumb, it's gonna difficult... especially if you use just one hand to operate the phone.. trackpad can help it

Posted from my lovely Z10

Craziness. The trackpad is totally needed to compliment the keyboard. Otherwise just stick to full touch.

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It's too long in my opinion but I do want a taller screen. This needs to be a little wider too

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really beautiful concept, but its height is really enourmous. slider would be better in this case. but i love the silver/chrome cover!

Props to this person"s work. I would like to see the proportions adjusted whether widening it or shaving the length while still offering a larger screen than a Q10.

Keep the concepts coming!

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Whenever there's an awesome QWERTY concept for BlackBerry it never gets made. I hope the Q20 isn't just a bigger Q10 with its dreadful 1x1 ratio screen.

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Not very fan of brushed metal.
I want full dark, black high end material for all future BB10 devices.
It's in the name..

BlackBerry prefers to add the track pad back than to improve the text selector...i just don't get it....

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I want an Touchscreen device with Octa core processor and 3gb ram, but not because it's needed, but because then this device would hopefully be number one or two in most of the rankings, and maybe then the millions of Ios and Android users would switch to bb10 because of that

This appears too long. I wonder how this will fit our pockets.

Unusual design, I myself will have to think it over before buying it, but nobody can tell the trend on mobile phones from the time of its launch!

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Forget how will it fit in your pocket, how will you be able to talk on it? That thing is way too big to be useful.

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Yes, nice to see people thinking about this issue. I would love to see a BlackBerry 5 inch screen with a keyboard that slides out length-wise . That would give the device a big keyboard for power users. Think Nokia Communicator from a few years back.

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Great to see enthusiasm for hardware!

I call it the L80; codename "the Long 80".

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Blackberry needs to leave those devices in the past..BlackBerry already reinvented itself..why go back to those keys..

Both keyboard and slides are devices of the past..keep the fill touch rolling out..and I strongly believe that the a full touch screen device should roll out along with the "Q80i"..just to keep things already looking to replace my z30..but I can't do so with the upcoming 2 it looks like I have my z30 longer than I thought..thank god I didn't skip the z30!

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Devices of the past because Steve Jobs said so? Thank God Amazon didn't follow his advice on small tablets are DOA.

I have a Z10 and would go for a high end slider with a real Keyboard and good design, i.e., not the previous fat ugly BlackBerry slider.

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I'm thinling, it's been a few years since that slider so hardware should have progressed sufficiently to allow for a very thin slider?...Yet no one on the market makes on today?...

 Q1O

This would just tip in your hands as your typing. Nobody likes an unbalanced phone. I think a sensible jump would be to modify and refine the Q10s dimensions. I think you could squeeze 3.7inch out of it with a software tool belt and track pad. I guess you would even be able to many of the same parts to further reduce tooling costs. This concept just doesn't look right. At that height is where a slider would come into play.

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Agreed. This is why they need to make the phone "bottom heavy" to make it feel natural and secure when using it.

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I love this concept, this is the phone BlackBerry should bring on!!! Absolutely high end!!

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Too large.
To be practical the proportion of the display could be the same as the Z10 or Z30, a smaller gap between the top end of the display and the end of the phone; the same between the bottom end of the end of the display and the keyboard.
It is not practical to include the trackpad and phone buttons- it's better to go to therapy to work with the emotional attachment to trackpad.
Smaller the gap between the end of the keyboard and the end of the phone.
It's important to retain the proportion of the display: don't make Google's error-too many proportion displays complicate everything starting with apps developement!
And of course, not too big, not too large. Maybe. The perfect size could be are Q10 with x Z10 high x Z30 depth, with a display not bigger than the Z10, and of course, with a no lower resolution!
Please, somebody with Photoshop make me happy and do the job. Show me my BlackBerry Q50 concept!

God Bless You!

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I dont think that BlackBerry reads our comments. Everybody wants a tablet - but BlackBerry say no

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BlackBerry make the same mistake as Nokia, when they think about stupid phone designs, Google and apple are improving their ambiance services. Focus!

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Why don't BlackBerry create a competition for the best design; with the prize of having your design made by Foxconn and put out as a limited edition piece.

This way all those who have submitted concepts feel that their hard work means something and not just for blogs.

Fresh ideas BlackBerry needs not same old ones.

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BlackBerry has several people working full time on hardware design; that hardly compares to someone's concept they spend a few or several hours on.

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New track pad to become finger scanner and 24hr battery. Innovation like the rest of the mobile rat pack.

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Concept is good in design. But is very tall and nobody need an trackpad anymore. The new OS is disegned to work properly without.

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What BlackBerry needs is a BlackBerry 10 high end flip phone. It's obvious. And make it with a folding mechanism that is solid, creative, and easily replaceable if need be. KEEP the real estate of a big screen on one end..touch. And keep a nice keyboard. What is with the bigger is better concept. I want smaller. Form to fit in pocket. I'm man. A real man. I don't wear a utility belt or a fanny pack or a European carry all. Make it change to a compact for. Give me premium high quality materials and BlackBerry 10. A great style model type phone that is thin. Has a big screen. Nice qwerty. . It would protect phone. Be easy to carry. That's one niche that BlackBerry can add too. Then men who want a quality thin fokding phone with keyboard screen and great battery life. Built without costs objections. Similar to motorola razor dimension on thickness. I'm all for the slider which opens or a flip.. the huge colossal screens phablets. Paperweights are for women. Gays. Teenagers. Apple freak crossovers. Kia drivers. And Obama voters. Peace.

Delta Champion

I barely enjoy talking on my Z30 without the blue tooth. Can't stand the feel against my face, this device would really be uncomfortable. If anything like this is developed hopefully it has a great microphone. Making it the next generation PlayBook might get my attention without the keyboard.

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Great to have a new construction and everyone feedback.

Let's see if us community can drum up a great idea for an upcoming device.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

From the looks of it, having the tool belt, larger screen and qwerty requires a slider. It's just too long...

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Love it. I've been quietly hoping BlackBerry would create a typo like keyboard for my Z10. I'd love to see this instead or a torch like slider.

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No! That is ugly. Keyboard needs to go already, it's 2014...the easier you make it on app developers the more they are likely to make apps for BlackBerry. Keep it all simple touch screen, no extra hardware buttons

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Kudos for your thoughts on our beloved BlackBerry! Great concept. Don't let the negative people get you down!

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I'd like the top and bottom bezel to be slimmer. If you look at a Z10, there is 20mm on the top and 20mm on the bottom thats "wasted" space. It would be great if they can bring that down to under 2-3mm on each side and if you add physical keys and the belt, it wouldn't be any bigger than the z30..

The only issue is that the screen doesn't have bezels on the sides which can result in a lot if accidental screen touch

From my White Z30

I like the idea of the ticker tape notification bar at the top. Although this could just as easily be done on the screen if it's an LED since it wouldn't draw much battery. But interesting idea to have it separate. while Apple is trying to make the iPhone 6 less ugly, by making it look less stretched up, a graphics design student is trying to copy its 2012 design while adding a touch of HTC One.
More imagination please, less fugly.

I don't think we need that one on the market... However, it looks just as stupid as the iPhone with the typo keyboard attached, only with the "tool belt" which I certainly love... and once again, I reiterate, BlackBerry simply needs a variety of phones (keyboard only, keyboard with tool belt, a slider remember the 9800/9810 my personal favorite, and the all touch... simply because of the fan base BlackBerry has created over the years, and that's not even including the way the market has shifted and will continue to shift from this point to the next... with the adoption (litigation based theft of the iconic BlackBerry keyboard design) of fun typo keyboard, this tells you there is a market for a physical keyboard, now the problem becomes implementation? There's more than one way to win a war, and playing all battlefields is the key... partnerships is another key... but all in all this one doesn't get my vote...

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Conceptually, it would seem like combining the large screen with the physical keyboard would be a great idea, but I agree with the others who have said that the dimensions don't look right. Carrying around something that long would be awkward, as well as trying to use it in landscape mode.
The solution, of course, is a slider phone. It offers the physical QWERTY when needed, but when you don't need it, you have a large screen that can also easily be used in the landscape orientation.

Well I think BlackBerry is going back... they should concentrate on a bigger screened phone like 7inches of touch phones like LG G2...not qwerty keypad phones..its going backwards... touch screen is the BlackBerry z10 it has small LCD but the phone is big...hate it...

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I didnt want to switch over to all touch screen BlackBerry phones 9years ago. I liked the querty board because I never missed my keys. But a bigger touchscreen was the way to go because of my eyes. But eventually I went to all touchscreen. Even though I still press the wrong keys. Maybe they should make the keys on the z30 a little bit bigger. Dang fat thumbs. This phone looks nice though. People change.

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It's really like a tv remote :)

And pls forget those lens flare effects on all concept arts, they are soooooo boring.

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I like the design, however, like others I feel the height is kind Remove the belt and I might consider it though. Having said that, this looks like an HTC One and a Q10 had a lovechild.

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I feel in my opinion that people don't want a keyboard. If people wanted a real keyboard phone Android and Apple would be all over it. They are not cause NO ONE WANTS THEM. The masses do not want a keyboard. Just my Opinion

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It's a decent concept which shouldn't be too easily dismissed.

Perhaps long and narrow is the next big craze?

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Can we PLEASE get rid of the fucking trackpad and bar keys already?! Its 2014!!!! BlackBerry is the ONLY company still pushing this bullshit. MOVE ON!!!! Isn't the phrase #KeepMoving?... How about you take that advise.

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Idiot, this is a concept. And you cannot tell blackberry what to do either. Move on. Sorry about the idiot thing. That was wrong.

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He's right. The masses do not need a keyboard. I never used my track pad on my 9850 anyways. My storm 1 and 2 never had one and never needed one. #Forward

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The horror!! Why so skinny??? The next big boy Qwerty'd device should be 5" squared with the qwerty underneath and specs that are better and more accessible to the end User than offerings from the competitors. Yes, We should be able to see the awesomeness overflowing from the Device( like dry ice fog, creeping across the dance floor, before the big finish)! Boom!!!!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

I would buy this phone. Same proportions as iphone 5s. Would actually reach ear and mouth. Maybe a bit big for a pocket.

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It's ok, a little too tall, We can do more with the current form factor of the Q10 and maybe add a little to the height nothing to the width!. Work within the frame.

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Why does it seem consumers have the better designs than the actual company???? I've been asking this question for a long time.

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This really ugly!!! Very tall!! I prefer a slider phone or taller screen tha q10 but not like q80i screen! Something in the middle but high ended also!

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Z30 with a done up Q10 keyboard

Yup I would be in for that.

The concept is nice to see, although just does not have the proper ergonomics of a BlackBerry.

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Nothing like an 8 foot BlackBerry! I respect the effort, keep up the good work and don't be discouraged by those sitting on the side lines.

Flicked on my sweet Z10

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I'm a Q10 user. I have one in Black and white. I love the physical keyboard aspect of this concept device. And it looks really cool! I've just never really been a fan of sliders. But good job on the concept.

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I know they were once popular, but I've never been a fan of sliders!

These words were brought to you by my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10.

On my perspective it looks kinda ugly but I would definitely get it if it ran BlackBerry new OS

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This is tha truth. I been with BlackBerry since beginning of time, always have. But I honestly miss tha old BlackBerry Bold look. I have a Q10 & a Z10. I actually miss tha curve look on tha Bold. Tha screen on tha new display is WAY to big, it just looks sloppy. Looks like an Android phone. BlackBerry should just stick to the old Bold series. I understand tha company is moving forward and coming up with new ideas, but this idea is trash!!! Dear BlackBerry, pleeeeeeaaaaassseee bring back tha old Blackberry Bold design. Tha Z10 n Porsche design is a little played out and old. I was actually looking forward to tha BlackBerry TK Victory. I really thought that was tha new "Q10". Anyway.....this design is horrible. Just bring back tha old Bold design. I know I'm not tha only one who misses it.

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It has a track pad so i'm all for it. It could be a little wider though.

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Love this!!

This is what we keyboard lovers want next from the Q10. We don't need the frickin old-school buttons on top back!

Come on, the keyboard + a big screen + the interface is what makes BlackBerry. Not extra buttons / wasted real estate space.

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I actually do like this form factor. Looks high end. Trackpad is must, it gives you precision and control.

I actually do like this form factor. Looks high end. Trackpad is a must, it gives you precision and control. (re-posted to correct my typo - sorry)

This is a wonderful concept not the z15 it is a slider Hello we are in the 20 century

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When is the blackberry will come out in Indonesia .. or when will the blackberry is sold in Indonesia ..

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