With the Q5, Q10 and Z10 all available, what comes next for BlackBerry?

By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2013 02:33 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Q5, Q10 and Z10 now all on the market, everyone is wondering what BlackBerry device will arrive next. Obviously, as most hardcore BlackBerry folks know, it's the device otherwise known as the Aristo or A10 but with that being said we also know that particular line is not really one device alone but rather a series (Aristo, Astro, Anisio, Athos, Aramis, Argos) of devices consisting of the usual regional variants.

But what else is there? What is BlackBerry potentially working on? Judging by some information pulled from the latest BlackBerry 10.2 leaks, quite a bit actually. Although I've done my own poking around of the OS, CrackBerry Forums member Ofutur has done some of his own as well and there's plenty that he's managed to come up with when it comes to rumored device names, model numbers, and suggested specs for those devices.

AQ Series

  • MSM8974 - 1.9 GHz quad-core Krait 400 - Adreno 330
  • 802.11n Wifi - HDMI
  • Sensors: Gyro - Mag - Accel - Alt
  • Non-Removable Battery
  • Rxxx - Aquila
  • Rxxx - Aquarius
  • These devices to include 802.11n/ac Wifi - Rxxx - Tigris, Rxxx - Parana

Cafe Series

  • STB100 - Touch - 720p LCD
  • MSM8930 - 1.2 GHz dual-core Krait 200 - Adreno 305
  • 5MP camera (=Q5) - 802.11n/ac Wifi
  • Sensors: Accel
  • Rxxx - Americano ATT
  • Rxxx - Americano Verizon
  • Rxxx - Americano Sprint
  • Rxxx - Americano LATAM
  • Rxxx - Cappuccino
  • Rxxx - Latte NA
  • Rxxx - Latte EMEA

Laredo Series

  • Touch - 4.2" 1280x768 LCD
  • MSM8930 - 1.2 GHz dual-core Krait 200 - Adreno 305
  • 5MP camera (=Q5) - 802.11n/ac Wifi
  • Sensors: Accel, possibly more

Kopi Series

  • SQC100 - Qwerty - 3.1" 720x720 LCD
  • MSM8930 - 1.2 GHz dual-core Krait 200 - Adreno 305
  • 5MP camera (=Q5) - 802.11n Wifi
  • Sensors: Accel
  • Rxxx - Kopi SQC100 NA
  • Rxxx - Kopi SQC100 EMEA

And to add to that a bit more, there is also some new Z10 models showing up which potentially hint at an updated or next-gen Z10 under the codename 'King'. But like anything else, until it's all a reality you have to take it all with a grain of salt. There's no telling what devices shown here may have been concept ideas, actual devices coming or in testing currently and what ultimately may have ended up on the scrap pile. Some may have even been device ideas for already existing devices. Given that all this info was pulled from a leaked, internal and very very beta OS, it's all a bit wishy washy.

Looking at all this stuff is interesting, mainly because a lot of what is shown might not be considered high-end due to the displays and cameras. But when it really comes down to it, most of the stuff here is noted to be running on better processors and GPU's than pretty much any current BlackBerry 10 device. That's something BlackBerry users have been debating over for a while now. Should BlackBerry be using newer processors? In short, they kinda need to in order to keep up with everything else that's being released, it helps maintain the 'spec appeal'. I just hope at least one of these devices has a 1080p display.

Also, since everyone likes rumors and speculation, here's something for you to ponder about. In BlackBerry 10.2 there is a new app appearing and it's apparently some sort of chat app dealing with text messages and possibly more. The app itself is called chatblend. Now, I'm not 100% sure on what it is or what it does exactly but it's there. Maybe they're getting rid of that silly text messages icon? Maybe we're getting something like iMessage where it can detect if someone is using BBM and send it over data instead of text? It requires more investigation but in any case, it's interesting to see it appearing.

Oh, and if anyone at BlackBerry cares to tell me what the secret is with the BlackBerry Clock app and why there is a whole team dedicated to it with even Mike L contributing to it, I'd love to know.

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With the Q5, Q10 and Z10 all available, what comes next for BlackBerry?


Wow... lots to think about in that article! Thanks.

"Oh, and if anyone at BlackBerry cares to tell me what the secret is with the BlackBerry Clock app and why there is a whole team dedicated to it with even Mike L contributing to it, I'd love to know."

Because "It's time!"

Just for the record, the fail was for the guy that said first and was second. It had nothing to do with the article.

Just putting it out there.

I want them to keep coming too but none of the phones above look like they have a cohesive design style. All of them could be from a different manufacturer. Wtf?

A Quad core BlackBerry would be nice for once BlackBerry is keeping up to the competition in terms of specs.

Posted via CB10

To me, the AQ comes off as a A10 with a physical qwerty..... Needless to say, I can't stop te drool coming out of my mouth. Would buy that in a heart beat. While the Q10 is nice and the thought of an A10 with a physical keyboard seems ridiculous, they definitely need a physical keyboard device with a bigger screen.

AQ could just as easily come from A-series and Quadcore rather than qwerty as seen by them keeping the a-based codenames and the odds are that they were just a variant they considered as part of the project and either dropped or the intended carrier has not yet leaked.

On another note, Laredo is probably just an internal device rather than a future product due to its use of the 768p display that was only meant to be on the z10.

Not going to lie, didn't read the article yet, only glanced the specs lol.

But I know I want a big screen BlackBerry with a keyboard! That is what I really want. Not the Q10 size. I do love the Z10 though.

Posted via Me on my Z

Exactly. I want a top notch version of the Torch(T10). My only concern is that it seems to be product overload. I myself am only looking for the top cell with the best specs so I wouldn't deal with the Q5 and the other mid to low range siblings.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

I absolutely agree that it is product overload and hope that they don't start churning out too many phones again.

They need to just concentrate on making the best phone for the target market (price and functionality)

Posted via Me on my Z

Clock app that can time travel! Best innovation yet and can stop the spread of apple and android diseased zombies

Posted via CB10

Remember that clock app that Kevin bought for a boat load of money? Well, with 10.2 we get it for free!!!

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Kevin was the poorer for that purchase. He succumbed to the Las Vegas glamour and was momentarily mentally-ill.

Hopefully the first device on the list is something I can be looking forward as one of my next devices. As of now the current BlackBerry's are at a moderate performance level, and even though a 1.9GHz smartphone may not actually be needed, it's what people (myself included) are looking for. The only downside to a faster processor is the battery life may suffer. Consumers don't want that either. That being said, it seems to me that the first phone is going to be a relatively large phone, which would probably require at least a 720p screen. Hopefully it will be 1080p but who knows, we'll just have to be patient and wait....

Awesome article BTW!!

Could chatblend be designed to allow for messages from a single contact to be merged into a thread if you will? Think of the possibility with Facebook, text, mms, twitter, and etc all showing up in one thread per contact...

Posted via CB10

What I'd really like to see from BB is a true replacement for my Torch 9810. *Slightly* bigger screen (the Z10 is just too damn big), a sliding keyboard, and all the tech specs from the Z10. Truth is I love the Torch hardware - it's the sluggish OS7 that I get frustrated with...

It seems unlikely that anything outside the Q range is going to have a display smaller than 4.2" and 720p going forwards so it seems very unlikely that they will take a step back and make a slightly bigger torch, especially since they will consider that they they are already catering to those that want a physical qwerty already.

Given the way that seem to be admitting that people are okay with a big phone with them producing the a-series, it would not surprise me if they produced a qwerty phablet before a slider since the former would still allow them to produce a device that was thin enough for the general public.

Bla1ze, Mike invests in Quantum computing technologies, and time travel greatly depends on quantum mechanics and a unified string theory, what if...the BlackBerry10 Clock is a freakin time machine...Mindblown!

WHAT! What is this Mike L involvement about??!! Please follow up with an entire article just about that last paragraph!

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Yea I agree. That last paragraph was by far the most interesting thing in the entire article!

....BTW I hope while they are working on that clock they fix the Bedside Mode. I want to be able to have it auto enter bedside mode when charging. BB10 should enhanced it, not diminished it.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree. And let Bedside Mode turn off the radios again like on BBOS. At the moment Bedside Mode is useless to me. I have to open the settings and turn on Airplane Mode and then enter the clock and set a time... Too many steps!

Posted via CB10

Fix "LINKS" BB10 playbooks! A integrated BB10 download version. For previous playbook! Owners! Found in"LINKS"And 10.2!!!! Os downloads! In "LINKS" it would be nice if you guys could have a DDPB Installer! Found in "LINKS" ....."LINKS" should be a first stop and shop for all BB10 and playbook! Users! Ooo yeah did I mention? LINKS! Is where we should be able to fully blow out our Z10,Q10, Q5!!and playbooks! Ooo yeah!! And "T10"(torch version of BB10)

Posted via CB10

why is it that others are so successful with one model that seems to satisfy most, while BB has to launch numerous models, aside from different models for each carrier which is ridiculous.


+1 So true!!! Apple just has one model design just with some different hardware specs different. But that's because they don't give a crap about making keyboard devices. On the other side having a few models priced at different ranges helps. Too bad the hardware specs for the z10 & q10 are a bit disappointing as they're just catch up specs compared to what has already been out. For example the A10 specs are pretty good just the 8 mp camera, 2GB of Ram and 16 GB of internal storage sucks. Should be at least a 12 mp camera, 3 GB of Ram and 32 GB of internal storage to appeal more to consumers and etc.

Posted via CB10

While you can make a good argument that they should have followed the MP wars for cameras, bumping up the RAM is a waste if it isn't needed (10.2 leaks seem to show reduced memory usage not increased) as it reduces battery life for no benefit on a mobile device and as far as 16/32GB internal storage, that would be an issue without sd cards as all that increasing to 32GB internal memory would do is increase the base price of the device for everyone whether they wanted the extra storage or not.

BlackBerry isn't Apple. They have to keep the money rolling in through out the year. Although Apple has iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac's at a yearly refresh rate. Remember, most of the income on a product comes in the first 6 months.

Apple projected sales are down because they recently have had minimal changes to their products.
Their stock is now down in half since their year high.
They want to keep their prices high but there is a limit to how much the masses want to to pay year in and year out. What to do with a draw full of 'old' (but not so smart) iPhones?

By others you mean apple because every single other hw makers does well by producing multiple models.

As far as the carrier variants, those are required if you actually want the vastly different LTE bands from region to region to be properly supported unlike say the iphone which picked and chose a limited subset for each region so that when VF UK and o2 UK launch LTE later this year your current z10/q10 will happily get a speed boost unlike an iphone 5 that will be stuck with 3g.

I dunno man....it all sounds good...but its hard to say for sure my next phone is going to be a BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze, I would think there's a "whole team dedicated to" each of those apps... but the Clock just happens to be one of the few (?) with an "easter egg" credits page that mentions the team, including photo, and notes that Mike L gave some input on it. I suspect he gave input on many things during development. Just my theory but this didn't seem to me like a big secret with much importance.

I'd like to know why bedside mode doesn't work? My phone will be on vibrate and it will still vibrate in my ear and blink red while I'm trying to sleep. I'm forced to put the phone in silent and flip it upside down so the light doesn't bother me. Anyone else having the same issue?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I believe that we are going to see a dumb tablet that ties into the BB10 phone. A larger higher definition screen. Everything will be either with wifi or bt. Imo

I would be in full support of that idea it's what I've wanted since my Palm Tungsten.

Posted via CB10

That's what I thought King could be, because it's got Z10 specs, but the screen is still 4.2"... Hopefully that will change in future revisions of the OS.

Not the most impressive specs. I'm sure bb10 will run great, as it does on the z10, but I'm really hoping BlackBerry busts out a high end (spec wise) device to appease the techy folks

Nice article! Thanks for the food for thought!

I'm of the opinion we will see devices in line with BB10 releases. The rumored A10 is going to launch with 10.2 if the rumors are right. Q10 launched with 10.1. Logic dictates that if this is a pattern we should see the device after the A10 come with 10.3.

My guess for the devices? Slider and a smaller Z10(there was an all touch Curve as well). Everything else could just be test devices to see how things are going. A slider and smaller Z10 would round out the 6 devices BlackBerry said they would support at any given time.

Regardless of what is coming, I hope Sprint picks up the pace. I'm still waiting on my Q10 to show up...

Worst of both worlds in some ways too, the keyboard tends to be worse than on a proper qwerty and the device is thicker and heavier without actually being a much bigger display.

Given the seeming lack of interest in sliders from any company these days I would not be surprised if we even saw a qwerty phablet before a slider.

The q10 and q5 both came out with 10.1, we could see some of these devices still show up with 10.2 rather than 10.3, especially the low cost ones that are unlikely to see additional new features on them.

I'd love a physical keyboard with a 3.5 or bigger screen. something the same size as the A10 but with a keyboard for my big and clumsy fingers

Posted via CB10

With the clock app, I've been wondering that too. I looked into the QML and there is some backdoor that can be activated. Only thing is there is no real way to figure out how. Someone needs to resign the bar with the QML variable backdoor set to True. Anyone know how to do this?

Why talk about maybe future devices when the first 2 new gen devices still haven't moved ground as they should have done? Just an idea, but wouldn't it be better to improve/complete the bb10 software before all this? If both Z- as Q10 sales are beneath expectations, maybe the problem is not the hardware ...

Meanwhile, still haven't seen 1 single operational BB-10 device, nor here (Mexico), nor in the US, nor Europe (France/Belgium/Holland), nor anywhere ...

OK, I really was impressed with the A10, but now I'm reserving all judgment until more details surface on the AQ10, because THAT looks amazing!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

So... where's the slider?!!

A lot of the devices sound like concepts - the Q5, Q10 and Z: the camera specs were 5mp et all so I'm going to assume they relate to legacy testing devices...

Bring the super slider!


Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

The q5 was a cut-down q10 in a cheaper casing, if you look at the Cafe and Kopi devices, those appear to be clearly designed from the ground up to be cheaper devices and will presumably slot in below z10 and q5 so the lower mp makes sense.

Let's see 7", 10", 12", 15", etc simple touch screens that our BB10 hip devices can link to so folks can carry lightweight, low cost (3 for the price of a tablet today), go anywhere "tablets" run off your phone. Then, the phone becomes the phone (nice size for the hand, like the Z10, thus not having to hold a phone book to your ear), and by means of the phone, your portable touch screen becomes your 'bigger screen' phone; your phone being the mobile computing data/power device.

There will never be a perfect mobile OS, unless they stop entirely all the companies will be looking how to improve with the next version whether it is BB, apple, google or whoever.

Hardware and software have always been designed together and I don't see why it would change for mobile. That means the chip makers will cater to iPhone and Android software updates and versions, and that Blackberry has to find a way for their OS to work on the chips the leaders are using. Also, Blackberry's software has to continually be modified to allow ongoing MDM for Android and iPhone on BES10. We can be sure, especially with such a small market share, that Android and Apple won't be accommodating. Blackberry will always be playing catchup and struggling to make their QNX based OS work on a chip designed to optimize performance of someone else's OS.

The marketing effort is so pathetic for the Z10, which I absolutely love, that they need to come out with fewer items and promote the shyt out of the ones they bring to market.
If not for me, few in upstate MY would see a Z10 in action .... they love it when they see it but are bound under contract to another phone.

Posted via CB10

Talk of new devices with upgraded hardware is a foolish priority. As a concurrent iPhone 5 and Z10 user, there is nothing to complain about with respect to Z10 performance: it already seems faster than iPhone 5. The company would be well served to perhaps provide an updated Z10 with better camera and battery life (which is not bad, but not great either). Anyone nuts enough to think the A10 will create lines out the door should be locked up as it will suffer from the same poor contact/calendar management features and most don't want a phone that big for regular use.

BBRY needs to get is act together in the next 30 to 45 days to perfect contact/calendar management so that a chimpanzee could transfer from a legacy device or other platform and can seamlessly work with major email accounts that mesh with social messaging tools in the hub. Without contact/calendar management perfected, BBRY is in a death spiral. This is an absolute fact. The user threads and other posts on Crackberry describe disgust with these aspects of the device software, even though some continue to pretend this is not a major issue.

There should be new releases of BB Link and other sync mechanisms every few weeks until every single common error is eliminated. Otherwise, say goodbye. BBRY doesn't exist because it makes the best gaming device or cutesy apps. It is hemorrhaging users from bad contact/calendar management and is an insult to both business users and consumers who have forked over the $$ to get crap software.


If a user can't easily retain records of contacts or rely on their device for calendar/schedule management on the BB 10 devices, they are wise to migrate to another platform and BBRY should fold up the tent. Things like Balance, best in class security, BBM won't mean anything. TH, are you listening? Do you care? What are you doing about this? You've seen from the user polls that contact/calendar management is a disaster. Do you care to respond or do you just continue to treat us like doormats by selling us phones for hundreds of dollars while concealing the devices' true capabilities (or lack thereof)?

I have never known anyone's decision on buying a phone from the Contacts and Calendar applications. To be honest, 99% of consumers don't give a damn about Calendar.

I, as a more informed regular consumer, don't have any issues with Contacts and Calendar on my BlackBerry Q10.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

One of the main reasons I own a BlackBerry is contact and calendar / appointment management. I think most professionals would put that high on their list. But you'd know better being so highly informed.

Posted via CB10

Are two BB model phones in the wind?
1) mini 1" screen (AKA Dick Tracy) with a watch strap
2) maxi 7" screen (AKA PB on steroids) with a waist belt

I agree.
However, the mass market in many parts of the world can not afford it.
Therefore, BB is smart to now make entry products at lower price points.

As far as 10.2 goes, I'd love to see due time and Calendar integration for Remember. Birthday reminder (exists in 7.1) is also handy.

Post via CB Z10

Love the speculation and rumours, very nice. But I don't buy the 'spec appeal' thing. Just look at the iPhone 5's specs, Dual-core 1.3 GHz with 1GB of Ram? Yet people complain about the A10's lack of rumoured spec's.

Why is the iPhone 5 running with such low specs? Because Apple claims iOS is efficient. The same applies with BlackBerry 10. Though Apple does have an ace and that is "APPLE" the name. BlackBerry will eventually build it's name up in do time.

+1,000,000. So many people are complaining about rumored specs of an unreleased phone not being upto snuff while their current phones (which they claim are the best) are running lower specs or are not using the tech they already paid for! What benefits specifically do you notice everyday from a quad or Oct a core processor? What features//apps available on those devices actually utilize those specs??

Posted from my incredible Z10

And why does 2gb of ram "suck" now exactly? Is it because there is a phone available somewhere with 3gb? My phone never lags or needs reboots. I think ppl need to learn a lil bit more about how tech actually works before screaming their uniformed opinions on these boards. Goto the apple forum and bitch about how crappy your 1gb on your iphone5 is. Total hypocrites on these forums pretending to be experts...

Posted from my incredible Z10

The processors used by apple are not a standard off the shelf part like BB use, while they only have dual-core they seem to have their focus on the gpu performance of the SoC with the net result that they see clear benefits over others in that area.

Beyond this point, ios is not so much efficient as it is restricted, in plenty of areas it just does less than bb10 or android resulting in a lower memory footprint.

Still think that there is place for a BlackBerry Tablet. Wait until the OS and the supporting ecosystem has matured and then release a kick ass tablet with some sweet specs and a great neatly packaged piece of hardware. I think the demand is still there..

Posted via CB10

How is it that BlackBerry is loosing market share with government (fbi) When new devices are on par if not considerably better with security a strong point.....

Posted via CB10

They are not losing market share with Governments per say, most are on BES5, they take ages to upgrade, though I did read that Samsung got a very minor deal with a portion of the USA Government based on Android.
Just the thought of Android being used to protect sensitive data is ridiculous and quite laughable lolol Once they do get hacked, they better not bitch about it.
Anyhow there is no denying BES10 is the best in the industry for both security and managing operations, just to name 2.

I hope they will have a model with Snapdragon 800, 12/13 MP camera, removable battery, expandable memory and 4.2" 1280x768 touch screen. Don't follow Apple and HTC with non-removable battery and no memory expansion phones.

The rumour is there is a 10" BB10 based Tablet coming before Christmas Time. I will say this again and again, BlackBerry needs to release a TABLET based on BB10 to complete its ecosystem. Just like Apple and Android devices, most people want both tablet and smart phone work hand in hand, not to mention Tablets sales have been increasing year over year. Let the 10" BB10 Tablet be one of the 6-promised BB10 devices.

Z10 alone is considered a great device IMO but some problems are not being solved like the battery life, reboot, and android app freezes. Lets try to solve this first please before spreading these diseases to your next clone feature devices. All I want is blackberry to regain its prestige and success.

Posted via CB10

I have fortunately not experienced any of these issues with my BlackBerry Z10. I feel bad for those BlackBerry users with frequency rebooting BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

10.1 & 10.2 fixes everything though I admit I've never had an issue nor did anybody in my family. The Z10 has been rocking ever since Launch. And 10.3 will continue to improve.

The only thing I see will be important is strictly software. I'm very comfortable with my hardware now .

Posted via CB10

the text message icon is silly? if you think that's silly then what does that make the search icon then?

the search icon must be the most useless icon on BB10 that can't be removed and what makes it even more ridiculous was that it wasn't there on the original release of bb10.

What were they thinking when they implemented that.

I agree if they're going to have a larger device. the a10 or other devices that are 5" above need to have a 1080p screen.

Also their lack of investment on the camera side of things when every other 'major' competitor has something in the works really needs to be addressed as well.

Honestly Blackberry has a problem to address, Okay now where talking about 10.2 to be released but Verizon hasn't even brought out the 10.1 update yet. What the hell is wrong with these doofas american carriers who don't put out updates on a timely manner? Z10 especially needs to have 10.1 upgrade. No wonder sales of Z10 have been bad in the USA. People try the Z10 with the original OS and of course have problems and return the phone! GT hell Verizon what an incompetent Carrier!

BlackBerry should be doing GLOBAL UPDATES and not leaving it with Carriers. 10.1 should have been out weeks ago, with carriers announcing 10.2 coming soon.

So far I like what I see in this blog, I had a chance to swap my Z10 for the HTC One but I have faith they will get more apps and continue to get better. I'll hold on to my Z10!

Posted via Z10

We need a Z5 to compete with low end Nokia and Android handsets. Doesn't make sense why we have a Q5 and not a Z5.

Posted via CB10

It makes sense for right now because there wasn't the same room to cut down a z10 to make a z5 like there was going from a q10 to a q5 where the main savings came from the display change and the casing change.

Cafe and Kopi look like they will fit in below the z10 and q5, so we will effectively get a z5 at some point next year.

I would like to see a torch style slider with a keyboard the same size as the q10 meaning the screen would need to be large too. i really dont give a hoot how thick or heavy it is either.. I just want a large screen with physical keyboard the size of the q10 ... I had a 9800 and a 9810 and although the physical keyboard is good its too small compared to say the 9900

What comes next ?

How about trying to salvage the negative perception surrounding BB and the general lack of goodwill the company is now generating. The PlayBook OS10 fiasco has done them no favors although I do understand why they made that call.

Why the heck is there another phone with 768*1280?

Also, what is the difference between the Kopi and the Q5? Is this meant to be a replacement already or an even lower end model (with updated chips)?

Posted via CB10

The q5 was more of a cutdown q10 intended to get onto the market as quickly as possible, whereas Kopi seems like it is built from the ground up to be a budget device so should be priced lower than the q5 when it replaces it next year.

As far as the 768p device, perhaps it is simply an internal model used to validate that new (to BB) QC chip that is going in those other two devices, there is no reason to think they would bring out another 768p model now.

What makes you think that the Q5 is just a cut down Q10 (and the replacement won't be)? Also, why would the Q5 replacement not have WiFi n/ac like the other new devices?

Also, I believe the Q5 already uses the MSM8930 chipset, so I doubt the Laredo is a testing device: maybe they are using the same screen as the Z10 since they already committed to a certain number?

Posted via CB10

I mean it was a cut-down q10 on the basis of it being very similarly specced particularly in the area of the SoC which was identical except for clockspeed whereas you would expect the lower end models to move further away from the higher end models by next year as you'll see these devices using the 8930 which is part of the s400 family whereas higher end models are going to be coming from either the s600 or s800 families.

Both the q5 and q10 along with most z10's used the same 8960 chipset from qualcomm.

I saw something that was shocking & really hope it doesn't come to BlackBerry that is ;
- fixed battery
- I message like features that will automatically detect if the other person is using BlackBerry & then automatically send by data. I don't want to send messages & not know if I'm going to pay for it or not.

Please don't ever do that or I will stop using it. Communication is expensive & I want to know if I'm paying or not before I hit send.

Posted via CB10

Regarding the chat app, I'm wondering if it's not just the standard one being upgrade and to include some sort of device to device chat over Wifi.

To ME, specs don't mean that much. I want software that will change the way I look and deal with mobile computing. We are constrained too much with what we can do with false silos between devices.

When i travel (which is a lot) my life is my phone. I cannot be constrained by that. It should empower me and let me do all I need to do.

Posted via CB10

This is serious SKU/product overload; I thought that BB10 turned a new leaf by reducing the number of models to support... but sadly we are mistaken (if these "leaks" are to be believed)...
~Surely BlackBerry realizes that by focusing on just a few models, this also plays into cost efficiency side also?

BlackBerry seems to be seriously over-estimating its brand image, premium pricing power (or the lack thereof to some degree)...

The next big hit is, retail stores and/or telecom stores would be reducing the number of BlackBerry shelf demo slots down drastically, perhaps down to just 2 or 3 slots...

If some of the BlackBerry models are not even displayed for consumers, how can there be any sales?

A viscous spiral ensues, *if* above scenario turns out to be true...
(And I've seen this viscous spiral happen with other companies before they fall into financial trouble...)

BBRY promised 6 BB10 devices for 2013. And according to my interpretation, they will only have 6 BB10 devices MAX out at a time.
Anyhow they need to continue to release new hardware regardless, because it gives people choice and shows the good health of a company.

I'm so incredibly excited about future devices. I'm loving z and q can't wait for what's next!

Posted with ma delicious Z10 or ma yummy Q10

Before you let our mind blow up with your handsets fix the apps first like facebook, viber,wechat and debug the skype! Even BlackBerry has the most outstanding mobile if your apps are junk, it's useless!!!

Posted via CB10

Bankruptcy. Can't turn a profit and no mojo with existing products. What will the A10 bring but more mediocre results. Hosed over PB owners. Bridge on Z10 sucks. Why should anyone buy a second rate handset with few important apps?

Let's look at the successful competition which strives to build brands not a variety of devices and names. Lumia, iPhone, Galaxy. There's the conservative like the iPhone which does one at a time and the Galaxy that does like American sports cars models with 8 different versions.

Anyways, I don't want to think much when a friend asks me what kind of BlackBerry 10 device should he/she gets.

For me there's only two BlackBerry 10 devices, Z10 and Q10. A10 is like the Galaxy Note, which is in a different category.

Every time I set a reminder or snooze an alarm I dream of the clock and timer app opening up. That analog interface is just awesome. Here's hoping.

Posted via CB10

With the Q5, Q10 and Z10 all available, what comes next for BlackBerry? hmmmm....how about an OS that doesn't frustrate existing and new blackberry users and hardware that doesn't heat up or fail?