The first BlackBerry Q20 concept makes an appearance - looking good

Q20 Concept
By James Richardson on 25 Feb 2014 06:22 am EST

With the BlackBerry Q20 getting confirmed earlier today at Mobile World Congress we are in the dark as to what the device will look like exactly as it's not yet been shown off and won't be with us until the second half of 2014. With the important news that it will see a return of the trackpad and function keys it's certainly got my brain working overtime imagining how the Q20 will shape up. 

The image above was posted on a BBM Channel a short time ago. It's clearly a concept of what we may expect to see from the Q20 and although at first I was a little reluctant to think about using a trackpad once again, this thing looks pretty darn sweet. 

With the Q20 sporting the largest display we've yet to see on a hardware BlackBerry keyboard (3.5 inches) I'm intrigued to discover whether the keyboard on the Q20 will remain the same size as on the Q10 or whether we'll see a slight increase. 

Only time will tell on the final results, but whatever happens it's exciting news for us loyal hardware keyboard fans. I think it's safe to say we'll see the also newly announced Z3 hit the market first and from where I'm sitting, that makes sense. 

Hands up who's with me in thinking this concept looks darn sexy? 

Image via BBM Channel C00019CAE

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The first BlackBerry Q20 concept makes an appearance - looking good



After about a year trying to get over you (trackpad), now you just show up like nothing happened? I don't know about this... I'm confused. I'll need some time to think...

Posted via CB10

I have, at least, 1 sold already.... site unseen... Anyone who misses their 9900, 900, 8700 and on and on will be all over this phone..

Q10 had too small of a screen and too big of a learning curve for people who want basic communication...

Although much improved, the ability to edit text is still subject to its odd moments. Having the trackpad might help in this regard, but I do agree to some extent that people have gotten "used" to not having it's coming back, it does make you think whether it's worth losing screen real estate over.

The function keys, to assign direct tasks to is a good feature. Missed that on Z10.

Enterprise focused buddy. Why do you think legacy phones still are being purchased by companies. The 9930 was and still is a beast. The track pad is essential for easy navigating for business users. This is a solid attempt to get BB10 is the hands of their enterprise customers.

Posted via CB10

Last I read/checked... Most companies are opting for Samsung or Apple in terms of enterprise. While BlackBerry still has the majority of enterprise on lock, Legacy devices are not the reason why. The companies still using legacy mostly using it because its a cheaper purchase or they have had them in inventory and are finally choosing to utilise them....

Legacy phones are still being purchased by companies because of not needing the new BES...

Why have a physical keyboard without a physical mouse? The two go hand-in-hand. You don't want it? Enjoy a Z series device.

Posted via CB10

What concerns me is how is this going to effect developers? When we were making apps for the legacy devices we had to take into account numerous screen sizes/memory/etc... While the buttons weren't really an issue, we didn't have any other means of accessing the menu on those like we do now with BB10. So it was an assumption you go right for it. I hope the menu button comes with a popup asking you which menu, IE: "Top", "Right", "Left". Otherwise people might only ever know about a menu from the right while having no idea there are more options on the left/top.

I could see the menu/back key being useful for Android apps though. Very useful.

I'm thinking the track pad will interact with specific elements in specific ways by default, and then you'll have the ability to disable that if needed. Lists can be scrolled, text could have a movable cursor, pressing the menu key could be bound to dropping down the top menu or opening the overflow menu.

Either way, this is a big mistake. Shows that there is STILL nobody at BlackBerry who understands product strategy. Lets all welcome back fragmentation and developer annoyance.

Posted via CB10

I am so worried about the company, to be completely honest. I really would love for BlackBerry to succeed but I'm just getting alarm bells ringing in my head...

I strongly feel that even if the company stays afloat, the majority of the masses will only see them as a business phone and their product portfolio will end up being strictly business and enterprise...

Which leaves the rest of us, normal consumers, looking for a new brand to latch to :-(

Z series is competitive in the consumer space. No consumer needs to but this, this is prosumer / enterprise stuff. Hope they will surprise us.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I imagine that the buttons will be linked to gestures. The old back button being a swipe from left to right. The hang up button being that as well as an upswipe to go to the applications lists. BB button will be a down swipe for settings, call button will be a shortcut to the phone app.

That would mean that the trackpad will act more like a mouse or how it did before on the 99** series with the benefit of BB10 touch.

As for screen sizes, if they put the "tool-belt" back to where it was on the 99** series and move the screen above so it's a little taller then there would be no issues with current applications.

I can see that with the screen size. If adjusted accordingly they can get decent realty out of it. Putting that aside, using a back button as a right-to-left swipe I could see being a huge issue. Even bigger, using the accept call button as an downswipe could even be a bigger problem. At some point people will catch on and deal with it, but you don't want to say "Yeah I just put up with it. No big deal."

Say someone's trying to help you and they say "Yeah, just push the back button and it'll swipe from right to left." - "It doesn't go back?" - "No, it does that in some parts of the OS, just not this part".

I'm all for trying to appeal to the legacy OS audience, but at the expense of causing confusion and potentially losing a chunk of them? I hope they have something up their sleeve as far as keeping gestures and buttons separate or at least "meshing" them together reasonably.

At some point they just have to stop trying to react to a few people complaining about something being gone. Every other successful phone manufacturer has a direction as to where their platform is going and will maybe add in some features that a lot of people want. BB seems like they are trying to appease everyone which never works no matter what you are selling.

It is mind-boggling to say the least.

I can tell you now I don't see the point of swiping or active widget if the back button is returned back to the belt...

We'll have to see how well it integrates with the touch based BB10

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You guys are being foolish. Once you have the phone in your hands, you'll realize how much more efficient it is. Go buy an iPhone.

Not like the UI changes, it's going to be about the same gesture based BlackBerry 10 except it just has enhanced capability with the navigation buttons.

How is this too big? It's still smaller than the Z30, looks like the same width, maybe SLIGHTLY wider than the Q10. It's not like you need to hold it from the top to bottom so a slight increase in height doesn't matter to me. I've always thought that the device could be a little bigger without it being a bad thing...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

You know what? I quite like it. However, since moving from the 9900 to the Z30 I have to say I'd probably miss the screen real estate. Now way back for me but I think this will work for a lot of people.

What's with that silver chin? Reminds me of grey in a man's beard.

Not the best image for BlackBerry at the moment.

Ouch. Don't talk about my Q10.

(Even though extra keys are "legacy")

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

The problem is that if it's built that way, it will be as tall as the Z10, wider and with a screen not so much bigger than that of the Q10

channel C000F331C- my Z30 rocks!

4" on a 1:1 screen would definitely turn into a huge device, too big to handle..

channel C000F331C- my Z30 rocks!

It would look awful..
Tall as Z10 and narrow as an iPhone 5, or else with huge side bezels.. made the pic on coreldraw and it's horrible

channel C000F331C- my Z30 rocks!

Just so much more could be done with screen real estate by loosing that function area!

Posted via CB10

Looks good, but it could be better if they found a way to modernize the look of the trackpad. It looks like it came from the Torch 9860 (which I had before).

I know a ton of people like you. In fact, I know way more people with legacy BlackBerry devices than people with BlackBerry 10 ones. So this may be a good way for people to upgrade to new BlackBerry phones.

I really don't miss the trackpad but that does look good. The bigger the better and I've always wished the Q10 was a bit bigger.

Posted via CB10

At long least THE Blackberry device I was waiting for ! Even if i have a 9900 bold and a Q10 , I will be there to buy it . The same keyboard than the Q10 , the 5 buttons belt back , a wider touchscreen than the Q10 ... but please , made it solide ,no cheap plastic and maybe a Gorilla glass third generation would be perfect ;-)

I wish the device could be in aluminum silver. Resembling HTC one. I feel like light color phones are selling better than darker colored phones. It looks better on TV commercials too.

I don't miss the trackpad really, and don't think it's needed at all. Bigger screen would be better than trackpad, but most importantly upgraded specs

Posted via CB10

It has to be 4+ inches.

If you increase the number of the device then increase the screen size. Common sense.

You have build developer friendly devices.

Not Bold enough Mr Chen....

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10

Pardon the pun, but this is as "BOLD" as any BB10 will probably ever get.

(trackpad on BB10!)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Looks good to me, like the idea of the track pad and the other buttons coming back.

Posted via CB10

As far as BlackBerry is concerned I consider myself one of the more loyal supporters, but I thought with this we are looking at the lid for the inevitable casket. Just too many variations also. BlackBerry needs to focus on a maximum of three screen sizes which should include a slider model but certainly not a step back to the past. It wasn't selling then and sure as hell not gonna sell now.

Posted via CB10

I think your prognosis is wrong and will turn out wrong. You have to be open minded; those still sitting on the fence are definitely not like you.

Posted via CB10

I don't see the big deal everyone is crying about. If you don't like it don't buy it. BlackBerry has full touch and KB phones without the track pad and buttons. Just buy one of those.

I know I won't buy it I'm used to the z10 now and would miss the screen space. But it's not the end of the world and the end of BlackBerry phones without the track pad.

My only issue with it is will it cause more work for app developers?

Posted via CB10

It's because. The journo's are going to have a heyday with this. "BlackBerry in last ditch effort try to save itself ditch all touch and go BACK to physical tool belt". Big mistake by bb.

Posted via CB10

Who cares about what the journalists say; what matters is if all those legacy users who are still sitting on the fence agree with JC's vision.

Posted via CB10

All the other people on the fence with OTHER phones that are contemplating a new device will care. Don't know if you've noticed but the media is very persuasive these days when it comes to, well, everything really...

Posted via CB10

The fact that they're bringing back the trackpad + belt shows they don't want to innovate! This is a backwards A** step by BlackBerry and I'm extremely disappointed! CLEARLY people care more about screen size these days than how they navigate. Look at the touchscreen navigation of Android and iPhone in comparison to BB10 devices (touch or qwerty). SO much easier on a BB10, YET they decide to bring the belt back. This is definitely a step backwards in my opinion and for me, the device is DOA if it keeps the 1:1 ratio and is below 4inches.

I don't quite think you hit the nail. Forgive me.

This is the "BB10 Bold".

For what other reason do they want to call it "Classic"? This follows the strategy to target enterprise, and they want / need a device to replace the ageing Bold, have BES10, enjoy legacy features added, and don't spend a lot of resources re-training their staff, that's why they brought back these function keys.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

If people can't remember which way to swipe to answer a call, how will they remember when to swipe the screen to navigate and when to use the track pad? Or, what buttons to press to access the different menus available in BB10...

Posted via CB10

the trackpad, in my opinion, is nice for navigational purposes but the buttons don't make sense!
I love the new buttonless BB10 layout and my Q10!

Posted via CB10

Looks awesome but that silver part isn't perfect.

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version

I have been rocking a Q10 shortly after introduction. I agree the larger real estate for the screen will be nice, but a virtual track pad would have been more advant guard. My wife's 9300 is no longer on contract and she represents a large segment of BBOS that are having challenges switching to the Q/Z format without familiar operations. She dislikes the Q10 because of the missing functionality buttons. Maybe BlackBerry has realized that if existing customers can't smoothly transition to the new OS, changes need to be done. I do find that it is more difficult with the touch screen vs track pad to do the fine motor movements, even though I have been using the Q since last June. Here is a huge hope that the new QWERTY phones reflect the changes the market demands

Posted via CB10

Looks on to me, bit I'm more impressed and intrigued at the speed they are bringing these phones to market. Maybe some big things around the corner.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Wait.. did I miss something? It was said that the 'tool belt' was coming back.. didn't say specifically that the trackpad will be there..

It makes more sense to have the 4: green & red call buttons, then the bb button, and the back button. If they still have space (by not making the buttons bigger), what makes more sense is a fingerprint scanner.

Trackpad is redundant because of the touchscreen, and fingerprint scanner or something new that we haven't thought of will justify the Q20 numbering, i.e. not just bits of improvement over Q10.

via CB10 on Z10STL100-1/

It will be a trackpad, and it is not redundant if it makes for more precise text selection when trying to copy/paste amongst other things.

I do not miss the trackpad one bit but being honest with myself, the trackpad was quicker for accuracy than full touch.

Posted with my Q10 running

I disagree, the Trackpad is the most important, specially for text selection, but they could use a virtual one that come with the keyboard. And what would be the function for menu button?

channel C000F331C- my Z30 rocks!


Posted via CB10

How fickle we all are.. core business, built for business, tools not toys.. 10 is too little too late, 10 doesn't fit the market,10 is too complex, 7 is outdated, they should do this, they should do that. Guys, if every wrench in the box was the same how would you ever get any work done, these devices will serve to suit specific niches of the market, specific tools for specific people. Not everyone has to like it or want it. If every provider simply builds a slab device what kind of world would it be.

Posted via CB10

Finally! Thanks for the remark.
The Q20 might become my 2nd phone, strictly for business use. I do miss my 9700 from time to time for its excellent hardware-based menu.

The Z30 or new Snapdragon based BlackBerry phone might replace my Z10 eventually.

Way to go BlackBerry! I do like choices

Posted via CB10

Like it. Trackpad allows *fast* selections, editing text and navigating dense websites (or applets with small controls like wunderground radar).

Posted via CB10

I was sceptical at first, but having owned a z10 for 8 months, I am big fan of the full BlackBerry touch screen and absolutely love the virtual keyboard (better than any other system out there!).

Posted via CB10

I dunno just feels like that space is being forced. I like the original Q10 concept better

Posted via CB10

Trackpad helps with editing text. More precise. Sometime just so frustrated with touchscreens. Can't seem to get it to the position I want.

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Q10)

Personally, I feel bringing back the traditional blackberry keys for BlackBerry OS 10 devices is of no use. Blackberry OS 10, with its new enhanced features, is way more user-friendly than the legacy devices. Navigating through trackpad is much slower than swiping from all sides. And then there's a question of how to switch from one app to another or to Blackberry hub using the back button. Of course you'll use 'swiping up' as your preferred option.
Blackberry fans should now move on and embrace the 'new kid' on the block.

Posted from my Q5

It shows they listen to the customers who tried BB10 and went back to their Bolds and Curves because they missed the trackpad. I don't miss it at all, but the reality is there are plenty who do (which you can find in these very forums), so if they make one of their phones that will get a fairly significant amount of the legacy device users to upgrade to BB10, that's a good thing.

Posted with my Q10 running

Mr.Heins pls come back to rescue our BlackBerry!!! Why we need trackpad??? We DON'T need this!!!!

Posted via CB10

Trackpad is what won me over with Blackberry, but having used the Z10 for nearly a year, I am wondering if another transition is in the offing. I have a question: why can't we be progressive and have a trackpad on a phone with big screen but sans keyboard?

Heins had his chance and couldn't get it done; give Chen a chance, he's off to a good start.

Posted with my Q10 running

:) just curious, who are "we"? Hope you honestly don't think everyone thinks like you. Are you using a BB10 phones now or are you still using legacy phone ? There are still millions of legacy users still sitting on the fence.

Posted via CB10

... and many are enterprise users, so this clearly follows the strategy laid out.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I am looking forward to hear from blackberry what is the thinking behind looking back and revive old features. I don't think its a good move, i don't think we need the trackpad. I am curious if there was a significant nr of people giving feedback to bb that we need to have the trackpad back. I say give us a proper qwerty slider, full touchscreen phones, and tablet. Carry on getting enterprise customers back. Perhaps spend a little on innovation.

Yes if you browse through the forums you will find many who either tried BB10 but went back to their Bold/Curve because of no trackpad and function buttons, as well as many who did not even try BB10 for the same reasons.

Posted with my Q10 running

i say its time to give up on the trackpad, its time to go with the times. Can you just stop for a minute and imagine using a trackpad on BB10? i rather flick thru screens or general search, its much more quicker than a trackpad. sorry, i am trying to understand.

No one is forcing you to use the trackpad moving screens. It can be a bonus feature navigating through text just like a touch feature on the bold. If you want big screen buy a Note 3.

As of yesterday, BlackBerry is behind windows phones. I don't know what kind of strategy BlackBerry is having with this, but personally, its an horrible idea. Everybody in these days hates physical keyboard, just because it blocks so many games and application to work with, i'm saying this because all the world wants a toy in their hands, not a simple a great tool.

Posted via CB10

There are MANY, myself included, who will only buy qwerty keyboard phones so long as they are in production.

Posted with my Q10 running

I'm ok with this because the Q10 was not flying off the shelves anyway. The CrackBerry community doesn't speak for all. Besides, we don't know what the Q30 will yield (if ever released). That could be a device with no functional row of keys. One phone at a time.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

This thing will be huge. Gotta fit a larger screen, and a slew of buttons? Seems like a waste to me when the menu and back options and very well integrated in the OS already.

i hope there' a qwerty alternative, OR that the trakpad is integrated in the space button or something...

Z10, z30, q10 q20, no one's linking anyone it's just another option. They're not stopping development on other phones. Jeeze

Posted via CB10

Yuck! Stupid move just to make the laggards happy! I don't think it'll really make a bug benefit for them at all.. or rover this concept does not include the space needed for swiping and I highly think that TrackPad which has shown many failure errors in the past, will be overly used

Waiting for the complaints around Xmas time to proliferate. I honestly believe BlackBerry should've stayed the course and forced users to upgrade or remain complaints in their personal space. Way to go laggards slowing BlackBerry hardware development down while increasing production costs with new R&D designs originally not planned.

Let's see what kind of sales volume this turns out to now vs the Q10 month to month in comparison!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

The return of the trackpad is a good thing. However, I agree with others who believe that this device is too large. What's next, a playbook sized phone?

Posted via CB10

If this concept would have come out at the same time as the Z10 there is no doubt I would have purchased over the Z10. At the time I was coming from a 9900 and was anti-touch screen. Not wanting to wait for the Q10 I purchased a Z10. It soften me up to liking touch screens and now the Z30 has been the best phone I've owned period only barely beating my old 9900.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

I have been waiting for some thing like this for BlackBerry 10 for a while now.....oh how I missed you track pad and buttons.

Posted via Q10

I'd prefer extra screen real estate, without sticking to a 1:1 ratio, and no track pad or physical buttons. I don't see the need to go backwards. I've used both BB10 and still have a work issued 9900, and the 9900 feels so outdated compared to BB10 that I keep trying to swipe!

Seems like the are catering to the niche market and BlackBerry faithful, but I don't see this winning any new customers - enterprise or retail.

Posted on CB10 via my Z30

Seeing the concept does make a difference. I like how this looks. I probably won't buy it once it hits the market, but I think it could work for some people.

Posted via CB10

I think that trackpad and function keys are unnecessary on an OS 10 touch phone, but we will see.

Posted via CB10

Stop your suicidal nostalgia and move on. All that BlackBerry need to do is improving on Z30 in terms of hardware and software with an agressive worldwide advert. Hardware: camera, battery, storage... Software: many features. Z30 is very good handset. I have been a physical keyboard user and was so reluctant, in fact nervous, to move to logical keyboard. Here I am with Z30 and not willing to move back.

Posted via CB10

Maybe not a bad idea to reinvent the buttons. When the integrate it good into BB10 OS the can hide the bottom menuebar of most of the apps. The menues can be opened by the trackpad/Buttons. This would provide more space for BB10 apps.

I got over the lack of trackpad almost immediately and haven't looked back since. When I travel to Europe I use my unlocked 9900 and I find it awkward to use these days so going back to the trackpad is not an option for me no matter how "sexy" the device looks.

It looks nice but my thing is what are the specs, I know it hasn't been stated yet but that will also be a deciding factor, also what is the z3 (jakarta) specs

Posted via CB10

Give it a chance, it look good to me. Peeps now have more choice to choose a phone that fits their needs.

Post via a very smart Q10

Re-introduction of the trackpad would absolutely be regressing to an inferior interface design... Find a way to give more (not less!) screen space with the correct aspect ratio for video, maps, photos when held sideways. Maintain the same case design theme and PPI as the Q/Z10 (not Z30) and you will have a winner... I would rather have the display size and PPI of the Z10 with a dedicated keyboard... while not entirely necessary, maybe there is a way to introduce a 3-row keyboard, incorporate the existing bottom 4th row into the touchscreen bottom edge... or maybe even directly behind row 3 below the back cover.

Posted via CB10

There should be A option to toggle on and off these new keys so it function like a Q10

Posted via CB10

Why not just make it a virtual track pad, I don't think we really need the answer and hang up buttons anymore,
If you had a virtual pad you could pull it up and put it away when not needed. This could be set up nicely for each user in the settings.

I hope they have thought it of something cooler then just putting the old keys on a bigger phone.

Posted via CB10

I'd definitely give it a try. It seems like a solid one, as usual. It can't be that hard to get used to it, lol. I'd assume the experience will be more joyful as it still has the bb10 os, which is the best out there!!


Why would you go back to old technology that nobody really used on dying phones? Track pad absolutely waste of time, money and resources. Make the screen larger and utilize that extra space for a possible digital track pad I'd need be. In my opinion, the track pads were not reliable and with less parts, our phones will hold up.

Posted via CB10

Well yon never now maybe they have something innovative in mind, like function buttons on the side of the device?

Posted via CB10

PLEEAAASEEEEE BLACKBERRY HEAR THE CRY OF YOUR PEOPLE!!! DO NOT HAVE SEPARATE FUNCTION KEYS LIKE ON THE NEW BOLD. Sleek ingrained function keys will make it or break it for me. The nicest looking QWERTY phone to date is the 9900. Premium finish with the smooth function keys. If the Q20 has that same concept then I'm sold!!!

Posted via CB10

Nah! Still like the real estate on my Z10. A keyboard and a track pad is too much. Won't do anything for me.

Z10 In action here!

Was I the only keyboard user who knew of the shortcut for cut and paste before BB10??! ALT and the trackpad gave us the dexterity we so miss on Q/Z models. Now that's not to say I'm an advocate for the trackpad. I've grown accustomed to my Q10. But I do hate that new cursor that never seems to get cut and paste just right. HERE ME NOW DEVELOPERS!! Bring back the shortcut, replacing the trackpad with our touch screens! DUH!!

Posted via CB10

Come on guys, quit being negative, it's a qwerty BlackBerry phone, how can you not support this, the bigger screen with a track pad is amazing, hey if we want to keep our BlackBerry's around, let's stop complaining and buy the stuff. Hey you know what, this hits the market, I will for sure buy it, in cash.

Posted via CB10

I'm so over the trackpad. I think people just need time and an open mind to move beyond old tech. But that's just my opinion. After using the awesome keyboards on the Z10 and Z30, I'm so used to the accurate predictive words appearing above the letters and flicking sentences into place, I just can't go back to a physical keyboard (but this love is only for the BlackBerry virtual keyboard; I absolutely can't stand either iPhone's or Android's keyboards).

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

The "back" image needs to be wider to be proportionate to the "front" image.

I'd rather have the Q30 concept, with a 4" screen and the same keyboard as my Q10, but yeah, I'll buy one when it comes out.

We all loved our phones we hated the constant battery pulls and stupid glitches that never got fixed I want a q20 if it's like the concept as long as it just works and no battery pulls

I have to admit, I like the looks of it but you would still have to pry my Z30 from my cold dead hands

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

There is obviously a large group of people still on and still buying legacy phones. This is for them mostly although I like it too. I am over the trackpad and buttons at this point though. BlackBerry has to get their current customers to upgrade if they stand a chance at surviving in the hardware business. The reasons legacy owners give for not upgrading are being addressed with the Q20. If they don't upgrade and this phone flops I don't think it will look good for BlackBerry's hardware business. Just my two cents.

Posted via CB10

Track pad will be more useful for BlackBerry users and it will be impressive..

It is also needed in Z series also.

Posted via CB10

They should put something better in this. I mean Q10 is already amazing. What can this Q20 do to make it better than Q10? I do admit that I like the design but I think it'll be too big for women with small hands like me. The Q10 fits well in my palm. I dislike really huge screens. Not hand-dandy.

Posted via CB10

In my own honest opinion,if they removed the trackpad,maybe it will a 4 inch screen. Matched with the swipe gestures,its a darn big screen for a device with a physical keyboard,which for me,what i really really want.

#TeamBlackBerry / Q10 / / If you want to get things done,swap to the black

As a die hard BlackBerry fan, last thing I want is for us to end up like iPhone, close to very little innovation in so called 'upgraded devices' love the Q10 lets keep moving FORWARD!

Posted via CB10

Very sexy device! While many are concerned about the return of the track pad and function keys, this introduces options for those who prefer it. I've grown accustomed to not using them, but that doesn't mean I don't welcome the return of the idea! One must admit though, this unit is a beauty!

Posted via CB10

I like it but I will keep my Q10 until the US carriers start supporting BlackBerry again, if they don't then I'm afraid I may have no choice but to go a different route.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Posted via CB10 for BlackBerry Q10

I'd like to see a Q30 that looks just like this, but without the classic set of buttons. Really miss the keyboard, but don't want to give up the screen size. I’ll be buying a Z30 if a Q30 isn't announced soon! :)

Posted via CB10

They should have release two devices: One should be the 'Q20' which would have no action bar and would pretty much be a Q10 with better specs and a bigger screen and the other one should be a 'Q20 classic' that would have the action bar as stated. That way we get to choose what we want.

Posted via CB10

Never believed that q10 could be better..well it is!!!! Amazing...Look forward for my q10 to die in some point to bye this model

Posted via CB10

Hope the track pad will recognise fingerprints... it's really convenient to unlock while driving.

Posted via CB10

Would buy. I loved my old Curve and all I really wanted was an updated experience, not a completely different thing which is what I got with BB10. I've; come to love it, but this concept looks sexy as hell and looks like what I wanted in the first place when the first BB10 phones came out.

I hope BlackBerry is bringing all the buttons back on some facts and figures. I never received any survey or market research document to ask if I want these back. I keep participating in surveys on beta zone otherwise.

Posted via CB10

I don't agree with a physical track pad of that style why not buttons like the Porcshe Design P9981? Wouldn't that be sleeker?

Posted via CB10

Love the trackpad comeback... I dont understand all the whining.. if you dont like it, dont use it.

However, a SQUARE SCREEN???...NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am guessing instead of having a track pad as a physical that thing :P, it's a better idea to use selective keys, so all the keys itself is a track pad by its own, so people can't complain, and just enjoy

Posted via CB10

This isn't a final version.

The only one of the 5 belt buttons that is "needed" is the track pad.

I say get rid of the belt and strategically make the space bar the track pad.

That way you have the real estate people want, and an innovative way to implement the track pad. ..something that definitely makes the efficiency of using the phone better.

Your thoughts?

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Now this is interesting post. I have to agree. So what do you think: Mini trackball for space bar, AND a customizable/optional "virtual" belt across the bottom of the screen. The BB user gets the best of both worlds, more screen real estate, and a track ball for those who love it. (Dare i say this: I am praying for a compensating factor for the trackball.)

Also I think the "Q20" may change it's designation; e.g. the BB "Jakarta" will not be released as such.
Additionally the "Q20" would/should be a really soft launch. the goal here is to "round off", or compliment their current suite of BB10 products.

So back at ya, what are you thoughts on that? Best two out of three?

The people who are complaining on here about bringing the buttons back STOP. You guys don't know what you are talking about. There are plenty of people still using BlackBerry 7 because of this very reason or switching altogether because Heins didn't realize that the business and enterprise user liked the buttons.

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Chen is a smart man and it hitting all the right buttons and will turn blackberry around slowly the right way

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Not innovative. They might as well have brought back the track ball or better still, the side wheel

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Im loosing my faith. Why should the company release a phone with a Trackpad? Just to remember the good old days? The longer i have been following the development, the more i get the feeling that BlackBerry is a dead man walking.

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Im pretty much sure the back arrow will be on the left side of trackpad while Settings gear icon will be on the right.

I wonder...if this is just a concept for the phone, are they open to suggestions of what it could look like? I think that would be an interesting way to get the Blackberry community involved.
If so, may I be the first to say I would love if the Q20 looked like TK Justice concept!

I REALLY don't want to go back to the trackpad and other buttons. After using the Q10 I'm glad they're gone. They should keep making QWERTY devices without them.

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