Puzzle fans - Morph'em for BlackBerry 10 lands for the Q10 and Q5

Morph'em for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 24 Jan 2014 03:07 am EST

You may have recently seen our quick video review we did of Morph'em for BlackBerry 10. The super cool - yet very challenging puzzle game was initially rolled out for touch only BlackBerry handsets. If you watched video and thought the game looked cool but were restricted due to being a Q10 or Q5 owner you can now go and grab the game from BlackBerry World. 

Hats off to the developer for this one. We've seen many a game come to the Z30 and Z10 only - and although hardware keyboard users tend to be more into productivity apps than games it's always nice to have a choice. In fact - I'm a Q10 user as my main BlackBerry yet I have three full folders of games for when boredom sets in on a train commute or similar. 

Unlike me - if you think you are clever enough to solve the wonders of Morph'em you now can - whatever BlackBerry 10 device you happen to be rocking. 

Gameplay principles: 

  • Drag your finger to create words
  • Rotate the cube to find more words
  • Find the 6 bonus words to optimize your points
  • 3 powers-ups to use to help you beat your opponents
  • Complete statistics to check and improve your game
  • 55 trophies to unlock 
  • A training mode to learn the game or to play offline

Morph'em is free to download. What are you waiting for? 

More information/Download Morph'em for BlackBerry 10

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Puzzle fans - Morph'em for BlackBerry 10 lands for the Q10 and Q5


You only need a leak if you're American... damn those US carriers!

Nice to see a game that works on Q's :)


"Morph'em is free to download. What are you waiting for?"

Well... not to sound like a broken record, but this yet another review that doesn't mention that the game may run on a Q10, but only if the Q10 has OS 10.2 installed. For those of us stuck in Verizon contracts with 10.1, this game is just another "Unavailable for this device". App requirements include OS versions as well as handset versions, and I wish the developers and reviewers would include this crucial information up front.

Yes I know there's an official rollout of a 10.2.1 next week, but 1) we Verizon customers still don't know if we'll get it, *and* 2) this is always going to be an issue where not all BB10 users in the world are using the same OS version even on the same hardware.

So can we please see the required software mentioned in reviews and app descriptions?

Thanks! :-)

Posted via my Q10, still on

STFU about leaks!

This person has a legitimate argument.

In the fragmented landscape of BB10 (thank the USA carriers) one has a right to expect these things in an article!


You're right. I can feel US users' frustration.

I am getting a bit tired of the "When are we gonna get 10.2+" posts. No offense. Australia and most of the rest of the world have had it for months now. Pointing users to leaks is only aggravating the hurt for those who need or want an officially sanctioned OS because they might have important data or if it's a business phone. (Backup and restore can fail, wouldn't be the first time)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Thank you, lostonline. I've addressed several reasons why someone might not be able or permitted to install a leak, in other threads, so I'm not going to repeat it all.

Suffice to say that there are many perfectly savvy Blackberry users who may always be one OS version behind the latest & greatest out there for whatever reason. I'm not complaining about the version I have. But at any point in time, you're never going to see every Blackberry user in the world rocking the exact same BB10 software. It's true for any computer or digital device - that's why retail software has always included OS requirements on "the box". Developers and reviewers should remember this - that's all I am saying.

Naeg1995 is just making a suggestion... Leaks are the ONLY option at the moment, don't go critizing him for making a suggestion of leaks. US BB10 users need to put extreme pressure on their carriers to support BlackBerry.

But until that time, the only way they can enjoy apps like this is to unfortunately go the leak route

Then use Sachsei to install a official version of 10.2 from another carrier. It's the same exact OS you will get from your carrier. I installed this way months ago and haven't had a single issue with it as well as many others. It doesn't look like US carriers are going to release it any time soon if at all. If not then enjoy 10.1 lol as the rest of the world moves to 10.2.1.

Posted From My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I hear you. This seems like information that should clearly be included in any software review. I was thinking this, again, with the Password Keeper post yesterday when someone brought it up, but I didn't chime in. It is fundamental, and like you said, should be "on the box"... or before one digs deeper into any details about the software.

Posted via CB10

For some reasonI it says it won't download on my Q10. Maybe I'm trippin, but I would love to play this game.

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