Putting the BlackBerry camera to the test - A 360 degree camera rig of BlackBerry smartphones!

By Adam Zeis on 11 May 2012 01:21 pm EDT

Coming off their crazy "extreme keyboarding" video, the BBM Challenge Council is moving along, this time dispelling myths about the BlackBerry camera. For this round, Streeter and Amir enlist the help of Leighton Meester as they show off this awesome 360 degree camera rig made up of BlackBerry Bold 9900s. We've got no clue how they fired them off all at the same time, but who cares?! The result is super cool.

Watch the video, then head over to BBMchallenge.com where you can enter to win a trip to a major film festival. More episodes and challenges are on the way, so stay tuned!

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Reader comments

Putting the BlackBerry camera to the test - A 360 degree camera rig of BlackBerry smartphones!


These guys were actually very funny about 7-10 years ago, but as soon as they started getting sponsorships and doing product placement in their videos, College Humor went down-hill very fast.

As funny as they used to be?

Did you not catch that?

It's ok. Some people are just a little slower than others,

Why aren't these guys doing the commercials for BlackBerry? I love how they show off BB capability and address the naysayers.

Cool idea with great results. I'd really like to see a more real world trial though with like, 1 Bold 99xx. Still, cool concept and worked well. Guess I can't complain though since I have one I could just do it myself :p

Me too. I have no idea who they are but I reckon these ads (ads of this style I mean) would go down well in Australia and probably other parts of the world too. Anything has to be better than nothing... Right? Riiight? It shows BB as being fun! Fun is good.

Btw, do you think the rig actually worked? If so that would be hella sweet. They should release a flash (like a rotatable QT thing I mean) file of it... put it on their website or something. Wow... I make very little sense. Whatever.