Put some OS 7 on your BlackBerry with 70 by AG Designs & Graphics - 35 copies up for grabs!

70 Theme
By Adam Zeis on 5 Jul 2011 12:45 pm EDT

If you're getting tired of waiting for those OS 7 devices to finally land and want to spice up your current device, 70 by AG Designs & Graphics can help you out. This custom theme gives you the look and feel of OS 7 without the wait. You'll get the new full-color icons, sweet wallpapers and the totally look and feel of OS 7. 70 is available for most devices in the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99.

Contest: We have 35 copies of 70 to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight. 

More information/download of 70 by AG Designs & Graphics

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Reader comments

Put some OS 7 on your BlackBerry with 70 by AG Designs & Graphics - 35 copies up for grabs!



Would love to try this theme on my torch... I don't usually use themes, but this would be cool.

Since the 9900 will take some time to arrive in malaysia, I'd love to have the feel of having os7 on my blackberry. Let me win please!

I love that themes.. Always hope my torch wannabe like torch2.. =) I hope I can win that copy..hehe..

Ezekiel -  user in Indonesia

The next best thing to geting OS 7 running on my phone!!!... okay maybe not the next best thing but it's for sure in the top 5! SEXY ICONS!!!

My 9700 is begging !!
... And me too btw :p

Looking delicious ^^
Don't forget to pick me !! :D

Good luck everybody ;)

Always up for giving my blackberry a fresh new look, my torch would look great with this theme

Storm 1 user here. Since OS 7 will never make it to this device, I am a prime candidate for this theme. Hope I get lucky!!!

Nice theme.. My bold 9700 would love to have one.. I need be on fashion.. Thnx CB dot Com ! Regards from dominican republic.

Uh, I was going to just buy the theme, since it's only $1.99, but the "compatibility verification" says it doesn't work with Storm 2 or Bold 9650... both of which are in the screenshots. Dumb. Bummer.

i paid for this app to be told that it is no longer available!!!!!

i doubt we will win a copy!!!!!!!

How will explain to my torch 9800 that cant be upgraded to OS7? This theme will help to relief some pain to my BB. Hope be a winner!

i have a site for bb os 7! downloaded it for free!! i hope this helps you eager bb os7 users!! its free but all you need to just register and start downloading! first go to www.mobihand.com then THEMES then a sort of drop box and there will be a thing called FREE then go find '61' and you'll have it, my friend told me this and its awesome on my phone!