Push2Talk app brings push to talk to all BlackBerry devices

By Adam Zeis on 8 Jun 2010 10:16 am EDT

New to the CrackBerry app store is a cool app called Push2Talk. It does just what it says, providing two-way push to talk communication over BlackBerry devices. There have been a few attempts at this in the past (remember HipVoice?) and Verizon has even added the feature to the Tour 9630 and Bold 9650. The feature can be useful for a number of reasons, and $4.99, it's not going to break the bank.

Push2Talk installs on your device and has a simple interface. You can add contacts via PIN, and when accepted they instantly show in your contact list in the application. After you're up and running and have added a contact, just press the left convenience key and talk away. While the message isn't transmitted in real time, its pretty darn close. In tests it ran clear for the most part, with some messages getting clipped at the end (I found holding the key a bit after speaking helped this). There are a few downsides, the biggest of which is the app takes over the left convenience key. If you're on the homescreen and press the key, you'll be taken into the app (unfortunately there is currently no way to change this). Also, the messages are limited to 10 seconds or less which at first was kind of annoying, but once you get into it doesn't seem all that bad. There are two volume options and a message history (the app doesn't save messages, just shows a log) but no real settings after that. I didn't like the fact that the messages just start playing, and would have preferred an alert of sorts on the first message. Overall though Push2Talk is a pretty cool app that I'm sure some will find useful. For a one-time $4.99 fee its not a bad price if you have a good use for it. Hit the link below for more information.

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Push2Talk app brings push to talk to all BlackBerry devices


So what is the advantage of using this instead of BBM's voicenotes. BBM does not have a time limit, is free, and doesn't take up bandwidth

+1 and it doesn't eat up your left convenience key. Only downside to BBM Voicenotes is that it doesn't have a convenient way of recording and sending like using a convenience key.

Come on guys,why so many people are using sprint PTT?
Because it is easier to talk to say something.
I like the idea and the price is cool.
10 second is not much but I thinkl that will increase in next versions.
Loosing the left key is not a problem if you have QL or Shortcutme.

Have seen ptt on other devices but always been led to believe it isn't available in the uk.

Does it go through BIS?

When I was on Sprint/Nextel and I was in a different line of work than I am now, I found PTT very convenient. But, now I now longer need that feature, but still there are those who will welcome with open arms this app.

... Free calls for those users out of minutes and also calls where you have wifi but no mobile signal (like in my living room - UK Voda don't do UMA).

I have friends with Nextel PTT, so will they need to load the app? If so, then their left convenience button won't work for their regular PTT.

Just go into bbm, choose your contact, menu button and choose send voice note. It starts recording right from there. 5.0.

When you say "Free Calls" you are assuming that the PTT can call any number. But in reality, it needs to call another phone with PTT installed as well. So you are pretty limited. Might as well use Skype since its free anyway.

OK This app needs some more explanation in my opinion...

1) It only works if both phones have PINs? Ie between blackberries only? Like others said, is there an advantage besides convenience to BBM?

2) Do both sides need this app installed? I can't imagine that many people paying $5 for an app they already have for free and don't need to re-add contacts to.

3) How is it played on the other end? What if their phone is on silent? Is it automatically played? I see that as annoying, not cool...

1. PIN doesnt have anything to do with it. Currently, PTT is available with Blackberry's and select PTT devices from VZW.

2. Yes, both sides must have the service and install the app.

3. If iother phone is on silent, they wont hear your request.

To sum it up. PTT is ONLY useful for businesses with employees in the field. Or personal users with WAY to much time on thier hands. IMHO.

Why not give a free trial since only one person having the app is useless. Meaning you would have to convince others to purchase the app to even see how it works.

Hey guys, i think many of you did not read the description, and therefore do not see what this app offers.
Transferring voice notes on BBM is really slow compared to Push2Talk, which does the job much faster, with a delay of a few seconds only, which makes it more convenient then voice notes.
Voice notes have to be recorded, and after recording is over, it can be sent, adding to the delay of a large voice file.
Push2Talk transmits voice second by second, all using PIN messages, making it much faster, in addition to being simple to use.
Also Push2Talk will work on ANY network, ANYWHERE in the world! all you need is a Blackberry data plan, making it the closest thing to a walkie talkie, one that works worldwide!

Of course Push2Talk is not perfect, and work has already started on Push2Talk 2.0, where many problems and limitations will be fixed.

So voicenotes has a delay but it is still free and I don't have to convince other people to pay for a service which we already have free. Pass.

I am going to buy this!

But I am going to have find other people to get this .

Maybe I'll just buy the app for me, and then ill buy the app for a friend of mine.

Hopefully when the developer updates the app it will have some kind of alert feature that lets the reciever of the messege know that he/she is getting an instant messege simular to the "chirp" that Nextel phones have with their PTT service. According to Adam that is missing on this service. Outside of that it, sounds like an app I would like to try.

PTT must die. In a fire. It's rude, intrusive, loud, and obnoxious. Nobody should use it, except certain wide-ranging businesses. Yes, I'm opinionated. That's my opinion.

will this app work in conjunction with the ptt already on verizon wireless for the tours? wife has a tour with ptt and was wondering if i could get this app and use it in conjunction with her on her tour..i have a storm2.

I like the thought of it. I really like ptt, I'd love it on my bberry, but on the same note I know that a lot of the people I'd like to use this for wouldn't want to buy it. And what's the point of me having it if noone else on my contact list does.