Push to Talk Now Available For Verizon Customers

Push to Talk Now Available For Verizon Customers
By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2010 05:18 am EDT

Just in case you were wanting to sign up for this $5/month unlimited service, you can now get your push to talk on through Verizon. The offering comes as an application which is currently available through the Verizon application centre. After downloading and installing, you'll still need to speak to Verizon to have the service fully added on but at least you'll have the app installed already.

  • Make quick exchanges. - Push one button to contact team members or clients.
  • Place group calls. - Hold conversations with as many as 50 total participants.
  • Check team member status with Presence.- See who is available for a Push to Talk call.
  • Manage contacts for the entire company online. - Add, delete and assign contacts, create groups and more.
  • Use one number, one device. - Make and receive voice calls without needing a second device or phone number.
  • Enjoy coast-to-coast coverage. - Connect on our nationwide broadband network, and get expanded coverage across the United States within the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area. 

As expected, business clients are being targeted with this service offering and it does come with a few caveats. First, you need a PTT enabled device. Secondly, if you are roaming the service will not work. All minor caveats mind you but still stuff you should be aware of.

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Push to Talk Now Available For Verizon Customers


hmmmmm could this possibly mean a drop of OS 5.0 for the tour today?

Edit: from looking at the verizon site there arent even any supported blackberry devices as of yet.

Think I'll wait to see how many of my friends and family signup for this first. I wish it was included in the price like Nextel is...

I'd use this if my friends and family would spring for $5 a month. I prefer texts because I don't want to get stuck talking on the phone. This is even faster then a text.

Big Red always wants to nickel and dime you and they can't even provide a decent OS in return. If someone else had as good of coverage, I definately consider a switch. I just don't think I'd get as good of coverage.

....the ugly looking phones that get these cool features? The low dollar clam-shell phones that all look like Motorola/Nextel variations? It doesn't appear that this feature is as simple as loading a PTT app. The phone itself must have the PTT radios built in, which seems to be every Blackberry phone for Verizon does not currently have. =(

PTT is used over the DATA connection.. not the phone signal. You should be able to use it over wifi with the radio turned off. We use these at work and if there is no data coverage it wont work but the phone will still make regular calls.

the idea sounds nice, but honestly why would I want to pay $5 a month to get something like this when I have Unlimited M2M calling on Verizon included in my plan, all this would do is make it a little quicker to reach out to the few devices that offer the service.

I just got off the phone with Verizon and they claim that they have absolutely no clue about the ppt foe blackberrys. I told them it is posted all over different cell phone websites and she tried tellig me its like the game telephone. So I jsut hung up. Is it reseased or not and where is 5.0 then for the tour?

Why has nobody designed an app to do this yet? Or maybe an app to use this service on a non-PTT phone such as a smart phone? I don't know a whole lot about this technology but it does not seem, to me, that it would take much to create such an app that would fool this into thinking you have a PTT phone.

They are out there.. its just that there is a monthly fee associated with it to run the servers. I seen one that was $10 per month for each phone.

This is not a blackberry thing. It says "First of all, you need a PTT device." Blackberry phones are not PTT enabled.

Yeah I use something similar to this for my fellow crackberry peeps..it's called 'VoiceNotes' through BBM. So thanks but no thanks Big Red.

VZW has had PTT for a long time now, but in the past, it has been available only on certain phone models, mainly the "rugged" phones. There is a market for PTT smartphones, albeit small in comparison to the general population, but due to their popularity in the business environment, BlackBerry would be a good device to support it. PTT does not work across multiple carriers.

This is an existing page and VZW feature. I think this blog post is at least premature (as it implies PTT for blackberries is ready) and probably misleading.

I went in the application center and its already there.. But I don't want it right now because nobody even has it yet.. What wudd be the point (by the way) running 5.0

Just wondering if anyone knows if Verizon will be including the Storm2 in the push to talk realm? I had a Nextel for years and miss the ptt. That would be the best reason to get my wife and other family members to switch it over. $5 ain't bad for it either! :)

I'm running a Tour 9630 with OS (not Verizon).
I'm on a coroporate BES plan.
Application Center is offering my Push to Talk v1.0.34.26.

Tried on my Storm running and Push to Talk is not offered.

Can you copy/paste the link from Application Center? It isn't coming up on my Storm 2 (maybe it's not compatible?)

PTT IS available across carriers. you just need the software and a $10 fee. but trying to get the thing is almost impossible unless you have corporate email address. they won't give any information to regular home email addy's.

ok. maybe the went out of business. i don't remember the name but google can't seem to find the company. but it did work from verizon to att. on bb's.

I just installed it onto my Tour. It was in my application Center, so I installed it. I have to find another phone that also has this installed so I can try it out for the first time...

They were right, its in my application center as well. Says this application requires the following module to be installed which is not MPTT.


When I click the link in this posting about the more information. If you follow the link on that page and click "3G Smartphones" a lot of the Blackberry devices show up there but no information on how to download or update anything to get PTT. It looks like it might be coming soon for most Blackberries if they list them on that page for 3G Smartphones. PTT is the only feature I kind of miss from my old phone.

Sounds like Verizon's latest attempt to try to beat out the PTT king Nextel. Also sounding like jealousy from other blackberry users(oh the irony)

First of all part of the software needed is in Verizon OS which is a buggy disaster and the later OS which has the .419 good radio and fixed pretty much all the bugs. Links to it were on here and BB Leaks too. Some say the links have all gone dead. I dont know. I am running it and its good except some apps are not up to date with it yet. It is very stable also. Fast and good radio too. Boot up takes 3.5 minutes which is a PIA. Some people report even longer boot up times indicating they screwed up their phone and need to wipe it BBSAK and do it over. The other software needed is in the PTT app that is downloaded from the Verizon App site. After that you must have Verizon provision your line with PTT for 5 bucks a month. *Then* they will resend the service books enabling your Tour. Qualcomm PTT which Verizon uses (not iDEN) uses EVDO RevA and only phones that support that will work. Few Blackberrys have that capability. Most are EVDO Rev 0. The radio in the Tour is ready to go and the convenience key is the PTT button. Also have a little patience on this. Verizon has not rolled this out yet for the Tour officially. Customer support people do know have it yet that the TOur is a PTT device. It will be put out to the retail outlets soon. You can not "try it out" util you get Verizon to add it to your BB Service Book. All you will get is an Uncaught Exc. Error when you hit the PTT button.

So then looking at the Storm 2 specs. it looks like PTT would be possible on a Storm 2? I see on Verizon Website it says EV-DO Rev. A and if I read your post right that is what Verizon's PTT network runs off.

Does this mean PTT could be coming to the Storm 2 then?