Push To Talk Now Available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on Verizon Wireless

Verizon Push to Talk
By Adam Zeis on 30 Mar 2010 12:12 am EDT

We've been back and forth with the Push to Talk info for a few weeks, but it now has finally made its way to Verizon (for real). Tour 9630 users can now officially add the service to their existing BlackBerry data plan. You can either call up customer service, or head to the personal or business account pages to add the service. Once you have it all set up, you'll be able to download the app and use the left convenience key to talk away. The PTT service is $5/month, but a limited free-trial is available for qualifying customers. Head over to verizonwireless.com for more or to add PTT to your account.

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Push To Talk Now Available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on Verizon Wireless


I think the only downfall of this ptt app if it was to come to the storm tht it would be another app of memory that I would hve to dlete something to run it but, I'm down for iit lol can't wait to out the service on my BB

http error 500 is all I get when I click "I agree" when trying to download PTT from the app center :(

"http error 500 is all I get when I click "I agree" when trying to download PTT from the app center :("

Did you get 5.0 official yet? you need that for the ptt software

I just had to ask this. Will apps continue to be made for the first storm even though no one sells it anymore ?

All the hype, the delayed release of OS 5, and now a PTT service that won't even work! All I get is an "Uncaught excetion: java.lang.NullPointerException" error. I'm running the leaked version of .591, my brother is running the official version and we both get the same error. We called Verizon BEFORE installing. This is bogus. I hate Big Red. If their network wasn't superior I would've bolted years ago.

Your issue is running a leak version .591. When I installed .591 on my Tour(that I will be selling) it lists PTT in the software update. My guess is you are missing base files that need to be there prior to installing the App.

Called Big Red about the "Uncaught excetion: java.lang.NullPointerException" error, and he told me that if you have existing account, that they are running promotion that makes it free for the life of the contract. Still haven't fixed the error yet, but since I not paying for it, i'm not worried.

Ok, got it installed and provisioned but it's STILL not working.. WAY TO GO VERIZON!!!!

You take forever on everything and STILL suck on release day..

Doesn't really surprise me..

rather embarrassing for VZW. Seems like someone dropped the ball over at VZW! Will be following to see how this unfolds.

I got this same error and rep told me I had to do a hard reset. reinstall and try it again.........Is this what you guys are being told?

He was reading from a blackberry q&a website????

I didn't have any problems at all loading new OS software or the PTT software. Called verizon and had them activate the feature on my phones and works fine.

It worked just fine foe me. Everything went perfect. But 30 mb used up for this new OS and web browsing down to a very slow crawl is not worth it for me.

Just got off the phone with Verizon; here's the deal on PTT. Despite the article I read previously, the trial for free PTT is not 90 days but the life of the existing contract. I know someone touched on that in the comments but wanted to verify that. Also I asked about the possibility of PTT on other Blackberry devices (9550 and the new Curve) but didn't get an answer beyond "I'm not sure" - Thought I'd share what I found out.


the leaked .591 is not working wit the ptt the only way to get this working is to downgrade back to 4.7.61 then do the upgrade to the offical it works like a charm after that

If you have the leaked version there is no need to downgrade. Connect your phone via usb and open DM. DM will prompt you for the update and install the official without doing a downgrade first. After the official update PTT will work without the java error. Must update through DM though OTA will not prompt on leaked version.


However, my brother never used a leaked OS, and upgraded straight from 4.7. I've got the leaked version. OS should be the same either way. My point is we both get the same error, so cleary it can't be due to the leaked vs official version.

Very strange! I have a co worker now saying he has the same issue. He never downloaded the leak only official and had the same issue. Odd thing is he just hooked up to DM (already on the official release) and it is prompting to upgrade again. I will update his results.

Is anyone having problems with the new OS not playing custom ring tone alerts? The new OS loaded fine on my tour and seems to be working properly, but it's not playing my contact ring tone alerts for some reason and I can't figure out why.

Is anyone having problems with the new OS not playing custom ring tone alerts? The new OS loaded fine on my tour and seems to be working properly, but it's not playing my contact ring tone alerts for some reason and I can't figure out why.

hmm so Verizon is going to give current Tour owners PTT for the remainder of their contracts so that they can release the 9650 without us bithcing...go figure

If you get the Uncaught excetion: java.lang.NullPointerException like I did, simply hook the phone back up to your computer and run desktop manager. It will perform another update and everything will work after that. Very annoying...

just wanted to also verify that they are running a promotion right now that will provide free PTT to tours for the remainder of the contract

I can also confirm that the PTT feature is free for the life of the existing contract. If you sign a new contract (new phone, etc.) The cost will be $5/mo.

From my initial assessment this PTT is a pain in the neck since the default is barge mode which could be an issue if in a meeting. Nextel would chirp and then you would choose to accept or decline the request.

I cannot find where to find the PTT app anywhere on my 9630...i have the latest 5.0 software and cannot locate the downloadddd pleasee helpppp

ok, im having the same prob.....stupid question...wheres the "refresh" option at in the folder??


Edit** I though it may be easier to use screen captures to help for those that still may have trouble. I posted a rough walk through on my site with images to try and help out. http://dbstechnicalsolutions.com/ptt.html

When you are in the application center (This is a seperate icon in you main screen, not the application folder. If you dont see it make sure you have show all on incase you have it hidden. To show all icons press the menu button from the home screen and select show all form the popup menu.) at the top right there is a button with a half circle arrow in it (this is the refresh). Click that button to refresh the list of applications. The list will include things like v cast, song id, vzw tones and PTT. Click the ptt to download and install.


I have it and have been testing it with some fellow berry users and some previous PTT users through verizon. As some other users have stated there is a slight use of memory to run the APP but overall it seems to work fairly well. My largest gripe as stated by another user is the barge in instead of a simple notify. Only time I see this being a problem is in a meeting. I have a few of "Those friends" that would hit me with a WAAAASSSSUPPPPP! in the middle of a metting just because. It is no nextel for sure, but it is better than decent.

Edit** Missed the part about the delay. There is a delay, but not enough that it was making a diffrence in my conversation.

I also can't find the app, I changed my homepage long ago on my BB. I also can't find it using my pc on verizon's app site but I can add to the others confirming ptt for free remainder of your contract

PTT has always been pointless in my opinion, depending on the industry you're in. Of course if you're a trucker or work on a construction site, something like this can be very useful. Other than that, I just see it as a huge invasion of privacy. I like being the gatekeeper to my personal life and don't want to hear some random persons voice while I'm eating dinner with the family. 0_0

The adoption of the PTT feature on our BB Tours (since it is a promo for free PTT) is a limited feature and hence cannot be added to our accounts from the online portal.

Besides, its free.

SO simply call up Verizon so they can provision for the duration of your contract the PTT for free promotion...

I did my homework... The feature is grayed-out online...

If you call in to CC, they have a promotion right now till the end of June, if you add PTT to your line, you get it free until the end of your contract

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. My name is Ashley, and I understand that you are interested in adding the $5.00 per month Push To Talk feature to your account. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your concerns.


Mr. Lxxxxxx, I regret that the $5.00 per month Push To Talk feature is not compatible with your BlackBerry Tour Smartphone; therefore it cannot be added to your account. I apologize if this application was listed as available via the application center for your device.


In closing, I provided information regarding the compatibility of our Push To Talk service with your BlackBerry Tour. I hope my assistance was helpful in resolving your concerns.


We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail.





Verizon Wireless

Internet Response Team Coordinator


I have called customer service 4 times trying to add PTT for the "free" promotion and not one knows what I am talking about. Do you folks that have added it have a promo code or something like that?


Agreed. I have called and got the same thing. #1, The rep I spoke with had no idea that it was offered on Tour at all. #2 she didnt know anything about a free promotion of PTT, #3 she went to get her supervisor, put me on hold for a good 10 mins, came back, and still had no information about any free promotion of PTT. her or her supervisor whom said they checked all available promotions.

you people who believe you are getting PTT for a free promotion, be aware, you may be getting billed $5 a month...

unless, no one knows anything over there @ verizon...

...which isnt too far-fetched either.

If you call VZW and ask for this promotion, but the person on the other end seems to not know what you're talking about, ask them to look up "PTT Tour pricing". That's how they can find the promotion information and the feature code to add to your account.

If you get your next bill and they actually are charging you $5/mo. and there's not a promotional credit listed farther down in the bill, then call immediately and ask them about it with the bill in front of you just in case they see the credit you missed and they can show you where it is.

If you do the upgrade like you're supposed to and follow all of the directions this should be a smooth transition for you. The PTT worked fabulously for me and since I just got my Tour (March 23, 2010) I basically have 2 years of the PTT for free! I can't wait until more of my friends have the PTT. I don't think there is anything really "important" about it, it's just another fun way to connect.

Some people stated there isn't an "accept" or "deny" when you get PTT'd, but if your phone is on vibrate or silent the PTT only comes through the ear piece and no one else can hear it (ie, if you're in a meeting, etc).

I also love how the upgrade made my texts show up like BBM's- same format. That's awesome!

Everything is working great and i'm uber excited!!

Was running leaked .591, couldn't get past the "Uncaught excetion: java.lang.NullPointerException" error any other way but full reinstall of official .591 via DM. After that the PTT app loaded fine, but the only way to provision was by calling VZW customer service; all the documentation and dialog boxes say you can do it via My Verizon online, but couldn't find any way to do it there as of last night. As expected, VZW customer support didn't know much about PTT but the rep I spoke with was pleasant enough and went rummaging around in the system to find how to provision it. He also had no idea what I was talking about with the free trial, but he didn't outright reject that it was possible. After fruitless searches in his system to find details on the free trial he just decided to add the feature and lo and behold once it was added the system displayed that the feature was "100% discounted" aka free.

Tested PTT with a friend and overall it's pretty nice, but at one point when he was initiating a PTT call to me, my Tour beeped and then completely freaked out and rebooted itself! Yeah, maybe a little buggy still. Also, I think the fact that the default call mode is "barge" is going to be a deal breaker for some folks; I can't believe they don't give you an option to ignore barge mode calls...what if you are in a meeting?

Where anywhere does it say in writing from Verizon that PTT is supposed to be free for tour users for the life of their contract? I don't see it in writing anywhere. What you seem to suggest is to agree to the charges, and the warnings before installing PTT, then try to dispute it with Verizon after you get your bill. Doesn't sound like the best idea if you ask me.

When will this future be available to use with any other carrier for any BlackBerry customer including outside the USA?
I know that Verizon does not have a plan available at the moment. They only have this future available for Verizon to Verizon customers and Verizon to Spring customers.

Is there any other carrier that has a plan for international use?