Purported BlackBerry Z10 advertising images now available for your viewing pleasure

With BlackBerry 10 soon to be unleashed there is sure to be plenty of marketing material to go along with it. We've seen some of it already in newspapers and such but that's hopefully just the beginning of what BlackBerry has planned. Over at Rapid Berry, some new purported advertising images have now popped up which highlight some of the overall features of BlackBerry 10.

By Bla1ze on 11 Jan 2013 12:54 am EST

BBM Video, Screen Sharing, Browser, Time Shift Camera, Keyboard and more are shown off along with the black and white versions of the BlackBerry Z10. As a group they look great but some of them certainly could look better. The white Z10 BlackBerry Hub image with the holster for example just looks poorly edited and none of them are using the new icons. Assuming they're even legit, they're almost certainly just draft or older images and will see some polish before going live anywhere.

Source: Rapid Berry

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Purported BlackBerry Z10 advertising images now available for your viewing pleasure


i so hope thats filled with sarcasm! these must be the worst renders ever.

lets analyse simply the BB World image:
1) the device is miles away
2) the camera has been photoshopped and is on the wrong side of the device
3) this is kinda a biggie, you CANT SEE BB World!!

add to that the overall lack of branding and these obviously arent the final shots

lol pretty bad user manuals you have if they dont even show what theyre on about lol. i think these are more `placeholder` images that some ad agency has mocked up, as nothing new is shown off.

either that or some kid has done a half decent college assignment lol

Beer bet says the image is mirrored. Either that or his book has the title label on the back cover

I asked Blackberry reseller and they confirmed z10 will available in Feb first week and another touchscreen phone with low specs after one month in india.

Awesome photos of the Z10! The X10 will also be awesome too.

Both will need apps to be successful. Let's start a revolution to get the apps we want on BlackBerry 10. Go to PortToBlackBerry10.com.

I like white version one alot, now i am just wondering how well the phone itself is going to perform.

the white L series is sweet, i've never wanted a white phone before but i think i'm going to have to get mine in white

I've also never wanted a white phone before but I'm LOVING this one. The contrast just makes it POP!!!! Hurry Up Jan 30th.

Even though it goes against everything I stand for (getting a white blackberry...) I want it so badly! Its, Just, Sooo, Beautiful!!! Too bad, from past experiences, wind usually gets the Black versions because most people want a blackberry not a whiteberry.

These are probably early images....the app icons are the full size rather than the smaller size that we have now. The white one looks REALLY good....

I was never a fan of white phones but I have to admit that the white Z10 looks very nice. Has a clean, professional look to it.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Very goood marketing stuff! Though, Some people are complaining abt the images qualities taken by this is phone. Is it really not impressive?

Looks great. I like that "SMS" icon even though it's clear that those icons are old.

I was dead set on the black one, but the white is looking better and better, even with a black bezel.

Horrible ads, these ads will ruin blackberry 10 even it is a great smartphone. They make bb10 looks like it's old fashion and dummy.

They're PHOTOSHOPPED, they aren't official yet, don't you notice the old and mirrored photos? Get outta here if you are going to be bashing.

It's ok. Never mind I will ask the doctor to lower the dosage for you...."These ads will ruin blackberry 10..." is you serious?

Same thoughts, the white Z10 looks rendered more than it looks like real product image. Simulating the screen I can understand, but for actual marketing materials, real products image would be more ideal.

more gripes:
- The image used for timeshift camera seem a little pixelated, even at this scale. Imagine when it is shown on a larger scale.
- The Remember tasks app didn't really show anything at all other than a pair of hand and the device. But if you try to argue, perhaps the female hand with wedding ring can mean that the app can be used for juggling both family and work. But that's pushing the imaginations already.
- BB World's image seem more like a photo you'd find in a college brochure. But you can also argue that the guy was holding a book with what looked like equations, and looking at the BB10 device, meaning there is an app in there for almost everything, even education. I know, trying too hard to justify the use of an image.
- Image used for calendar makes no sense.
- BBM video with screen share could be done better by actually showing them collaborating on a document or something.
- BB Hub could do with less focus on that nice looking holster and more focus on the Hub itself.

Nice job with BB balance though, showing fb, twitter, apps for personal side, and Adobe reader, docs to go, on the work side. However i think using Black Z10 for work side might be a safer bet.

Overall, i don't think these are actual market material that they will use, or at least i hope not. Perhaps early mockups. It looks good as a whole, with very simple and straightforward mesaae showing off just a particular feature, but i feel like a lot of the images just doesn't work for me.

I too think this has nothing to do with press pictures. They're low quality and Z10 is obviously rendered. Plus all the backgrounds and people look like pictures were taken in 2004 or so.

Compare the new cases shown earlier with this pictures... And then the out take for the camera. The bazels ar thinner on the cases then on the shown pics...

Yeah... Thats what I meant... We have still not seen the full glory and beauty of the devices! I'm new to the berries, and I'm looking forward to the qwerty phones, and hoping that they will come to Swden, sooner than later;)!

This will not be enough. Looks like old fashion ads! What about Apps ? Netflix,Skype, Pandora, Flipboard, ... ? If they don't pull a rabbit out of the hat at 30th of January the will be finished.

@Arthur108 - Why do you even bother posting items on crackberry.com. I went through and read a quick few weeks of your posting history and every single post is negative towards RIM.

Heck you couldn't even put up a positive post about Ikea in the UK giving out Playbook tablets to their staff as Christmas presents.

Go away and find somewhere else to comment on or do something with yourself AFK.

Netflix is dying, no desire to skype, I think I've heard of Pandora, but not Flipboard, so to me it doesn't really matter if those apps are on board, I know a lot of people with iphones that have never downloaded any apps. The browser speed of BB10 is faster then iphone and Andriod by HTC, check out youtube.

I don't have any of these now and could care less.....Skype is choppy at best and very frustrating most times even over my computer....which is microsoft Windows 7.0. Netflix we use our PS3. So BB10 and all its solid features is not worth throwing out for Skype, Netflix, Pandora, and Flipboard......in fact its really the other way around. They are worth throwing away for BB10....:-)

I have Skype and Netflix on my iPhone, but never use them, plus have an iPad if I rally want to. I'd give up those apps for the bb10 experience if they aren't there at launch as well.

Not impressed with these images. Yes, the early stages of advertising, but RIM really needs to step it up! I'm already wowed by the phone itself, now it's game time and they need to blow everyone away. It's do or die.

Let me clear something up here as assumptions have apparently been made.

These are not retail advertising images. I have no idea how that assumption was made.

If they were advertising images they would be extremely bad as they provide no information to the user and absolutely nothing to encourage the user to buy a BlackBerry.

The purpose of showing the images was merely to highlight the differing colours. I used the word 'retail' in the original article as they will 'possibly' appear in the retail mobile os.

The images are mobile ones, the source is rim and many users actually have them :)

Lol.. the article doesn't say retail anywhere. Much like everything else ever posted, people conclude their own information and treat it as gospel.

Just look through the comments, some take it too far and actually think this is EXACTLY what will be used, despite it being noted they're older and likely just draft images. They don't even use the new icons for petes sake. Sloppy Photoshops created for people in suits as general ideas, that's all they are. Like John said, people make assumptions.

Just like the launch video that people took to heart and criticized. You'll never see that video be used in BlackBerry "advertising" or "retail" imagery. It was all cenceputal marketing ideas to give the suits something to look at.

But I digress.

Horrible advertising images. It really does make the Z10 dated.

-Blackberry World image - I don't even think that girl is holding a Z10?!?! isn't the camera on the backside on the wrong side and the top buttons and port all wrong?

-Blackberry Keyboard - Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does that Z10 look extra extra long?

I get that these are probably early examples, but whoever photoshoped these pics are pathetic!

Great concept, mediocre execution. Looks like early mock ups for in store advertising not meant for public consumption, but "leaked" none the less to gauge said public opinion. Previewing (leaking) pre-marketing material and/or early development devices provides an avenue for RIMs management team to monitor a wide cross section of opinions about the BB10 products, services and marketing campaign from real users in virtual real time, then the team can make any required adjustments based on the observations, suggestions and demands made by those users prior to the official launch. An unofficial opinion poll so to speak. A very wise strategy, and based on the increasing level of satisfaction voiced by the respondents, a very effective strategy.

Cheapest marketing ever.....by announcing Jan 30th, giving a good wait time and throw in a few leaks, RIM has everyone talking. The best is they have the haters talking.....but the haters have run out of comments. They don't even have much of an app argument going anymore....and I tell you why....because a lot of iphone users are considering coming back to BB10. Watch and see.

This is just a company auditioning for the chance to advertise for RIM; nothing more, nothing less. RIM has probably went to 10 different advertisement/media groups besides their internal team to find the best group to help them market their product.

The devices look great in the pictures, but the marketing material makes me LOL.
Look at the two guys on the Blackberry Calendar picture.
They seem to be very disappointed, such a sad expression, LOL.

Think it was the Task Manager renamed to BlackBerry Reminder, but somehow it is now known as BlackBerry Remember?

Yep. From what I've read, BlackBerry Remember combines the Task Manager and MemoPad and synchronizes with services like Outlook and Evernote.

Everyone is focused on black or white, but I'm waiting to see what the "never before" used on a BlackBerry color is that Thor talked about a few months ago. Aside from that, I'm settled on white if the mystery color doesn't impress me

Back in a previous life (my mid 20's) I was a pro-photographer and worked on several ad agency projects and these are probably test shots and lay outs. They're probably not for public consumption, more intended to be pushed around a table while they hash out the direction. The composition, clarity of the devices and the models don't add up to a partially inspired campaign. Personally, I'd love to see RIM continue in the direction of their teaser emails and photos. But that's me.

Anyone notice that the image for Blackberry World is Reversed? Look at the camera lens placement on the Z10 in the image, versus Blackberry Remember...I say this because last time I checked, composition books didn't have labels on the back. Just fun to pick at the photos! :)

On a side bar, would there have been a reason to reverse the photo opposed to keeping it how it was shot? Pro-photographers out there?

Does anyone happen to have a clue as to whether or not the calendar icon actually goes according to the current date as in BB7/6. I've happen to enjoy the experience of just glancing at my homescreen to see what the date is rather than through any other means on my BB. Coming from a Storm2 to a 9930 I became quite spoiled at this "luxury"; I really hope they didn't leave such a detail out from the calendar icon.

I know this has been asked plenty of times (please forgive me).

Is it just me, or does the old app icons look better than the new ones? I love how it fills the entire space rather than showing the grey box around it...it looks more complete and filled nicely...the only reason i would want them the smaller ones is if they fit additional icons on the screen, but since thats not the case, the way the old ones fill the icon grid looks really nice and different!

I liked the old ones too, but everyone complained and RIM decided to change them. I liked how big they were compared to every other small icon on other OSes.

Yes, very true...everyone complained and at least RIM listened and modified the icons. The big icons do look cleaner on the UI than the new ones, the new ones just look out of place with the grey transparent box around it.

The icon size is identical on both, one just has the transparent box and a smaller icon, where the other has the icon box filled completely with the picture and the word under it.

I really don't know why people were so against the original sizing. Guess it was iPhone and Android fanboys who influenced RIM to make it similar to those phones! :(

I liked the old ones too, but everyone i have talked about the icons liked the new ones more. It doesnt matter, the icons need to suit the taste of the majority.

I just showed my sister the photo of the white phone with the pink cover and she has gone potty over it/pinterested it. never had a BB before.

Thanks. My only concern now is apps really. Don't expect skype but hoping Netflix, Instagram etc. Really don't want to see glowing reviews that end with "but the major app selection is poor..."

Instagram....the company that says once you post a photo they own it to do with it what they like.....ie you are posted on a billboard without your permission while riding the porcelain bus....I wouldn't use Instagram ever!

If those companies/developers don't make those apps, RIM is not to blame, at all, for not having them in the first place.

White needs a white vesel, looks odd to me on black. But what the Hell!, Black or White give me that phone....

It really does look good. I hope this comes sooner rather than later. I'm so tired of the 9900, it is such a dinosaur compared to everything else on the market right now.

That is one of the symptoms. I love my 9900, netbook, tablet pc and desktop pc, television, radio, three synthesizers. They're all "obsolete" by their companies, but they ALL function properly. My playbook? ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

Please realize and don't let anyone tell you that something is old or obsolete, they just don't appreciate what they have until they've lost it forever.

I've seen a couple people now posting on how they love the white Z10 and also how much they love the contrast with the black bezel. I hope that RIM doesn't do that for their final product. It's not good looking at all. It almost shows laziness design. Plus it would go against their recent track record. Look at the white curve devices and the white bold 9900/9930. The whole phone is white except for the track button, and they don't have one on the BB10's so why would they not do the same as before and make the bezel white too. It adds elegance and a sense of quality with solide colors. If people want contrast they simply buy colored case. I hope for a solid white phone and no contrasted bezel. That will be a beautiful phone.

I respectfully disagree.. I think the contrast of the white case with the black bezel makes it look very elegant. If RIM decided to not go with the black bezel on the white phones, I'd almost prefer a silver/light gray beze instead of all white... just my preference.

I don't give a shit about colour......I want the phone for its capabilities....go get a coloured bar of soap and put that in your pocket if that is what is sooooo important. Get one with a refreshing scent!...lol just joking with ya!

I partially agree with you. In a way it does seem lazy that the screen/bezel isn't also white when they've done it on previous Blackberrys, but I also do like the way it looks without. But it would be very nice to see an ALL white version.

The captions below the icons make it look drabby.......vant we have just the icons! All most all of them dont need an caption.

I won't. :-) I am concerned about how RIM will market BB10, but seeing Thor speak in different interviews reminds me RIM is going in the right direction. Sometimes it is difficult to have faith, but we must. We are all acting like this because we're just anxious to buy these devices and see the company succeed. I know I am!

SOLD! I'm getting the white one only because I want folks asking, "Is this an iPhone"? I'll reply, politely, "No" and I'll flash the BlackBerry logo at them! Heh Heh!


I really hope that the qwerty BB10 is out sooner than the projected 8 week delay - all of this touchscreen talk make me even more impatient!

I think RIM wants BB users to try the touchscreen rather than just jumping on the qwerty. I'm not saying the touchscreen is better, but it puts the spotlight on the touchscreen BlackBerry, which is what RIM needs to do to be successful with BB10. BB10 can't just be for qwerty lovers or RIM will fail.

anybody who thinks this is some kind of official ad campaign must be drunk

at this crucial stage in RIM's history - an all or nothing, do or die scenario - it is highly unlikely they're going to leak official ad material, such as these images

even when BlackBerry's marketing company was fragmented, they ran higher quality ad campaigns than this, so - my conclusion (albeit does not matter) is this is NOT RIM's official BB10 ad campaign


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i just want my new BB10 phone, NOW - lol


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

OKAY, this is ridiculous? There will be reviewers "Reviewing BB10" without even touching the phone and giving it negative reviews.
Anyhow I cannot wait for BB10, going to buy 2 of them.

The best part of these images is that is makes it clear a white version will be launched simultaneously or very shortly after the black one...

ZOMG!!!??!? WTF!?!? This look dated! Is this for realz!? This is gonna ruin BlackBerry10!!!!!

Sigh....some of you folks really need to relax lol.

Never liked a white phone before either, most specially, I never liked the Blackberry full touchscreen at all. I could not care any less for it.

But this white version looks absolutely gorgeous!