Puralax - a simple game to get you puzzled

Puralax - a simple game to get you puzzled
By DJ Reyes on 13 Mar 2014 10:38 am EDT

I love puzzle games. Most of my downloaded games are puzzle games. I’ve loved these type of games since I was little. The latest puzzle game to join my collection is Puralax. The task is simple, just make every block the same color. It sounds simple and yet you'd be surprised but that's puzzle games for you. I'm loving it and it currently has me hooked.

During game play you are presented with a square with different colored blocks inside. You have to moved blocks around and then “paint” the other blocks that color until all blocks are that color. Some blocks will have a certain number of dots on them. This indicates the amount of times you can do something with that block - move it or paint another block that color. When you change the color of one block it will continue to paint connected blocks of the same color. The target colour for the level is indicated by the color of the top bar.


Things start simple at the beginning and the first few levels include hints, after that you’re on your own. The interface is simple and UI is nice and clean. There are currently six stages available. In each stage there are 20 levels to get through. When you get stuck just tap the refresh icon in the top right corner to restart the level.

If you’re a puzzle lover, it’s a game I recommend taking a look at. It’s simple, yet fun and addictive. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free. You can’t beat that, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

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Puralax - a simple game to get you puzzled


There is a 3d cubed puzzle game that is really good if you like puzzle game. Android port but works great. If i recall the name I will post it.

There's people that don't use leaks, and have horrible phone carriers that never release updates.

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Don't know many people who still use a rubix cube. Keeps me busy when I'm board and it's nice to show people you can actually complete it :P

The top bar color shows what color should be filled for wining

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12 is easy. Move one of the outer blocks with two moves over one then move the center block towards it to change colour

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OK now I know. You have to make all into the color of the top bar lol. Cool time waster hahahha

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Actually a really cool little game :) keeps me busy for the 15 - 20 minutes when you need to pass the time!!

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I managed to fluke out 12 but 14??? Boy oh boy lol. This is fun, and sharing with CB community makes it even better

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Thanks, DJ, I like this game a lot! I also appreciate that it has no annoying background music which I always have to turn off when playing in public (on the bus or waiting at the dentist etc.).

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Bring moveable blue down then up, move lower moveable red to the left, then move yellow to the left, then lower green to the right, then move red to a green then move purple!

I think we need to take this to the forums so we can include screen shots. I'm stuck at stage 2 level 17 and would like to give you hints on stage 1 level 17 but I can't remember what it looked like now. Just let me know whatever thread you want to start and I'll bump over and check it out.

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OK I started a thread under BlackBerry 10 games. Maybe we can conquer all over there if we attack this monster as a unit lol

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I promised myself I'd work this out and post solution for Stage 4 Level 6 :'D it is:

Green, right 2
Yellow, left 1
Purple, left 2
Yellow, up 1
Red, right 1
Blue, down 1
Blue, right 1
and Yellow, up 2