Punch In Punch Out for BlackBerry PlayBook - Free this week only!

Punch In Punch Out for PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 23 Jul 2011 08:11 pm EDT
Punch In Punch Out by MELLISdesigns is a time tracking system for your projects and clients. Manage your client roster, project files and job lists using this app, and effortlessly keep track of the time spent doing so. With a retro look and an extremely user-friendly interface it's a virtual file cabinet of your documents. 
  • Input your client details on the digital business cards
  • file your projects in folders and
  • prepare sticky notes of the little jobs you have to do to complete the project
  • digitally clock in when you start work and clock out when you're done
  • see how long each task took to accomplish
  • automatically compute your billable hours so you won't have to take time out to do it yourself
  • review the log of dates and times you've worked on a particular job
Punch In Punch Out is really easy to use, and to help you get started a really detailed How To is included. The app has been out for a couple of days, and to get the ball rolling, the developers have made it free for the first week! Head on over to App World and download this app on your PlayBook and take it for a spin!

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Reader comments

Punch In Punch Out for BlackBerry PlayBook - Free this week only!


Shame u just can't link you're account to it. I always feel constrained by app stores and pricing structure inconsistencies.

You're either not supported by a carrier or not avail for your country among a dozen of annoying reasons.

Otherwise, my friend uses this and finds it useful

Is there an ota link? I'm getting the lovely "this application is not available on your device or for your carrier". Bell Torch os

Brain fart, apparently wasn't awake when I read the article, skipped the playbook part! Is there anything like this for phones that anyone knows of? I could really make use of it!