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A jukebox in the cloud - Psonar for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 9 Dec 2013 07:00 am EST

Music streaming has been hugely popular on mobile devices for some time now and things certainly aren't slowing down. Us BlackBerry 10 folk in the UK and Ireland now have another option - in the form of Psonar which has been natively built for us. It's kind of like a pay as you go service, as you buy credits and then use them to listen to the songs you want. Prices start from just 1p/1c/1€c per track - so it won't break the bank. 

Once you download the app (for free) you will be given 20 credits to spend at your leisure, which is always a nice start. After that the tracks you buy will range from one to three credits, but I haven't yet figured out what qualifies for more than one when 'buying' a song. As you will see from the video - we get the familiar BlackBerry 10 UI, with the main menu/options accessed from the tab at the bottom left of the display. With a black background (for battery saving I would imagine) Psonar both looks and runs beautifully. 

With BBM connectivity and Gift/Sharing built into the app, Psonar should be pretty popular in the BlackBerry 10 camp. The only downside I can see - and this is just my first impressions - is that the song selection is not as big as on a few similar services I have tried. 

I'm not a big music listener on my BlackBerry to be honest, but I know most of you are. Is Psonar a service you would consider? Give it a try and let us know. 

As well as Psonar being a free download it is also available for all BlackBerry 10 devices - sweet! 

*Update* I presumed from the price options that this was a worldwide service. It looks like I may have presumed wrong. Hit up the comments if you can access Psonar outside of the UK? 

More information/Download Psonar for BlackBerry 10



First off....not a big music listener online. so likely not use

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


FIRSTEEZ! Yeah buddy!

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!

damien kupuku

First! Nice app!

Posted via CB10


NOT FIRST!! HAHAHAHA You have failed the internet!


Oh my...

Posted via CB10


There he is!! Quick! Where have you been all my life!?

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are you stalking me now? I told you, I'm not your type. I'm straight dude! Sorry to break your heart


Oh broken into so many Reeses pieces! Yum yum!

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Could have fooled me with that emo haircut.

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!


wtf are you talking about? emo haircut? #1 not even close to be emo, #2 I have very short hair and never had an emo haircut and #3 what pictures are you looking at stalker?


1st sign of Emo...defensive
2nd sign...denial
3rd sign...Paranoia

We are all here to help you Sterling. I know this is not the 5 O'clock free crack giveaway but we want to help.

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Ha! Great reference

Posted by my weapon of choice, Z10. Powered by 10.2.1


You almost had it!

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it's not it is not available on my device. I have a q10. I'm from eastern Europe. What's the problem?

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Martin Rigby

Apologies - whilst the app works well on the Q10 (and Z30, Z10 and Q5), we're only licensed to operate in the UK and Ireland currently, with a plan to roll out to other English-speaking territories and Europe during 2014.


Shows Not Available for my Z30 in Canada.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!


Just checked BB World webstore.
It's only avaliable in Ireland & UK.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Martin Rigby

That's right - we're looking to roll the service out to other English speaking countries and Europe during 2014.


It's nice to have the option


I'm confused that the article states that it's a streaming app, but then uses the term 'buy' a few times...
Am I buying the songs to use again and again, or am I streaming them for a - one time only - listen?

Posted via CB10

Martin Rigby

You buy credit (on your mobile bill, including pay as you go, or on card) and use that to stream tracks - the majority of tracks cost 1p per stream but some chart and high-value back catalogue tracks cost 2p or 3p.


I won't even try this out for one simple reason.

1p does not equal 1 cent.

Why should British people pay 60% more than Americans for exactly the same thing??????

I will gladly swap from Spotify as their calculator seems to thing that £9.99 = $9.99 when it doesn't, but there doesn't seem to be an ethical music provider out there who realizes that these pricing issues at up. Amazon does it for books, Spotify for music, etc, etc.

Why can online companies not grasp the ethics of this kind of pricing. Indeed, why can the EU no bring in laws to prevent it.

Apple eventually managed to figure out the $1 does not equal £1 and so now charge appropriately for tracks and even Blackberry - who took an eternity - finally managed to figure out that £1 does not equal $1. This means that apps priced at $1 are now charged at 79p which is fair enough.

And what makes this suck even more is that it turns out that this company is from the UK themselves.


It's UK only. So I'm not sure what you are ranting about as 1p is 1p unless you're in Ireland in which case the difference is minor

Posted via CB10


Go to http://www.psonar.com/about/ and check out the pricing. To quote what it says:

"Most tracks are 1 credit per play although some are 2 or 3. You get lots of credits free to get you started then each credit costs 1p / 1c / 1€c (minimum $1 / £0.50 / 1€ per transaction) thereafter. There is no monthly subscription fee and no commitment."

I would have thought the reason for rant was pretty obvious Darkehawke, unless you failed Math 101 at school.

I love the innovation of this service and am proud that they are a UK company, but I think people who pay for things in pounds sterling (like 60 million Brits do) are getting a little fed up of people just swapping a $ or Euro symbol for a £ symbol. Because a $ does not equal a £ and a Euro does not equal a £.

And a cent (US or Euro) does not equal 1p either. There's a MASSIVE difference.

Martin Rigby

Hi Yorkshireman,
Thanks for your eloquent rant! When we started Psonar we wanted to have a very simple pricing strategy - 1p, 1c or 1€c to play a track (and the exchange rate was 1.40 rather than 1.65). In the event, the wholesale prices that we have to pay the major labels have meant that we've had to price some music at 3p or 2p per play - which rather neutralises the simplicity of the 1p price point. Given that's the case, we'll look at revisiting the price, but it is also worth remembering that there's no sales tax in the US so our gross revenue is 1c whereas in the UK and most of Europe it's 0.83p or 0.83€c which accounts for some of the differential. I promise we'll take your comments on board and try to make the playing field level (it's something that's irritated me in the past). Regards, Martin


It's 1€c, not 1€ ;)

Posted via CB10


Hi there, James. It says unavailable on my device. Seems to be a UK only service so far. Thanks!

Posted via CB10


Why would I pay for streaming music per track? I don't get this. Slacker and similar apps are free. Allow you to create very specific stations (play lists) and for a few sheckles a month commercial free with unlimited skipping. If one really does listen to streaming music, you could listen for hours a day for mere rupies. If you listen 2 hours a day, that is 62 hours a month, the pay per song will run you WAY WAAY more a month; assuming a 3 minute 33 second avg. song time.

Martin Rigby

What makes Psonar different is the ability to listen to the precise tracks you want when you want, so it's complementary to Slacker or Pandora. You're quite right - for extended streaming seeded radio like Slacker, Pandora or iTunes radio is the right product but they don't let you play a customised playlist or a complete new album and they certainly don't let you give a playlist to someone else that they can play in any HTML5 enabled browser on a single click.

Martin Rigby

Thanks for the balanced and very fair review of the Psonar BB10 app, James. We're looking to roll the service out to other English speaking territories, and then Europe, during 2014. Currently we have about 2M tracks from Universal Music and the major independent distributors on the service (which is over 50% of the mainstream popular music catalogue) and working to get Sony and Warner on board as soon as possible. Martin


How about a karaoke app?

Posted via CB10


Sadly, not available in The Netherlands...

Posted via CB10


I am not able to download this application. Blackberry world is showing that this is not currently available on this phone.

Posted via CB10


In the u.s.a. Not available. Too bad.

Posted via CB10


Hi James, how does the app compare to the Web app from http://html5.grooveshark.com which has the same features, but for free?

Posted via CB10


Not available on my device Z30 in Canada.

www.mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735 Posted on my Z30


Why I can't download it.
Taiwan, Q10 -3

Posted via CB10


How can I get the new blackberry 10.3 os

Posted via CB10


How can I download in black Q10?

Posted via CB10