PSA: Your BlackBerry may have a touchscreen - Don't Tweet your boobs

By Adam Zeis on 5 Sep 2013 11:16 am EDT

This one made me chuckle a bit.

In an appearance on Conan, actress Allison Pill explained how she mistakenly sent a topless photo of herself via Twitter last year because she didn't realize that her new BlackBerry had a touchscreen.

While replying to a Tweet, she somehow attached a topless photo of herself that was already on her device and sent it out for the world to see. The photo in question was sent out on Twitter to her near 14k followers last year where it was quickly deleted. In a follow-up Tweet she stated "Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet... Apologies."

We're going to assume that her "new" BlackBerry at the time was perhaps a Bold 9900 (the incident happened in September of 2012) so not realizing that the device had a touchscreen, she somehow managed to attach the photo to her Tweet and send it off to the masses.

So just a quick PSA if you're a new BlackBerry user: Yes, your phone (most likely) has a touchscreen so be careful where you tap :-)



Yikes hahaha

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At least some BlackBerry haters can be thankful that BB brought them pictures of Allison's boobs.

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Majestic Lion

Nobody would be happy for that, hater or otherwise.


Speak for yourself, I wouldn't raise a complaint.

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"Be careful where you tap."

Is that code? :p


Oh too bad I missed this lol

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That's what Google is for >_>


Thanks captain Creepy ! :p

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I guess her smartphone was too smart for her lol

Plazmic Flame

I think her boobs were smarter to take the pic, attach and upload. Human evolution right there...


Lol, good one

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Kris Simundson

And where was this photo? Why did it not circulate to CB? lol jk


thinking the same thing


At least my Boss lsughed when he caught me reading CB instead of working lol



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I don't believe this excuse at all. It's not like it's that easy to attach and send a picture to twitter by just touching the screen...

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You can find a thread here on where I uploaded essentially white pictures of the inside of my pocket to the thread. TWICE. In about a minute from a Z10. So it can happen


Use a holster...and problem solved

...forever BlackBerry...


It's just as classy as Steve Jobs' "You're holding it wrong".


well you obviously dont use a touch screen phone. it has happened to me and I am definitely not a novice. no nudes though in my case... just a random message not meant for the recipient.



Three times now I've sent blank emails in reply-all fashion to my company because I was carrying my phone in such a way that my finger kept applying slight pressure to the screen when I thought I'd turned the display off.

Twice I've pulled my phone out of my pocket and found myself one tap away from sending a message full of gibberish via Twitter. The actual app that I'd left on screen was the browser. Which meant while in my pocket I "tapped" from browser to share to twitter, all without knowing it.

It's actually getting really frigging irritating.

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Are you sure you don't have a hole in your pocket? lol...

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Yeah, I had some weird things happen while it was pocketed also, which is why I've turned off "allow gestures when locked" in the display settings. Solved problem, just need to hit power button before swiping to unlock.

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Change in your setting so you can only unlock the screen by using the power button. Turn allow gestures when locked to off. Solves ur problem most likely.

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I've done it once. Somehow I saved somebody's twitter avatar, attached it to a tweet and then sent it all while the phone was in my pocket.


Adam: are you sure this is the kind of behaviour we should be discouraging?

Seriously though: you leave things like that on your phone and you're just waiting for bad things to happen.

BerryWizard gf probably has a couple of THESE on her phone..they don't all intended to ME! not anyone else...

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Seriously? C'mon..

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maggie should be fired!


Doh! LoL!

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How did she not know it was touchscreen. Newb!


More like BOOB

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This is better publicity for BB than Alicia Keys.


Your right cat. Sex sells. :)


Not so much sex rather the meme of the day that gone viral. That's what gets the attention this days


I must remember this excuse next time I'm drink texting. You know, total accident, my bad. Didn't realize I had a touchscreen phone.

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It baffles me how someone can be that ignorant. Maybe that's how clueless the American public is to our phones. Or maybe this broad is that dumb.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.


I guarantee you it was a publicity boost and nothing more.. not a "technological issue" of any sorts.. so dumb. I hate celebrities. Noone ACCIDENTALLY attaches a picture of you naked and then ACCIDENTALLY tweets it, and then waits a while, THEN deletes it and goes "woops.. Ohh my phoneeeeee.... "

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BB Adict


Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


But does she really have boobs? ;p


Haha, that's good publicity for BlackBerry. I bet so many viewers were thinking to themselves "I didn't know BlackBerry had a touchscreen either."

I guess goes to show the lack of marketing from BlackBerry.

Poirots Progeny

She knew. She knew.

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Of course she did. #Stunt!


(.) (.)

Pics or it didn't happen :)

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Holy cow! Lol.

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We need that photo, for research purposes, obviously.

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Alyssa Milano didn't know that the web cam was on lol

Aljean Thein

Where is this picture? I need it for research purposes...

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Too funny

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Tell it to Carlos Danger!!


Saw that yesterday; and now it's here!The wonders of the interwebs are flabbergastling me once again...

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Google it, the picture is there......but i swear i never searched. im a gentleman lol


This is relevant to my interests.

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Sounds like something my wife would do. She is always telling me Smart phone for a dumb person.


Haha!! Very comical indeed; anyway, it's good publicity for BlackBerry. Conan has a many followers or good TV ratings, doesn't he?



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Note to self...

Start following Allison Pill on Twitter... :)


Allison Pill is awesome! I loved her in Midnight in Paris as Zelda Fitzgerald. Someone fire Alicia Keys and hire her instead! ;-)

It can be an honest mistake. I'm careful and double check before I post the right pics online all the time.

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This is hilarious because she is in that new show the Newsroom, (great show by the way you should all watch) , and her character would definitely do something like this


Man, I missed this one; I should da be on her list...


Love her in HBO The Newsroom!

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Haha I watched the show that night.

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Hmm..actress with only 14k followers and neber heard of here? Yeah, it was by accident. ;)

Dave Bourque

Humans can reach new heights of stupid... even with the most helpful pieces of smart technology...

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Shouldn't this kind of thing happens to people who uses iphone? Also, isn't it kind of diss to BlackBerry that people think it DOESN'T have a touch screen?


Well duh

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National TV, "sex", Casual conversation talking about Blackberry not in a doom and gloom way...and everybody knows now for sure BB has a touch sceen

You can't pay anybody for this kind of publicity... We'll take all we can get.... What has Alicia Keys done? I haven't seen ONE ad or talk show with her on it..



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It sounds like she was trying to delete the photo and instead tweeted it? Assuming she was using the Twitter for BlackBerry app, there is no way to "accidently" tweet the picture instead of deleting it in that app. Compose a new tweet > select the picture icon > the picture library opens and you have to select a picture. "Delete" isn't an option in the menu or if you long pressed the picture. Now in the picture library by itself, if you long press a picture the "Send" square is in the middle and highlighted by default. "Delete" is immediately to the left of "Send". Still if you select "Send", you then have to tap on "Twitter" and then "Tweet" button. That is kind of plausible, but that is a lot of phantom touches to do. Ah well, her "accident" is ok. ;)

I just used my 9930 for another investigation tool!


Also, it seems odd that people (girls in particular) take nude pictures of themselves and store them on their phone. Why? What is wrong with the mirror? Or are they trying to document their bodies? I can see for a celebrity to do this for publicity or whatnot, but I don't understand it for average people. Maybe the common answer is to send the picture to someone, but still..blah, just showing my age I guess.


That's what I call marketing, I bet more people know who Allison Pill is now than before the tweet.

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Really? That's the best excuse you have for being stupid? C'mon I find it hard to believe she "accidentally " posted pics of her boobs. Own up to it .Ya wanted to give everybody a taste so ya did. Nothing to be ashamed of until someone gets jealous of what they don't have or thinks your degrading women somehow and makes a big stink about it. Then your publicist says you have to play stupid to make it all go away.

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Nick Spagnolo

Now where are the boobs?

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Lol. "Hello Nancy Pelosi.". Lol.

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By the way, there are a lot of 9900's being used on screen in Newsroom 2012 (where Allison stars admirably).


Would be brilliant if this was actually BlackBerry "marketing". But I doubt one can buy publicity like this ;)

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I have, on many occasions, sent a incomprehensible message by mistake. On my Z10, the back space key and the SEND key are too close to each other.

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You can't even pay for this advertising lol

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nick canada

My 9800 sent a different picture then it was supposed to on me twice, the file name was right so I couldn't understand why they were freaking out.

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moody karkdan

( . )( . )

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We did it first!! :) Notable BlackBerry users! C000EBE2A

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Stupid americans

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You laugh, yet you didn't spell Alison correctly.

I ordered an S4 today, time's running out. I either need a to see the official (AT&T) new OS or some serious news. It's been years with BlackBerry but this Q10 might soon be my secondary phone.

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"We are Sex Om Bomb!"Now this takes on whole another meaning ;-)

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Tap OR Fap, that is the question :)



Well then she is a boob! See what I did there,that clever bit of humour? ...Man, is that sad or what? I really need to get a life...

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Free publicity for Alison and BlackBerry. Can't complain .

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Nice free plug by Allison and the picture I'm sure wasn't to shabby either.

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I didnt know who she was.. had to look her up. Nice twitter pic. lol


I made calls accidentally because of the touch screen of my q10, but she didn't even knew there was a touch screen on her own phone?
Now how dumb might that be?

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LOOOL it will Be Big Problem :D

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What Boobs, can't really say she is a looker or has a good pair either, boring

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