PSA: Your BlackBerry 10 device may lose charge when connected to a non BlackBerry 10 charger

Z10 Charging
By Adam Zeis on 20 Feb 2013 09:45 am EST

We heard a few rumors recently about BlackBerry 10 devices not charging properly when using legacy chargers. As it turns out, it's true. If you use an older microUSB charger for your BlackBerry 10 device, your device may actually lose charge during heavy use. According to a knowledge base article, BlackBerry 10 devices require 750mA to charge correctly and anything less may not provide enough power to charge the device. So you should really use the included OEM charger on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

One charger is great, but what if you need a spare (or four?) so you can charge in more than one spot? Luckily we have plenty of BlackBerry 750mA Micro-USB Power Plugs available at ShopCrackBerry right now. If you're sporting a white BlackBerry Z10 we even have the 750mA power plug in white so you can match your OEM accessories and won't be stuck with a black power plug. 

Don't forget to check out our top ten battery saving tips to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10 battery as well, and while you're add it, pick up a BlackBerry Charger Bundle so you can always stay juiced up on the go.

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Buy the BlackBerry 750mA Micro-USB Power Plug in white
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PSA: Your BlackBerry 10 device may lose charge when connected to a non BlackBerry 10 charger


DO NOT USE THE PLAYBOOK CHARGER (1.8A way too high) the opposite is alos true too fast a charge gives the same result...

Last week I was using a combo of OEM BB10 charge and my car charger and was not satisfied with how much charge it was holding and since friday i was only using the OEM and had great retention on my charges 16 - 20hrs a day with heavy use. then yesterday I used both the car charger and computer USB and back to bad battery.

sorry to say but that is incorrect

even tho the playbook charger puts out 1.8a doesnt mean thats what the device is drawing

the device will only draw what it needs.

(at least that what my understanding is)

You are correct. You can damage a device by supplying too much voltage or you can damage the charger by drawing too many Amps but a device will only draw as much current as it requires, the charger could have a maximum output of 10000000A and the phone would simply draw the 0.75 it requires.

I agree with this for I have been using both my HP TouchPad barrel charger and the Fast Charger that ships with the PlayBook on my Torch 9810 for quite sometime now without issue. One charger does all three devices without issue. It charges the Torch's battery much faster and does not damage either battery (I have two genuine OEM ones). It may damage poorer quality knock off batteries however, but the real ones can handle this without issue.

Now, my experience is not with the Z10 as I don't have one yet, but I can tell you honestly that there is NOT an issue using the PlayBook or TouchPad chargers (rated at much higher draw than the puny chargers coming with the phones).

Tell me why the battery gets so much hotter when charging on the PB charger than the BB10 charger? because it is drawing more amps. Hence why it charges so much faster... Slower is always better

The Playbook charger is nearly identical to the phone rapid charger. Blackberry wouldn't sell a rapid charger if the device wasn't capable of rapid charging.

I don't know about the Z10 but I'm going to assume rapid charging is still valid. And where are you getting this "slower is better" information? Personally if I can get the same charge in half the time, it's a no brainer.

In scientific terms, how much is MUCH HOTTER? Have you quantified this using thermometers and multiple tests or are you just talking out your ass? You do realize there is circuitry built into BB devices to regulate power draw right? BlackBerries are well made devices - not cheap crap.

I have been charging my various devices just fine for almost a year now without issue with both the HP TouchPad charger AND the rapid charger that comes with the PlayBook. One charger does two different tablets and both my Bold 9900 (that I have to use for work) AND my personal 9810. I can tell I couldn't convince you the sky appears blue...sigh!

I am not talking out my ass, and you don't need to throw a thermometer on a phone to feel it is much hotter with one charger then the other. If it will only pull the same amps as the .750A charger then it should not get hotter, I never said it would not charge it, it will charge it and save time yes, but I have found (over many years and many phones)that the slower the charge the better retention on that charge throughout the day that's all...

Go ahead and use whatever charger you want, they will both work I just like getting more hours in the day out of my phone and for me that has proven to be with the lower Amp charger. no need to get all pissy...

Blackberry themselves even recommended the PB charger on your phone. they had it on the web site. i used it on my 9810 and it worked great.

Sorry, but I call BS.. the dev alphas, both the A and the B, which is essentially the London in a different case, came with the exact same charger as the PlayBook.. Just because the charger is rated for 1.8 amps does not mean it is force feeding your device that amount of current.. It just means that it can supply your device with up to 1.8 amps if it's internal circuitry is designed for it and if the device actually needs that much current.. If the device doesn't need that much current and/or the circuitry isn't designed to draw that much, it will happily deliver a much smaller amount..

I use my old charger and seems to work fine, plus I have a non-BB branded charger I used for my Bold 9900 that works really well. I am getting almost 2 days out of my Z10 with average use.

I also use my very old one, 700 mA, and it works just fine. I prefer the old charger because it fits in perfectly. The PlayBook charger also fits perfectly. With the newer chargers, I find you have to push really hard.

Apparently I'm using a 700mAH charger over night but I use the PlayBook charge for quick top ups and that. Works really well! I wonder if they will come out with a rapid charger for the Z10 like the rapid charger for the PlayBook

Doesn't anyone think this through? I'm so over my berry's not working in any car, a plane, or basically being incompatible with anything but their own charger. Why adopt the micro USB standard if nothing but your own charger works, might as well be proprietary. Even my 7 does this, and I thought perhaps Berry's desire to upset the Android/iPhone jauggernauts was to wise up and make stuff interoperable.

Sorry guys, but having 4 chargers is a crappy option.

Um you may need to re-read the article. Any standard Micro USB charger will work with the Z10 but under heavy use the Z10 may draw more power than a lower power micro-USB can give hence a drop in battery "under heavy use". This just means that the Z10 can draw more than ~500mA of current under heavy use which was the output of the older Blackberry charging blocks. It will still charge the Z10 under light or moderate use it will just be slower and won't keep up under heavy use.

I would imagine any other large touch screen LTE phone is in the same boat.

I hope that is true of the Z10 but I cannot use my Targus 2A USB charger with my PlayBook or my 9810. They both tell me the charger is incompatible! I had to get a separate PlayBook charger for work or trickle charge it off of the PC. I understand wanting the end user experience to be optimal thus advising the user the non-BB charger may not provide enough juice but to flat out program the device not to take a charge regardless of charger capability is simply Apple-like in its wrongheadedness.

I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but I've experienced it on both my Bold and my wife's iPhone. It happens with different chargers, but they are always 3rd party ones that have these issues. I really don't think it's an issue with either phone, must be something with the crappy chargers used.

The charger works fine with older BB and the iPhone 3G and 4S. It's also not the only charger I have had problems with. I simply pointed to it since it was specifically designed to handle 2 1A devices simultaneously and does so with my 2 Nook Color tablets.

is it ok if I use the playbook charger to charge the phone. Im sure that is more than 750mah. Would that harm my phone? It is oem

PlayBook charger is 1.8A. Its the only one i have used so far on my Z10 since feb 5th. No issues so far and it takes no time at all to full charge.

That is all I use on my 9930, which is supposedly really bad to do, but I have never had a problem with battery degradation from it.

The Blackberry Playbook charger is capable of 1800mA. The charge controller on the phone should protect the battery from charging too fast so it should be perfectly safe.

I use the playbook charger to charge my 9900 and my wife's 9800 with no issues.

Interesting. Chargers not available in Canada, where the Z10 is, while the chargers are available in the US, where the Z10 isn't (yet).

I'm happy to report that my Z10 has been happily charging using:

- The PlayBook Charger
- All of my old Palm chargers. (Pre, Pre2, Pre3, TouchPad.)

I would bet that pretty much any Android tablet charger would work too. I'll check if the Nexus7 charger works.

All told, my Z10 seems to be pretty forgiving about what I charge it with.

The Pre, Pre 2 and Pre 3 charges are 1,000mA and the TP is 2,000mA. So if it only draws the 750mA it needs, that makes sense. That's good to know since my house has four palm phones and lots of charging cables. Too bad I won't be able to use my Touchstone when I finally get my hands on a Z10 upon US launch.

My playbook charger has the output of 2000mAH, the iphone adaptor and Samsung S3 adaptor is 700mAH, why Z10 need 750 mAH to chager it? the difference it only 50mAH, can someone help me out? Thanks

That charger will be fine. You'll be needing a minimum of 750mA. In my experience, 500ma is ok for car charging if you are using the Z10 for navigation, but the battery won't charge any; you'll be at the same battery level you were when you got in. That's not really ideal, since you have plenty of power to shoot into the device so you may as well get out of the car with 100% battery. Definitely get at least 750ma, and aim for a 1A charger.

Actually it doesn't exactly do that.

It will sometimes say 'cannot charge from this source' but it still trickle charges. From time to time I keep my playbook on my 9800 charging dock (3rd party, so the 'shelf' is just flat, so the PB will happily sit on it). Anyway, the PB ALWAYS says that it can't charge from it but if the screen is off it will trickle charge happily enough, same as if it were on a USB cable to the PC.

The key here is what the device is doing at the time. If it isn't doing anything, then any device will charge off of just about any power source it can. But with the screen lit, or doing stuff in the background, you can end up with a net power loss. Less battery use than without the power source, but you still will lose power overall.

From the Blackberry Manuals and Guides for the Z10:
"Charge your BlackBerry device using the charger provided by Research In Motion in the box that your device came in. You can also charge your device using a USB cable connected to a computer, but charging might take longer."

This tells me that a lower output charger (like my older BB 700 ma charger) will work as most computer USB ports output only about 500 ma. That is the reason charger may take longer. What I do recommend, is that you use the Blackberry cable that came with your phone (or a replacement) as the knock-off cables can cause a problem at times.

I have a USB charger for my Logitech wireless mouse that I leave at my desk at work. It charges the Z10, PB, and of course the mouse. I have a USB car charger that works well for the PB and Z10. And finally the PB charger stays at home. The charger that came with the Z10 stays in my Laptop case as a spare. Covered everywhere!

Regardless or what charger I still get a shit battery. And don't tell me to check the forums either but I've tried every suggestions out there.

Then try being more helpful than just saying the battery sucks. How long does the battery last? What are you doing with your device?

About the minimum realistic battery life on the Z10 is eight hours. That is eight hours with the screen lit, and the data line and CPU always running.

If you are getting less than eight hours, then you have a bad battery. If you are getting around that, then good lord man put the device down. What did it ever do to you that you are trying to hurt it so much? Seriously, there's no way its healthy to be using your device like that day in and day out.
If you are getting more than that, then you are probably comparing the Z10's battery life to former blackberries with tiny screens. In which case the battery life is fine, and its your perception that's wrong.

Does this mean that using a different charger is harming the battery and will give you worse battery life or does it mean that your Z10 will charge slower when using during charging???

Hi everyone, let's clear this up once and for all!

Any chargers that supply 750mAH will work just fine as long as you use the USB cable supplied in the Z10 box or older BB USB cable.

As for the OEM BB chargers with OEM BB USB cables, anyone will do. However, here comes the confusion: If any of the chargers are less than 750mAH, it will take longer to charge, period! It will work! (Personally, I would consider only using this if I was connecting it overnight.)

As mentioned above, the OEM Playbook charger is 1.8mAH. This charger will work perfectly for any device that requires a MicroUSB charger (this includes all BB Devices). Any device that requires less than 1.8mAH, will charger much faster and will not damage the device nor the battery. Any devices that requires higher than 1.8mAH, the same rule applies as above: it will take longer to charge.

Now, most of the device (or electronics today and the last 20 years or so) comes with a protection voltage/mAH regulator chip to prevent damages to occur. This is why I can take any device and bring it to any contry and if I have the correct wall adapter, I can plug and charge anywhere. So don't worry about the voltage, just pay attention the mAH. (ATTENTION: This is 99.9% correct at all times, but small electronics can be subject to other factors that will cause damage to your device/equipment. Therefore it is always recommended to use the appropriate chargers indicated or supplied by the manufacturers).

Now for car chargers, there are a slew of them on the market today with all different connection options. I strongly recommend that you find one that will provide at a bare minimum 2.0mAH. This will enable you to charge multiple devices at the same time, provided it has 2 (or more) USB connections on it. I purchased one at Best Buy for $40+tax (2 USB) and works perfectly for charging my Z10 & my PB at the same time while I'm on the road or travelling.

So there you have it! Should you have any questions, please pm me.


How about... losing prospect Customers during heavy high-end launches? Xperia Z, Htc One, SGS4 - smartphones for fat multimedia consuming are knocking the door of heaven... Rumours about "A" - real BlackBerry hig-end urgently needed!

How is that even faintly relevent?

Also, you aren't using inverted commas properly. You put them around the part you want to emphasise. So in your case, that should be around 'real' instead of 'a'.

And if you think the Z10 can't be successful because android phones have better specs, go ask Apple if a phone needs a silly chip in it to be successful. The Z10 is more powerful than the iPhone 5. Oh, and since you bring it up, you don't need significant CPU power for multimedia content at all. Audio and video aren't taxing at all. Games use more power, but since developers need their games to work well on iPhones, they don't use even close to the expensive and power draining chips that android handsets have. And android can't multitask for real anyway, so there isn't even that excuse for over-the-top chips. Basically all you get with more cpu power is better performance in artificial benchmarks that don't mean anything in terms of how the device works.

High end chips in android handsets only matter to dumb people who don't understand how computers work. More is only better if you have things that can take advantage of it. It doesn't matter how big your engine is, or how fast you can theoretically go. The speed limit is still seventy.

Ok Non-US is the battery life? as compared to the usual cry about its life in the past.Thanks

I don't think the current rating is all there is to it.. Not 20 minutes ago, I had my Z10 plugged into the blackberry charger, and I played a session of Mahjongg HD while it was connected and I ended up with less charge than when I started, which should not have been the case given that I was using the official charger (if it were really drawing the maximum current from the charger and the charge state went down after playing a game, that would mean the device needed more than 1.8 amps of current and had to supplement the supply with battery, but the device was not getting hot and No, I didn't accidentally dislodge the charger.. There is definitely something going on with the charging algorithm inside the device..

If any of you have one of the old BlackBerry international USB travel chargers (the ones with the removable USB cable) circa 2008/9, they output 1 amp. I got one with a Curve 8310.

I am not going to spend any money for Blackberry products! Once I bought their playbook and it was a piece of crap. Their customer service was also horrible. I called them more than 20 times and they had no idea how to fix it at all! Eventually, I threw it away in the garbage and am not going to buy any products from this company anymore!

Yes what about the playbook charger? And the bold 9900 charger? Looks pretty much the same as the one that I have for Z10.

Please advise!

I doubt I'll have any issues using the Q10 when I get it.

When you charge it, don't use it. This way, you WON'T lose a charge. Lol

This is BS. I have a Z10 that I've tried charging with the charger that comes with the PlayBook, and each time I do I get a message that states "To charge your device faster, use the charger that came with this device".

I'm sorry BlackBerry, but you are full of crap if you think your 850mA charger can charge my Z10 faster than the 1.8A charger that came with my PlayBook. So they're playing the charger ID game and they didn't even bother to include their OWN chargers!? What horse shit!