PSA: Before you update to BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, **make sure** you have enough space!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jan 2014 01:21 pm EST

This Public Service Announcement comes to you via our Mobile Nations webmaster, Tom Kaminski (@ttkaminski), who ran into a snag this morning while trying to upgrade his phone to BlackBerry 10.2.1.

Tom went a little crazy last month downloading free games and movies in BlackBerry's giveaway, so he filled up his device storage a lot. This morning when he heard the news that BlackBerry 10.2.1 was available, he went into Settings > Software Updates and manually checked for an update and discovered one was available.

At that point in time, no error message was given that he didn't have enough storage space left to complete the download and install. Instead, over an hour later when he was 90% through downloading the OS update, it failed. Then he checked the hub to discover the notification Device Storage Almost Full - Consider moving or deleting files.

I wouldn't put the blame on Tom for this one. When he went to download the update, at that point it should be checking that there's enough storage remaining to complete the download and installation. Let's put that one on the feature wishlist for BlackBerry 10.3. [ Update: As you'll read in the comments, it looks like the OS does check, but maybe it's not properly checking the size of the entire download, so you can run into what Tom experienced. Either way, make sure you have plenty of space! ]

In the meantime, learn from Tom's experience here and CHECK THAT YOU HAVE PLENTY OF FREE MEMORY before beginning your OS update.

Reader comments

PSA: Before you update to BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, **make sure** you have enough space!


I had enough. No issues at all. Just took one hour to get it all done. Running great now!

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Another good reason why any future BlackBerry phone should have a minimum of 32 gb internal storage and nothing less.

Looking forward to getting the update when I get home from work...

Have fun with 10.2.1 everyone.


And then people will just fill that up. Amount stored increase to fill capacity....

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The ability to move apps to SD would be a more viable option. No matter how much internal memory is provided, people will fill it up.

Same thing happened to me. Had to go into BlackBerry World and delete apps, not just uninstall them

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I don't even bother to check mine I am in the states. Let me know when 10.3 comes out and maybe by then we will have 10.2.0.

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Most won't check, own even think of doing. Just jump onto the update button with all the finese of a baboon....

Before any update is an ideal time to give the phone a clear out...

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Glad to know I'm not a baboon...cleared my device memory a couple of days ago when I knew it was coming...installing now...616mb

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I love CB. So much. This is something BlackBerry should be sending out. #winning

Posted via my Q10, USA

Where do you live? I'm gonna sound like a baby but I want the update already. It's not fair I haven't got mine.

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Tmobile won't even say if it's going to offer 10.2.1 or not. They dropped retail sales of blackberry to consumers at the corporate stores and website sales to just 1 model, the curve 9315(?) via mail order. Looks like a future loss of blackberry support unless you're a business customer running enterprise. I hope this is just my own paranoid speculation.

I was having the same problem but noticed part way through luckily so I deleted some games and it worked like a charm.

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Go to File Manager>press and hold a file or folder>select 'check mark' to select more than one file or folder>select 'move'> select which folder on your sd card to move it/them to.

Same thing happened to me on the. 429 release...had to delete some apps for the upgrade to complete

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While I didn't get those notifications, when I hit update after getting the notification that I had an update, I was prompted to free up space before I could continue with the update. It also told me how much space I needed to free up.

I did not get such a prompt.  Initially the update screen said that the download would be 309 MB, but as the update proceeded, it actually said that the total download size is 1001 MB (as shown below the progress bar).  Perhaps the free space check was done on the initial size, not the actual download size?

Whatever it suggests, double it. I had to free 2.4gb before it would install. 384 + 998mb

Wheeling on Z10 power

I hit the exact same issue. Initial 385MB update and a follow-on 1GB odd update.

The best part? The OS didn't get messed up and I was able to do the install through BlackBerry link after freeing up some space (though I didn't risk rebooting the device).

Interestingly though, link only installed the 385MB update. After reboot and a successful install, link says software is up to date. But, on my device settings->updates, it says there is a new update available (size 1GB). Guess I'll try that update tonight.

So I tried to do the second update (a 1GB update) and it re-checked and said I had the latest software. Something fishy about this. Hmm...

But how much space is needed? Is there a guideline. I presume that it needs not only the amount of space that the download is (e.g. 300MB), but also additional space for other reasons (maybe temp installation files). So perhaps it would help, if someone does know, how much minimum space should be available to perform this update? Blackberry should really state this in the release, but anyway ...

It's strange because I ran into these issues but I was told how much space I needed to free up before I could continue with the update. I didn't get those notifications though. The message showed up through the update page.

I got a notification before I installed the OS update that I didn't have enough space. So I had to delete stuff and restart before it would let me update.

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So it takes up memory every time I upgraded my OS in the past? Like 10.1 and 10.2 are taking up space on my phone right now?..

Posted via CB10 for Z10

I'm not updating. I already have all the apps that I need and then some (a bunch I rarely ever touch), so I can't justify to change the call answer screen. HATE the new one. It's good that BB wants to upgrade, but if they are going to change things that will polarize users without giving us an option, then you'll have guys like me who won't change :p :D

Anyway, enjoy everyone!

Just an opinion, there are many more improvements in the current update, lesser bugs give it a try, you can always come back. Its much more convenient OS now, try it. Forget the call screen, someone will come out with a way of putting the old call screen in the latest update :)

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New call/answer screen in way better, plus you can ignore calls and send text with preloaded messages "busy, call you later" etc

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1

I deleted some games and apps immediately after reading this. Even though I have plenty of space, I just never used those apps. More space for me!

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How do you move files to the ad card? Seems no matter what I import it wants to go to the phones memory only photos were given the option to store on the card I'd like to transfer all of the files over to the sd card but need help figuring it ot how bout it gang?

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Games and apps can not be moved to the SD card. For other stuff, use the file manager app to move.

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Yup got the message while I was downloading it and started frantically deleting some stuff. All worked out and have some spare space too!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

I had the warning message come up while downloading. I deleted a number of apps that I never use while the download was in progress. No problem completing the download or update.

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Just updated to 10.2.1 on fido, love all the new features but one really annoying problem has arisen. Have checked and rechecked all the setting and done multiple restarts but i cannot wake the screen with a swipe gesture when it is locked only the power button up top will awake it from its slumber. Anyone else have this issue, any suggestions or help would be great thanks.

Had enough space left (over 2 gigs) but after the upgrade, a Hub message appeared telling me that space is nearly full (about 2 Gigs left free).

Just backing up my data now... I always install a new OS after doing a full wipe, and I never restore my settings* after the new OS is installed. (* - except password keeper)

Re-installing apps is straight-forward : I go into BB world > My World. It has a history of all my old apps and I can install from there. Also, now that Password Keeper can save your passwords to an encrypted file, I don't have to manually re-enter my passwords.

Shame that apps cannot be stored on media cards.

FYI, After the update I got those msgs in the Hub. Rebooted but then it won't let me out of the Hub. Second reboot stalled at 99%. Had to remove the battery to reboot it again.

Yeah, I noticed I was almost full the other day so I uninstalled Need For Speed and another free game that took over a gig. Today's update went fine.

I'm on Vodafone and I'm running the leaked OS I haven't received any notification of an update. I talked to Vodafone and they said that they will rolling out the update in February.

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Got it this morning....turns into a big download..had to delete apps:( now i have 9GB again LOL geez. so far pretty nice update

On my update from Verizon USA, it said the download size was 1120 MB and now as it is installing it says it has made it through 312 MB of 2GB!

Just happy that Verizon is getting it out on day one, not a couple months or more late!

I had enough, but got a warning that was running out of out went The Bard!

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I had to frantically delete on the fly. It was a close one, lol!

Sent from the future on my  Z10

I hate the new call answer screen. Does anyone know if there is a way to change that (even with a third party app)?

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It's not telling me I have a new up date it's telling me I gave the latest software ware up date

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Dear Crackberry, I received a notification to update about two hours ago, clicked accept and start updating. After the update is says that my media card (microsd) was encrypted on another device and to use it I have to wipe it. Essentially I lost everything that I had on the card, many important documents and pictures. Also flac files are no longer supported. This is a disaster. Please add this to your title. I have a z10.

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And BlackBerry wants to do more in software but can't get their installs to check disk space.


CB10 via Verizon Z10.

Did you read the comments before posting? Clearly, quite a number of people have indicated the check was done.

I'm concerned about space as well. I'm w/AT&T. So by the time we get 10.2 there should be a way to access the "other data" that is taking up an extra 6GB of space. I remember back on my first day with my Z10 I had 10.3GB of space available on my device. Now down to 3.2GB free. I have moved everything to my 64GB SD card and it shows that there is only 8MB of data in the \misc\android directory on my device drive. Yes I have 3,000+ contacts, but that wouldn't take up gigs of room. It slowly dwindles down every week or so by a fraction of a GB. There must be a way of restoring ALL of the "other data" space. I'd hate to finally get notification that AT&T allows me to upgrade and there is NO ROOM on my phone and nothing I can do to change it. PLEASE someone help.

I had that issue when I updated to 10.2.

Has anyone finally figured out what the issue is with the ballooning size of "other storage" actually is and how to solve it?

Most of my phone's storage is taken up by this.

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Mine told me immediately that i didn't have enough space and had to free up 1120MB

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I really appreciate the heads up on this! This is good valuable article! CB is showing us we are a community! Thanks team!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Quick question cause its been a while since doing a software update... when I restart after update will it erase all my stuff or does the update just over write my current OS?

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This is why I have a 64 GB SD card for everything. I hope their next line of phones has a ton of storage built-in.

Does anyone know if this is still a problem if you use Link to download and install the update? I'd assume it puts it on your computer's storage drive as opposed to on the device's memory.

holy cow how many apps did he have installed that he was able to kill 16GB of space? Either that or he didn't have an SD card installed. I've got a class 10 32GB card installed and I've got it about half full of music and pics. my phone memory is almost unused cuz all the media stuff is set to be saved on the SD card.

I do have a 64 GB SD card installed in my Z10.  However, you can't install apps or games on the SD card.  It doesn't take much to fill up the internal memory.  I had several 500MB+ games installed on my device (Need for Speed, Batman, NBA, etc).

AHHH!! I see. yeah, that'll do it alright. Hey... arent you glad you can have the SD card. can you imagine having something like a 16GB iPhone... no expandability... lets see... I can have games, movies, music, or photos. but not all at the same time. i could put them on the cloud and kiss my data plan goodbye..... roses really smell like poo

Have enough space but I guess I'll expand my memory soon!!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

until BBRY comes with a 32 or 64GB storage BB phone, i think i'll just wanna hold on to my Z30. yeah, 16GB is way too standard now. after the update, my storage is 7.7GB full (previously on i've gone halfway, 8 GB full) so for some reason this update has compacted some files to free up around almost 400MB??

ANW, yeah i'm in for the 32/64GB BB10 phone!!! +1 from me! let's make a petition then!

1 more day to the 1st anniv of #blackberry10!

I updated mine via Link and while it was downloading and unpacking I had to manually delete the music, folder by folder, as free mbs went down to below hundred

While my update went fine via link.. I keep getting this message in hub. I started looking around where all the storage was and it is showing 17GB for misc folder. All the folders there have a copy, of which I deleted some as well, but am getting some scary results.. like contents of both folders being deleted... I also checked each folder one by one and they don't add up to even what the 3rd of the space of whole folder... definitely seems like a bug..

Also.. when I tried to delete the contents of one folder I did get a message about not having the permission to delete but the contents of the folders was deleted anyway..

IMO.. it seems to be an OS bug and definitely not liking it..

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It is a case of Murphy's Law. No matter how big the kitchen, you will always run out of cupboard space.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

This update is fucked up!! My battery life is 4-5 hours because of PIM services in stand by. wtf!?

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Mine did the same thing only difference was it did it in the memory card instead of device memory

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I'm using q5, I already have a free space of 1 GB, and now it's asking me to free 1.9 GB!! I already deleted a lot of apps still not sure what else to do!!

I was using the leaked version that seemed very stable but post update my phone is freaking me me all sorts of problems...hubs not working, WIFI issue.. official release was supposed to be more stable...anybody else facing similar problems

I have an issue with updating the software for my Q5, it keeps on asking for erasing some data, at 40% it is asking foe 1.9 GB! It's quite a lot seeking that I have erased everything on the phone memory and apps as weel. Please help!

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I have a Q5 and 2GB of free memory but still it tells me I need another 763MB of free memory. My phone had never that much free space.. No clue what to do... BlackBerry Link on my Mac does not work

16gb suck when other data hogs 14 of them? Why o why did the z10 not come with more internal memory??? Wish I had a 9982!

 AT&T Z10 STL100-3/ 

Having issues with the proximity sensor after installing Anyone else experiencing the same.? Ran the virtual expert too. Not working. Can anyone suggest something?

Using Z10 STL-100-1

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So frustrated with BlackBerry right now. I've been deleting some of my favorite apps over the past two days. Why? Because the file manager won't allow me to move some of my photos to my SD card and no matter how. Many apps I delete, it seems I still have about 700 MB to free up. I delete yet another app, and 700 MB still appears necessary. Like another user said, I may be waiting till 10.3 comes out.

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Short of deleting every installed app, I don't know what to do! It shouldn't be that apps must be deleted for updates to be successful! I can't imagine an iphone user being limited in the downloads from app world!

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I don't get it every body got the new update but I didn't even saw the shadow of it WHY?
Anybody have the same issue as me...?

Is there any way to clear up this Data store issue? I'd like the update but my Q10 & I have deleted all unused apps plus moved everything I can to my SD card.

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Does anyone know if there is a way of running apps from the SD card? I don't have many apps but if I should run into this space issue it would be a nice option to have. I have SD cards in my devices which rarely get used. Hate to say but this is a nice feature I have on my Samsung tablet.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

I have 2.6 GB left of storage and the update is only 1.5 GB put it keeps asking me to free up an addionational 1.3 GB when I already have 2.6 free! Does anyone have any idea what I need todo to update