PSA: Verizon BlackBerry Z10 owners may not be able to install certain apps

*UPDATE* - This issue has now been fully resolved. WhatsApp, Flixster, Z-Theme and all other apps are now working for the Verizon BlackBerry Z10. If an app you come across is not working, it would be best to let the developer know as there is now options for them to specifically target Verizon BlackBerry Z10 devices through various developers tools and the BlackBerry vendor portal. There is no difference here between ATT with 10.0.10 and Verizon with 10.0.9 other than the version #. The app availability is the same.

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2013 11:05 pm EDT

Over the past few days there has been a lot of Verizon BlackBerry Z10 owners gathering in the CrackBerry Forums to share their experiences with the device. Overall, most people are loving the Z10 but there is one issue that needs to be mentioned specifically for those on Verizon.

As of right now, there is an issue with installing some apps due to the OS the device is running, which is currently (software v10.0.9.422) when most apps listed in BlackBerry World requires a minimum OS of 10.0.10. Is it the end of the world? Not really. But there's no denying the fact that it's insanely annoying to those who were looking to make use of WhatsApp, Flixtser, Z Theme and many others apps that are available to others.

Perhaps the worst part of it all is the fact that there is currently no workaround to advise folks of. Sideloading won't work because the apps will still look for the correct OS and when it doesn't find it installed, the sideload will fail. The light at the end of the tunnel though, so to speak, is that both BlackBerry and Verizon are aware of it and come next week, there should be some resolution on the matter. Until then, we'll just have to wait it out and keep checking for updates.

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PSA: Verizon BlackBerry Z10 owners may not be able to install certain apps


Oh the humanity! Can we organize a march with pitchforks and torches (not the phones, I mean the sticks with fire) to demand the update from Verizon?

I don't know and can't test it cause I'm in Canada but know here if you got an unlocked z10(which some people claimed versions z10s were in the forums) and place another carriers sim card you you can update on I'd assume AT&T if you can use a sim card.

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Verizon uses a micro sim card for their 4g LTE Network, at least that's what my Verizon rep told me while he was hooking up my new Z10.

Actually Trelaina you're right. The tea partiers would be much more at home if you came after them with an automatic machine gun with at least 100 rounds in it than with a pitchfork - they are after all - True Americans!

Something needs to be done about the way the gesture to show the menu in android apps does not work on the Verizon Z10. Something crashes after a few seconds of running an app and after that, no buttons at the bottom of the screen and the gesture to shoe the bat does nothing :/

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Ya it doesn't allow me to use cell data, just wifi on commonly used sideloaded apps, even SpeedTest... not sure I understand if all the "fixes" were brought over, then why they have a different version. Very annoying!

Even though Verizon is holding me back with an old OS I still love the Z10. Can't wait for them to fix these issues next week. I need what's app!

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I know right? And I even keep getting notifications of use the charger that came with the device. Which I am

I am getting that same notification and when I charge it it takes about 8 hours to charge up from 30%. I went to Verizon but they won't do anything about it unless that notification shows up- but it is random! Going to call Verizon tech support.

Trust me, those of us running under Bell in Canada know the feeling. We had to wait longer for our update than those under Telus and Fido and Rogers.
It was fairly frustrating to see others in the forums talking about how their Z10 was working with the new update when you had to sit and wait.
I'm sure you will be updated quite soon, though. Not sure why the update wasn't readily available when I'm sure Verizon already had a copy of the new software some time ago to run their fingers through before releasing it.

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So, you're saying that soon BB will ignore the legal contracts they have with carriers which require that all OSes come from the carriers?

are you new to Blackberry? We've been installing leaked and alternate carrier OS updates for years. You just need to make sire the installer is compatible for your hardware version (ie the radios)

is it just me or the battery life sucks on the z10? is the update from 10.0.9 -> 10.0.10 the update that doubles its battery life? (i hope it is a yes)

the upgrades here in Canada and in Britain dramatically improved Battery life. It's now better than my old BB's ever were.

I have netflix side loaded. Buggy but it works! Also on Verizon and in very dire need to get latest update! I sure hope that not too many people return their Z10's over this but I am sure there will be several! Come on Verizon is it really that difficult to keep up? Can't wait for the stability and battery life improvements! I am assuming there are some performance tweaks in the update as well! Phone is wicked fast but has a few quirks.

Not cool at all. The hurdle BlackBerry faces in the U.S is lack of apps. Skype still not there Instagram...who knows when if ever and now the Z10 is stuck on an OS that won't allow users to download certain apps....sigh...not a big deal if your already a BlackBerry fan and committed but its a very big deal for people who are giving BlackBerry another shot.

"I thought they said it had Whatsapp?" "This is B.S I'm taking this garbage back!"
II thought Verizon was the one that was supposed to be behind BlackBerry more than the others? This is just very dumb IMO and there is no excuse for it.

Its a big deal for those who want to give  a shot again and don't read CrackBerry. For CrackBerry nation though...not so much.

Been there. After purchasing my Z10 from Fido in Canada had no luck downloading some newly released apps. Got a general OS upgrade from BB which helped and then my Carrier put out their OS upgrade and the problem disappeared. Too bad it's Easter weekend, it will slow down Verizon's response. The carriers need to respond to actual gaps in service and unfortunately have to wait to investigate & rebuild before releasing upgrades. It'll be worth the wait.

Today was my first real battery test. I used it heavily but wasn't constantly fiddling with things. Lots of pics, a few short video recording, Facebook chats, text, and several 2-6 min calls and it's been about 13hrs off the charger. I did not expect this battery life pre 10.0.10 update. I can't wait until after. Loving it by the way, best smartphone I have ever used! No complaints what so ever...except the lack of update from VZW

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Same for me. Similar usage pattern. Lasted from about 730am to 930pm with only a few mins charging in the car. I'm also on verizon. Will probably fiddle with app settings tomorrow.

My issue isn't about apps. It's about battery life and the ability to do a two way sync through us. I NEED MY TWO WAY SYNC WITH USA

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Those are my issues also plus no longer having a PB bridge I am told. Will not buy until those issues are resolved, if ever.

Reason this is going through the carrier is because their is a change to the radio stack (AFAIK). The problem with this is that BB should have gotten this update approved so that on launch weekend the notification for download would be available and it could be downloaded. This is just another misstep in US launch. I don't know whether it's BB, the US carriers, or both but this needs to be resolved and corrected for future releases.

Its Verizon taking their own sweet time doing anything. All the GSM carriers have tested and pushed the upgrade out. The sooner Verizon sees the light and turns to GSM like the majority of the world the better.

Will BB's hit and many times miss history, I can't lay the fault with Verizon. Until they start having better releases and such, BB will always get the initial blame.

To Ali Fardos, the update To 10.0.10 will greatly improve the battery life. Many people claim double and some triple the battery life of 10.0.9.

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The Verizon OS has many of the battery enhancements in it already. Just make sure you don't have eBay installed. It drains your battery even when it's not running; Just having it installed sucks battery.

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This is just another reason why BB should do OTA updates by passing the carriers. Is ridiculous we need to wait and hope our specific carrier decides to release certain updates to the OS.

Guys and gals, if you could change your carrier. They will get the message really quickly. Or not I don't know.

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Verizon also needs to let us drop down to 3G instead of constantly searching for 4G LTE. It would even be better if their coverage maps were accurate. Supposed to have coverage at work, but I'm lucky if I can manage a decent 3G signal.

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Yeah I'm not sure how to drop down to 3G. I went to the network page but can't tell whether switching it from global to one of the other settings does the trick.

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Is anyone else on Verizon having difficulty with the Kindle app? Gestures don't work for it. Looks like it is not updated for virtual keyboard.

Yep, you're not the only one. Sucks, because Kindle is my most used app. I've tried the BlackBerry World version, I've tried the sideloaded version. Both eventually stop responding to the downward swipe to get the buttons. Since I use the Kindle app for studying and reference purposes, the Z10's Kindle app is useless for me. Back on the GS3 until this gets fixed.

This is the kind of news that the haters FEED off of, the we the fans and the company get slammed on by the media.

BlackBerry your executives for usa région should seen this and taken note to avoid this. After all its part of provider testing which BlackBerry is made aware of.

Common guys!!

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Verizon be on that bs but it's a new system and I already had prepared myself for all the updates an bugs to be fix. I'm just glad I have my z10 in my hand instead of my iphone. Finally back team blackberry

White blackberry z10

Me too. Even though the Kindle app isn't working right now that won't stop me from using my BlackBerry. I love this device!

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Welcome to what it was like for us EE customers that waited for what seemed an eternity for the update. Especially when it other carriers had it released.

Surely there has got to be a better way of handling the updates.

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Thats a little unfair. EE was a week or so late but Verizon has had a fortnight longer than than lazy EE to push the update before its launch and they haven't.

Maybe Verizon is having the same issue as SaskTel? SaskTel hasn't pushed out the update as it causes issues when roaming between towers. They've decided to wait for the next major OS update due in April.

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@Blackberryleaks is saying that's been pushed back due to "features being included that there are complaints about". It's a crock.

Kind of disappointed that we still have to rely on Verizon for OS updates. Knowing them, we won't see an update for months.

I'm with T-mo and never had an issue finding available apps. Speaking of apps, did anyone find a workaround to Instagram? Resetting password through Facebook doesn't work for me either. It says it's unable to process my request and to try again at a later moment... WTF! When will this app be available in BBW???

Maybe try using the forget your password link instead? I had the same issue with Facebook trying to change the password because it had a special character that they didn't allow you to use anymore on new passwords.

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Three in the UK still haven't updated the OS which stopped me installing the Kindle app. The workaround I found was to put another carriers SIM in my Z10 and away I went. So don't think it's just certain US of A carriers that are behind the curve

What worked for me was to take sim out and connect via wifi and then do ota update works like a charm

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So much effort for over two years such an excellent product ( the Z10) so many hopes and expectations about BlackBerry company as a whole are plagued by amateurism at its worst form when it comes to this...

I'm really sad about all this. They could/should have been a lot more careful, especially when they are trying to get the most sophisticated and demanding users out there, cause that's exactly what they said they are targeting.
This is purely and exclusively BlackBerry's fault Some heads should roll at some point, sooner rather than later.

I just hope a couple of weeks from now all this is a bad memory and the BB10 devices will conquer the world! Cause they truly deserve it.

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What is wrong in the US. First AT&T doens't even know that they selling in the store. People has to ask for it and still sellers say they doesn't sell it or ask questions to customers what a Z10 is :). Now the biggest provider saying NO to an update because they want to test it, while T-Mobile and other providers has no problem what so ever. with the new OS. For me as outsider it looks weird and looks like they doesn't want to sell it or put any effort in it. Or is this just the American way? It has there LOGO on, so that is a big fail for them i quess or maybe they don't care?.

Here we go again, if its not one thing its another. I thought updates for the Z10 was going to be like the updates for the PlayBook.......straight from BlackBerry (RIM), thats one of the many reasons I purchased the Z10, so I wouldn't have to WAIT for carrier updates......meh

Everybody be patient, updates are coming soon, we don't want to put out a product until its ready . . . Stop me if you've heard that before . . .

My upgrade date is April 16th. But, I am seriously rethinking whether or not I want this phone. I have read hundreds of posts in these forums telling everyone how great this phone is, but also that it is a new OS so give them time to update it, or side load this app, or do this work around for your probklem. I have waited a long time for what was to be the ultimate device, but it is still not finished, we are, once again, merely beta testers. And, this is not just a carrier issue, it goes all the way back to Blackberry as well. I will wait another month, but if this device is not up to what it should have been when it came out, I will move on.

Now, even though I have been a BB customer for more than a decade, I know that negative comments or opinions are not permitted by the people on these forums, so you may all now proceed to tear me a new one.

I'm with ya...I was a BB customer in the past (coming back now) and have similar concerns. However, it seems like some people have had the device working just fine, so I don't think it's fair to say it's unfinished. Usually, the folks who have no problems are less vocal about it, whereas the folks with problems are more likely to post, in my opinion. It is a new OS, so the apps and improvements will come over time. I think some of the issues people have will definitely be fixed with updates (hopefully within the next month), but I totally get where you're coming from. I also would like to have the device released with everything just PERFECT right at the beginning, but in reality, that is never the case. I'm just glad the device is as solid as it is to start and it'll only get better with time.

When the iphone 4 was released (some might consider the iphone the ultimate device), it had all those problems with the antenna. The iphone 5 had the purple flare issue with the camera. What does Apple do? They blame the consumer for holding the phone wrong! lol My point is that every company will release products with problems. Sometimes the hardware problems are worse than the software problems.

I'm still getting the Z10 b/c the hardware is solid. My main concern is the battery drain, but I read that it's b/c people were sideloading certain offending apps. The latest OS update had apparently fixed the battery issue. Some folks have no issues with the battery despite being on the older OS, so who knows. We'll see if Verizon releases the latest OS update this coming week, but that should fix some of the app installation problems. Just hang in there! ;)

I have same feelings about this as you I was in a Verizon store and was about to buy the z10 (after owning 4 blackberry's ) and saw this post on crackberry and hearing that the Verizon bb doesn't have whatsapp yet I left without buying it and really starting to think about switching to another phone

Why did Blackberry wait till last to release it's flagship phone to such an important market as the US?. Anybody still not know the answer.

Everybody that is blaming BlackBerry for this take a look at other carriers across the USA and across the world...they have the updated version and they are working fine.

If Verizon spent a little more time on approving the software update and less on putting their logo on every corner of the device they wouldn't be in this mess.

Come on over to Tmo folks- device is updated, no contract, cheaper plans and service is great.

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It's not the end of the world ... oh no we have to wait a week to use a few apps whatever will we do! Verizon will fix the update they always Come through... and going to T-Mobile? people in the US know when it comes to cell service you get what you pay for... Verizon is rated the highest in customer service and coverage ill stick with them and lack a few apps lol

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Well to each their own. I've got great service on Tmo and paying much less than Verizon charges not to mention that we have the update. But hey, customer service is great to have :)

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If this is the truth what a joke!!! If i were Verizon customer i would be complaining lie crazy!!! But first off i would make sure its only a problem with there network

I've heard that Verizon provided a better push for the Z10 than the other two carriers combined, but it seems like each U.S. carrier launch was somehow tragically flawed. Glad to hear the devices are still selling somewhat well, though.

I hope the devices really are selling well. Although I know this is a very small sampling, I've been in three Southern CA stores and all three said they have only sold one or two each. Scary.

Hmm... isn't there leaked OS 10.0.10.x Software you guys can install until VzW is ready to release the update?

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What about those of us that got factory unlocked BB10 and still can't upgrade our phones os ? Why can't I get my updates directly from Blackberry itself. This is why I don't think I can last much longer on this platform. They haven't learnt much.

Haha, no. They never are. I was also surprised to see AT&T pushing the update out on time. They are usually just as bad as Verizon when it comes to updates.

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I'm very happy with my BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon, so what if I can't download a few apps. I was able to shut down my iPhone and turn on a BlackBerry. The problem has been addressed and going to be fixed.

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Seems like Verizon really has to get their asses moving, I have not had any of the issues listed in these posts, but then again I am in Canada and we got our updates I feel for you guys, but when you get the update hopefully things will be good. Hang in there guys and gals.

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Has anybody who has Verizon tried to update it by taking the sim card out and plug it to BlackBerry link... I need my banking apps badly no b of a no capital one.......

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VZN will also not sell ANY BB devices on their 65 plus plan or single line plan - want everyone to go share everything. Fortunately, AT&T has no restrictions so I ordered the Z10 through them.

You mean as an upgrade? I have a single line plan and they said I could upgrade, keep my single line plan with limited text, but change my data. I havent decided what I'm going to do yet... buy it off contract or cave.

I tried it to install WhatsApp on my Verison Z10 and saying Unavailible for this device. In order to install I need to have software Release (OS Version or later. When i do a update check on my Z10< it tell me I have the latest which is What can I do to get it working?

You just have to wait for Verizon to release the update (supposedly in the next week hopefully)...I wonder if they're still testing to make sure it runs ok first.

It's unavailable for you b/c the WhatsApp app is checking to see if you have the latest OS version, and right now you don''s in Verizon's hands...

I found that if you pull the battery after the os update things go pretty smooth. New features were active only after the battery pull.

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It not BlackBerry's fault, people come down! Verizon is the one screwing up,some people always trying to blame BlackBerry! It those bad us carriers!

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All these people talking about battery issue with the z10! Man mine works fine,z10 battery life is better than iphone or samsung!Damn US carriers finding a way to sabotage blackberry! Instead of whinning to blackberry! complain to your bad us carriers !Hello tech support you stink!

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I like the way some of these people whine and blame BlackBerry! Try going to iphone or android they are the worst at updates! Just some people trying to find something wrong with the z10! Typical! Now go back and run to iphone or android,You bunch of Babies.

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BB-Bmore you babie I'm crying because it doesn't have( what's up) you clown it does have what's up! Come down people the big apps are coming! So impatient Damn! Go back to awful iphone or android! Hello to the new blackberry users,wake up people its a new OS it takes time to populate app world!man some of these people are dumb!

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so far I only can use a few sideloads...this sucks but I'll try to hold off on updates..Verizon I can't get it to work but a friend of mine use AT&T but his app works "Blackberry Z10"

Wow....seems there are a lot of non-Verizon customers bitching about Verizon. My upgrade isn't for a few weeks yet, but when I checked out the Z10 at my local Verizon store, I thought the device was well presented and the rep I spoke with was very knowledgeable and positive about the device. As for service, I've never had a coverage problem, and any problems I've ever had were dealt with quickly and efficiently by competent and pleasant people. EVERY time. This is not the kind of service I hear about from others on other carriers and I have 6 lines on my account and have had 12 devices so far. I'll take CDMA over GSM every time.

That explains why I couldn't download whatsapp or 360 panorama. And my battery is terrible. Hoping for the update soon.

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This is just another reason I switched to Android! Bb has a serious problem which is not being addressed. My tour9630 was a real work horse which I loved and when the track ball malfunctioned in Nov of 2012 I looked at BB devices but all were behind other products on the market. After reading how BB10 was a mini playbook I knew I wanted to stay away from it (I have two playbook and constantly have problems with frozen screens and many other issues to numerous to mention) and not wait for its release. I hope BB can recover but it doesn't look good. BB may want to refocus and determine if it wants to be a software or hardware company and only focus on one, not both.

BB10 is similiar to the Playbook in that they both run QNX....Thats about it. Love my Z10. My playbook seems like a turtle compared to it. Why do you think soo many people cant wait for the playbook to get BB10?

Battery is horrible even after update. I notice most people's comments "carrying around charger" or I turn everything off them I'm OK. What's the point in that. I brought mine back hope the q10 will last longer having a bigger battery than z 10 with a smaller screen size

Don't they have an App for the Z10 that will kill running apps and free up memory, similar to the ones made for Android smartphones??

Makes me laugh how some of these people trying BlackBerry for the first time! Moan and cry about how the battery doesn't last , or the OS is not as good! Ok like the iphone or android are any better they are the worst I ever had,I had both, terrible phones! I have to say but the z10 best phone I ever had!some people can't except change! This is what we call non believers!z10 is a great phone,but some these douchbags,don't want to admit it!loyalist to apple and Google! Too bad!

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Some of the people moaning and crying about how the phone isn't perfect! Ok people its a new OS calm down! When iphone came out in 2007 it had a lot of bugs it was terrible ,same thing with android!Ok now to people that have a brain why don't you check the QNX website the company behind the BB10 OS!this company leaves apple and android in the dust!

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i ended up having to go back to my gnex because i could not get spotify sideloaded to work and the activesync email doesn't support smime encryption. Really Rim? Even the iphone does that natively...I want to love the z10, i really do. I even preordered the z10 in white the second it was available, but i cant even read my work email on it. Please BB, make it work at least as well as the competition, i want to take the z10 out of my work back and use it again.

((I want my money back )), now we are in 4/3/2013 !! So when the update will come, I kno ppl they get it in 3/10/2013 for God sake !! But diffrent carrier like :(

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I agree we are nearing the end of the week and still no update! Come on Verizon! What is the hold up! BlackBerry is going to take the heat for this and I'm fairly certain that it's Verizon's fault!

Verizon always seems to lag behind other providers in providing far-reaching updates. Their justification is that they're taking the time to ensure that it's as seamless as possible. It comes down to what you're willing to believe - and pay for. I stick with VZW because for how I live and travel, they provide the best network coverage. I'm not saying that their coverage is the best - just the best FOR ME. Other than that, there should be no reason to stick with VZW if you prefer to have your updates quickly. Well there's the contract bit - but that's a choice we make, no?

If you read the linked Twitter conversation you can tell that the release of an update is not stated, but rather that "fixes" were being applied.

Further in the conversation, a BB10 dev asks about the situation of having two "platforms" to target: 10.0.0 and 10.0.10. When asking which to target, @MichaelClewley responds that "you need to target both."

The fixes are application level rather than OS release.