PSA: Read this before you click on that BlackBerry ID email

BlackBerry Report Spam
By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2012 11:45 am EDT

As BlackBerry users it's not often we need to be on the lookout for a virus or malware (although you should always be careful) but according to there is a fake email circulating regarding BlackBerry ID. The email is a dead-on copy of a legit one from RIM starting out "To enjoy the full benefits of your BlackBerry ID, please follow the instructions in the attached file." but carries an attachment that you don't want to mess with. If you get an email like this anytime soon, your best bet is to delete it unless you know for sure it's legit. Yeah, just delete it :-)

We're not sure just how many users are getting the email, but if you do be sure to drop a comment letting us know!

Source: Net-Security Via: N4BB 



never seen one of these yet but ive never accepted attachments from anyone lol got a super high junk filter list


Love how the email from Crackberry is being reported as spam


I havent gotten the email and yesterday there was an BlackBerry Proctect update from the App World. Maybe RIM is on top of this already.


Thanks for the "Heads Up."


Purchased my 2nd PB back in April. Something is amiss for sure cause I just got the following email:

"Congratulations on the purchase of your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Tablet. In order to be eligible to receive ninety (90) days of complimentary technical support, you are required to complete the registration process. Please click on the link below and read and agree to the terms and conditions for support.


That's a valid website and email! You should register the PlayBook to get that free support


Registered it the day I bought it. Now the micro USB charging port is damaged so it only charges using the desktop cradle. Called RIM - Oops! "We're sorry, you are outside your 90 day window".


You should still have a 1 yr warranty. I'd keep callin!


I haven't received it.


if its suspicious, DON'T BOTHER and DELETE.. BLACKBERRY PROTECT is the most awesome SECURITY known to MEN.


no problems here.
didn't got this email....


Curious, I've had an 8310, a 9700, a 9800, and a 9810, but I've never seen the "Report Spam" in the dropdown list for Messages. Is that something you have to enable and where do you set it?


Gmail account. Don't think yahoo has this on BB


I've seen one of that mail in junk mails i believe, thanks for always updating


To clarify, this won't do anything to your BB if you open it on your BB. You have to open it on your Windows desktop.


So is that from personal experience :)


So is that from personal experience :)


I wonder which account is coming in on.


Is it necessary for every blackberry owner to comment on this post that they "didnt" get that email? Just saying.....

FYI... I DIDN'T get the email (lol)


Yep... still no email like that!!!


So the important question -- what does it DO to one's phone?


Yes, just wondering if the attachment is loaded with some kind of "executable code" or "Script" that BB devices somehow recognize and run automatically? I know that sometimes you can get your BB to automatically open AppWorld to a specific app, if it opens a website that has a properly formed appworld link.

Or is the attachment simply a "social-engineering" type of exploit, or "phishing" attack where it asks you to enter password and user information?

Any clue on the nature of the attachment and what it will do on your BB phone?


And what should one do if you think you've downloaded a corrupt ID?!?!? Any suggestions I think my wife has had this happen on her torch.


You cannot "download" BlackBerry ID, only the .cod file is corrupt. Reload the OS to replace it.