PSA: Microsoft Office Mobile won't work on the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2014 06:14 pm EDT

Earlier, Microsoft announced that their Microsoft Office Mobile was going free on Android and iOS while ditching the need for a subscription in order to use it for 'view-only' purposes. Since then, we've had people emailing us and letting us know that since Android apps can run on BlackBerry 10, we should post about it or asking if it works on the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime.

To save folks some time in trying it, we put it to the test on three different devices, (Z10, Q10 and Z30) all on the latest OS and sadly, it doesn't work as it should. The app loads up fine and you can make your way through the process of logging into your account but that's where it stops and starts producing some errors.

If you're still wanting to give it a go though, you can download it using Snap or check in the CrackBerry Forums where the APK file has been posted for download.

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PSA: Microsoft Office Mobile won't work on the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime


"Earlier, Microsoft announced that their Microsoft Office Mobile was going free on Android and iOS while ditching the need for a subscription in order to use it."

Just to be clear about this - it's free as a *viewer*, you need 0365 subscription for editing capabilities.

Actually it's only the tablet version (iPad only) that is free as a viewer. The phone-only android app and the iPhone app will edit without a subscription now. The problem is that you need to log into or create a free one drive account, and that's where the android apps hang on blackberry. If there was a way around that, then you would have all of the functionality of office and one note that windows phones have. (limited formatting, but file creation and editing are possible all without the paid subscription)

I've had the idea with One Note to take the files from an Android device that has logged in and download working files, but haven't tried it yet.

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I'm thrilled with docs to go personally. It does everything I need on the go. And recent updates have made it even better.

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I agree, what is the main benefits of having this on our devices? I love Docs to Go and the standard email I use it great. Would love to know what I would get with Microsoft Office Mobile.

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I just made finished a word doc on Words 2010. Everything looks great, until I email it to myself and open it on my phone with Docs to Go. Margin somehow increased on its own that made my doc narrow, there's no way to fix it. My table outline is visible and no way to hide it. I can't add a row or delete a column.

So to me, Docs to Go is useless.

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Agreed that Docs to go has its short comings but by no means is it a full functioning document editor. Whit that said, I would rather have docs to go to edit a few things in a document rather than just a viewer.

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Really, who is going to create a full document on their phone? I fully embrace the mobile office, but recognize the need for a large screen and full capabilities to properly work with documents and other professional files.

As for saying that Docs to Go us useless because of one issue, that reminds me of the kid who has a temper tantrum because his choo-choo won't go.

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I dream of never carrying my laptop again. Z30 with separate HDMI/USB and USBtogo capabilities is the best hardware for this. Android phones have pretty universally subscribed to MHL which I hate. For me to not carry my laptop my Blackberry needs to be able to have equivalent functionality, so that's one reason I want 'full' desktop capabilities, because yes I do occasionally need to build Excel and would prefer it to format correctly...

I agree that some functionality is limited with Docs to Go and it's understandable how you would want to edit some Excel and Word documents. I use Docs to Go as no more than a viewing and light editing on my BlackBerry. I do carry a Surface Pro that is my personal and work computer so I'm covered in that sense. For the person that dreams of carrying one device I understand the argument, hopefully we will see support sooner rather than later.

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WHat's wrong with DocToGo? For one thing, very few special characters show, its missing tons of font sets, it doesn't display equations, it doesn't display embedded diagrams.

KingSoft Office actually is actually a more feature-rich Word document editor -- BUT -- it is very buggy, especially with zooming (parts of the page tend to dissapear after a zoom) and editing text sometimes causes the most bizarre behaviour (old words you typed appearing out of nowehere when you hit the backspace key, etc...)

We need a better document editing solution on BB.

Exactly. Why we need MS $$ bloat-ware? When we can do more with less. I love docs to go. the other day, I was in need of writing a document in a hurry, so, I started docs to go for the first time. To my astonishment, my productivity were higher than writing on a full blown MS Office. So, after completing that document I exported to the Ms Word to just do the printing job. Amazing App.

Does it matter? I have the 365 subscription and I can do whatever I want to my files in One Drive. $99/yr and I upgraded our 3PCs and Macbook to the current Office and I can access all the files on my Z30. I don't get what the wooha is all about.

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This is where BlackBerry is lacking. I think ever since the 10.2 update people sort of forgot about BlackBerrys app situation. I love everything about BB10 my only problem is the app area is sorely lacking. Even though we have snap and can download some android apps, it doesn't make up for the fact that we're missing so many apps and even the ones we can download lag or have other issues.
BlackBerry has a lot of catching up to do in the app world.

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Formatting errors happen one too many times, and usually during the most critical times...

Yeah we heard that a couple of million times over. And with BlackBerry there is always an option (now)

From my White Z30

JamesIV, eventually everything will be web-enabled. And I believe this not because BB can force it to happen, but because Google is pushing it. Blackberry needs to continue to maintain the market leading browser experience and avoid the 'appification' of everything if you ask me.
Blackberry will, however, need to figure out a way to secure some kind of access to Google Services, even if that be sold to end users separately from the purchase of Blackberry phones.

I wonder if anything has changed or will change with 10.3?

The android runtime has been updated so who knows... even if it doesn't work now, i'm curious to see how the Android runtime evolves as 10.3 gets closer to release...

Yes, I was noticing this with the OneNote app...hate that they won't work!

Hopefully MS Office launches on BB10 one day though.

Definitely a troll. I read his history of posts. Should be kicked off here. Not one decent comment and I am all for criticism but that's not why he's here.

Not as sad as your comment. Hey have antivirus on your phone? Oh ya you probably do cause its a open source hole for malware junk!

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

They really should make it a priority to work on BB10 since plenty of business types will go for the 365 subscriptions and still lots of business types have BB's.

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agree. I have O365 for my small business would really like to get this to work. At the very least OneNote. I still like the functionality of my Z10 over windows phone or android, my solution so far has been keeping Z10 for calls/emails and tablet for the ecosystem. But if they don't improve the business ecosystem by next year I'll probably jump ship

I also use office 365. Try logging in via the browser. I'm able to use sites, and my access app from my phone that way. Email, doesn't need an app. Excel and word, don't need an app.
The browser gets recognized as a mobile device, and most things work really well right from the browser. Z30 works great this way.

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BlackBerry gave Microsoft BBM. The least we should get is this.

Not that I would actually use it though. The native word software on BB10 is absolutely fantastic. I use it to type up my papers for school all the time.

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I was wondering why everyone was so excited. Docs to Go does what I need. I would love access to my Onenote though. Or integrate Onenote into Remember.

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Well, Office is more valuable as tool than BBM; So, tit for tat does not come into play here. Blackberry got Skype and OneNote from Microsoft - both still more valuable than BBM.

There isn't anything that Blackberry could offer to Microsoft/Windows/Windows Phone users that would be equal in value as Office. Still, Microsoft may consider giving the gift of an Office app to Blackberry users at some point in time...who knows.

Yes I subscribe to 365 but cannot login successfully. However it is easy to use word and excel on bb10 and onedrive so I have not really felt disadvantaged

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What????? A Microsoft product poorly coded? No way!!!

In all seriousness, I wouldn't find it necessary. I have "Docs to Go" built in to BB10, and only use my desktop box for full on document creation.
As awesome as the BB10 typing / word prediction is (and it is awesome), I will always be able to type 10x faster on a full keyboard.

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Although I didn't say it in the post, that was exactly my thought. The Android app is garbage anyway, to think it would work even on Android properly is pushing it. Most of the comments on Google Play are about how bad it sucks on Android.

Microsoft just seems to suck so bad at coding.....I honestly have very little faith in them making anything of quality these days tbh.

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Not true at all. Microsoft is one of the few companies that release exceptionally built software on a regular basis. (I am only talking about software built for for desktop) The only people who don't seem to think so are non-users who are still living in the past.

I have a windows 8.1 laptop( a thousand dollar one) and its just not that great. I regret it tbh.

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Windows 7 is great.

Windows 8 is a failed experiment in merging desktop and tablet OS's. It seems to be well coded, it's just that the whole idea behind the user interface is a disaster.

Hopefully Windows 8.1 fixes some of the most egregious usability issues in Windows 8.

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There are still many issues....but little things bug me like right clicking on files seems to take longer on windows 8.....its just poorly coded imho.

Windows 7 was solid agreed.

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Until now I haven't seen any of Microsoft mobile apps that work really well in any mobile platform except windows, Microsoft's way they sleep for years and then they catch up after couple of years!!

Docs to go works just as well. BlackBerry may just want to do some updates on some features and all is good. Plus. I think BlackBerry owns docs to go...

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typical apologist reply. Don't like what you can't get? I'm sure many who aren't rabid fanboys care and care a lot.

Rabid fanboy? That's a new one...

But are definitely problems with this Microsoft thing, even if the android version ran perfectly on bb10. No flick typing would make it very frustrating to use. (side note: now that I'm accustomed to flick typing, I'll never be able to go back). And so far as I can tell, docs to go does the same thing: I work on something on my phone, plug it into my desktop, continue where I left off an vice versa. I can't imagine why you would need something more than that. Docs to Go is a terrific solution to the "lack" of this Microsoft app.

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Instead of just name calling, why not provide a more concrete argument, and tell us "rabid fanboys" what Microsoft Office Mobile can do which Docs-To-Go can't?

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D2G cannot save documents as pdf files, and cannot insert images into documents. These two features are very important to me.

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Didn't your mom tell you to put away your toy and go to bed yet?

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

Why would anybody want to install that android app? What can it do that the BlackBerry office can't?

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View different office files without risking a formatting error... happens too many times.

This! Open Office user for some time now.
Also throwing Evernote in the mix which works great for text. IMHO if you need to edit complex Excel sheets on the go you are doing it wrong.

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Open Office or LibreOffice? I used Open Office until they split and have been using LibreOffice ever since. It just seemed like Open Office was standing still compared to the team at LibreOffice.

just get the Docs To Go to be improved and we're good to go.

We are BBRY nation, we are a NICHE nation, be proud of it!


Thanks Bla1ze. Where would I be without CB? I looked at this and wondered. You saved me time and frustration. I really do pretty well with Docs to Go.

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I don't care about MS Office. It's going to become less and less relevant with things like Docs To Go and Open Office.

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Open Office and Docs to Go have been around for many years. They are no threat to Office.

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I'm beginning to think that being a blackberry supporter is diagnostic of suffering from a delusional disorder. The only thing that matters regarding this announcement is that, yet again, there is a major application - sorry deniers, Microsoft is a still a major player on the market and MS Office is still a major software package in the eyes of the vast majority of businesses and individuals - that Blackberry phones don't have access too. The public sees, yet again, there is another application which can be done on every other single phone on the planet except, naturally, Blackberry. And why is that Blackberry phones don't sell? Oh yeah, because of the perception that there are no applications for it. And this is just another example that supports this idea in the minds of the public. Good lord, we don't even have a OneDrive app yet!

I don't care if you don't like Microsoft. I don't care if you think that Office is garbage. Your personal hatred and bias against Microsoft is irrelevant. What truly matters is that we all should be making noise, loudly, to Microsoft, indicating that we want their apps brought over, natively, to Blackberry devices. Why? Because the alternative is yet another reason for people to stay from Blackberry. And that, in the long run, will all but destroy this company.

I don't know you and am giving you the benefit of the doubt, but you are wearing out your welcome.

Tone it down or get reported.

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He is stating what he thinks and your comment is unwelcome. Let the public decide whether it is true or false?.

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How do we tell a company to dip port it's competitor though? I can live with Microsoft obviously wishing blackberry was dead... and I can understand developers don't wanna develop for four OS. but what drives me mad is the public doesn't realize how shitty it will be if there ever is just two or three phone OS companies... can you imagine a world with three car manufacturers, no innovation, no incentive to provide service... what is it gonna take to get apps developed for all the ecosystems? does the government have to enforce it?

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I watched the webinar video for this Android app, and pretty much Docs to Go does everything it can do. The "jump to header" is kinda nice, but it's something that could probably be implemented in an update. Docs to Go actually has an advantage on BB10 as it has the BBM screen share function built in.

So in the end they both do the same things, but it would still be better if it was available in BlackBerry World. I don't care about being able to run the Android app because Docs to Go is going to run better.


Just wanted to add something and what the company spokesman for Data Wizard says about Office Mobile.

Google and Microsoft are "using their office suite as a hook to sell/promote a different service (SkyDrive and an Office 365 subscription for Microsoft, Google Drive and Google Apps for Google). We don't want people to have to hitch themselves to one wagon," according to Coup.

So you can see what the motives might be for Microsoft. Docs to Go is the better choice.


If I'm going to do some hardcore programming then I would need a bigger ram, but this app could have done the trick if vba was included.

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

There are plenty of apps. Aside from that fact, a BlackBerry 10 device is pretty much ready to go out of the box for productivity. So, the old app gap BS hardly matters when a person can get pretty much everything done using just BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry apps.

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Well I don't really need any Microsoft crApp on my phone. In fact I know need a keyboard and mouse and the usb hub (which I carry on me all the time) to do my college work in my Z30. Oh and box too :p
With those, I don't need No pc to do my stuff. Sure on a pc would be way faster, but nothing like on-the-go

From my White Z30

Docs to go gets better with every update.
BlackBerry keep the updates coming. Docs to go, Maps, Voice control.

Microsoft no matter how many updates they put out, theirs always kinks in it. Vista, windows 8, 8.1 it goes on and on.

It's about time they should be replaced.

BlackBerry Lead

Do not Follow

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And as usual, BlackBerry is shoved under the carpet. What is the sense of having a business phone, if you cannot use windows products on it?

Hello there BlackBerry.....get your act together.

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Tried converting & side loading to PB but it didn't work. It didn't even get as far as installing. =(

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After bringing BBM to Windows Phone?

Microsoft should stick to being a software company & stop being part of the problem - the problem being device makers trying too hard bury each other.

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interesting.....having "Microsoft" and "Work" in the same sentence.......but, least it had "won't" in between there....there is always some caveats with Microsoft and their horrific ecosystem.......i'll keep my Mac OS on my computer and Blackberry as my phone and tablet.......(anyone remember the "Microsoft Works" software? guess died....)

I find it a bit strange that Google is still allowing a easy way to access the play store on a non android phone. Using the complete eco system of a android on a non android device .

I'm a bit scared that Google is going to change that in the near future.

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No they won't. Simply because Google loves the open source of Android but what they allow in the open source form of Android is only enough to make you want the full service of Android. Look at it this way, yeah BB users were finally able to get some of the apps Android users have but they can't get them all because they need Google play services or full Android to take advantage. Issues like the present one is the truth in the pudding while BB fanboys may be able to rationalize themselves to sleep tonight, teetering users who need or want this app may have found a reason to fully leave.

The problem I see more likely to happen is BB getting too caught up in emphasizing Android app support that they forget that not every app is supported and that native is still the better route and it weakens their developer desire to bring apps directly to BB. Unless they are planning to fully embrace Android with a BB UI overlay I don't see any positive in the long run.

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I really wish you guys could see how you look rationalizing this situation by comparing an inferior product that is docs to go to Office. It's almost comical but in reality it's sad because in the end with all the important and great strides that BlackBerry has manage to accomplish the most glaring issue of app deficiency is smack dab right in the center of the conversation AGAIN.

Instead of putting down the Android app calling it poorly coded because it won't work on an OS that's only giving you some of Android how about you write/email/tweet to Microsoft demanding a proper native app? That's how we use to do it when I was an avid BB user (minus the tweet part) why can't you people do it now? It may not get you an app as soon as tomorrow but it'll definitely let Microsoft know it doesn't have time to twiddle is thumbs.

The Blackberry community sure has become a bunch of stagnant whiners.

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Sometimes android apps are useless for blackberry. Why would I want an office app read-only while I have a full functioning compatible docs to go? Please androïdes, have some mercy on us common people, you and your useless apps.

Powered by Blackberry

Doc's to Go is great, perhaps MS did something to this version of MS Office to somehow mess up and make it less compatible with Doc's to Go.

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I'm glad the Microsoft Office suite is finally available for iPad. I now have it on my iPad and of course my computer. It's not a big deal for me to use it on my Blackberries. So no complaints from me regarding the Android (SDK) issue.

These words are brought to you by my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10

I recently made a post trying to get Office Mobile to work. I finally caught up to this post. I still wish the app would work. I read some of the comments here (and elsewhere) and figured I'd post a comment. People forget able the BB browser, it seems. I use Office online, Paypal, Instagram, and other online mobile sites, and save them to my homesceen as if they were an app like: Office, Analytics, Google, Youtube, and others. (Many of the apps in the app store are just interfaces that open mobile versions of an online link. I remember buying a $7.99 app for my playbook thinking it was the greatest photo editor I had on my Playbook, then later found out it was nothing more then a link to a mobile site. I even emailed the developer at one point hoping they would add it for BB10 before I realized, "oh, you can just log onto a mobile url". It looked exactly like the app, except it was free). I have come across many apps like this and you can get the same thing by going to the mobile site and save the link to your home screen, shorten the name, hell even call it an "app". It will show a pretty icon and you'd never tell the difference, (or bookmark, I know it seems simple, right?). I'm just saying apps can be good, and many make life easier, but for some people it seems like hard work just to go to a site (instagram, Office, or any). I do understand that app developers do help make an easier interface for many apps, and some people have limited data, I'm just saying I love my BB and if there's not "an app for that" there's usually a mobile page. Even though BB is making more apps available, and being able to download and install .apk's is a good thing just don't forget you still have a web browser.