PSA: Meebo shutting down mobile IM clients, including BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2012 08:55 pm EDT


Honestly, I'm not sure how many users Meebo may have gained on the BlackBerry platform but if you're among them, you should know that Meebo will no longer be supporting their mobile IM clients as of July 11th, 2012. Meebo was recently acquired by Google and as such, they'll pulling all support but allowing users to download their chat history if they do so wish. If you need to collect your chat logs for whatever reason, you can hit the Meebo site for access.

Source: Meebo

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PSA: Meebo shutting down mobile IM clients, including BlackBerry


Wow Really? thats too bad I didnt have a lot of friends using it but the few times I did use it I really liked it.

It'll be ok. This one is for pretty much everyone. As quoted from their site:
"All Meebo Mobile Apps (shutting down July 11th, 2012)
This includes our iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps. "

I'm sorry to see Meebo go, it worked very well on so many platforms, shame on Microsoft err... Google for 'not being evil' *cough* *cough* and somehow -- in Google's opinion -- not stifling competition, this must have been another one of Al Gore's 'brilliant' ideas.

I lived without it before today and I'm pretty sure I'll still be ok without it tomorrow. btw we shouldn't hate Google for making strategic decisions. All companies do it.

@plafayette, disliking a company's acquisition of another one which appeared to be a rival does not equate to "hate" or hatred of/for the company (in this case Google,) it seems that the term 'hate' and its derivatives are used nilly-willy nowadays without regard to its actual meaning and usually in disregard of the context and details of a specific topic.

Google has from its inception preached its mantra of 'don't be evil,' the obvious implication is that its corporate behavior should not replicate what its founders and board members consider to be the evil(s) of corporate/capitalist enterprises, much negative criticism has been leveled against Microsoft by Google based on its aforementioned mantra. I find it ironic that today's Google seems to be replicating what it purportedly claimed it would refrain from doing, I like Google in general, I use many of its products and services, that does not exempt or insulate Google from my criticism whenever the company does something that appears to be ironically the opposite of its self chosen mantra.

Businesses change and evolve. Not every company's mantra fits its business model as the company evolves with the marketspace. Pivoting from a company's mantra is nothing new. (ie: Subway, a company that promoted a healthy lifestyle, but then sold all sorts of fatty foods in conjunction to their "healthy" foods). People do come to this site and hate on other mobile brands. People also come here and hate on BB. I'm a college educated person. I don't need a lesson on which descriptive words to use and where to use them tyvm. Love it or hate it, it's all just business.

Apple bought up the supply chain for a lot of the components used in its product line for strategic purposes. That's just business. Google buying out a company, RIM buying QNX, for strategic purposes, is just business. That's my point. And yes, people on all sides will hate on these companies because of strategic moves. You don't have to like it.