PSA: Don't sign out of Instagram or you'll be right back where you started

If you have Instagram on your BlackBerry Z10, don't sign out or you won't be able to sign in again!

Instagram BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2013 02:45 pm EDT

Just a quick PSA today regarding that sideloaded Instagram you may or may not be using. Users across the board are reporting that if you sign out for any reason, you most likely won't be able to sign in again. This means if you remove the app or try to load it up on a different device, you may be flat out of luck. The version that works on the BlackBerry Z10 is a bit outdated and users are receiving an error message when trying to log in. 

The message states:

Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app in the Play Store to log in to Instagram.

Some users have said that closing out the app entirely by performing a long press on the X (tap and hold) and restarting has done the trick, a few others have snuck in after a few reboots. So try what you can if you're having this issue and be sure to let us know if anything works out.

Now of course this could be some tricky doings by Instagram to prevent BlackBerry users from accessing the app, or it could just be bad timing since the latest version is far ahead of this one. Either way, if you have Instagram loaded up already, make sure you don't sign out or you'll be out of luck until another solution - or an official version - comes along.

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PSA: Don't sign out of Instagram or you'll be right back where you started


My very thought while reading this. The speculation is it will come with the USA launch, and I guess we have that going for us next...

In BlackBerry's defense... Microsoft is a minority owner of Facebook, and Windows Phone doesn't have an app. So, I'm not sure it's BlackBerry's fault.

Without side loaded apps then we wouldn't have as many apps. Better to have a non native version than no app at all.

I wish someone can explain the logistics behind the scene that would allow a native Facebook app, but not a native Instagram app. Is there something that we don't know? It's almost seems like folks over there want the z10 to fail. Were they paid for this to happen? I would love to know. Even though I don't have instagram, it's a huge draw for folks in the phone market.

I understand the part built into the hub is made by BlackBerry but the actual app is the old Android HTML app that everyone disliked on Android., ported to BB10

Well, first, BlackBerry built the Facebook app as others have said -- but Facebook consulted or whatever. Basically they took the HTML5 code from the old iOS/Android apps (before both were rewritten to be native) and put them in a container for BB10 and maybe added some native UI elements.

While owned by Facebook, Instagram is its own team. It is 20 people. They don't have the resources to do a Windows Phone port from what I understand, and you better believe Microsoft has a much better relationship with Facebook than BlackBerry every will.

It's not a giant conspiracy against your platform, it's the reality of trying to maintain a huge product with a small team.

It probably doesn't help when in addition to the official apps, the support team now has to contend with people using a hacked copy of the software distributed outside of official means and spread across the Internet. Shit, I'd plug that version hole too -- if only for security.

Well is it me or does it seem very short sighted to only have 20 people working on a mobile Application that is as popular as Instagram is?

I feel bad for saying this - but I really don't understand what sideloading is. All I know is it's Android running on a BalckBerry.

It's basically an unofficial Android app that has been loaded onto the Z10 outside of BlackBerry World. It has not been tested and verified by BlackBerry and most probably not sent to BlackBerry by the developers yet.

There has got to be some kind of under the table business going on here... how long has it been, and how many excuses do they have to come up with to keep avoiding the fact that there is something just not right about how BlackBerry, and ultimately we as users, are being treated unfairly and purposely shunned by developers!!!

There has got to be a way we can file for some type of investigation for the blatant disregard for BlackBerry and it's user base! I am really getting sick of being pushed aside because of the device I CHOOSE to use!!

Sorry for the rant, but it had to be said.

I agree 200% with you, seems like there are developers out there that refuse to build an app although its proven already that BB10 will succeed!

Indeed. I remember with my Playbook on day one Hulu worked just fine, it was great, but by the end of the week suddenly "BlackBerry is not supported". It worked just fine and they had to go out of their way just to turn it off for BlackBerry..

I agree, these are the worst kind of haters. It is one thing not to port your app-no matter how easy it may be to do so. It is another thing altogether to willfully go out of your way to make something that worked, not work.


If they did this because there is to be a native app soon, then this is not a big deal. BerryReview also has an article discussing that very possibility. We should know soon. I don't use the app myself so I am not sure what kind of impact a few days without it could represent.

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Doesn't really make sense to me since if they had a native app, then everyone would switch to the native app without much persuasion.

I can sign in and out my instagram. The trouble i am facing is putting up pictures. If I take a picture from the instagram photo I can load it, but if it is a picture someone has sent me or I have taken it through my phone camera i cannot upload it it will say "Force close"

Could in be that the owners or developers of instagram and Netflix are shorting the stock and not making the apps to win big on the stock rather than make the apps and lose big on the stock?

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Yesterday is the last time I signed in and out. Also I have deleted the app off my device and re installed it a couple of times to fix the issue with the pictures but it did not work lol. I downloaded the app through apps.goodereader maybe a week ago.

Never used instagram, not going to start now. Don't care much about Facebook either, if they won't support my device of choice, I don't support them. Opens the door to new players.

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I'm pretty sure the ppl at instagram were like pH crappy they figured out a way. Then they tracked down the app version and put a stop to it.

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Hopefully we will see a native app soon, I'm yet to use Instagram on any device, want to see what all the fuss is about.

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no amount of reboots or long presses makes a difference
That was the first thing I tried before I reported this early yesterday afternoon. If the app version is out of date, these approaches can not make it up to date.

You're right Allan, Facebook native for BB10 is terrible. You can't even view it/photos horizontally. Also, it always shows me old posts. I only use it for notifications, then use the browser page or sideload to actually use FB.

What a shame, I hope IG makes a native app for us soon! I just don't get why they're not doing it already :(

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For those who think its Instagram targeting BB maybe it is. But what I can tell you is I used an inverted instagram app based on an older version on my android but yesterday I got the same message. So maybe they just want users to upgrade their IG app. Who knows..

100 Million morons use this app and it draws a lot of attention. I for one don't get it, nor will i ever use it. But BlackBerry should really make a deal with these companies to be paid apps on their app store. All numbers show that BlackBerry users WILL pay for apps. Its rare to find a BB user who bitches about a .99 app. So, make Instagram .99 to buy on BBWorld. On a side note, I cant fathom why THIS would be a deciding factor for anyone when it comes to purchasing a phone. There are 100's if not 1000's of apps that do exactly what Instagram does. Is your life so glamorous that you feel the need to not only share your breakfast on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Flicker, Tumbler but not Instagram too?... Enough!

@Driftdreams - Since you say "I for one don't get it, nor will i ever use it." then how do you know "There are 100's if not 1000's of apps that do exactly what Instagram does." There are not. Also, for any app, if it's free on one or more platforms, it should be free on all.

Rise above ignorance.

Ignorance?... You got "ignorance" from what i wrote?... There are PLENTY of apps that are free and cost on other platforms (FACT)... and I know Instagram is a photo edit app... just like many others that I've used before (which is what i meant). Come at me right when you try to address me again. Especially if your gonna speak of things you clearly know NOTHING about.

Rise above your idiocy

it's not just a photo filtering app, it's another form of social networking. That's the main reason people want it, not the filter or edit functions, but the social functions. I don't have any means to use Instagram, because I have been able to go this long without the app on any of my BlackBerrys since the app has been available, but IMHO it's just another piece of the overall puzzle that would help bring BBRY back into any kind of regular prominence if it were available in a good native app.

@Driftdreams Yes, ignorance is about right! You clearly don't know what Instagram is all about, it's a Social Network, that's why it's so popular.

Lower your head in shame

That's a real douchebag comment mate. You haven't tried it but you know there are loads of other apps that do the same thing. For your information there are any apps like it. That's why there are 100 million people on it.

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Why sign out of Instascam anyway? I don't sign out of any apps, except financial ones, on my BB. But CB10 app automatically signs me out all the time, which infuriates me. Instascam still working well enough though for me.

I haven't gone back and re-read the post, but I'm assuming the way it was worded, Kevin will NEVER have to buy someone a new car... unless BlackBerry goes under. After all, "it's coming"... at some point.... right? :)

It's not the editing its the social aspect. Plus the morons comment was pretty ignorant. Apparently there are morons using CB10 as well.

Some users have been successful after a couple of reboots and/or by shutting down the app "properly". It's stated in the comments above. :)

+1 to the guy who said why sign out in the first place. I haven't. Don't see why I would ever need too so I'm not concerned

It's an older version ported for side-load use, why the conspiracy theories?
I suspect their system changes and updates require the newer versions of their app which under normal circumstances would be available anyway, the fact that the BB10 version is being outted has more to do with the aged version and not some crap reason of hating on BlackBerry.
Pretty sure sooner than later a fully native version of their app will be released, encourage them to hurry by posting requests, not cooking up crap as many have done above... oh yeah and don't log out if you have a copy running :-)

+1 even though I left a few rash comments earlier. I just want some popular apps man. Not just instagram either.

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I don't use this app, but hope it works out for those who do. Instead of side loading, I wish all this stuff was searchable in blackberry world for the average or novice user just starting out with the bb platform. Lots of folks aren't techy and just want to load it directly from blackberry world.

Why can't the guys at crackberry schedule an interview with them and get an idea as to exactly why they doing that? I think that would be a good solution.

Why on earth would they stop BB10 users from accessing Instgram? Seems a little vindictive, without any quantifiable reason.

Because it's an old-ass version of the app and Instagram is 20 people. They can't be busy maintaining and doing bug reports and support requests for people using an outdated version of the app just because someone managed to convert it to a BAR file.

And when you consider that someone took Instagram/Facebook's own IP and packaged it and distributed it in an unofficial way and without permission, it doesn't look vindictive -- it looks like protecting access to your service.

I just might use it out of spite. I still don't get it, but I never logged out. I should take pictures of my Z10 just so they know we have infiltrated their glorious Android/iOS utopia.

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I heard that instagram just doesn't have the people power to support another OS...

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If anybody here thinks this is a conspiracy, they should put on their tin foil hats. My gf on Android was asked to update her really old version of Instagram last night. She's one of those people that don't have auto update on and never think to update the app unless it's not working.

For the above poster who is clearly ignorant about Instagram. Instagram is more than a photo editor, it's used to share photos to your network. Where are the 1000 other apps that do this? It's this kind of attitude that is killing the blackberry community.

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Brilliant. Why's it taking so long to even get any news on a native app. I'd prefer knowing I'd its gonna happen than all this cuffuffle.

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Adam please start pestering them about Instagram, Spotify and Netflix. Instagram in particular. This is pretty embarrassing.

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You have to tap/click on forgot password? and reset with facebook, log onto facebook, and POOF your back into INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!!!! just received my Z10 from AT&T yesterday!! hope this helps.

OMG !!! I Just got the Instagram Back. .... i am the happiest person in this planet but a wooo if blackberry doesnt launch it officiallyu