PSA: Clearing up the Rogers BlackBerry Q10 LTE confusion

*UPDATE* As confirmed at BlackBerry Live by the on hand T-Mobile representatives, T-Mobile will indeed be offering the SQN100-5 models. Thanks, @_Lucky45.

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2013 07:20 pm EDT

Now that the BlackBerry Q10 has landed on most carriers in Canada there has been a lot of folks picking up the device. As always, folks not willing to wait for their regions to launch the device have turned to purchasing one online or importing one. This time around though there have been some issues with that scenario because much like the BlackBerry Z10, there is several variations of the BlackBerry Q10 being offered by carriers.

Most notably Rogers are offering two variations. Both the SQN100-1 and the SQN100-3 are available on Rogers with the SQN100-3 being the device capable of Rogers 2600 MHz LTE that offers speeds up to 150 Mbps (Theoretically, network coverage will vary and real world speeds will differ) and the one being offered to most customers. The problem with that is that Rogers 2600 MHz coverage is still rolling out in Canada and as confirmed by Rogers, this particular model when used in the US will not be able to connect to any other LTE providers such as AT&T or T-Mobile and will be bound to only an HSPA connection. 

As you can tell, that might be a problem for those looking to travel to the US often or for those who are looking to import a BlackBerry Q10. Rogers suggestion is to speak to the representative at the point of sale to ensure you're getting a version that will fit your needs. For everyone else, if you're looking to get a BlackBerry Q10 from Canada and want to ensure that it is indeed LTE capable on either AT&T or T-Mobile, be sure the version you're getting is the SQN100-1 variation offered by Bell and TELUS and their smaller subsidiaries.

*See update Above* - One final note; if T-Mobile is your carrier of choice the SQN100-1 is only compatible with their LTE and areas which have refarmed AT&T spectrum available. The SQN100-5 is needed for full on T-Mobile support and no Canadian carriers as of yet are offering those that we've found. It is expected that when T-Mobile sales for the BlackBerry Q10 go live, that is the variation they'll be selling. We'll confirm that as soon as possible.

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PSA: Clearing up the Rogers BlackBerry Q10 LTE confusion


In the engineering screen I saw something about lte mhz.....would changing this to 2600 work on the z10?

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The different frequencies are physically different devices. You can't simply change it via software.

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I can live with hspa when I'm in the states in exchange for better LTE when I'm at home. That me though

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I wish Blackberry would've combined all of the spectrums into one phone. This makes it much more confusing for the everyday consumer...

So what I am getting from this article is that if I have a SQN100-1 with Rogers I won't be able to get LTE speeds?
Could someone please give me more insight into this, I am not the smartest when it comes to that and I would really like to get LTE when I go to the city. I will also go look through the forums. Thanks!

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Both the 1 and the 3 offer LTE, but the 3 operates on a different frequency, which allows for faster LTE, however the coverage is much reduced at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply Dave. What is the difference in the speeds? Looking on the Rogers website right now for the specs on the Q10, and its showing that the two speeds they offer are 2100 and 2600? Is there a big difference in the download speeds between the two?
Just trying to figure out if it would be worth returning the Q10 for the other one. I don't live in the city where I can actually get LTE speeds all the time....

The 2100 and 2600 are LTE network bands, not speeds. Take this with a grain of salt, but I remember reading either on CB or AC that since Rogers' primary LTE network is on the 1700 MHz band, there's some congestion on it, whereas the 2600 is open lanes (for now.)

It's funny this post just came out right after I spoke with Rogers. I live in Minnesota and was looking to sign up with Rogers and for those curious about their plans, they actually offer the Q10 100-1 or the -3 if you would like and their plan actually allows you to have unlimited text and talk and 3GB data in the USA for 80 dollars a month. What they do is switch your unlimited talk and text to the US and make Canada the International, apparently they are able to this since they have a contract with AT&T. For the guy who asked about Rogers 100-1 version, that is the one you want if you want LTE in the US. They use AT&T's towers.

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Thank you Bla1ze

I am now wondering if my Z10 from Rogers (STL100-3) will work on LTE in the US? :S

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I have an STL 100-3 Z10 from Rogers. I had it unlocked and got a Roam Mobility SIM card for it for a trip to Orlando two weeks ago. Roam's SIM runs on the T - Mobile network and I found the coverage to be adequate for my needs (email, checking websites for cabs and weather). It wasn't the greatest but it wasn't like I needed it for streaming movies or anything. GPS was a bit slow but got the job done. If I had to rely on it for real time turn by turn directions than I might have been in trouble! BTW, I had to upgrade my OS to one of the later 10.0 leaks so that I could edit my APN settings. Without doing that, the Roam SIM won't work. Hope that helps.

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Yes sir, it will! Both on AT&T and T-Mobile. It has AT&T's 700 MHz band, and T-Mobile's 1700 MHz band (although their network is very limited right now.)

The picture of the Q10 above... does the keyboard look a little, ummm... flat? or is it jut my eyes :S

Rogers suggestion that you discuss your options at point of sales is complete rubbish. When I brought it up they had no idea what I was talking about. I ended up with -3 and I am a little disappointed because I do travel to the US quite a bit. In the end I just hope the pros outweigh the cons. I

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I got mine an hour after they released in Canada and the Rogers representative told me there were two models in the system. I posted it on the forums here and a couple people couldn't believe it.

Blaze, I don't know if you are in Nova Scotia, but you might want to check with Eastlink and see if they are getting the Q10. Their Z10 is the same model as the T-Mobile Z10.

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There is a special version. Of the Q10 for Manitoba that uses 2100 mhz. Which will work in all of Canada. The 2600 version will not work in manitoba on lte only hspa+

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no i think its just the picture because I read a review and they said the new keyboard on the Q10 has a chiseled look to it!

hhm looking on the specs, i guess the most internationalised version of the Q10 will be the SQN-3 as it covers the LTE bands used by most carriers across the globe including the asia-pac. i have a strong suspicion that the SQN-3 will be the one to be available in Singapore (as they are also rolling the LTE 1800/2600 dual band), HK (LTE 1800), Phillippines (I guess it's also 1800, can anyone confirm?), AUS (yeah we're running on LTE 1800 at the moment but Telstra has just secured the 700 spectrum for rural LTE expansion starting from 2015, CONFUSING now!) and soon perhaps my home country Indonesia (I hope it's gonna be LTE 1800.. pleaseeeee...)

but i got a question here. what happens if you have the SQN-3 on Rogers, will the coverage be similar? or will you be let down by the fact that currently Rogers LTE 700 is everywhere across Canadians?

Where they don't have 2600 working, they may also have 2100. If you get the phone from a local store or Rogers send it to you, it will get LTE where you live.

Ah so what the -3 will only use 4g in the USA I use 4g in my area I have Z10 and it's only 4g here in my city and it's just fine for me.

So i would get a -3 anyways as it is the most international frequency device too.

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That's what I am thinking too. Wouldn't the 100-3 be the best one to get as it covers all the freq bands?
Say if your area doesn't have LTE Max yet, just change your network connections to 4G and such right?

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Long-term Evolution (LTE)

So much for getting long-term aspect of LTE.

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So my Z10 stl2 from the UK would not work on Rogers LTE when I visit / move back home to Toronto? Would it work on any other Canadian LTE / 4G networks?

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Can anybody explain why the chip makers can't make a chip or radio that is more versatile and covers 80-90% of the bands in use?

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So when you walk into a Rogers store to purchase a Q10, you would tell them "could I have an SQN100-3 model?" Is this how it works? :/

Ugh. Just got the white Q10 from Rogers. Since I intend to use this in the US on ATT, will have to return this now since I can't get LTE with it. Wish this PSA came out earlier :(

i'm on FIDO with a Q10 and the LTE is pretty crappy. Every building i walk into i automatically drop down to 4G. it's idiotic imo. i tried to talk to fido about this but they have no idea. :(

SQN100-1 will get LTE speeds up the 75mbps i believe, and SQN100-3 will get LTE speeds up to 150mbps. I did a speed test between my STL100-3 Z10 and my SQN100-3 Q10, and the Z10 on Rogers LTE got approx 18mbps, ans Q10 on Rogers LTE Max got approx 28mbps.

Not bad aside from the fact that my Z10 gets LTE everywhere, and Q10 LTE Max is spotty, so when I'm not on LTE Max in stuck woth 4G.

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@burzinc, if rogers is now using the 2600MHz band, Your Z10 STL100-2 should work on LTE where available, no other areas, youd be running it on 4G......i knew about this only 1week after getting my Z10 stl100-3. I would have gotten the STL 100-2 instead as my area dont have LTE i go to Asia often and wouldnt mind LTE there while on my travels.....@ home i use mostly wifi anyways.....hope this helps

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