PSA: BlackBerry is working on a fix for BBM on iOS 7.0.3

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2013 09:23 am EDT

*Update: It looks like version is hitting the App Store with a fix for this issue*

If you're one of the millions of iPhone users that upgraded to iOS 7.0.3, you may have noticed the BBM isn't cooperating with the new update. According to many users, the new update is causing BBM to crash unexpectedly when trying to send messages, photos or even just at startup. The issue has been widely reported and was also pointed out by quite a few members in the CrackBerry forums.

The heat of the issue lies with the font that BBM uses, "HelveticaNeue-Italic", and the fact that it was removed in the 7.0.3 update. This is causing various issues within BBM on iOS and making it crash in certain scenarios. 

We reached out to BlackBerry and they assured us that the BBM team is hard at work to get it fixed ASAP. Unfortunately we don't have an exact timeframe but if you're using BBM on iOS just hang tight and an update will be along in the near future. 

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PSA: BlackBerry is working on a fix for BBM on iOS 7.0.3


I don't have any evidence.. but C'mon... it was definitely... thats Apple! they do stuff like that!

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There's a team at Apple that looks at methods of Corporate Espionage. I heard they're trying to hire Jack Bauer! *snicker*

Because it is. Who deletes fonts would think they would add more as opposed to deleting some

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After the failure of the last roll out NO ONE at BlackBerry thought it would be a good idea to test this on the devices and OS's that they were making BBM available to. Granted you can't get all the iterations of Android devices but the iPhone should have been a chip shot.

What on Earth are you talking about? How is this BlackBerry's fault that they did not test on an iOS update that was only released last night?

Usually there is a pre-release issued to big companies; I believe it is given to them two-three weeks prior. BlackBerry probably had 7.0.3 weeks ago.

All OS updates are available to registered Apple Developers in the Dev Center for testing before they're released to the public. If BB missed it then its them to blame, not Apple.

Apps are not posted on last minute by the developers. Apps go through some validation/certification.
As long as we don't know when bbm ios ver was posted to Apple, we won't be able to blame anyone.

I read in the press a few days after ios7 came out that 90% of Apples apps were not working correctly.

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Hmmm......lets see what you posted on imore...

"Guys - stupid question....remember how we could stop apps from running by double clicking and then pressing and then hitting the black x? I can't do that now.....the apps show up running at the bottom and the actual pages of apps on top.
How to I stop an app from running on iOS7?"....

I believe that is your quote, am I correct?, so you are not really being honest. As well, when you posted about trying to update you gave a screen shot saying "software update unavailable" ....

"qbnkelt said:
09-18-2013 04:03 PM

This is new to me.

It downloaded but won't install.

Sent from my iPhone 5 on iOS7 using Tapatalk"......

So when you talk about your "always working, never failing iPhone 5" then again you are not really being honest....

BlackBerry users should take a walk down imore lane sometime and read of the issues they have been having, much sounding just like what you find on here...the difference I find is that there is no one on the imore site bashing apple and saying how great the other phone that they use is. The other difference I find is that there tends to be more helpful advice here, while on imore I see more of "just be patient, they will fix it".

Not wanting to pick on qbnkelt in particular, but people should know to take what others post on here with a grain of salt, for in their eagerness to support their preferred platform, they may tend to misinformation.

Also, in order for people to get a better perspective of what they do have with BlackBerry, it can be helpful to read what goes on on other platforms forums....

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Zed, what you describe is not an app problem, it's an OS problem. The apps are working fine, it's the new OS that's different. Qbnkelt specifically referred to apps themselves, not how the new iOS7 handles the apps.

So you gotta get the story right before you jump on someone.

Wow I almost have to agree. Why would they remove a font from an update? Figure they couldn't stop BBM because of backlash, but decided to take a more subtle approach that worked. That or they want BlackBerry to conform with the new iOS style.

BlackBerry 10 United

Sabotage! Sure apple thanks for the warning you're dropping support for the fonts to all your developers. If it wasn't deliberate how come it was included with iOS7 in the frist place? A-Holes.

You have to use "font descriptors" or "preferred fonts" in iOS 7 it was told previously.

Cheer !

CrackBerry should run a script to delete the stupid "first" comments.

I am sure Apple just forgot to mention this to BlackBerry.

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Disagree. It's way to entertaining to see how bent out of shape the anti-"first"-ers get. Probably the easiest, silliest troll post someone can make.

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It's pretty insulting to the article author, in my opinion. That's why I say something. You're right though, it is an easy troll post... I guess this ends the days of my anti-first posts.

It's really a BlackBerry failure, if Apple didn't remove the font then it would still work.

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So your telling me that it's not BlackBerry's fault for not keeping up with apples updates?

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Yes... it's not BlackBerry's fault another OS vendor decided to remove a font in sub-release with no warning.

Seriously... who removes fonts these days? I could MAYBE understand changing the font lineup in a new major release such as 7.0, but not a minor sub release of 7.0.3. But removing fonts even in major releases will break apps.

I have to believe this was either deliberate by Apple, because they had to know about the BBM app functionality due to its popularity, or Apple just made a major bone head move.

I'm glad i don't own an iPhone.

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Exactly! Why was it included with iOS 7 in the first place. SMDH! Whether its a coincidence or not I didn't see any mention of them dropping support for that font prior to the update.

Well if Apple cannot keep up to BlackBerry in new technology why should we worry about keeping up with Apple updates. BlackBerry gave BBM free to Apple users so shut your pie hole!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Could be a bunch of things - maybe they didn't keep up. Maybe Apple didn't tell them. Maybe Apple changed something at the last minute.

I was once burned by a last minute change to a Mac OS X release that hosed a major function in my product. The app suddenly crashed where it didn't before that last minute gold candidate change by Apple.

Apple MIGHT have done something malicious to break BBM but frankly why would they bother? The main thing is that the Application wasn't coded in such a way that it would survive not having that specific font.. the code was use that or die... that's not good programming. It's on BlackBerry. If Apple did something malicious they only did it because they discovered BlackBerry left a gaping door open.

I'm pretty sure you're that annoying kid nobody liked in school.

Just went personal.

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Don't do stupid stuff. Scroll on by when you see stuff you don't like, or report it if it is bad enough. If you make it personal, you're the one that gets reported.

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How the hell was BlackBerry to know Apple was going to be removing a font from the operating system?? Think about it for a moment...

As an iOS developer, were you informed of this change? If so, was it buried in a long change log or was it made obvious? This info is important for deciding blame.

A change like this should be made known to all devs to prevent any broken apps. When apps don't work after an OS update, people tend to blame the OS, not the app (based on reviews I've seen in BlackBerry World)

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It is of course possible that Apple tested the Beta and found a way to crash it - by simply removing the font. Plausible deniability, right?

All it means is that iOS users will once again find the walls of their city defined by someone else (in San Francisco).

Glad to see BlackBerry working hard to fix the issue, however; this should have been addressed before it was released to ios..


Umm . . Check your facts . . BBM for ios came out two days ago, iOS update came out today . . So your attempt to fault BB fails . . smh

Not a computer guru, but it doesn't make sense that if a particular font was not found, the app couldn't substitute a different font instead of crashing.

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Lol enter SDK search for "helvetica" font style code, replace with any other font. 5 minute fix...

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The release of the new Apple OS was not and should not of been a surprise to anyone.

Other app vendors seem to have made the jump.

Did BlackBerry check to see if the BBM client was compatible with the new OS?

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You do realize that 7.0.3 isn't an new OS? It's a bug fix release.

As an added benefit, Apple decided the font should be removed. No one could have seen that coming.

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I had no idea there was a minor update yesterday, I thought you were talking about ios7! What a load of crap that everyone should know what os Apple are using - I could care less about Apple. Do you know what version we are using on bb?

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BBM is compatible with iOS7
Today Apple released an update with NO WARNING that basically does nothing but remove the font that BBM uses.

This is why I am not an early adopter of updates, let the grunts go in first and clean things up a bit before the officers stroll through without issue.

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A clear explanation of lack of leadership. Leaders are out in front, not "leading" from behind. True officers know this

I wish the same way BlackBerry works hard to fix this they should work hard to get updates on the PlayBook

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I noticed that early this morning, but in just receiver now an message of a friend of mine using iPhone. Maybe the problem is solved. What about you guys?

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Within Days I am sure..


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Was Bbm the only one using that font? Seems strange if no other apps report such issues. Maybe other apps designed themselves to not have catastrophic failures if a font is missing.

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Apple.. good timing, I needed an excuse to go back to BB.... I hope the rest of the converts follow suit.

Apple is scarred. Seriously scared. Top moving app of all time and it's a rivals app! Of course apple did this on purpose. Shit ape is about to tank. When they start dumbing things down for the less fortunate that os a sign they are sinking. Hopefully BBM pulls BlackBerry from the abyss it is currently in
I still say the best move would be for android to be the os for BlackBerry and BlackBerry should just focus on enterprise servers and secure communications.

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Blasphemy! Lol but I wouldn't buy a BlackBerry so it could be android I buy it because it's BlackBerry 10!!

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Apple updates fuck everything up. Just ask them about the Apple TV "bricking" issue. Apple is dropping the ball lately.

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Whoever you point the finger at, it doesn't really matter.

All consumers see is one issue after another with BlackBerry. Other major tech companies find a way to 'just make it work', and BlackBerry needs to accomplish the same.

I'm the biggest fanboy out there, but it's tough always having to explain why things are the way they are to anti-BlackBerry folk.

Which is precisely how you play the game of sabotaging your competitors. The front line people get the blame. Does not mean the users have to keep their blinders on and join the mob with pitchers and forks.

You're preaching to the choir, I agree. But at the same time you can't expect the average consumer to do ANY research on their own. The majority of consumers' knowledge comes from whatever the media and the companies themselves publish. Nothing more nothing less.

If every mobile user in the world read each Mobile Nations site on the regular...things would be much much different.

We make up the average consumers. We learn and get educate everyday. The more inform we are, the better it benefit the rest. What goes a round comes around.

Definitely helps, I have successfully converted a good handful of people to BlackBerry 10. If only we could get everyone to stop 'waiting to see what happens to the company' aka creating a self fulfilling prophecy - and pull out their wallets and support the company. The positive reception of BBM is a good start.

Seems to be working, I've been in BBM convo with my girl and I'm sure she had updated to iOS 7.0.3 or whatever the Fuck it's called.

Unrivalled Fluidity of BB10.

Anti-trust violation? #BBM on iOS 7.0.3 apparently has been crashing for many users. This sub-release by #Apple had removed a font that #BlackBerry uses for BBM (HelveticaNeue-Italic) Keep in mind this wasn't removed on the major release of iOS 7.0 so why did Apple find the need to remove the font from the platform all of a sudden? Also, in this day and age why would you remove a font, you would want your platform to have as many fonts as possible to cater to a greater degree of apps and web pages that use the font. As easy of a fix it is for BlackBerry, the fix will sit in review with Apple for up to two weeks. Coincidence, I think not...

Don't be part of the herd, Apple and Samsung have been caught with numerous unethical tactics like this in the past, don't be naive....

Seriously with all that hype over 64 bit processing youd think a single font variation could be left in lol!

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

While I'm not going to deny Apple sucks and is evil...They control App entries approvals into the store in the first place. Why would they push an OS update to break an app as opposed to just making a BS reason they didn't accept it into the app store when it was submitted?

Because denying it makes them look like they're scared of competition for their i-message . Where on the other hand simply removing a simple thing like a font can shift the blame to BlackBerry

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

They couldn't let Android users have it and not them. By doing this they make the average consumer blame BlackBerry. The message needs to get out as to what happened because it's no coincidence that the font was removed. Honestly why remove a font from an os? Give one good reason.

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Looks like this may be affecting some who are trying to sign up as well. My friend's 5s is unable to sign up with his old BBID even though he got the front of the line email. He has tried restarting the phone with no success.

Despite everything! What's needed is Fix should be out on time! Not delayed! As you don't want to prove less technologically-literate people right! When they say.. BlackBerry's fault.. Apple's fault... as if they are into world where everything is perfect! - So enjoy! BBM, whenever u r able to! :)

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If Apple didn't do this on purpose, the easy solution would be to release a patch that includes the removed font.

The timing makes this all very suspicious.

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No matter what or who's fault , this is not good for BBM hope BlackBerry actually Moves on getting this fixed fast.

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With CSS you can specify fonts w/different levels of specificity, so that if the specific one you want isn't available it can default to an available font of a default style. Is this not possible in iOS apps, or did BlackBerry drop the ball by not doing it?

By "this" in "Is this not possible in iOS apps.." I didn't mean "using css". I meant specifying fallback font options. If it is available, then it's BlackBerry's fault. If it isn't and the deletion of that font was publicized well in advance of the iOS update then it's still BlackBerry's fault. Otherwise, blame Apple.

To be clear, the font is still there. So you can check for a font and it would come back as there, it is the style (italic) which was removed. The font in bold, normal, bold italic, etc are all there, just the italic is missing. The one BBM uses. That is fishy.

You have to use "font descriptors" or "preferred fonts" in iOS 7 it was told previously.

Cheer !

Well, if that is the way Apple wants to operate well then fine. Right back at you. As the chief organizer of an upcoming international meeting, we were going to purchase 10 iPADs as promotional tools to enhance early bird registrations. Well, it may not be much, but you can kiss those orders good by. I will never buy an Apple product again.

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Last time i checked didn't we get official confirmation that the bbm app was submitted to the app store several weeks ago for approval???

Stands to reason they looked at it and realized they couldn't just deny its acceptance so tweaked their newest os update to screw with it.

Sorry but with the lackluster reveals yesterday from apple seems like they're trying tobdo more damage.
And truth be told im the last to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon.

Lets not forget this is the same apple that for a time didn't allow google maps not too long ago in favor of their version...until theirs backfired.

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

I LOL at the fanboy community falling all over themselves to blame Apple and even go so far as to suggest conspiracy. News tip: Apple is not afraid of BBM. You're fantasizing if you think that's the case.

Also LOL at no blame for BlackBerry. BBM, BlackBerry's mighty sturdy, secure and stable IM application, rendered non-functional by a missing font. Hilariously pathetic.

Welcome back moron. Good to see you around. Yeah, BlackBerry should have programmed their app to fall back to a default font if a font is removed but guess what, these things happen, even to the best, most polished software packages.

And yeah, it does seem strange that a specific bit of font would be stripped out.

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That proves BBM is still the best on BlackBerry 10. But let's fix this so we could chat with iPhone users happily. ;)

Updated to 7.0.3 last night, not experiencing any of the problems mentioned above. HOWEVER...

I am still getting group notifications from a group that I left, even after an uninstall and reboot, and reinstall. Group has a bunch of chatterboxes in it and is killing my battery.

Any ideas on getting rid of that?

DONT BLAME BLACKBERRY BLAME APPLE WITH THERE STUDIOUSNESS FRIKIN UPDATES!!! blackberry got the update rolled out didn't they maybe apple should co-operate! and stop updating!!!

Agreed, it is kind of a rookie programmer error. What Apple did, or should have done, and why, is irrelevant.

In general, on any OS, asking for a specific font and assuming it will be there is a bad idea. That's true even if it is the (current) default OS font, since the default may change between OS releases.

Hopefully this is an isolated problem and not indicative of wider error-checking/handling code-quality issues.

So if I understand, Apple removed the italic style from 1 font. That just happened to be used by BBM.

Who removes one style of a font??? What possible reason could you have?

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Doesn't make one bit of difference why. It is 100% their perogative. BlackBerry should have programmed their "secure and stable" IM client to not crash if its font is removed.

Maybe they did it as a kick in the pants, to get people to stop using the deprecated API and update their apps to use the correct method of font specification?

If that's the case, so what? They're not required to do BB any favors. If BB was too stupid to program their app correctly, and Apple saw this GLARING bug, I applaud them for bringing to light BB's ineptitude.

I hate beating on bbry but people need to call them out on their devil may care attitude. +1

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The spotlight is on BlackBerry go get this fix rolled out ASAP. Delaying and p****ing off these new Apple customers will go down like a lead balloon!

CB10 on my Z10

Yes that is what happened to my daughter this AM. If my phone doesn't crash and the Apple phone does, sounds like apple has the issue, just saying.

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Apple removed the font all of sudden on 7.0.3???? Wow how deliberate and unprofessional from Apple.

Apple wants to try crashing BBM on iphones and give more bad publicity for BlackBerry

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You have to use "font descriptors" or "preferred fonts" in iOS 7 it was told previously, it's not new if you read Dev Kit.

Cheer !

Good thing you don't know the difference between iOS 7 and 7.03. Don’t Let facts stop you. Your on a roll.

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You know what is really funny? rolling out multiple updates over the last couple of weeks because they can't get it right....want some more fun?...go to your imore site and discover all the fun apple users are having trying to get their phones to work right with would think that with basically having only one phone to update, they could make an update works on the first time out . Not being able to do so with all their resources, time and expertise, now that is pathetic.

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Yes Apple. You can't stop BBM. It might even backfire on you. Because not all your customers are upgrading their phones.

I have noticed it lag in some messages ,but i noticed it in android to
It just keeps a grey checkbox mark but not a blue D....funny

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It's the same on my partners I phone it just closes when trying to enter a chat. I deleted all chats on her BBM and it works fine now

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You know what would be funny. If BlackBerry just said screw it were releasing our app for every platform and pulling thebios one.
Maybe customers won't care maybe they will but it begins to set the precedent that apple is no longer the dominant app store out there.

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

Couple issues my iPhone friends are facing are:

No landscape mode.
Cant post screen shots
Can't hide the keyboard

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Typical Apple scenario. How else can the stop the BBM. Blackberry will solve this issue too. It will be to android powered phones advantage. As many iphone customer will not be able to use BBM. It might even affect the sale of the IOS7.0.3 powered phones.

How else can they stop BBM? Maybe the same way they did in the first place? By releasing better product. Just like they have for five years.

Better product? To BBM? They have released nothing but crap for messaging services.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I think ios users should be mad at Apple for removing a popular font from their library. I think Blackberry should investigate the reason for this..
Sounds like an anti-trust issue. Apple must have panicked when they realized BBM Was the #1 free app on their marketplace.

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Bad BBM programming. Bbm developers could easily have logic to check for font availability.

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The font was on the previous os. When Apple went 7.0.3 they took it out. How convenient, so yes, it is Apples fault.

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More and more everyday I am beginning to think that Apple is scared of the competition. They are not generating the "WOWS" and "OH I MUST HAVE THAT" as in the past. Plus more and more people are getting sick and tired of the Apple way. They are also realizing that just like all other devices, they have their glitches and hiccups.

Just my two cents. Actually in Canada we do not have the penny so, Just my nickel!

Ummmm .... do you realize apple sold 9 million phones in the first three days of launch last month? They don't have to fear blackberry.

And yet theyre discounting the price on the 5c and in some cases giving it away. Several friends of mine are still waiting weeks later for their 5s and no i dont mean the gold one...some are now considering moving to something else entirely.

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

While everyone is blaming Apple for removing a font, that's their choice (and probably a mistake). And who officially said this is why BBM for iOS is crashing? BlackBerry? Apple? You?

Personally I blame shitting coding. Ya that's right. BlackBerry is to blame.

They should have not rushed the app out, and followed the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and created an app that doesn't require non-system fonts. At the very least, do some checks and balances to make sure the font you need is available. I'm guessing that HelveticaNeue-Italic was removed by accident, and will show up shortly in another iOS update... However, it's a good programming lesson.

If you didn't realize, the default iOS 7 font is the one that Blackberry used. So Apple screwed with the default font and you blame Blackberry. Get a grip.

As soon as they get it working Apple will release iOS 7.0.4 just to make sure it doesn't work again. That way all the iFools can say how bad BlackBerry is because they can't keep up to the iOS. Everybody knows Apple doesn't play well with anyone but Apple. I had the original iPhone for two years and went to upgrade and the new one was the same as the one I had, and after looking at every one since, they are still the same thing . Been using BlackBerry since . Storm 1, Curve 9320, Torch 9860 and now Z10.

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Apple sucks big time. I hate apple! I was an android user and now a bb10 z10 user and loving it.

Posted using my awesome Z10

The late Steve Jobs would be so "proud" of whoever in Apple came up with this scheme....Sadly, it kind of serves BlackBerry right for being in such a fubarred place that they needed this for the "first piece of BlackBerry good news" in a very long time..

Apparently, BlackBerry still does not understand that Apple, Google and their "media friends and analysts" are assisting in attempting to destroy them... and if you don't believe me - go find a story about this episode in the media that assigns any blame for this on Apple....

Reading this I think BBM going other platform give apple compention on there own message programme and why you should delete a small sized font after BBM is released. I think Apple feels the heat and this is a smart move so people will delete the app. I think blackberry must is the standaard font apple is using :) or imessage?

just today

Yet they have no worries about any of the other messaging apps especially the dominant ones. Maybe we need to wipe our eyes and see things for what they are instead of simply blaming apple.

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Come on BlackBerry no one Sen this before the second launch. What a joke this has become.

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Nobody 'removes' a font in an so called 'update'.
Fonts are things which are added over time and each font has its own characteristics.

Apple shows its evil side!!

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Jeepers. Just sent an emergency message to all the iOS users that I converted to BBM, to not install either BBM or the Apple update until further notice.
What a disaster.
Outrageous Apple. You suck.

Well...seems to be business as usual for apple...the purpose motivates the means.
Now why would they do that? this isn't kids play where one is mean just for the hell of looks like a defensive move to me...
Why would the BIG apple wanna be defensive?? usual disclaimer...I could be wrong...

I just read on N4BB that an updated BBM client has been released into the App Store; that was fast!!

Think he's wrong, because the version he is talking about is what was released on Monday. Do expect the update today though.

I have BBM on iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.3....and there has been no crash so far...

Dev. of "Data Usage Counter", "Alarm+", "Recycle Bin" for BB10

As previously stated doesn't fix the font issue, try receiving a picture from a contact and watch the app crash and burn repeatedly.

The only way to continue chatting to that person is to end the conversation and start again.

I still can't get BBM to work on my iPhone 5. It goes to "setting up BBM" and spins for a while and eventually times out. Guess I'll just BBM from my 9900.

Seems like it could be fixed easily. With a team of people, all changing a part of the code where the font is included, all changing them to another font shouldn't take too long.

Just received version in my iPhone 5 App Store; installed iOS 7.0.3 earlier today. What's New:

- Contact categories
- List sorting and filtering in BBM Groups
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes

Make sure the entire dev community knows that Apple pulls shit like this on a whim just to fuck you and your app up if it doesn't like you.

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This was a pretty dismal result. BBM was working great on my iphone on Tuesday and then a dismal failure on Wednesday after I download the update. I still have my Q10, so I'm covered. But still this was a terrible thing to happen right after launch.

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Hi , im having trouble with bbm for iphone i cant see my contacts picture or name when they talk to me i have to ask them who it is .... is there something wrong in the update idk if other people have the same problum with it and is there a way to fix it


Dec 17th now and I along with many others out there are having BBM issues on Android and not just Iphone users. It has become a hit and miss of late. Not sure what is going on with it but it certainly has not become a reliable way to message people. I thought maybe i was alone with this but apparently this is now more widespread then i thought. Maybe it is just users on NON Blackberry OS ? I don't know. Honestly even though I am on Android I tried to get my friends and co workers to use or try BBM and give it a chance but these constant issues of late have not helped at all.