PSA: Beware of fake BBM for Android / iOS betas - Sign up to be alerted when it really goes live!

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2013 02:37 am EDT

Chances are, you've seen some postings around the internet regarding a download site for a BBM beta for Android and iOS. That's because someone cleverly disguised a website recently and made it look as though it was an official BlackBerry site. The site looks genuine enough and even offers a download with an iOS .ipa file along with an Android .apk file but we assure you, it's not legit. In fact, it pretty much screams computer virus. We're not going to link to it but it's hosted on some free web site and will hopefully, be yanked down soon.

Luckily, whoever packed it up also password locked it and directs folks to a download page. The download page itself is where the virus comes from so, do avoid it. If you're really looking to be alerted when BBM for Android and iOS goes live, then you can sign up at the official BlackBerry page or just stay tuned here and we'll let you all know when it's really available, in release or beta form.

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Hopefully this is a great indication of how many people are eager to get their hands on the best messaging platform. I'll wait for the go ahead from CrackBerry!

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You know it's popular and massively wanted when fakes are created :-)

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Whoever is stupid enough to even attempt this deserves a virus.

I'll stick to downloading from the Play Store.

Ghostbb VN

waiting to install BBM on my Nexus


Wanta BBM now?
Buy a Blackberry phone.
The older models are reasonably priced.


Why would anyone who already has a phone buy another phone for 1 app?

Plus it will be out on Android and iOS soon too so I don't understand where the logic is in your comment.


BB has not disclosed if functions other than IM will be available on the BBM for devices other than BB phones.
I you want all the features then you will likely have to use a BB branded phone. That seems to be the logic for BB the company. They can't make money just to have it for free on other devices.


BBRY has said that initially iOS & Android will just have basic chat features, but they HOPE to "have feature parity by the end of the year."

I'm still not sure they will be able to get "Screen Share" working on iOS unless iOS 7 introduces multi-tasking.


It does not make much sense to only release the IM feature that is already available enough services.

The only way BBM will succeed is by being better and doing much more than the competition and the way BlackBerry will make a profit will be from services within the BBM app.
They should have in the app
Regular BBM
BBM voice
Screen share
BBM connected Games
BBM money
And I'm sure they have some more ideas up their sleeves. So from some of these they can make money.

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BB has to sell stuff ... like their current requirement that BB phone users must have a BB paid service of some kind. The items you list are free for BBM users (I don't know about the games, however)
It would not make sense to have free BBM.
All the BB phone users would just abandon their paid service and go the free route.

Poirots Progeny

Thanks for the heads up!

Though logically people should know something's wrong as it's not coming through itunes and Google play!

I mean, the only way to get an .ipa onto an I device is via jailbreak - the sideloading onto an android is easier but still..?

Patience people! The goodness is coming! :-)

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May not be true for the beta though

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iOS beta's need provisioning. It's not as simple as "hey install this .ipa" 


Actually if your a developer it is as easy to say Install this .ipa
None jailbroken device and can install any IPA i like if i want.


There's always one, that spoils it

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Huey Newton

If the BBM channels all its cracked up to be then it's gonna be magic

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Just what I needed. Now to wait for that email.

Huey Newton

That's apple trying to sabotage

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RP Singh


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Can't wait

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Still trying to figure out why I need this when hangouts works so good. I've used BBM before and never understood what all the noise is about. I do admit to having this bit of exclusively when I used it but it's msg app. It works but doesn't offer anything beyond, I guess it's the security thing again?


Thanks for the heads up

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Why can't I see my avatar on here when it appears on the forums? Isn't this a bug?

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Thanks for the hands up!

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all this says is BBM is going to be awesome on other platforms *

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Awesome news, I'll get rid of what's app when it comes live on other platforms...

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How about BBM to my PlayBook before any iOS or Android device gets it, or at least a functional Bridge!


Can't submit the email address in the BB10 browser! How ironic.

Aditya Bhimrajka

27 th June is official date

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Mosaub Masri

Is this a good idea for BlackBerry

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Mosaub Masri

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