PSA for AT&T Z10 owners: Your OS 10.1 update is still coming, just not today

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 04:08 pm EDT

Well that was fun.

The OS 10.1 update that was posted earlier today has since been pulled. While it was live for a few hours this morning, it wasn't actually supposed to be pushed to devices today - at all.

It looks like someone flipped a switch a bit too soon, as BlackBerry has issued the following statement this afternoon:

“Earlier today BlackBerry OS 10.1 for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on AT&T was posted in error. We are working closely with AT&T to provide the official BlackBerry OS 10.1 update soon. If you are an AT&T customer with a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and you received a software update notification please disregard.” 

So while quite a few AT&T Z10 users were able to snag the update this morning (myself included) it looks like anyone that didn't act fast will have to wait it out a bit longer. The update should be coming along soon though, so just hold onto your short pants a big longer (and don't shoot the messenger!).

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PSA for AT&T Z10 owners: Your OS 10.1 update is still coming, just not today



Go to bb10 os forums leaked os, then pick one, and run the autoloader. Restore after.

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I'm in the UK and I don't have this problem but even I'm appalled and upset for you all. This really is atrocious. Unbelievable. I'm really sorry for those who are having to go through this farce. This is exactly what it is...a farce.

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Yep....Silly US Carriers.

Remember when AT&T delayed the BlackBerry Bridge update for "testing". Their testing was just them trying to figure out a way to charge people for using bridge

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People support the gouging in the US though... AT&T and VZ will continue to boom regardless of the crap they pull because people don't speak with their wallets.

That is not an alternative, at least not where I live. Sprint doesn't even have 3G here, yet VZ and AT&T have 4G in the same area. Unlimited data is useless if your phone's browser times out before the frigging page can finish.

Just be happy you are in the UK welcome to the US where we all get treated like Step Children. That is unless you own an Iphone. In that case you get anything you want from AT&T!

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Starting to remember why I left AT&T. Now with T-Mobile enjoying my Z10 with 10.1. Truly empathize with those still suffering.

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Except Windows Phones, because they support Windows Phones better than Verizon, T-Mobile, and especially Sprint (they don't have WP8 devices yet). They also support the iPhone fine. But they always have the updates for Android and BlackBerry's later than outside US.

Funny that just this morning people were holding up AT&T as a shining example, something that Verizon should strive to be.


Yeah, so much for Bla1ze, Kev and Adam saying that is carriers fault and BlackBerry has nothing to do with updates

It is the Carrier's fault. AT&T ect. Currently dictate what updates get pushed on their network, but the update still comes from BlackBerry

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Oh yeah? What about iPhone 5 just arrived this April on TMobile...they dont have this issue, only happens with BlackBerry..dont u think ? CrackBerry will never say that is BlackBerry's fault. DUH!

Apple has a different agreement than all other phone manufacturers . They push out there own updates, don't need to check in with the carriers. During negotiations they were in a position to make that happen, others were not.

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This has been explained over and over again. Apple is the ONLY manufacturer that pushes the OS updates to phones. They still go through carrier testing, just not as much as the others. This is why you see so many MRs when iOS updates are released. Android manufacturers are in the same boat as BlackBerry, the carriers push the updates. This is how it was always been. Don't come hear bashing BB, when this is the industry standard for OS updates.

Not true. Until recently, Microsoft used to push their own updates. The tested and put the carrier BSware on for them. Just this week they stopped and now are leaving it up to the carriers to push.

Typed via BB Z10. Can your touchscreen type faster than this?

Windows Mobile never worked that way, maybe only recently with Windows Phone, but for years Microsoft worked with the carriers on OS releases for Windows Mobile. I did enough testing of that garbage OS to know, lol.

Well it seems it only the US that has BlackBerry issues. Everyone else in the world practically has the 10.1 version. It has to US Carriers.

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Because if there were issues Apple would make sure T-Mobile didn't get very many iPhones. Apple just has that kind of power. If BlackBerry said that the carriers would be largely indifferent. BlackBerry can't afford not to sell on a carrier but Apple can.

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That's a great question! I'm guessing BlackBerry us covering its shoes for the crap AT&T left out for them. BlackBerry was going to take a major hit off of this. AT&T has yet to even mention OS upgrades so if they can't acknowledge one exist then one can bet they won't say anything about their mistake(s).

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I walked into a T-Mobile store this afternoon after getting my ATT Z10 unlocked and they acted like they didn't want my business, so I left. I'm not leaving bad for worse.

That was my first reaction. Now it's that it's completely unacceptable. What a debacle on BlackBerry's part.

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Yes. one of the most misunderstood,poorly communicated , or ignored details in all of CB world over the 3 years I've used this forum. At ALL levels.

AT&T isn't making any friends this way...
Neither for themselves, nor for BlackBerry.

This is how you CB10, son!

I agree. T-Mobile ftw. Sigh. Well, at least you guys have a pretty clear date now. Verizon is still tightlip on this :(

Why BlackBerry have to share the blame? AT&T is the only one who can say release the update to phones using their network. We all know that 10.1 is ready and has been ready for more than a month now. You really believe 10.1 on AT&T is any different to the one on T-Mobile? In fact, the version number I see posted on CB for AT&T is the same one on my Z10 from T-Mobile. All BlackBerry can do is beg and plead with AT&T to let them pull the trigger. AT&T is the one that have their users hostage, not BlackBerry.

I posted this earlier not sure if any one read this but here goes. I had an AT&T supervisor on the phone and had a conference call with he and BlackBerry rep. BlackBerry rep stated ("We released all OS updates To ALL Carriers AT&T had released 10.1 earlier today and then recalled it at this time it is up to AT&T to release it once again") at which time AT&T supervisor said "sorry I have no further information on release of 10.1." So that is it sorry. And Crackberry says don't shoot the messenger you just have to wait. I'll remember that my next time I have to purchase Blackberry. My real problem is not with BlackBerry equipment. However, BLACKBERRY needs to start lighting a fire under some of these US carriers A#?@S! Period!

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I just did my part ....spoke to the ATT CS and let them know how frustrated BlackBerry users are due to the differential treatment meted out to BlackBerry loyalists. He says sorry sir currently we do not have any updates to which I said am sure you guys know when is the Crapple update coming....Ridiculous!!!

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+1000 No one seems to get this. BlackBerry released the statement, but AT&T controls when BB releases the OS update to it's customers. It's the same with Android updates, not sure why people overlook this. Carriers control the release on their network, not the manufacturer. Apple is the only exception.


There is no way I am going back to AT&T official OSes. So glad to have switched to10.1.0.2342 two weeks ago.

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Wow! I finally checked cb today and found out 10.1 was out. After about 30+ times of refreshing the update software button I find out they pulled it. Not cool! I feel like I've been trolled :/

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I'm pissed that I missed the opportunity to download it while it was available!!

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

That's awful! I saw some poor AT&T Z10 owner who posted in a comment he was going to wait until tonight to update. He must really regret his decision! Lol. And anyone else who decided to wait

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I would think these companies are trying to kill blackberry sells cuz they know we're waiting for it so they push it out and then take it back. I'm with Verizon and they don't seem to know shit about when we will get it

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I feel bad for all the AT&T owners. How unfortunate. :-( I stick with experimenting with OS leaks.

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Seems fairly obvious. OS 10.1 works for ALL carriers that have released it. So it's clean and ready to run. But, apparently not good enough for ATT.

Finally, it pays off to be Canadian! LOL. On a serious note though, I really do feel bad for everyone still on those old OS'

I tweeted my disappointment @ATT #attsuck. They see these so I suggest y'all do the same so they can feel our frustration. They responded to my tweet saying "Stay Tuned". Gee, now I feel better!

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This makes BlackBerry look bad and like BlackBerry PUSHES out the software updates (And that they're the reason we're waiting). I thought they got a new PR firm.

Typed via BB Z10. Can your touchscreen type faster than this?

Wow, had to get up early to make my flight home, saw the update notice and jumped on it and then loaded up Skype. Wish there was a way I could get it out to all of you :( Was there ever a reason given on why they pulled it???

AT&T must've wanted to screw with the firmware more and forgot - then remembered and pulled it.

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If it's actually BlackBerry who pushes out these updates someone @BB needs to grow a pair and push out the next update w/out carrier involvement so long as they know the update won't break connectivity or anything like that. If you want things to change you oftentimes have to take a risk. Break the cycle BlackBerry! Next time instead of asking for permission first, ask for forgiveness later.

It has nothing to do with growing a pair, it has to do with OEM and carrier contracts. Carrier involvement is written into most OEM contracts. HTC, Nokia, BB, Motorola, Samsung, they all have to go through the carriers. Apple was the only one that had the leverage to get it out of their contract. It business and if manufacturers want to continue to sell their devices through carriers, they abide by the contract. Plain and simple.

I downloaded it in time :D

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Hmm....grabbed mine first thing this morning. There are not bugs in this version, I hope. Mine seems to be working far!

If it's not already, it needs to become BlackBerry's policy ASAP that all connectivity-related updates (cell stack etc.) are packaged in OS upgrades by themselves. No co-mingling with UI/UX or feature enhancement upgrades. Let the carriers take their sweet ass time with connectivity upgrades and push out all other upgrades direct to devices w/out carrier involvement. Every day that goes by I get angrier being on a Verizon BlackBerry.

At least we now know that AT&T has the update ready and has the power to push it out... AT&T has confirmed that the only reason why we don't have it is because they're as shoes.

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Got tired of waiting thanks thought already installed the leak like two weeks ago just to get Skype working as usual garbage Att wants to load the os with all the crapware. About to pick up the q10 today if anyone knows how to get rid of all the Att garbage please let me know I installed the leak on the z10 and it went away however what to install on the q10 that can get rid of the Att bloat ware I'm not sure

Don't shoot the messenger? So are pitchforks ok Adam? :P
Probably gonna end up downloading a newer leak anyway, tired of the rebooting as of late on my phone.

It would appear based on quoted text, that blackberry owns a share of the blame as well for the release. People are so quick to overlook blackberry and not place any blame on them. Not saying it's totally their fault but they have a part in it.

Again why does it have to go through carriers? I do not understand. Apple pushes it straight to all users why can't BlackBerry?
And while we are talking why can't I buy a phone right from BlackBerry unlocked?

Disappointing and makes Early Adopters feel pretty foolish/neglected. "User Experience" is an Apple hallmark and still something BlackBerry is fumbling, still worse we feel that there is no way for our voice to be heard.

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Totally agree here. Us early adopters are the best source of free advertising for the company. How are we supposed to be able to tell everyone how awesome our experience is if we can't even get the latest software updates? Starting to get really frustrated.

I happened to get the update this morning and so far no issues at all. Hopefully it is just carrier bloat that is missing and not anything to do with security or carrier cell/data issues.

Now just have to wait and see what comes next.

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You allude to a good point. Should the "lucky ones " feel fortunate to have downloaded the prematurely released ATT update??????? Especially those that would never entertain the thought of loading a leak???

This joke just wants to make itself get even worse! Verizon user here and nothing lousier than knowing the punch line first.

As to holding on to my shorts, naugh, they are going to my ankles and I will bend over than turn around and let everyone know what I think about the timing of this upgrade.

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I got it earlier this morning and after reading this bad news, it got me pissed off. The CEO of A.K.A Thor needs to really get more aggressive, it seems like if he's sitting behind his desk doing nothing. He should be knocking on the front door of these carriers (AT&T, Verizon) here in the USA to push these updates and keep his blackberry customers happy, it's really getting ridiculous.

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Full of conspiracy our world now days. US carrier must be up to something. No reason to delay an update while the other carriers already approved and released it.

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I guess US carriers need time to plug in the PRISM back door into the update, and AT&T had to pull it back cause they forgot to activate the spyware. How's that for a conspiracy theory :-)

I upgraded to 10.1 at about 7:30am CST.... Here are the "highlights"....

1. After about 9 hours of normal use... have not used a quarter of the battery... would say battery life is up 50%

2. The browser is "faster"... like "scalded dog faster"... whatever the speed/HTML 5 test results were - Crackberry needs to do them again versus the competition - because they just improved with 10.1.

3. I believe that "sideloaded" Android apps are working "better"... someone tell me I am wrong.

All in all, when it is available - again - JUST DO IT!!!

I bet Verizon called this morning screaming that ATT can't roll out updates ahead of them... same thing that delayed the US launch in the first place...
And BBRY had to listen to the ruler of the US air waives...

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Sooooo mad! I would of been able to download it if I lived in the east coast because I always check if there is an update every morning, but living in the west coast, I was a tad bit too late.

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I've been putting off installing a leak. But with this kind of crap, I think I'll give it a go.

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I wonder if that was AT&T or BlackBerry that made the mistake. Oh well, I'm sure that excitement will turn into rage for quite a few customers haha

It got pushed because BB thought that since you approved 10.1 for the Q10 and the Q10 released today on AT&T that Z10 could get the update as well.

Us Verizon users got the same feeling the other day when we saw a posting about our update being out.

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I noticed in the first post about the update that a few people lost the ability to receive text after the update so I guess it wasn't ready. It's cool, I can wait. No big deal! We bitch and moan about it but we continue to buy blackberry and through our carrier so don't get your panties in a bunch folks. Good things come to those who wait!

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Man F this. I couldn't download because I'm working and now I can't today. This is frustrating. I can't even imagine how horrible its going to suck waiting on ATT to release 10.2

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These delays make the decision to purchase the Z10 much easier......and stay with my legacy unit. I don't understand why and or how it can take so long to get this out to the waiting users????

Why are the carriers pushing out the updates instead of Blackberry? Why can't everyone get the update at the same time???? WTF over....

I rather be waiting with my old iphone with all the functions a modern smartphone has than to be waiting for blackberry to step up its game. come into the smartphone business with a modern OS and stay ages behind with not the top apps, and fragmented OS updates. i mean come on. its like blackberry is trying to stay in the single digit marketshare here in the US. good job pretending to make a comeback

Unacceptable and irresponsible of the two wealthy powerful US carriers. Listen to us both ATT & VZW paying customers begging and I mean begging them to please update the Z10 OS. Not to even 10.2, but merely 10.1 so we might enjoy the power of the device. But no, switch & bait.
We should all get rebates on monthly service bills for lack of service on the carriers side. I say bombard their chat lines and customer service call lines just to complain about this issue. Do they really want loyal, satisfied customers or are they pandering to iPhones and Droids?

Perhaps they are awaiting NSA approval?

... seems to only ever be a USA prob these BlackBerry updates....hmmmm

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Early bird gets the worm! But I feel for those who were late to the party. 10.1 is long past due in the US and now that the Q is released I think whoever "accidentally " flipped that switch did what was right. What's the worst that could happen? Give the BBRY faithful what they want! Cut the bs

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I regret not updating this morning. Didn't think I'd have enough time before work. It's still showing up though even after I restarted phone. I may try when i get home,probably won't work though. If I can do it do you all that got it earlier really think I should?

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I posted this earlier not sure if any one read this but here goes. I had an AT&T supervisor on the phone and had a conference call with he and BlackBerry rep. BlackBerry rep stated ("We released all OS updates To ALL Carriers AT&T had released 10.1 earlier today and then recalled it at this time it is up to AT&T to release it once again") at which time AT&T supervisor said "sorry I have no further information on release of 10.1." So that is it sorry. And Crackberry says don't shoot the messenger you just have to wait. I'll remember that my next time I have to purchase Blackberry. My real problem is not with BlackBerry equipment. However, BLACKBERRY needs to start lighting a fire under some of these US carriers A#?@S! Period!

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That was frickn bull sit. BlackBerry needs to get there heads out of there asses!!! Bring it to Verizon.

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I knew it was too dang good to be true! But seriously folks - something needs to be done about this NON-battery life on my Z10 - and soon!

Also - something needs to be done about all this technological NON- spell/grammar checking situation that been going on everywhere. It is ridiculous. Actual human proof-readers were much better.


I've been on AT&T from the beginning. Slow updates, bloated software, and crippleware. Remember how they crippled BB Maps? Bridge? Same old crap from them. I've been loading leaks since OS5. Never looked back.

Hard spot for BlackBerry. On one hand, you have to appease the carrier partner who you need to sell products. On the other, the customer who bought the product. So, it is a tough one. I don't blamed them as too much aggression damages partnerships. Also, some fail to recognize that the cash cow for many providers is not blackberry. Easy solution, not ideal but it works... install a leaked os.

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Exactly! This is what many don't get. But I obviously understand the frustration as the whole world is running that software ...

Posted on Q10

I'm going to start collecting sim cards...I got Z10STL100-3/ by getting a sim from t-mo...

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Lol. Leave it to ATT to mess up an update rollout.

For all those on're better off loading the. 2354 leak anyway

Silence...for I have spoken.

I have not taken the time to read on how you open a forum for CrackBerry. But if anyone reads this and is an AT&T customer who has new 10.1 software or does not please open a forum which reads Why AT&T SUCKS or REASONS WE HATE AT&T! I understand it's pretty much all US carriers but I cannot complain about other US carriers because I am with AT&T! How hard is it to keep up wuth the rest of the world and get 10.1 software out? Not 10.2 just 10.1! One Canadian. Said it best by the time AT&T get's off there A&$¿&S the will already have OS 11. Unexceptable AT&T!

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I managed to download it early morning. But I noticed that I can't video chat thru BBM nor tether, do any other OS leaks work for these two features.?

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Well to sad for them because I got mine this morning and I'm not letting anyone take my Z10, now running on!!

Already download Skype and all the Apps updates that were waiting for 10.1

Sorry for the ones that couldn't take advantage of this!! #KeepMoving #BB10Army #BB10Freak #BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation

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I did a battery pull and restarted and it's still saying there is a 10.1 update mi wonder if I should just say it well and give it a try when i get home lmao. I just don't wanna be disappointed if it doesn't work.

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Just loaded 10.2 via this awesome forum. Good things await you folks down the road, but 10.2 will probably be next year on AT&T if they stay with their current track record. I couldn't even go back to10.1 at this point. There is a really cool feature in the voice control...

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For those blaming BlackBerry for not pushing the updates fast enough to US carriers... well you got your answer: the story that BlackBerry haven't provided 10.1 to US carriers is just BS. Typical US carrier that want to control everything. They are the one that are causing the fragmentation

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Been waiting patiently here also. Seems absurd that we have to wait this long. Can someone point me in the right direction to download the most stable leak version?
It's a little confusing in the leak os forum. Thanks in advance.

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I was fortunate that I downloaded and installed the update this morning. I think there is a potential problem with text messaging. I received 2 text messages today that had links. when i open those links I have problem with the browser lagging or freezing. If i just open the browser it seems to operate fine. So maybe as some others have stated there is a problem that they need to correct before sending it out to all

I was looking forward to getting my upgrade. I am greatly dissatisfied with ATT and their continue disregard for the blackberry community. Another commenter said it correctly, "If u have an iphone u get everything..". ATT should be ashamed of themselves!

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Those who upgraded, have you experienced any problems? If not, it begs the question, why the delay?

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I guess I will then soon wait for the New iPhone and get rid off my Z10 too much shit going on with this Upgrade to much stress for this bullshit.

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What's the deal? I got mine with no problem and have updated all apps. did ATT have a change of heart?

The phone works with no issues.

Wtf! I don't care who's fault this is, BlackBerry or AT&T, I'm just tired of getting disappointed like this every year!

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Wow at@t should of let it go live even if it was a early goof up.

I am Canadian and I am peed at seeing this crap.

I hope it's out soon for ya all

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Yep, just when you thought AT&T could not piss off their customers anymore then they already have SURPRISE! I hate them if ut was nit because of my unlimited plan that I was grandfathered into I would be gone.

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I too used to be mad. VERY MAD, SUPER MAD!

But not anymore, because a week ago I lost all confidence in at&t and decided to...ahem...take a leak!

I installed the 2354 leak with 1881 radio and it's all good! Autoloaders are really easy, I was quite surprised how easy it was:
download from Crack berry
backup on desktop
run the autoloader exe which does everything for you
do security wipe ( don't skip this step)
restore from backup
give it a few hours to settle
enjoy the butter!

Waiting for At&t / BlackBerry or whomever is to blame is not worth're still going to get an older update so it would be good to learn the leak process now to survive the long haul with reduced stress.

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honestly this is THE number one reason why BlackBerry irritates the hell out of me... 10.1 was release on OTHER carriers meaning 10.1 is stable... meaning ALL Z10s should have 10.1. FSCK AT&T!


I was on chat with AT&T *again* today about the release fiasco (I'm also having random reboots with 10.0). They basically want me to wait because 10.1 will be coming "soon" (probably 2014 if BBOS 7.0->7.1 for the torch if that was any indication), and that I should reset my phone and not use any 3rd party apps (wouldn't that be like using ALL Microsoft programs on my notebook?). If many users are using 10.1 without any/fewer problems, why can't AT&T push the updates down for us?


I DL'd the update this morning. Now my text messages will not work and am having both Skype and CNN force closing on me. Am waiting to hear back from tech support.

You can use the debrick method to reload the official carrier software using Link. That'll take you back to the previous version. I had the same problem when I first upgraded to 2354.

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I wonder with all the spy stories recently... are the delays by the US carriers a result of 'PRISM' effect???? I mean to build in back-door spy software into the release???

jk....come on VZW and ATT

I was one of the lucky one that got the update. So far so good. One thing I did notice was there was no AT&T apps on the software (i.e. AT&T store, the family location thing, etc). When I bought the phone a few months back, I deleted the useless AT&T apps. Every time I updated the phone, the apps would reappeared since they came with the update. On the 10.1 update the apps did not get installed. May be that's why they pulled the update. It didn't have AT&T's blotware

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I'm not certain of the logistics of releasing the updates through the carrier, but it makes so much sense to just release OTA

Update from the U.S. Alphabet Soup agencies :

"All your update are belong to us "

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Funny how the carriers that are so tied to iPhone are the ones that aren't releasing it isn't it? Isn't there something someone can do about unfair business practices?

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So annoyed, I got pushed the update this morning but was at work and didn't have I guess I have to wait some more

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It's hard to feel sorry for you guys, but I do; but if you are on this forum you know most have been running leaks, or official 10.1 via sachup and others. Now, many of us, myself included, are already running 10.2 If you are waiting on the $hitty US carriers you will always be behind. I am on AT&T 100-3 I think I ran the stock OS about a week before flashing the first leak.

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That's all well and good for you and I who own our phones and can do what we want with them. Lots of folks here get their phones from their company and are unable to touch the OS, or face the wrath of the BES Admin, if they are even allowed to do it in the first place?

Trust me you dont want the update they pulled, battery life sucked getting really hot, plus my texts stop working meaning I could receive them but not open or compose, I spent my day off loading a new os and restoring

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You know what I think? I think you all would have installed those leaks if they were not called "leaks". What if these leaks were released by blackberry themselves, but have to be called leaks maybe due to contract agreement between them and the carriers. I have been using leaks all my life, right from the legacies, And I've not had one single problem. Pls download a leak today, you can always return to the official when its released. Your comments make me sad.

Some have posted about not being able to send texts, but are able to receive them with the 10.1 from this morning.

I'm not sure but I have not had this issue, but there was a setup period right after I installed that definitely did impede some of the functions such as contacts, texts and calling, but after a few minutes the problems seemed to disappear .

When use the actions now in the search app, like "text joe" it will give the option to write a text. Works great, but it will list the name of the contact and number in the search app, but when it switches to the compose text app it only has the number in the to column. No big deal, but it is nice to see names before sending a text to make sure it is going to the right spot.

The 10.1 seems very good so far, it's a shame more didn't get it.

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Só many posters are lauding the leaks and questioning why everyone hasn't simply jumped to these leaks. Some comments seem to ridicule the reluctance to use a leak. perhaps these leaks work flawlessly for some. However, is everyone choosing to ignore the many posts with comments about some of the glitches with these leaks? And I don't just mean 10.1 - I'm talking historically. Based on MANY comments, today's release was far from perfect for some. I know screwed up texting would be enough to keep me away from it no matter what new features it has. 

Now consider that the CB AT&T Z10 population is dwarfed by the total ATT Z10 user base (and it is), and you can see how it could be a messy situation to release today's upgrade. Or any of those glitchy leaks through the years. 

Is it true today's release is the answer, or are people just desperate and happy they can now download 10.1 apps ? 

At the very least some of the comments about today's release  should indicate the release is held up (by whomever) for good reason - despite claims that "10.1 is working fine for every other carrier"

Btw, I'm with Verizon so I'm not defending ATT

Yeah right, as if the whole rest of the world is just running an alpha release. 10.1 is out for ages and works fine. There are tones of large network operators such as Rogers, Bell, Vodafone, orange, T-Mobile, Telefonica and others that went through extensive and serious testing. If they had found flaws such as texting not working they would have never released it. Why AT&T is taking so long no one knows, but it's certainly not the OS. Perhaps their network is crap, they haven't figured out the best settings, their employees are not trained yet, their own Apps are not ready, they didn't figure out how to better monetize BBM Video/skype/x ... in any case it's not that the OS has any relevant issues. And by the way, no code in the world is completely free of laws - that's in the nature of software. In the case of 10.1 there enough great builds that would work perfectly.

Posted on Q10, if a large network operator conducts extensive testing (and / or has its done for them) and discovers significant flaws such as texting issues, they wouldn't release the update? Hmmmm. Interesting. Go on...

And only AT&T was smart enough? If there where such issues no operator would have released it. Many BB10 users across the world are running 10.1 and I personally can assure you that there are no issues with texting on my devices. Just imagine that was the case... the forums would be full of postst trolling about BlackBerry failing to deliver a simple functionality as texting.

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I think you may be a little too emotionally involved to think this through rationally. I don't pretend to know all the facts; therefore, I try to stay away from some of the all-encompassing proclamations I've seen on this thread.
A good conspiracy theory can be quite entertaining, and I'm all for good fun. But yours appears to be based on the assumption that there are no carrier specifications that might impact the performance (and consequently the release) of an OS. I'm being intentionally vague to keep you on topic, but is that what you believe? Did all other carriers release 10.1 simultaneously? If not, why not? I'm talking about those that have released at this point.

Btw I chose the texting issue because it was mentioned multiple times in the thread. That's a fact. People had (at least initially) an issue with texting after downloading the AT&T 10.1. There were other issues too. Bottom line - there are those that can assure you that there ARE texting issues with the AT&T release. Talk of the flawless 10.1elsewhere is irrelevant. No one is suggesting carriers released an OS with flaws that only ATT and verizon blocked.

Perhaps some carriers choose to release updates when they feel they're ready. Perhaps they also know the VAST majority of users become aware of the existence of an update, the day they receive the notification.

RIM you might want to direct that to (blueheel) he does not seem to get it. Did I mention the fact that he does not whine like others here that is why he is so clueless

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Privateeyes, intelligent grown ups don't need to whine. Your parents should have taught you that. There are ways to accomplish/achieve what you want/need without whining. When AT&T does finally decide to give you 10.1, I can assure you it will not be because of your, nor anyone else's whining, for that matter. If that were the case, if they actually cared about you complaining, then something would have happened with the updates long ago. Whining gets you nowhere in the real adult world. It only succeeds in making you look weak. Especially, when you do it all over a website, in both, it's article posts and forums. Grow up already. I am done addressing you at this point because you apparently aren't at a maturity level at which you understand this yet. You and others have some good points in some areas when it comes to what the carriers and/or BlackBerry should do, but there are better ways to go about doing it than your particular method.

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Somebody at AT&T got tired of hearing all the whiny complaints being called in, cracked, got their hands on the goods, leaked it before the planned release date, and today, they are (sadly) more than likely out of a job. But, thanks anyway!! :-D So far, after grabbing it early yesterday morning, for me, it's running with all the bells and whistles mentioned with no hiccups. Sorry, to you guys that were unable to do so, but, fingers crossed you will soon. Positive energy really does get you certain things in life. So, let's be adults about it. It's only a phone (material item) component/accessory. There are children that throw less tantrums for more important reasons. It's not like nourishment, you are not going to die if you don't get 10.1 immediately. Nor, are you going to be any less intelligent than those that do already possess it. So chill, and try breathing (ahem...Privateeyes, take note.) I bet it would be hell shopping for some of you at Christmas time. Nooo, thanks!

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BlueHeel first let me start by saying that you are right it may not be nourishment or affect whether we breath another breath but for some users that actually have a life and actually needs the tools provided with the equipment for work or whatever their needs are unlike you just so you can have latest games it really is important to them and nit a whine. I don't hear you whining after getting update just like you updated new software others would like the same for whatever their reasons are. (blueheel take note!) you have a lit to say from ither previous comments but before commenting on what others should or shouldn't do maybe you need to focus on what your needs are and not anyone else's. As for your little Christmas shopping comment believe me there is nothing you can get me that I am sure I would be impressed with so if that is whinning hey I am just honest. If expecting the most of what I have is whinning then you are the reason these US carriers get away with it. But again maybe you (blueheel) should take note if everyone was nit to whine like you then nothing would get resolved. No surprise there! Last I checked this was about commenting about one's experience with their equipment or service provider meaning (carriers) not for one's personal opinion on others which by the way I know for a fact many don't care for your input (blueheel) me included so at this point you can say what you like but I will continue to WHINE as you put it like to see you change that!

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Privateeyes, first of all, you obviously do not know me. This is quite obvious by your assumption that I use 10.1 for gaming, whereas if you had taken the time to read any of my previous posts on this site, you would have seen that I have stated numerous times that the Z10 gets just as much done business-wise as the Q10 does. I absolutely detest games on my phone. Therefore, there are none. Maybe this would have been obvious to you if you weren't negative posting all over the site, in order to read what others have to say. Yes, the site is here for people to state their opinions,but that doesn't give you the right to be negative all over it. I read here everyday, just as many others do so. Therefore, I am sure that they, just like myself, got it the first twenty times that you made it clear you were unhappy. No need to go for the record. Anyway, once I got to the portion of your post in which you took it upon yourself to assume that you know me, and how I use my device , I lost what little bit of sincerity I had left for you in terms of maturity, and could not bring myself to read the rest of your post. There is nothing wrong with complaining, but for an adult to do it on the level which you are doing it is utterly ridiculous. That being said, remember the old saying, ASSuming makes an ass out of those who choose to do it, so don't. Good luck with your issues.

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In response to your comment (blueheel) I actually do take the time to read others post and sometimes I respond back as well. Now the fact that I choose not to be a cheer leader on the side line for your postings maybe that is because I don't find what you have to say viable or the least bit interesting. I don't make it habit to respond to all postings just the ones I feel I like to add too. Now why am I responding to yours you may ask. Well, because as you said in your post if you want to act "Immature" and infintile and "utterly ridiculous" and go on the personal attack I will lower my standards to that of your's not that I find it amussing just find it enlightening and utterly ridiculous to see how you carry on about all of my posting and how intriguing they are to you so therefore I will respond to you at your level. Talk about having issues maybe you should take the time to diagnose yourself before pointing fingers. Obviously, you lack attention and you want to be the center of it that is obvious. It must really intrigue you what I have to post if every time you post you have to take the time to make sure my name is included. Thanks for being that groupie and cheerleader but I am not the least bit impressed! So this one is just for you I hope you feel SPECIAL since you already proven that you are. First, yes I may post on forums but not always negative (blueheel) or on all forums as you claim. Had you read some of my earlier postings and some current ones you would have known this. They are posted on specific forums to address my concerns and those of others in which I may add other members do as well many times and I don't see you harping at them but "Not All" forums as you claim. Need to research your facts first. There is a reason why these threads are there so members such as myself can voice our opinion whether good or bad. I know this may come as a shock to you but really it's ok no surprise there I have come to terms with the fact that no matter what thread or posting are made there will always be that one idiot who feels they are mightier and greater than the rest just because they were able to be laid back and so uncool and be uncaring about what others members needs are just because he was one of the few to be able to get OS software We All get it. You got the software and all the bells and whistles are working great. Maybe, all members should get together and possibly get you a lollipop for your great accomplishment and glouting.

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