Prove your skill with Frisbee Forever on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Jared DiPane on 12 Apr 2012 10:08 pm EDT

Gaming on the BlackBerry PlayBook is among my favorite things to do when looking to pass some extra time in my day. Whether it be for five minutes or five hours, there are plenty of great games available for the PlayBook that are sure to please. Part of my daily routine is to check App World and see what is new, see what looks fun, and luckily I stumbled upon Frisbee Forever, a new free game from the folks at Union. Of course I hit the download button, and had to check it out.

While simple in concept, the game becomes quickly addictive. With some amazing graphics, and rather quick loadtimes, the gameplay is something that is easy to enjoy. The point of the game is to flick the frisbee, then steer it through the hoops while collecting the stars on the way. If you hit or miss one of the rings the level will need to be restarted, but if you miss one of the stars you can continue. Each level gets progressively harder, adding more obstacles to conquer, and adding even more fun.

With tons of levels to play your way through, the game is something that can be picked up and played for five minutes or two hours, the choice is yours. The download is currently free, but the initial price tag showed up as 99 cents, so if you are interested be sure to hit the link below and grab a copy for yourself!

For more informaiton and to download Frisbee Forever

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Prove your skill with Frisbee Forever on the BlackBerry PlayBook


Is it just me or does Jared sound like Napolean Dynamite ;) not that theres anything wrong with that.

GOOD REVIEW! like the game.

Great Game ....
Go PlayBook Go ..... this PlayBook is becoming an awesome purchase.

If you don't have one ... at $199 .... it is a steal !!

Is it just me? I am getting error

"Blackberry AppWorld is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World Server. Verify your network connections and try again. "

Been trying since morning. My PB connects to the internet just fine.

- Charles

I just seen your post. I downloaded Frisbee about when you posted this.

It is pretty cool. NOT Android.

Yes, they're trying to "force" me to get a 64GB.

Rim pls buy union and ask them nice to make more playbook game apps and serious apps. Because TAT is not doing anything at the moment. Lol :D

"Mastered" Frisbee Forever on my wife's iPad, but grabbed it for my PlayBook as it's still a fun game. They added new levels to the iPad version recently so we may get new levels in the future as well. Frankly, I generally like playing games on my PlayBook better than the iPad because it's easier to hold.

It's a free game. You earn stars by playing which you can use to open more levels, give your frisbee better performance or get more frisbees. You can also buy more stars but you really don't need to (and it's almost like cheating).

Nothing innovative....There is already an android game called My Paper Plane 2 which looks exactly like this one.