Proud to be a Black Sheep!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Oct 2012 09:57 am EDT

If there's a silver lining to be found when a dumb article like the one the New York Time's posted earlier this week surfaces, it's that it brings the BlackBerry community even closer together.

We get on it, RIM's CEO gets on it, and passionate members of the CrackBerry community jump all over it too, as demonstrated by CrackBerry member mikelcal (Mikel Calderon) in the video above... Proud to be a Black Sheep!!

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Proud to be a Black Sheep!


Happy to be a Blackberry NUT. Good too see the CEO address as one put it misinformation. Also someone said enough already bring on BB10. I'm on that guys page GO RIM.

+AWEsomely funny rap!

Going to use it on my iPhone and Android friends. :-) LOL.

Better yet, make it my new RINGTONE!

The top 5 things RIM needs to do to make a comeback:

This can be done through in-store displays and advertising. If you walk into an Apple authorized reseller, you'll see a special section for iPhone with distinguished signage that is hard to miss. It raises the brand's profile above anybody else. There's no reason why RIM can't do the same for BB10 devices at no expense and/or hassle to resellers.
You may recall seeing two TV spots on CrackBerry, one showing a woman relying on her BlackBerry to assist in successfully setting up her business. The other showed a man creatively using bridge to propose to his girlfriend (a moving spot, even for guys). They're two of the best advertisements not only for handset manufacturers, but ever. Yet they never saw the light of day outside social media. They could still run those commercials worldwide since there is no dialogue. RIM faces a monumental task to get the message through in a meaningful way.
Gone should be the days of BlackBerry users saying, "I wish they made that app for BlackBerry". Enough! RIM must introduce a generous, innovative revenue sharing model for developers. This, in essence, is paying devs to create apps for the new platform. It will most certainly get their attention and encourage most to develop for BB10, instead of developing for the other three platforms then stopping.
There has been little mention of gaming on BB10. Face it, that has become a massive component of the industry. All other platforms are seriously growing this offering and reaping the rewards. Research in Motion should do the same. That would also demonstrate the diversity of BB10...changing the public's perception that BlackBerry is only a messaging device.
Offer specific one-on-one training sessions in person for resellers. Put the devices in the hands of every single salesperson in the world at launch (with the option to keep it for free; if not they hand them in as a previously used device). Retailers would order a specific amount of handsets exclusively for their frontline staff. RIM would provide them free of charge. If it means supplying one handset to sell three or four more, so be it. No other company is doing this; RIM would be the first!

There are surely more things that can be done. RIM needs to leave no stone untouched to see tangible growth in 2013.

I agree with you for 95%. But Kevin said it best, there doesn't need to be a million apps, there needs to be that core of excellent-built apps that have a purpose. The last thing I want is to go through app world with 50 million junk apps to find a solid one. That's where the App Store is at now.

lets get kicking...go rim.. go bb10

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

More like the whackberry video. This video sucks...Just come out with BB10 already that will shut them up.

I somewhat agree, but I do like where this person's heart was in making this video. Whenever BlackBerry folks started using "Black Sheep" after that hatchet job by the NY Times, all I could think of was Dres and his crew. So, I see where the person was going with it, and appreciate the effort.

Lol. Well I guess a person can be more than one thing. I don't really visit sites other than CB when it comes to BB stuff. My bad. But I do see mikelcal active in the CrackBerry forums... just got a PM from him the other day! Either way, I like the passion. :)

Kevin wrote:

"I don't really visit sites other than CB when it comes to BB stuff"

isn't it wise to check out the competition in business?(I.e. your "World Tour")

Good job. I miss those Black Sheep guys. Not sure how I feel about BlackBerry folks being known as such, though. Love the passion as well.

It was too perfect to not be done. I can't compete with Dres, its true, but just take it as it is, a response to "derision and mockery" from NYT themselves...

If I'm gonna be called any kind of sheep, the Black Sheep is the only one I'd want to be!

The only reason those other kinds of sheep would criticize BlackBerry (from which a good 80% of the "innovations" in iOS have been inspired from) is because they really are conformists and want everyone else to conform to their way of thinking. Well I'm not about in and out, I like to have my own flow. Black Sheep all the way. But beware, cause Thor is right, next year we'll be taking over!

I don't really know how this proud to be black sheep has come in. I don't really like it. It reminds me too much of iSheep. Black Sheep, iSheep... whats the difference? Don't like the term and I won't be using it. I like the Dark Side instead.

I seriously just got chills and goosebumps all over!

I think I'll get with THIS...cause THIS is where it's at ;)

Who cares about some NY times editor, whether he's doing this to keep his job or getting paid by some BB haters( Apple&Android), You are not doing a thing to us, as we stand our ground...

That clock app is nothing different compared to the one on iOS. The one thorsten demonstrated was developed from scratch.

Can I ask a question? What does Rachels embarrassment about her BlackBerry have ANYTHING TO DO WITH NEWS? I have read my last article on the NYT, I call them trolls, If Rachel is embarrassed about her BlackBerry then she should be more embarrassed about that comment. Rachel if u are embarrassed about your BlackBerry then u have some real issue's. TROLLS OVER AT NYT

i have to say in the UK its becoming pretty uncool to have an iphone..."my mum uses an iphone!!!"
my nephew said in disgust. Android and blackberry are considered cooler..

Man.......BB 10 OS is being built from the ground up....and the design of the BB 10 alpha is practically a new design its not a wonder that RIM is taking a little longer to release BB10. The wait will be well worth it...BB for life! Unlike apple, they can release new iphone every month if they wanted too....same old OS and not much different form factor for each iphone I hate's what I say to my friends with iphone..."your iphone have apps for eveything' why use your brain, use your iphone....when you take a shit, eat, you use apps for that too ?"

I accept all flaming if this crosses the 'line'. It's not meant to in any way. But once you've had blackberry you never go back. If offensive to anyone in any manner please remove and accept my apology.

I have said many times that a smart phone main purpose is to make calls, send text's and email's which BB is still the best at. All those non sense features and apps that they make are of no use. Its amazing that my Torch still has comparable hardware specs to the iPhone 5. A smart phone is basically a mini computer and should be judged by its processor speed and amount of RAM it has. Torch has 1.2ghz processor with 768 mb ram while the iPhone 5 has a 1.4ghz processor with 1 gb of ram. Bring on BB 10 I cant wait to see the specs on the phones they are going to release.

Today I was driving and listening to Z100 Elvis Duran Morning Show. They said "People that still have blackberry phones need to stop! Now! IPhone is better" they said that BB is out of fashion and people only have it because of their jobs! No one is going to tell me what phone to use! Its my decision! I love Blackberry and I am never getting an IPhone...Even if it was a last phone on earth...

If people feel they are judged by the phone they use, I only have one thing to say: "Get a life".
And if in fact they are judged because of the phone they use I say "Get a different life".

This must be a US thing. Never seen a group of people so obsessed with the brand of phone they use. I never, ever have experienced anything close to this in Canada or in my overseas travels. If anything, it’s the Android uses in my office that get ridden for using non Blackberry products (in good fun of course)

this was just funny and true to me, love the effort, everyone else on the other platforms are sheep too we just happen to be BLACKBERRY Sheep, this won't win any BET or MTV awards but still funny

Co-workers and friends (don't confuse the two) alike all say "why don't you get a real phone" when they see my Blackberry. The truth is, I think they are a bit less intelligent making that comment. If you don't really know what you are talking about, STFU.

Blackberry user are above average When it come to intelligence....and iphone user are average intelligence.... And I bet a doctor would recommend a blackberry over an apple..after all, blackbeery are more beneficial for your health...

Someone obviously got their regular daily allowance of awesome when they decided to make this video!

Grand balance of nostalgia and current events!

When RIM's CEO steps out to finally announce the arrival of BB10...he should definitely have AC/DC's song "BACK IN BLACK" playing LOUDLY in the background. It fits in the "let's rock this" theme I think.

And NO....I'm definitely not a pussy when it comes to whipping out my bb bad boy. To quote a not so famous leadership guru who's name I forgot...

"Leaders sometimes have to stand away from the crowd".

To be among the flock is to be which I say..get the flock outta here!

One of the coolest moments for blacksheep :-)

Great music vídeo, just imaginig 80 M tweets to nyt editor with video link... Lol

I own a Blackberry (and have for years), and also subscribe to the NY Times. Article was not far off base. Blackberry keyboard is great, email fantastic, as is calendar. But browser is awful, as are Blackberry Apps. If BB10 is not a significant improvement, I, for one, will move to Android.

It would be amazing if somebody could just make a "BlackBerry By Choice" wallpaper for BlackBerry devices as well as for Twitter because I was looking around for a "BlackBerry By Choice" wallpaper that I could use on my PlayBook and also as my Twitter background image.

I am a disabled veteran with TBI and am new to BlackBerry. I have a BB phone and Playbook and depend on them to help me function at home and work. Blackberry rocks. As far as NYT they still think the attack in Benghazi was because of a stupid video trailer. I hope that RIM will put out some apps to help Wounded Warriors that have TBI and then share it with the world. Rock on BB

Black sheep are rare, white are so popular, who wouldn't want to stand out? :D
BlackBerry for life, blackberry by choice... Bitches. ;)

Edit: Suck on that New Yorkie Twats! Lol