Protect your BlackBerry to the max with the Clear-Coat Full Body Protection pack

By DJ Reyes on 18 Jun 2012 02:43 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a sexy device, I'm sure most would agree. That's why I prefer to carry it around as is with no case but this is not always the best for me as I tend to drop it. So, is means I need a case and I've used a few over time but eventually I take it off as I miss the naked feel of the device. This meant I had to look at other ways of protecting my BlackBerry from scratches and drops. I'd been seeing and hearing a lot about full body protection for devices and thought I'd give it a try. Continue reading to see it what I think of it.

I'm sure we've all used screen protectors before and know what it is like to apply those on. However, the Clear-Coat Full Body Protection needs to be applied on differently. In the box you have the protection pieces, application spray and a rubber squidgy. As well as that, there was a link on the box directing you to instructions on how to apply the pieces. I had a quick watch of the video and then it was time to apply it on to my Bold 9900.

BlackBerry turned off. Micro fiber cloth ready. It was time to apply. It was quite weird at first, as you actually had to spray the pieces even though there was adhesive. I may have also over sprayed the first few pieces since they moved a little even after letting it dry for ten minutes. So I had to make sure I put those in place before it fully dried out. That was probably the most tedious part of the whole process, waiting for it to dry between applications. As well as having to leave it to dry about 3 hours after I applied everything. Meaning no BlackBerry for a few hours. Good thing I had the PlayBook to keep me busy. 

One thing to note about the full body protection is that the texture is different to your standard screen protectors. The Clear-Coat protector has a more rubber like feel, which allows it to be anti-scratch in its form. This is also why it came with a rubber squidgy as opposed to a plastic one you normally get.

On the whole, I love the Clear-Coat Full Body Protection. After almost a week using it there are no scratches on it, when normally I would have. And I can be sure that the back won't get any more scratches from being laid down on surfaces. It felt weird at first because of the texture but it has been worth it. Of course, it doesn't protect my BlackBerry from drops as much as a case would but having the rubberised texture means it has become quite non-slip, giving me more gripping power which is an added bonus. Less chance of me dropping it.

The only negative thing I have to say about it is that I would have liked the piece for the bottom bezel to be a more perfect fit. I definitely recommend the Clear-Coat Full Body Protection if you're looking to avoid scratches on your beloved BlackBerry. If you haven't already, check out the video above to see me apply it.


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Reader comments

Protect your BlackBerry to the max with the Clear-Coat Full Body Protection pack


This type of full-body protection is NOTORIOUS for catching pocket lint, grime, dirt and disgusting things when the edges inevitably begin lifting from normal use. It's completely impractical because by the end of the year you phone will look absolutely revolting.

I have only used zagg invisible shields on all my devices. I'm not sure if any of the ones listed above or in the store are better, but I've never had a problem with mine.

I guess I will stick with what works for me until it doesn't.

So instead of my nice soft feel , slim seidio case, I would have to spray my 9900 with glue and get less protection overall?.... Hahaha


Bodyguardz is a lot better IMO. If your skin begins to get yellow / peel they ship you a new skin free of charge. But honestly, I'd rather feel the phone the way it suppose to feel, and just buy a new housing when it gets worn out.