PROPER BlackBerry Bold 9700 Battery Cover Removal!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2009 10:18 am EST

So it turns out there are no dumb BlackBerrys, just occassionally dumb BlackBerry users which apparently I am one of! If you saw my BlackBerry Bold 9700 unboxing video yesterday or the follow-up tip, you may have noticed I ran into some issues with getting the battery door cover off the thing. It wasn't the device... just me.

Watch the video above. It's actually DEAD EASY and requires very little effort to remove the battery door. You just need to use the right technique and apply a little pressure in the right place. This is obviously the way it was designed to be done...I just somehow missed that message. Maybe it's common sense to other people, but yeah.. errr.. my bad.  Lesson learned. Enjoy the video. And if by chance you run into any new BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners struggling with their battery (it'll make me feel better about myself if I'm not the only one out there who had a mental lapse) then show them the proper technique and tell them you saw it on Not mentioning this topic again! LOL :)

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PROPER BlackBerry Bold 9700 Battery Cover Removal!


Kind of a funny question, but do you know any ATT outlets that might possibly sell the new 9700 soon? I want to upgrade ASAP.

bwoy kevin i saw that from the first video but didnt comment :S id b just as excited tho :D cant wait for mine :D

I know it's kind of "uncool" to read manuals and such, but there is a diagram printed on the static sticker that comes on the battery cover itself that shows this exact technique.

It is clearly visible in your unboxing video, on BOTH the T-Mobile and Rogers units...if only you hadn't been in such a hurry to rip all the plastic covers off, you might have seen that little detail. LOL

I appreciate the enthusiasm though...I can't wait to get one!

Kev - try it without the battery inside the phone. You'll be (unpleasantly) surprised. The battery gives you a surface to push, but the first time you open it (that is, before there's a battery in there) it is more difficult.

I watched it when you posted it....i just got the device, had to watch it again. it is so easy when you hit the right pressure point but just not obvious if you don't know.

my tmo unit didn't have a sticker like yours, mine just a diagram to put the sim card in.

My and my GF were laughing so hard that we couldn't get the battery cover of a $450 dollar phone.

apparently you are not the only one...
I had the same issue...
had to search for this video to figure out how to open the cover...

Although mine didn't have the illustration on the back cover...

I am not sure which idiot designed it ....8900 is so simple ...I hope it is not bold and DUMB ...i jus got my BOLD .....hope everything else is good ....

The AT&T guide that comes with the phone says to put some pressure on the top corners of the cover, then slide.

I cannot open the cover using Kevin's and AT&T's methods.

I wish there are marks on the cover where we should put our thumbs/finger on.

Okay, I'm no dope and neither are my two daughters. Btwn the 3 of us we can open ANYTHING. WE COULD NOT GET THIS SUCKER OPEN!!!! My oldest wanted to take a screwdriver to it and I FREAKED! Okay, so we spent 10-15 mins and still couldn't. Once I FINALLY opened the little darling, a noticed a tiny strip of plastic flying out; it almost hit me in the eye! Found out it was one of the little ledges on the inside of the battery cover. It broke off oddly because it was BONDED to the body of the phone. The little strip that flew out was not shaped like the other three ledges. I ADVISE YOU TO TAKE THE THING TO YOUR NEAREST AT&T STORE AND LET THEM GIVE IT A TRY. IF THEY BREAK IT, OF COURSE THEY WILL INSTANTLY GIVE YOU A FREE REPLACEMENT.

Hey... I registered to this website just so I could leave you a comment. That is an excellent video, and you're certainly not alone. Thanks so much!

what works best for me is holding the phone upside down, as in the video, but hold it in the palm of one hand and use the base of your thumb and palm (what i call the butt) of your other hand to slide it off. very little pressure required. my hands are too small for me to really get a grip holding it the way kevin and the sticker show.

I just got my Bold 9700 the other day and you weren't losing your mind, Kevin. My cover WOULD NOT come off. After spending 15 minutes trying to get the cover off I started looking online and found your video. 30 minutes, and lots of prying, pushing, and darned-near-cracking-my-screen-ing later I finally got it to come off. trix213 above is correct, in that without the battery, the pressure just pushes the center of the cover inwards and puts more pressure on the slide mechanism. Plus, I think there's probably some extra stickiness from the initial assembly or something that almost glues the cover on. I had to lay it flat, apply pressure as Kevin shows here, while gently prying on the top edge of the cover with my fingernail or thin plastic edge (like a credit card). Once the battery's on (and the initial "seal" is broken) it does slide relatively easily.

So the video and the comments did help me...BUT that didn't solve my problem of no battery inside. In the end after 40+mins I was successful. I ended up using a Gerber Ripstop para frame knife to get enough wiggle room to get the door open. So hang in there and don't give up. She's worth it

Thank you so much...the 9700 is replacing the 8900 which I lost last wednesday (I am still teary eyed over the loss) and for the last 2 minutes, I could not figure out how to open it...decided to google b4 calling T-mobile!

I so bypassed the sticker!

Thank u for the idea...however...a half hour later I still can't open it!!!! :'(

Thank you for your video because I thought I'd get crazy trying to open the blackberry and insert the battery.
An advice for people in the same case like me: be patient,
Don't press hard, and try to use a credit card to open carefully

LOL! Welp, that helped me. I just got my 9700 and I'm having a different problem which everyone suggests doing a battery pull to fix and then I couldn't figure out how to remove the cover either and I was about ready to throw this phone through the window. Thanks for saving me and my phone! LOL