Under the Zeis Lens: Proof that ignorance isn't always bliss

By Adam Zeis on 19 Aug 2013 02:19 pm EDT

I have never claimed to be a "journalist" (I'm a blogger) but I've always done my best when it comes to reporting the news or forming opinions about products. Obviously I love BlackBerry and have no problem admitting it. I also am man enough to admit when I'm not pleased with something - be it an app, accessory, device or whatever. 

Being a BlackBerry fan also doesn't mean that I'm anti-Apple or Android or Windows Phone. I've used them all and whether I like them or not, respect each as part of the tech world. What I'm not a fan of however is people that write stories based on one-sided views or flat out ignorance. 

A story was posted a few days ago by the Huffington Post titled Bye Bye, BlackBerry (and Good Riddance Too) where the author, Bill Robinson, flat out stated that he's "not a BlackBerry guy" and in fact has never even owned one.

My fair disclaimer to the reader: I'm not a BlackBerry or Apple guy ... not at all. In fact, I will never own a BlackBerry, Mac, iPhone, iPad; that's how strongly I am against their technology platforms.

As Mr. Robinson starts his rant on how "BlackBerry 10 Hail Mary was a last death-rattle of a dying tech company", he attempts to explain how BlackBerry as a company is dead and how BlackBerry fans are too much in a "tech-induced fog to realize that their screens are too damn small and their proprietary platform too much a walled-in garden."

At this point I just want to stop reading and tell Mr. Robinson that CrackBerry will be happy to send along a new Z10 for him to try out. I'm not quite sure what device he uses that he considers a 4.2" display small but I'd be very curious to know. I won't ignore the fact that the Q10 and Q5 screens are smaller than most devices on the market, but BlackBerry users with those devices are after a physical keyboard and willing to sacrifice the screen size. 

As he notes:

For instance, BlackBerry just wasn't able to respond to the screen-size difference that their increasingly screen-size sensitive consumers were feeling due to the bigger screens provided by Apple and more importantly, the substantially bigger screens of Samsung.

I'd say that they responded very well with a larger screen, and if any rumors hold true will respond even further with the 5" screen of the BlackBerry Z30

So perhaps Mr. Robinson should have actually used a BlackBerry 10 device (namely the Z10) or maybe even read up on the rumors of the Z30 before coming to any conclusions on the future of BlackBerry as a company. 

I have faith in the CrackBerry readers, so please, if any of my rants/posts/editorials/opinions end up going down this road - you have my permission to shoot me.

Feel free to give Bill Robinson a friendly CrackBerry hello on Twitter @relentlessbill.

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Under the Zeis Lens: Proof that ignorance isn't always bliss


There are quite a few people calling him out in the comments of the original article. He still thought BlackBerry runs on BIS, which goes to show he has no idea what he is talking about. He also went on to say how Apple is going to be in the same sink hole next. I wish people would give BB10 a chance before bashing it.

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Oh no... you just validated that crappy article by writing an article about it.... It should just be ignored.

expose the trolls. They might learn something when their credibility is challenged in a public forum

No the Huffington Post validated it by publishing such garbage. This is a perfect rebuttal to that so called journalist.

I don't understand why so many sections of the media seem to get off on bashing BlackBerry.

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Groupthink - journalists always want to be the first one to promote the winning side.
And their owners won't object to bashing people who don't advertise with them.

No, I think it was better to write up an article on another one that's full of BS. Gotta expose these ignorant idiots so that their credibility can be questioned in any other article they write.

I agree, expose them and let it be known that their articles have no credibility whatsoever, and then maybe people would realize that they need to start thinking with their own brains as opposed to blindly listening to others.

Oh man. I have a bunch of friends and coworkers who are blinded and led by the media and the media only. They can't for their own opinions. Whenever they get the chance to they bring up the same old BS about BlackBerry and how they "suck". I love my phone and I'm never leaving BlackBerry. I'm with them until either they die or I do. Really hope they don't sell out. They just need to go all in with the best hardware to date and bind that with better advertising and you've got a killer.

I wonder if this was a tactic of Mr. Robinson to boost readership of his articles? Nothing like starting a flame war, you know?

To me, that would mean he is desperate, which would beg the question who is really dying? BlackBerry or his articles?

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While this bill whatever guy is an idiot BlackBerry did make a mistake by using a small square screen on Q. It it was a 4+ inch screen with keyboard, blackBerry wouldn't need to sell itself.


Regarding the comment that BlackBerry should have made the screen on the Q10 4 inches... The thing I like most about the Q10 is its size. The phone is just small enough to be inconspicuous under my suit jacket. And yet the screen to keyboard ratio is large enought to meet all my needs. There are bigger phones, and there may soon be a bigger BlackBerry, but not everyone wants (or needs) to carry a phone that's almost the size of a tablet.

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A 4 inch screen with a keyboard would be the same size as a 6 inch touchscreen phone - tablet territory. If you doubt this, just draw it out on graph paper, adding reasonable space for bezel, front facing camera, speakers and so on. It is surprising how much difference the additional inch makes.

Are you for real?
You're going to send members on a witch hunt because you didn't like some author who wrote a piece for Huffington Post of all 'newspapers'.

After all you want BB as a brand to be taken professionally and not act like a child when some nobody takes a cheap shot at you.

This coming from the guy who takes seeking alpha articles as facts and quotes them as a source?


Yeah, it is made an account over 2 months ago just for this date. I knew Adam would take a to crackberry for my article.

Damn man, can't get anything past you nereuszeer.

You da man.

Implicitly you are. If you are unable to see it, I do hope some of the other staff members can point out how naive you are acting.

The guy's opinion isn't worth defending just shocked at the level you're going to attack a guy with some 200 odd twitter followers.

I didn't see anywhere in his article saying go and attack him he simply posted a link so we could read the article and then another link so we could respond to that article (for the people who care about twitter, not me) and for the guy who thinks apple is going to die next I just say wake up man

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Ooo!!! You are so mature, advising to stay quiet and all. Yes I see how letting an idiot run free rants with lies will help the situation... ;)

If you are to stay quiet in front of garbage journalism, you should also do the same for the ones that will act apon it....

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It's idiots like him that are not helping blackberry but instead trying to kill them off. I hope blackberry continue because I love my Q10. They could do with more apps but that's about it.

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Biggest question I have is that if you have never used nor owned a device from this maker....then why be happy that it's gone? In what way has it inconvenienced you? I don't like Apple products. Have owned them, used them, and have dived in to attempt to like them. I don't. But I certainly don't have a desire for it to die. I just won't support them with my own money. This is another sign that for some reason people have a very serious emotional hate for BlackBerry. It's weird.

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I agree with you 100%. No idea why people love hating on BlackBerry. Oh well, Haters can only bash with words. Us true supporters do something by putting our money where our mouths are by buying BlackBerry products.

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Not true. If people believe their words and then decided not to buy BlackBerry, it will make sales report bad. Less sales can make BlackBerry to be sold quicker lol. That's the power of words. It can make average people believe that they should not buy any BlackBerry devices.

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Good article, Adam.
Dudes like that are a lot of what's wrong with society today...


Indeed Mr. Robinson, the screen-size sensitive consumer in me shutters at my beautiful Z10. The rest of my technically apt self feels the Z10 is a solid phone that you have no comprehension of.
I've never seen such an android fanboy, seriously. I really wish everyone would stop with the "wait and see" approach for BB10. It's good! Devs, do your stuff! Consumers, try it out! All the waiting is causing issues :(

I'm not even really surprised when these articles come out now, and I can't even find it in myself to be angry anymore. We live in a world with supremely lax standards of conflict of interest and a lot of places are so desperate for content that they just don't care. It's still trendy to say BBRY are dying even without any knowledge of the company or their devices. Its not going to last forever, and its definitely getting to the point where people look stupid saying it. BBRY might not look the world leader they once were but it's been well over a year since people said they were already dead. By now they have to actually be bankrupt or be better.

What really?! LOL! Birds of a feather? Is that why he's so focused on a bigger screen size? Because big screens

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...make everything look bigger?
Sorry I hit post before I was done typing because it was all too funny.

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There is a lot of ignorance and hate for Blackberry from people that have no idea and have probably never used a BlackBerry let alone a bb10. Walled in? Let's see I have blackberry apps and Android apps. How I'd that walled in. IPhone is walled in you have to purchase ring tones you can't just download them from site like c rack berry. No emulators aloud. Very little customization. Idiot with a capital I

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Invite him to a CB podcast and have a debate! See if he's really as ignorant as his article made him out to be.

Sadly Mr. Robinson has an image of BlackBerry that many people have of the company right now. No one knows about the Z10 or BB10. No one knows that they really put a lot of work into the platform and made something great.

Although this is pure ignorance on the consumer's part, BlackBerry should have put in more of an effort to rid the population of their prejudices. It's their fault people still think of the phones as spinning-clock, battery pulling, freezing, and slow pieces of junk (I'm talking about low end Curves that were notorious for this, not so much of the high-end Bold models).

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

sadly, CarGuy1368, I'm afraid your comments accurately reflect what's really going on in the marketplace right now.

Also, don't forget to include:
- "inopportune high-profile crashes of the BIS network in various high-traffic regions" in the list of previous eff-ups over the years,
- "ingenious on paper but disastrously executed" developments like the Storm I and II's "click-screen" keyboard,
- 2 high-profile CEOs who just couldn't keep their egos on the ground and got distracted in VERY public ways from their commitment to the company, its consumers, and redefining where the leading, bleeding edge of its technology lies,
... and
- short-spec'd device hardware that wouldn't allow your phone (or "pad") to handle at least ONE O/S upgrade cycle.

In addition to the device-specific bombs you mention, THOSE - I believe - were the final nails in BBRY's Brand-coffin between late 2009 & early 2012, and they've NEVER attempted to even address ALL those points. OK, they DID give away 10 apps for Free in 2011, after the global network outage, but it was too little for most users who just lost faith.

For the record, this is just an account of the facts; I love the technology & interface (Torch 9800) AND - more importantly - recognize the importance of the 5-8000 employees BBRY keeps employed in my hometown (yes, several of them are my friends) ... but I gotta call it as I see it.
RIM and its bigshots have NEVER missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity - OR a device-release deadline - in some ways, and the fact that even now their Marketing couldn't get laid at the Mustang Ranch speaks volumes about what's really going down.

Fact is that this ONE d-bag at the H-P will most likely influence more people to walk away than the 100s (or so) GREAT reviews the Z and Q devices have received so far have done "for" sales.

Just my 2 cents worth from our penny-less country.

Cheers & Keep Moving!

The Huffington Post is practically dead in the water themselves. They had to be bought out by AOL just to survive so they can keep writing crap articles like that, and I won't even go into their anti-business, anti-capitalist mind set. Although, being anti-business could be the reason for Mr. Robinson hating BlackBerry, since it is widely used in the corporate world. Plus Apple is a successful business, so that's probably why he hates them too. So I would kindly advise Mr. Robinson to get himself a BlackBerry and an iPhone, even an iPad, and properly jam them right up his tight little %#$?@!#

Posted via CB10 / BlackBerry Z10

Hahaha. Nice.

I had a lot to say about the article when I saw it the other day too. However, as an employee of BlackBerry.. I find myself biting my fingers when I want to defend my employer. Because we are all better than lowering ourselves to troll over such things.

Thanks to you all for your loyalty, and James for the great game reviews. You have cost me a lot of money (on a side note) .. ha

I love BlackBerry and I always share why but also I tell people that the best phone is the one that you are happy with and suits your needs.
I totally agree with you. They use to say the same about Sprint and am still happy with them whether people like them or not. I'm happy with BlackBerry and Sprint, that is what counts.

"I'd say that they responded very well with a larger screen"

isn't the critical point that they didn't respond in a *timely* manner? The sales of the Z10 seems to suggest that - why is the z30 going to be any different?

At least BlackBerry got into the big screen game look at Apple they don't have a big screen phone but when they come out with one I assure you it will sell and I'm hoping the same for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Well, some authors are only writing articles for bashing BlackBerry. I think they only write something like that, because they like to hurt them, or the readers of the article, who like BlackBerry! For me, that are only very very small-minded individuals, which don't need to be noticed! The only worse thing is, that consumers could be misled by that nonsense. But i hope, the time will tell the truth, because the new BlackBerry 10 devices are great! I love my Z10!
Good article, Adam! :-)

Anyone who takes that clown's advice when he admittedly doesn't own, nor will own either of, their technologies, is probably better off not on our platform anyway

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this man is Android propaganda driven guy who just sees every thing is just a crap .
He is mistaken that Apple will die eventually,its a kiddish statement against a company which has profits in billions and virtually created the app Eco system which we all see now a days.
Saying that i myself don't get inspired by their phone and lots of people do,its preferences we have in life.

I think it's interesting that a "journalist" from the Huffington Post writes a technology article about something he has not tried. Methinks that journalism looks a little yellow. Personally I classify that "newspaper" as a notch above "News of the World" and other supermarket tabloids. On the positive side, he lumped BlackBerry in with Apple. Maybe he's just anti-fruit.

Posted via CB10

The guy has 200 twitter followers. My little sister has more followers than that. He's a nobody.

Posted via CB10

@RelentlessBill mmm papito habra Blackberry para Rato!! usted solito se masturba la mente con su editorial, Translate!! is you can!! this is part of my twitt. Blackberry Forever!!

Mr robinson is just another one of those writers trying to bash on bb10. i am done having to argue with people who dont know technology.

What is up with people like Bill? What has BlackBerry done for them? Especially that he didn't own any BlackBerry device? I at one period of my life owned a curve and the first iPhone 3G, my curve didn't have have 3G, only Edge and GPRS crap, and to be honest I never liked the iPhone. I kept it for games until I realized that my PSP is a better device for such a purpose. Then I threw my iPhone and replaced it with a Bold. Then threw gave away my curve and bought the torch 9860. Now I replaced my Bold for the Z10 so yes I carry two BlackBerry phones and I am extremely happy. My wife has an S3 mini, yup, I love Samsung and am always fascinated by their hardware, but do I think my BlackBerry is crap? Hell no, I might even consider buying the Z30. Can someone explain to me why do BlackBerry haters exist?

Posted via ZCB10

If you claim to be a journalist and tech analyst in your profile, it requires some research before you put out an article even if it's an opinion. He never owns an Apple or BlackBerry phone what was his opinion base on ? Did Samsung pay him for that rant?

I avoided the apple bandwagon years back mostly because I didn't like the tight control and exorbitant prices apple wanted for their hardware and peripherals. But I respected it. I went to android because I liked the idea of it being an semi-open OS and very adaptable. But I am over the honeymoon phase. I went through a dozen failed or buggy devices, including many samsungs. The build quality is just not there. Enter (albeit late to the party) BlackBerry. Here is a phone with a reasonable footprint, high quality physique, and a stable OS that does everything a good smartphone needs to do. Z10=won over. The problem is image and marketing, and I don't think traditional methods of marketing will get this to take off enough. They need to get people using BB10, take losses to get people's hands on it, and start a campaign for practical phone use. What do you really need a phone for? Why not use a phone that does those things really well. Screw all these millions of useless apps and buggy peripherals for running etc. BB10 is for communicating easily and effectively, like a phone is supposed to. TRY IT.

These articles need to be argued against the C.E.O is not and neither is the company with advertising so somebody has to do it

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It's a sad day in journalism, when they let/give some idiot a voice to talk to the masses
How in the hell can you judge a product without testing it or really know what's going on.
It's just pity full, and unprofessional to boot, if you have something personal against BlackBerry ( or any other brand). You should keep it neutral, but whatev

Posted via CB10

wanted to react but to much good for his dumb ego but with only a few hundred followers it's a loser who wanted some attention. No way to give him that, i allready wrote this but delete it :) I suggest every one give a comment to this guy delete there commentary.

It's so uber overpaid bash article that you don't even know at the moment when it start with LG before samsung but it seems you are all rock en roll in your own world. I don't say android is bad but using BB10 it made android a cumbersome way of getting things done.

Ahh, What the hell you have your fun to boost your ego to claim that android is much beter then the rest, while you know shit about other OS or what the future will bring. .I used 1 month an Apple but it has no 3G and I really hated i-tunes but it was a test phone so I switch to a much beter OS called android cupcake and ended with Jellybean which was the best till 5 months ago.

Me lucky working at a big telecom operator and we had to test BB10 and BES 10 and since that day I know this OS is much easier and quicker then ever OS I ever used to work with . Maybe that's why android 5 and ios 7 will copy a lot of new stuff from Blackberry so it seems that could be a problem for them but it put them also in a leading role without notice by public but at least by android and apple :).

O you are public so you can start reading this again.

Greeting from a android 4.3 (tablet) and blackberry 10 user from Europe.

p.s. just ordered a new 64Gb playbook at amazone and still have 2 playbooks but we have also a new android. more apps but daughter still like playbook more. me 2 :)

How can this guy say he "loves technology" (in his twitter summary) when he hasn't even tried/owned Apple or BlackBerry products...

Responded to the article with this tweet:"@relentlessbill Read your uninformed and biased article about BlackBerry. Have your held or even seen a Z10? A 4.2 inch screen competes."

What you make of a journalist with 267 followers in twitter and 77 twits?

I guess he wanted attention.

Posted via CB10

Wouldnt it be awesome if BB can make their way to the top again... then all those naysayers can kiss our asses. lol

You know, that's the part I never really like the writer who writes anything without any knowledge of the products they are going to write about, but they do it anyway since they have the power to write and lie. If this guy spend just a little time play with Z10/Q10, trust me his jaw will drop. Why? Because these devices Z10/Q10 are so easy to operate just peek into the HUB you will see the whole world in the palm of the hand. See anything you want to reply from the HUB, just reply from it without launching any apps. It's too easy. When it is too easy, the media don't want to admit it. I'm so tired with the media especially the media in the USA during election they told the middle income not to worry about the tax increase as long as you don't make more than $200,000. Well, look what happened to us middle income after election, got tax increase. How do I know we got tax increase because I am one of them who makes 38,000 dollars per year got tax increase almost 60 dollars per month. I wish they check what they write even though it is free country.

1st I would like to mention that the head of the Huffington post is a HUGE BlackBerry fan. I have seen her talk about how much she loves her BB in interviews.

2nd. Not only is this guy blindly biased, he's factually wrong.
"BlackBerry just wasn't able to respond to the screen-size difference that their increasingly screen-size sensitive consumers were feeling due to the bigger screens provided by Apple"
The 4.2" Z10 screen is bigger then the 4" iPhone screen.....just saying.

Hate to say it but a lot of what he states is true. The truth sometimes hurts; especially if your a BBRY devout. I'd have to say I'm one of the "BlackBerry people awakening from a tech-induced fog." But it has little to do with the screen size.

I am with you. I will go further and even accept an uninformed article and there are many. What I don't understand is how a writer can say "good riddance" to a product he knows nothing about. Why not just write about what he knows and leave it at that. Why be deliberately hurtful for no apparent reason, particularly since he has no interest in the product.

I'm IT where I work, and recently there was a huge push towards the Galaxy S3 since we were going to Google services. I held back for the Z10. I was the only one I the whole Corp. Then... people got fed up with their devices and many regretted not waiting. In our offices in Ottawa we had about 160 S3, 80 iPhones for special apps and close to 100 people waited for the Q10 and some went to the z10. Now, another 20 went from S3 to Q10 an Z10. The reality in Canada is that Bberry is still very strong and people have them close to their hearts. I myself went to the Nexus4 for a couple of months but sold it when I got my Z 10. My mom never had a smartphone and I just ordered her a Z 10, my sister was offered an iPhone... she paid for a Z10. With OS10.2 around the corner (currently on my device) I feel things might change. They just need to be in the face of consumers, the consumer just needs to test drive!

BlackBerry is awesome and 100 times more mature as a platform than Windows Phone 8 and has half the mileage. Thing can just get better from here.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to write the author of that article a strongly worded tweet or comment to the article expressing my disagreement, but I have learned over the years that it's usually best not to feed the trolls. I'm pretty upset that he got paid to write such an uninformed piece. I mean come on. The dude obviously hasn't even seen or heard of the Z10, let alone the Z30. Oh well I guess. Keep moving. As much as it irks me to see articles like that, I prefer to turn the other cheek and keep loving on my amazing phone :D
Any one else think it's a bit ironic that he accuses BB users of being in a "tech induced fog" when he admits to have dimissed both BlackBerry and Apple because he's "against their platforms"? Kinda the pot calling the kettle black there bud. Just sayin'.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I think that people need to stop bashing it simply to be bashing. For what reason do they have to dislike the blackberry for what? Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would like to think that anyone who talks about a particular subject has some type of knowledge of the thing they are talking about, he clearly displays that he hates it just to hate it. That makes no sense what so ever. What is sad is there is probably a whole bunch of people who follow em in this blind opinion to what the blackberry is all about

Posted via CB10

If that guy writes tech articles for a living he should go hungry by the end of the month! It is so aggravating to read these baseless articles because you know there are sheep out there validating their purchase of something else with stupid articles like these. Where does one begin to point out everything that's wrong with this article?!

Posted via CB10

I know... how about his intro of "I'm not a blackberry guy...". after that the rest of the article is useless.
How funny is it that a guy admits he's not a fan of a product nor has he ever owned one but continues on to write a review?! HELLOOOO?

Posted via CB10

I like to test different operating systems so that I own BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5, Nokia Lumia 925 (Windows Phone), iPhone 5 (iOS) and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Android), I appreciated all technologies from four different platforms (I called it Big 4). But I use 3 BlackBerry phones the most because it's the most efficiency and user friendly platform. So why BlackBerry is dead? Bye Bye, Mr. Robinson.

What a clown. How can ppl hate BlackBerry 10. It's the best. Being a journalist he should look at both sides of the story. Stunned fuck

Sent from the Legendary Zed10

The grief that Blackberry gets is at a all-time high. We, as the community, need to refute those groundless comments.

Posted via CB10

Anyone who doesn't use the product but hate it, is a bigot. A bigot who is jealous that other people are clever enough to operate a BlackBerry.

This type of story is starting to concern me. Whether sales of BB10 are good or bad, this kind of thing, I cant imagine, won't reduce sales over time. Who wants to buy something everyone is saying is dying? Then we have the bloggers who all cant wait to say the same thing as every other blogger. We see the same thing with Windows 8. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon telling everyone the same thing, knowing their own saying it all might cause it to come to pass and they can say 'see I was right'.

BB is in trouble and it is a huge hill to climb, but BB10 is a great OS and they are making some real advances now that things like RSA are out for it. Meaning it can be more palatable for business. If other big business apps come like Concur, and they make BES 10 more enticing (like with the recent price drop on CALs) hopefully we can see some increasing numbers. But will we with everyone beating this drum that it's over?

Huffing what? Where is that? This Bill guy didn't use BlackBerry, apple or window phone.... could he be using a phone booth attached to his back?.... just my 2 cents

Posted via CB10

If he didn't know BlackBerry is known in the market as 'the mobile leader of wireless tech innovation' which I find impossible for BlackBerry to either go out of business. His rant is just mindless jibber jabber.

Posted via CB10

Sometimes people feel the need to be sure everyone knows how stupid they are. Someone who labels himself "Technology, Entrepreneurship & Rock 'n Roll Journalist" really shouldn't be taken seriously.

Some would say that your opinion doesn't even matter Adam because we at Crackberry are all considered "cheerleaders".

Meh. Past a certain (admittedly small) threshold, I just figure that there's no helping them and it's not worth giving a passing thought, let alone replying to. Not sure what it does to "help the situation," but minimizing exposure to such things does wonders for one's sanity.

Poor journalist craving for attention...
Bashing BlackBerry means he already knew that Crackberry fans would be coming to him... and bash..
At least he got some attention... :)
And his views are biased and paid in cash :P

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

Poor journalist craving for attention...
Bashing BlackBerry means he already knew that Crackberry fans would be coming to him... and bash..
At least he got some attention... :)
And his views are biased and paid in cash :P

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

This is just depressing,Even though I'm much into android I don't rant about things I haven't used.......And screen size isn't the end of the world for a majority of the people.I for one can't stand huge displays 'cause I prefer portability
So here's a shout out to @relentlessbill, "NEVER judge a book by it's cover"

I think that the lack of product awareness and marketing, as I said before, are perpetuating the negative image that BlackBerry has unfortunately acquired over the last few years (one due in no small part because of its own fault).

When you allow market analysts, financiers and so-called experts as this douchebag mentioned in the article, what do you expect to just talk without an opposing point of view as well as clear proof to the contrary, what do you expect? BlackBerry has to be on the offensive and aggressively promote it's products, both the BB10 OS and the accompanying devices, namely the Z10 and Q10 and Q5!

Case in point, I happen to watch a little bit of the CBC show " The Lang and O'Leary Exchange ", where Amanda Lang clearly expressed her disdain and outright hostility towards BlackBerry by pretty much writing off the company and it's products, pointing out the low sales numbers of both the Z10 and the Q10, and basically questioning the whole reason for putting the Q5 on sale at all. She said that she "hated the Q10 and the new OS" which she now has and wished "she could go back to the Bold 9900" and that all she wanted was from BlackBerry was "a new Bold with a better browser " and that it should not have taken "2 years to get that ".
On the other hand Kevin O'Leary, a well known businessman, perhaps more famous for his appearances on the reality TV shows "Dragon's Den" and "Shark Tank", defended BlackBerry and tried to explain to Ms. Lang that the Bold and the BB OS is "old technology that was plagued by several problems" and that once you get to know the BB10 OS and become familiar with it it is one of the best around. Mr. O'Leary said that he started out with a Z10 but is now currently using the Q10.

Ironically when Mr. O'Leary pointed out that Google just experienced a serious outage of it's systems and it's services and that in his opinion the company's growth is at an end, Ms. Lang became all hot and bothered and was quick to criticise and dismiss that observation.

That was quite revealing as it clearly underscores what we already know, that all these "analysts" and "experts " have a clear agenda and personal interest they are pursuing. Its not like Mr. O'Leary is and angel or anything of the sort, he is as bloodthirsty a capitalist as any, but at least he pointed out that he has some national pride as a Canadian and thus supports BlackBerry and it's products.

This what consumers hear from these people, and if BlackBerry is not there to show them otherwise, that is the image and belief the average consumer will have and the impression he or she will remain with, that of a company which cannot deliver on its promises, one hampered by lower quality products and an inability to comply with the consumer demands and expectations!

Posted via CB10

HI Adam, I think someone who has not tried something, not talk about it. If you have not tried something, how on earth would you know anything about it. Also, please do not send him anything at all. If there is any plans of sending him a device, put in up for a contest instead...say for most tweets in 24 hours to Mr. What's his name ? BIll ?
I love my Blackberry, I too use other devices on other platforms but I don;t say things about what I don't know/
Will say hello to Bill. That's his name right ? lol...

totally agree with you! don't send him anything. if he doesn't like BB, he does not deserve to have one :)) seriously, maybe it would not be a bad idea to send him one, then, then the guy would be speechless, and would have a bad time eating his words... :)

Just sent him a nice tweet what a tool, whatever happen to people doing research before putting out useless and wrong information.

hahaha, the Z30 is going to be crap! a dual core, 720 p display 5 inch phone in 2013 is garbage. Also don't you remember the entire campaign for the blackberry 10 OS was one handed gestures? How can you do that all with a 5 inch device. BB can suck it

Why are you here then? Why are you at CrackBerry? Why are you reading about BlackBerry? stick to your laggy Android or slow iOS. :) :) While I enjoy flicking on my super fast keyboard or peeking into the hub... :)

He's so stupid! He doesn't know what BlackBerry 10 is and how smooth and fluid it is! you're the man Adam! :D

You called him out on it and good for you. I don't even look at those articles from the Huffington post because it's a trash rag. The authours are paid to write articles that exceed the boundaries of common sense just to create attention to their rag. I thought your comments were very well written but at the same time I think we should just ignore these people that write articles about stuff they obviously know very little about. Responding to an article like this (and I don't blame you because it is very frustrating) just gives it more credibility that it doesn't deserve. You played right into their hands my friend.

The problem is that ultimately he is right. BlackBerry is a dying tech company...as much as I hate to say it, have been using BB exclusively since they only came in black and white. The matter of fact is that BB had PLENTY of time as other platforms started chopping on their market share to better their technology. AND this was when they had a lot of money too. But no.... they refused and thought they could convince the world they are right and everyone else is wrong. I'm still a happy 9900 user and LOVE the phone. No way no how I'm changing until the phone stops operating but this may have to become my last BB. I hate the Q10 because it lacks the main operating buttons and won't get it.

Being late doesn't mean one isn't coming. Users still care. Somehow, somewhere Bberry had given us something that we truly need. Today, there are just many options and somehow they find it difficult to creatively remind us of the things we love about them.

I registered just so I could comment on this.. Hey everyone!

I was using couple of BBRYs thru the years, ended up changing my 9700 for iPhone 4s, year later for iPhone 5. While I love it and been using the iOS7 and think it's fantastic, I'm considering getting another phone (since I use my iPhone mostly for business).

I'm keen on getting the Q10 - I've missed the physical keyboard, tried the BB10 and liked it (found room for improvement, but that's another story). Now while I know this particular article over @ HP is written by someone who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, the general consensus IS that the BlackBerry is a finished story - and I have to admit it affects my potential buying decision.

What I'm trying to say, even though I had been using BB devices and know how well they are made and how good they work, with overall negative media approach to the BB future I'm still uncertain if I should investing on a platform & business which was, basically, declared DOA (and still, accordingly, shows no real sings of life). With the way the BBRY's being portrayed I really can't see any newcomers warming up to the idea of owning and using one - and that's a huge part of the problem for BB10 and BBRY in general. :l

So, to sum it up. I should just stop analysing and just get one. Right? :)

I read you, and I can tell you some things: I'm no geek, know something about devices, and had (owned) already and by this order, 9780, 9900, 9780, 9810, 9360, 8520, 9500, and finally my Q10 where I just installed the latest beta OS (which is awesome). I feel this is the best ever phone I had, and from what I can see on ebay (my indicator for the ups and downs of prices) Q10 is the best quoted phone from BB. You won't be sorry for having Q10

Paraphrasing Adam Zeiss: «...Being a BlackBerry fan, Obviously I love BlackBerry and have no problem admitting it. I also am man enough to admit when I'm not pleased with something...» The rest you took the words out of my mind. Thanks!

You can get this same review from any Verizon employee. I just bought my wife a q10 there, and had to go through a beat down just to get him to go get one from the back. Most of the articles are written in the United States. Remember that blackberry is dead in the United States. It will never recover and gain/have any market share here. Salesmen at the carriers seem like they've been trained to destroy blackberry sales. I probably made a mistake in sticking with blackberry because I feel like I'll be stuck with a palm pre in the coming months. I don't think there is anything BlackBerry can do to fix the adoption of the bb10 phones. It is considered a joke to have a blackberry in the United States. Yeah, I get it, there is a whole world outside of the United States, but being accepted here is kind of important in the whole scheme of things. I really like my Z10 and I was excited where things were going with it, I'm just sad to realize that I probably won't have any support/updates the last half of my contract.

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" In fact, I will never own a BlackBerry, Mac, iPhone, iPad;"

I guess he is uses an ancient IBM PC to write his articles.
Case closed.

BlackBerry should keep on reminding the world about themself and what good technology theya have. Q10 and Z10 are great devices. I'm using Q10 and I have no issues at all especially after using apple and samsung for almost 4 years in a row. But I agree that BlackBerry isn't good at marketing. I'm didn't know when Q10 or Z10 were launched untill I decided to get a BlackBerry and when I searched the internt. There were no adds on Indian television no news on media or newspapers. Come on u can't sell a cake unless u tell people u make one.

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