Proof that BlackBerry is still the go to device for business users

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By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2014 05:54 am EDT

It's no secret that BlackBerry are striving to retain the number one spot in the enterprise market. And that shouldn't be hard considering they do it better that the competition. With the likes of the BlackBerry Passport and Classic on the horizon they are both the perfect business tool for users that need to do some serious work from their smartphone.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong recently confirmed this in an interview with CNBC where he admits to owning a Samsung Note and an iPhone, but for getting things done it's very much the BlackBerry he turns to. And it's not just him. He states that most CEO's are still rocking a BlackBerry as it is a utility device and that's what the businessman/woman needs to be as productive as possible

More positive news from the BlackBerry camp. Let's hope we see plenty more like this.

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Proof that BlackBerry is still the go to device for business users


Yes even with the ugly looking passport. BlackBerry for business it is.

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It maybe ugly to you but it is big bold and beautiful to me. The Passport rocks as it works on a level of functionality that the competition can only dream of. I have no doubt it will be successful as it directly target to all those that "do" in this world. And if you want, you can play candy crush as well.

The Passport says I'm the boss. An iPhone says I fetch the coffee. It's that simple.

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You know it's not that ugly looking anymore. We re just not use too seeing that shape. Its screen shape is definitely better for working on and viewing stuff. The only thing I would change is the corners round them off a bit.

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You know what makes it ugly? The font on the keyboard. They look so weird and fat! I think that device would be perfect if those fonts just got skinnier or slender.

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Bang on indeed:) The BlackBerry Passport is an evolution of smartphones. Users always adapt to new changes cause it is in our nature to do so. We all adapted to larger screens and other manufacturers keep making their screens even larger.

BlackBerry Passport challenges the status quo of all smartphones by going with a square design.

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Let's stop stereotyping users of different devices. It’s exactly the stereotyping of BlackBerry devices and users being "uncool" that almost killed BlackBerry.

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Pff all lawyers, doctors and high ranking oficials carry BlackBerry and I didnt buy it for "uncool", I bought it for "class" - suit up!

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@THBW - "The Passport says I'm the boss. An iPhone says I fetch the coffee. It's that simple."
You made me laugh and sent my coffee through my nose!!! X-D

I'm sure the Passport will be mesmerizing once you hold it in your hand. Kids and Sheeple can laugh at it all they want, it's not meant for them.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

"The Passport says I'm the boss. An iPhone says I fetch the coffee. It's that simple."

^ Quote of the week - voted and stood by!
Well said and a sick spun. I really think BlackBerry should, intelligently, efficiently, and yet socially subtley convey this in a commerical ... just the end piece of showing such a powerful fully model day as a REAL executive professional would/could/should do!

I managed to get hold and explore BlackBerry Passport today. I can say it is a whole new BlackBerry experience..
Far better and superior than other smartphones in the market.
It is not ugly but unique I would say.
It will set a new trend in smartphones design..

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How was the swipe action on the keyboard? Did it feel intuitive? I doubt it felt very natural at first, but did it work well?

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It works flawlessly. I am in love with Passport right now.
Just got Z30 for free today. It is 1 solid device too. Hopefully can get Passport for free when it is launched..

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is extremely subjective.
At any rate......THIS stuff is what BlackBerry needs to push out...good stuff

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Not a big fan of the passport either but if all the business people out there want to rock only good news for BlackBerry. old school sidekick user here so I'm very interested to see the classic.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

It is amazing that we can see this as a positive. He carries a Note and iPhone and a Blackberry as a third wheel? Impressive!

The BlackBerry OS 10 handsets have definitely improved, but with the absence of big time business and banking apps, how can we realistically take this as a positive? The BlackBerry Docs To Go, is the worst of all the major platforms.

Blackberry always.....

I agree Blackberry phones are so convenient for business use, I get so much done when I am using my Blackberry it is hard to explain. I have other devices but I have to keep my Blackberry near and dear to me.

So true I've been trying to get off it for months now but I can't because it's just too efficient for work and I don't ever intend on carrying two phones around! ever

The more positive publicity the better

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Yah, but I didn't even know AOL was still around, lol.

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Positive would be him saying he no longer needs his Samsung or iPhone because his BlackBerry has replaced them all.

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Well at least he says that he needs his BlackBerry

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Really isn't a reason to own all those devices, unless it's that he wants to know a little about each platform. Which is a smart move for any technology CEO.

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I think for Ceos and celebrities who have to deal with so many different social and business network , it's easier to have different phone delegated for different social network.

Dido here. Our company runs all BlackBerrys. Communication is easy and nothing wrong with supporting a Canadian company either.

I can also add this as BES 10 is on the pickup. I am building a new BES 10 server for my companies 200 users next week and the standard phone will be the Q5, with about 50-60 iphones or andriod devices
thrown in also. And my Q10 :)
it is definetely still an up and coming platform for business.

About the same thing going on in my company. Why is it IT rolls out Q5 to everyone but they buy Q10 and Z30s for themselves. Same for monitors, tech support guy has a gigantic screen. Looks like every company IT is always with the top toys.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

I am in the Support team, although thats pretty much what the whole company is, however I am paying
extra for the q10 out my pay.

I would have got a z30 but EE in the UK doesnt stock it

The classic will have little impact until we can get OS7 apps on BB10. Til then he will likely keep his current BlackBerry.

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Great news; the unfortunate thing is that whenever I see a story like this and the CEO actually shows their Blackberry, ut's almost always a BB7 device.

Love my berry devices. Fact is, sadly, that US companies are leaving BlackBerry in droves, both government and private sector. I personally know quite a few die-hard qwerty key boarders who gave up(or the company gave up) due to multiple problem Q10s.

The Classic won't restore old luster if it has the same issues as the q10.

If you read the BBM boards, you will see many of us have been pushing string up hill to try and get iPhone users to use BBM because the notifications on iPhone do not YET work well. Android and iPhone downloads of BBM or impressive, but which downloads steadily continue to use the program?

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I still have an AOL email account as my redundant account for signing up to places like this!

I have an "excite" account for that.
Use that account for the dummy facebook account I use for logging into sites or games as well.

Frosty white Q10/

I was going to say the same thing......Then I remembered that ppl say to me "You still use a BB". My answer varies depending on my environment and the client but ultimately it may sound something like "I need the best communications device available, taking pictures of my breakfast, applying 1 or 5 filters adding a frame and posting it on a site and then resume playing Candy Crush doest fly into my radar." And sometimes I simply say "your GD right."

For the record, you CAN do all those things on your BlackBerry, if you want to.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I still don't understand why BlackBerry won't put the 10 on BlackBerry symbol?

There would also a chance to use my tag line.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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BlackBerry should get Larry the Cable Guy to be their spokesman. He could use the tag line "Git 'r Dun with BlackBerry!" LOL! JK

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

BlackBerry powers me everyday to get things done quickly. Till date my work machine has never let me down. I am getting a tshirt done with blackberry prowess printed on it because I love my phone a lot.

Posted by my Q10 filled with awesomeness

FYI - BlackBerry is a single entity made up of many employees. When referring to BlackBerry the company, please use proper grammar. It should be 'BlackBerry is', not 'BlackBerry are'. I keep seeing this on the website. Thank you.

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One does not need to be an English tutor in order to expect that basic rules of English grammar are used here.

Blackberry always.....

In American English, companies are collective nouns -- for us, the norm is to refer to the multiple people creating a company ("the collection") as singular entity: "Blackberry is..."

In British English, they instead refer to the collection as plural, and not a singular entity: "Blackberry are...".

No matter how much certain parts of USA society would like to think it as so -- we're not the center of the universe. Considering how much more popular BB is OUTSIDE of the USA than it is within the USA... I recommend you get used to reading "Blackberry are" on a regular basis.

(I'm tired of constantly seeing my so-called-fellow-American's correcting British/Canadian grammar and spelling on the Internet -- only to look stupid when they get smacked down by all of Europe. So this is my good deed for the day, before they jump all over you. :-)

On the other hand, BlackBerry's success was largely about success in the United States. And, it's failure has coincided with a lack of interest from U.S. consumers (and enterprise... as if that's really all that important a distinction in the U.S.'s awesome BYOD world.)

Yeah, but just because BB's initial success may have stemmed from a high level of USA product-adoption doesn't mean USAians get to dictate language and grammar rules in a BB forum for speakers of differing dialects of the English language.

Following that logic, BB's "failure" correlating USAians lack-of-product-adoption (yet re-emerging "success" correlating with a larger non-USA-product-adoption rate) should thus dictate that now USAians need to adopt British grammar rules when discussing BB. :-)

I'm pretty sure the we're-the-center-of-the-Universe corner of American English speakers will be none-to-thrilled with that idea. Thus it's not allowed to work in reverse. (Unless one is of the "fine for me, but not for thee" variety -- which based on recent USA politics -- covers a lot of people. *sigh* But THAT is a topic for anywhere else but here.)

I agree that use of English grammar is fine on CrackBerry. I'd add that the blog is arguably Canadian-based and covers a Canadian-based company. I thought that Canadians used the same company is a plural noun for subject-verb agreement as folks from the UK do. But, on the other hand, I think that up until BlackBerry's recent failures with BB10, CrackBerry's audience consisted mostly of US readers, which was my point. It's a common practice to adopt language and editorial guidelines for your readers and it would have made sense for CrackBerry to adopt US English. But, today, I bet a majority of the readers are Canadian and that complicates things...

I would argue that the notion of it being "a common practice to adopt language and editorial guidelines for your readers" -- when said readers originate world-wide -- sounds an awful lot like "pandering to a {adjective-of-your-choice} subset of your audience". (But that's just IMHO, and we are certainly allowed to disagree on that point!)

It's a global Internet. Personally I think "editorial guidelines" should simply be "write in the English dialect you know best and is the most comfortable to use", so as to maximize product quality. Does any English speaker REALLY know ALL the rules / quirks / differences / slang between [ American | British | Canadian | Australian | AmIForgettingAnybody ] English -- while also being able to seamlessly work in only one specific camp? My guess would be "no"... at which point it then requires a focused editorial review by a native speaker of the chosen dialect. Seems a rather inefficient process to me, compared to "let the writer write". *shrug*

Again, IMNSHO, USAians should just to learn to deal with it -- as well as just "learn" in general when it comes to regional differences++. Besides -- how else are we going to run across new and interesting UK and Australian slang?! (Now THERE'S an idea for a fun BB10 app... Someone needs to get right on that.... ;-) )

++Footnote: I've never seen a British-English speaker "correct" an American-English speaker. It's always the USAians who [ is | are ]* acting like know-it-alls. So it would seem that everyone ELSE knows much of, or [ is | are ]* at least perfectly fine with accepting, such regional differences -- and it's just we who [ are | is ]* quite often completely myopic on the matter.

*Footnote: Oh look! More collective nouns! (And I'm not even sure if that first one actually differs between the dialects.)

.......On that note -- enough procrastinating. Time to get back to debugging my code! :-)

I've had Brits not only try to correct my spelling, grammar, and pronunciation, but also try to "correct" me on my ancestry, the history of the US, and what some of our holidays are about.

WooHoo! The 'Merica! mentality isn't an exclusive trait! Nice to know such special people can be native to other lands, and not just the USA. *sigh*

Funny, the BBC news website uses "American" English when discussing businesses.
Also, sorry to offend everyone - I don't specialize in foreign dialects but in my 35 years I've never encountered publications referred to collectively on a regular basis.

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The cool thing is that we know that BB10 devices have virtually the same capabilities of the old Blackberries and now has the same, if not better, capabilities from a consumer consumption side like Apple and Android. Just need to get that Amazon App Store going on 10.3 and it'll be that much harder not justifying your BB10 devices as your daily driver....

We all know what we can do with our BlackBerry. You need to tell the rest of the people by using the media how much better BlackBerry phones are!!

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While I definitely appreciate the positive feedback from a high level exec, can we get it from a company that is relevant? What next? A quote from Myspace?

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

I can't wait either....and I love my z30, but it is a beast of a beast! That equates to a "Must Have!"

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How is the video positive. Most CEO's still hold a BBOS 7 phones. I work in a large Financial Institution and they all still hold out dated BB and compare these old phones to Note3 and new iPhones. He would not need to carry an iPhone if he BES10 or 12 with an updated BlackBerry 10 phone. The BB Classic and Passport can't come sooner. I'm tired of the bashing when they compare old BlackBerry phones.

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But the fact that they still cling to a legacy device to get things done, speaks volumes on how poorly android and iPhone really do in the business world. Yes he definitely needs a z30 in his hands. After 1 week he will be totally hooked and blown away.

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It's the business side that going to save blackberry. We all how the consumer side helped them out.. Or lack there of...

If BlackBerry had the same amount and support of apps like me the world would be on BlackBerry sack

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It's my go to smart biz phone! I've owned iphones even a galaxy note3, but none of them gives me the confidence BlackBerry gives me.

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Someone mentioned product life cycles on a post awhile back. Consumers buy the flavor of the month whenever they have a whim but businesses refresh their phones more gradually.

I don't have a problem with the AOL chief rocking a bb7 device. It is still a BlackBerry. I hope that AOL is upgrading their back-in to BES10 that is where BlackBerry will make its money.

What I am reading on the posts is the Q5 appears to be the phone of choice for mass distribution with the Q10 and the Z30 going to the executives and the I/T professionals. So if past is prologue the masses will be getting the classic and the bosses will be rocking the Passport.

I switched our company from legacy, android, iphone to all z10 units. Now most z10 units have been changed out to z30 units. My advice to any company, go direct z30. It's just such a premium device, and the outlay of cash over the term is well worth the productivity. In a business atmosphere, give 1/3 Samsung, 1/3 iphone and 1/3 z30. In our company, after the initial jeering of the BlackBerry devices, the Samsung and iphone users all caved and traded in their devices. The z10 dominated in this environment, and the z30 ruled the z10.

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Awesome stuff. They took the bait got hooked on the crack LOL

(Type LOL with ALT on and you get "+" on the Q!)

Pasted via CB chen

I want to see commercials and good marketing. This is something that's been lackluster in the USA. Sick and tired of no commercial showing what BlackBerry can do! You have all the stupid commercials for every phone that's longer than 2 minutes, it's BlackBerry's turn! They need to push the Classic and the Passport. I do not think I saw even one commercial for the Z10 or any other for that matter. SAD!

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Informed people know the scoop about Blackberry. They know it's the best in the enterprise space. BlackBerry needs to flex thier muscles in other areas of interest as well in order to attract people from other market segments.

Targeting the enterprise market first is smart so they can start to be profitable. Afterwards, however, they do need to develop a wider BB10 app porfolio, albeit there's compatablility with many android apps.

Yes, I can see this. Just a die hard supporter here and user that notices no real advertisement going on. I want them to succeed. I have a feeling if this fails, BlackBerry will and that will be crushing.

Posted via CB10

What does it mean that smartphone is dedicated for business? What features make smartphone more focused on business market? Apps? Security?

Posted via CB10

Just my opinion, but I think the focus on messaging and typing in particular is more business orientated. When you are texting your friends or posting to facebook, it usually isn't a long paragraph that has to be worded just right. However, when you are typing an email to executives or customers, it has the potential to be longer and more consequential. So, having a tool to help you type it more comfortably and effectively becomes more important.

Having said all that, they need to be careful about waving that "business" flag without any real substance behind it. That's why the "tools not toys" campaign flopped; it came off as just stuck up without any real reasons.

It's one thing to say that BlackBerry is better for business. It's another to actually persuade someone that what they do for work is so different than what they do in personal life that it is worth carrying 2 devices or having the work side dominate their device choice.

It's hard to explain in a few words. To be a true business phone, you have to handle security well, multiple email accounts, multitask, storage on board, network capability etc. The iphone and android devices just don't. Plus iphone fits all......well that doesn't work well either. BlackBerry has a great line up. You won't find it at the carriers, but they do.

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Being number isn't what is key. Critical mass for survival and then revenue stream to keep giving quality products to customers is key! BlackBerry needs to focus on the niche market then build it slowly by getting others into using it - those who can ill-afford up-market units need to be catered to. Those with high demand for phone usage better battery life. Five or six phones across the spectrum than "fight" other brands. Other brands have come to the forefront as they cater to the masses who go for the app world with over 10000 apps. Who has ever used so many apps? They will never in their entire lifetime. Just a satisfaction that they have downloaded. Am sure a survey will show that people don't use more than 20% of apps in their phone over 80% of their time. Pareto has never been wrong! Then comes the fear factor with people threatening BlackBerry is going to close down! Leaving people like you and me holding on to "lehman underwritten paper without Lehman itself" type of situation - BlackBerry phones but no BlackBerry!!!!well I have moved from Z10 (of course classic units since 2004) to Z30 seamlessly and BlackBerry is very very alive!

Posted via CB10

I will take a swing at it. A business phone is a communication device. A business phone is for making calls and emails and text messages. In some areas they restrict you from having a phone with a camera.

A consumer phone is a multimedia device that is good for playing games, watching videos, taking pictures, using social media and also for making phone calls.

The word the AOL chief used was utility. I guess that is a good a word as any. Your business phone is for getting stuff done. Your consumer phone is for enjoyment.

I agree with Tim Armstrong about the strengths of BlackBerry as a utility for getting things done! Seems like that aspect hasn't been lost. What's missing, though, is the fact that BlackBerry is now at par with Samsung and iPhone when it comes to media consumption. The Z30, with its beautiful 5" AMOLED display plays videos (Netflix or otherwise) just as well as the "consumer" devices. It also does as good a job, if not better, at web browsing.

It's great that BlackBerry is leading with its core business strength, but they also need to set the record straight on the legacy weaknesses. They simply don't exist anymore, and that makes it a better all around device.

My company just upgraded to bes10 and I got a z10 for work purposes. Now I have the personal z10 and the work z10. I'm in ontario though so I see a lot of BlackBerry users. Only one friends company is non BlackBerry and he works for HP ontario.

Posted via CB10

Well, since he is the CEO of the company that owns Engadget, and he hopes BlackBerry does well, maybe he should ask the writers at Engadget to stop tearing BlackBerry a new one at every opportunity.

They aren't wrong about the consumer market for BlackBerry. John Chen has killed any hope of BlackBerry ever being relevant there.

But, you have to admit that just from a hardware perspective and an OS perspective, that BlackBerry does it as well or better then anyone. BlackBerry's have great reception and the Paratek technology in more recent devices has made it that much better. BlackBerry natural sound is as good as anything on the market. BlackBerry 10 as an OS is arguably superior to everything else out there.

The problem is, and this is where John Chen will fail, is that almost no one gives a crap about your hardware or your OS no matter what the name of your company is. Sure a sexy phone might get a few people to pick it up and play with it. But what sells them and keeps them coming back are services. BlackBerry is killing off 100% of their in house consumer services and relying totally on Amazon. This won't win consumers who are used to a vast array of services from Apple, Google and up and coming Microsoft.

Engadget is nothing compared to sites controlled by News Corp. and other Google-Apple "friendly" media.

Same misleading/insulting headlines. Same misleading/insulting phrases.

There are tens or even hundreds of "journalists" whose daily bread and butter was nothing but bashing company called Research in Motion (now Blackberry).

Is it hard to look up the articles? No, internet is full of them!

Is it hard to look up their authors? No, there are still plenty of names on internet!

Is it hard to learn the TRUTH? No, when they testify under oath in court!

And what is BlackBerry doing? They have introduced BlackBerry Fact Check Portal!

Competitive features of business area by BB:
- Keys
- preinstalled office apps
- overall quality
- quite good battery
- BlackBerry OS 10
...What else for BlackBerry to chose as company phone?

BTW: I've unsuccesful try of company WiFi connection with enterprise security:( Installed all certificates and still unsucesfull.

Posted via CB10

Even before a release, I have to congratulate BB on the Passport. If square phones were the norm, and BB introduced a rectangular phone, there would be people saying "why would I want a phone that could slip out of my hand so easily lol?!" It's hard to be a game changer by following the same blueprint every phone maker in the industry uses. Go blackberry for knocking down some walls!

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I think they are popular with journalists, too. But, from what I've seen, during the last year or so, BlackBerry has really taken some hits in enterprise. No way you could call it anything but a very low marketshare brand in Enterprise. Much of that is due to Chen's failure to release new devices after seeing tons of evidence that the z10 and q10 weren't appealing to enterprise users. And, BYOD means that consumers choose their work devices...

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My Brother has had an i phone for 5 years. He emailed me very excited yesterday about the "unusual" Blackberry Passport. He's returning to Blackberry. It's not ugly. I think this will be the phone to save Blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I hope you're right. I'm just afraid that your brother will see the iPhone 6 before Chen ever makes the Passport availabe for sale... ;-)

Every platform is set to make a big leap forward this fall. I'd like to see the BlackBerry Passport hit the streets at a premium price in August rather than September. But, I think I'll be lucky if the Passport is available to US users by November... :-(

It seems many people carry two phones? Why? My Q10 is my work horse for work and play. Depending on the cost of the classic I will grab one when it comes out.

Posted via CB10

All is Ok, but we need a new Z10 with new features like a best camera and more storage capacity, miracast and others. sample a Z10i

The question is, can the one phone for work and one phone for play model actually lead to a viable hardware business for the company that makes the phone that is strictly for work?

Can BlackBerry achieve their 10 million units per year for profitability being strictly and exclusively a corporate issued, work only device?

I only ask because I do not believe that BlackBerry has a future in the consumer space. I don't see relying on a competitor 100% for all consumer services as being sustainable. Since BlackBerry is killing off 100% of their own services that are not enterprise focused, and telling consumers to look elsewhere for fun, music, and apps, there is nothing outside of BB 10 it's self to differentiate BlackBerry in the consumer space. Since BB10 is as good as but not significantly better then Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone, there isn't much draw.

What happens when Amazon gets their second or third phone on more carriers around the world? What will their incentive be to prop up BlackBerry in the consumer space when they can just sell those same consumers their own phone? There is no long term future where Amazon continues to support BlackBerry if they see success on their own with their Fire Phone. Amazon will either terminate their relationship with BlackBerry if the Fire Phone is successful, or Amazon will buy the hardware division of BlackBerry to eliminate a competitor and BlackBerry will be an enterprise software and services company only.

BlackBerry may be number 1 in enterprise but they will not survive at all in the consumer market without in house services.

No Music, Movies, TV shows, and soon NO GAMES in BlackBerry World. Killing Scoreloop is an absolutely terrible idea. No in house Cloud Storage or Backup Solution. BlackBerry is not going to be able to make much of a case to consumers. They are done forever in that space which is only around 95% of the total market.

I droped Android only for excellent Q10 Keyboard. I think future is more likely Your thesis :( I hope You are wrong.

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Maybe you should catch up on what's been happening with BlackBerry first... It seems like you've read about a few things here and there but didn't get everything.

Good comment. First, it doesn't go to the crux of your point, which is spot-on, but in regards to your question, "Can BB acheive their 10 million units per year for profitability being strictly and exclusively a corporate issued work device?," I want to point out that the 10 million units figure isn't for BlackBerry to be profitable as a whole, it is for the hardware division to be profitable. BlackBerry hardware sales are very important, maybe critical, to the health of other divisions. For instance, very, very few, if any, businesses or governments use BES when they don't have to support BlackBerry devices. I think most people who accept BlackBerry operating the hardware division at a loss for many years to come if the reason for the division loss was low margins on many phones put into many hands, particularly employees who use the phones within an enterprise system that provides other monetization opportunities for BlackBerry.

Second, the Amazon store bloatware agreement favors Amazon because it puts their store on more devices. It's an awful app store that doesn't provide anywhere near the full breadth of Google Play (the Android experience), and until it does, I can't imagine Amazon not thinking the opportunity to pre-load it on BlackBerry devices isn't golden for them. I just wonder if they are paying BlackBerry for access to BlackBerry's user base and there could be a question in the future about how much they pay once BlackBerry users become dependent on their store and have made purchases from it.

Third, BlackBerry is *not* the number one device in enterprise. Chen is flat-out lying if he claims that. Furthermore, Chen's "regulated devices" bullshit is nonsense. I know lawyers, investment bankers, and government officials who all use iPhones for work. It's a BYOD world now and just about every institution that wants to find a way to allow their employees to use the devices they want to use, has or will find a way to do so. Your point -- that BlackBerry probably needs to compete for consumers -- is spot-on because "enterprise" is becoming nothing more than a collection of employee consumers. The IT department no longer determines which device employees should use at many former BB shops. This trend will become more pronounced in the next year or two.

But, BlackBerry *can* and *should* make a device for productivity people. I know countless people who own smartphones, but rarely play games. If BB10 offered a substantially better phone and unique productivity benefits that weren't available on other platforms, we might have seen some movement, but BlackBerry 10, as a platform, simply did not differentiate itself to its identified "prosumer" audience, which was sad. We identified the right target niche, but we couldn't give them a real compelling reason why using BlackBerry 10 was better for their needs. Maybe, a little better, but nothing to justify making the switch or dealing with the unavailability of certain third party apps/conveniences. For BlackBerry to win, I need to be able to show other people who work in my office what my device does that theirs cannot and they need to say, "Oh man, I'd be so much better with one of those." That was the way Mike L. did it. Maybe, the Passport will deliver that...

They will be back soon. People go with what's "cool" and "hip" and it really doesn't even matter good the phone is. Blackberry phones are now just as good as others and people aren't buying them because you are only "cool" to own an iphone or galaxy s

Posted via CB10

With the number of iOS and Android devices out there, it's no longer a "cool" or "hip" thing anymore. Having an iOS or Android device doesn't set you out from the crowd anymore. At this point, it's more because everyone else has one and you can be assured that it'll have support, kinda like Windows.

If he had a portrait BB10 slider he could ditch his Note and iPhone. Sure he'd keep them for knowing about the platforms, but for most of his content consumption, a portrait BB10 slider would replace those other devices. I wager he's on a 9900.

While this is true, apple doesn't care. The consumer market is much larger than the business market. 50% of the consumer market dwarfs 95% of the biz market.

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Good to know that blackberry leading ahead. Blackberry Passport and Classic according to know specs are awesome devices. Blackberry must release these devices globally at a time. Blackberry is sure for business but given the specs of Passport its well multimedia phone as well.

I'm still wanting to know how easily numbers and punctuation can be accessed on that Passport physical keyboard.... if we're talking utility.

Agreed. Reaching with your thumbs up to the touch screen could be significantly slower than using an ALT/SYM key. But, they must have considered that. It's a *wide* phone and those are big keys. It'd be sad if they simply when with the minimal keyboard because it "looked cleaner" or something...

I wonder what kind of Blackberry he (and most other CEOs) has.. I'm curious as to whether most have switched over to BB10 from the legacy devices..

And you call that proof? One statement from aol ceo is not conclusive that BlackBerry is still the go to" device for business.

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Definitely my Q10 is the best device at work and personally I love it.

I might give it to my wife this october while I get a BlackBerry passport for myself ;)

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Haven't been married long eh? The wife doesn't get the hand me downs. Just some friendly advice from experience.

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I think a big turning point for BB will be when people, and the media, stop using the word "still" before the words "using" or "rocking BlackBerrys".

It sure is. I just saw the Movie Jack Ryan and the evil business man was using a BlackBerry Porsche. It was awesome.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Keep going blackberry. Business, consumer/prosumer, that's the way you rock it. :)

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But tell me BBry...why is it that every goddamned time I do a software update I LOSE contact information.

The built in Contact is complete F***ing garbage.

FIX THIS once and flippin for all.

..rant & derogatory language over...


Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

Thbw u couldn't have said it more beautifully. Sir there's a saying in India if u go to find one wise man u won't get one but instead u can come back with 100000 idiots. So is the case with all idiots all around the world. BlackBerry is now not only for business men but it's also an entertaining device each to his own choice. But when ur putting someone down n trying to climb the ladder eventually u do fall miserably just a mater of time. Even the so called iPhone experts also know they are in for tough completion once the passport is out.
Secondly anyone can go anywhere with a passport.

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The best phones for business are BlackBerry phones hands down. But blackberry needs to vamp up on Marketing. User for over 12 yrs and gone through 12 blackberry phones. The z30 is the best phone overall.

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If BlackBerry hadn't dropped the ball, Tim would be using *one* phone -- and it wouldn't be the Samsung or iPhone.

Realize this -- BlackBerry's days as a consumer product are winding down. It will become a niche tool exclusively. You can disagree with this all you'd like, but it's the path the COMPANY has chosen, so suck it up.

I use to love and swear by BlackBerry but I must say these forums are useless! I have asked questions but unable to relocate my help questions!
I'm sorry to say, but I gave the new Q 10 a shot, it has no restore point, u cannot get answers or help! Bc even bell or roger workers use Iphones!

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Very true this. Though I hope they create a follow up tablet from the PlayBook. The tablet market is rapidly expanding especially here in South Africa, I can only imagine the rest of the world.

When ever they decide to, it should be one heck of a 'hat trick', a true game changer just as the Z10 was at its first unveil.

Otherwise, BlackBerry and productivity go hand in had. I vouch this being a student, I have completed numerous tasks using my BB10 smartphone.


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