ProntoForms coming to BlackBerry 10 — scan, sign, and track for your business

ProntoForms for BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 22 Apr 2014 09:50 am EDT

ProntoForms has announced that their forms management solution is launching for BlackBerry 10, allowing mobile workers to track signatures, capture images, and scan barcodes. There’s a great promotion going as a part of the launch where if users buy five BlackBerry 10 devices from AT&T, they’ll get two more devices and two annual ProntoForms subscriptions for free. This promo will be running through until the end of June.

I played around with the legacy BlackBerry OS ProntoForms app a long time ago, and it was highly functional (if not exactly exciting). It’s easy to see how this stuff would be useful in sales, inspections, and managing work orders, in any case. How many of you guys have used ProntoForms? Are you in a workplace that needs to keep tabs on records while on the go?

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ProntoForms coming to BlackBerry 10 — scan, sign, and track for your business


Great to see some business app coming to bb10.

And I like the AT&T promo with it if only they can advertise it better, either blackberry or at&t it might help a bit. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

+100 for the biz apps.

Too bad invoice2go (Australian) uses Google APIs and does not work properly in the BB10 browser. Also their site states, only Mac/Win and iPhone/Android supported.

Where is the "traditional" business man with his BlackBerry? Left in the dust? Will try to load the apk soon.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

^ you SERIOUSLY need to let go that "traditional business man with his BlackBerry" idealistic view for productivity.

- The business man was doing business long before BlackBerry was a twinkle in Laziridis' and that other dudes eyes!
- It's that same ideal that took BlackBerry so damn LONG to change the core OS to something very powerful and robust, and 2 delays and MISS core features from debuting with BB10 launch! I guess those traditional BBOS devices and plethora of apps just didn't cut it for such productivity for the traditional business user, hmm.
- That SAME thought ... as MORE generation X, Y, Z and whatever users that are STILL under 32 are choosing other devices and OS and will NOT explore BB!

It's not just the lack of apps ... that's just something tangible we call can point the finger to .... it's more than that ... Community (here and abroad), the broken trust with PINs (a-hole/a-rods) started with all the SPAM ... we're seeing this even now with the Channels). Also it's this 1 minded ideal that seems to NOT allow BB to evolve, nor it's community except elvolving times and so much other mind-sets ... it'l

Sweet the more businesses coming to BlackBerry 10 the better.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Is this the "Big app" that was rumored to announce this week?

Have never used it, but I'm wondering if my business could benefit by using it?

No matter, nice to have business apps coming on board.

Tools not Toys my CrackBerry brothers!

That's great but need more business, banking apps etc... I had turned on someone to a Z30. However because there were no common banking apps and a few others that this person needed, this person decided to go back to the galaxy 5. The G5 was more familiar and had already the apps needs to make their life more productive.

It's weird to me that the most secure platform on the market with such high business penetration doesn’t even have the apps that their own employees would use. They have to go to another platform or download the often buggy apk's...

Until BlackBerry hires it's own development team to develop native apps that business and consumers need to use the BlackBerry will never get itself back on track.

We need the top 10 banking, business, healthcare etc apps asap. They need to be native, built for BlackBerry and have state of the art security, whether on a BES or not.

Don't care about Netflix, instagram etc as those apps and the services they provide are only as good as they faddish trends they represent.

Posted via CB10

Most canadian banks have apps available including td, cibc, rbc, bmo, ing direct, national, presidents choice, meridian, scotia bank, etc. Look at US market share for BlackBerry and how many different banks they have. Not much incentive for banks to develop for this small segment.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Respectively disagree. There are millions of BlackBerry users in the US and around the world. Plus, these banks have millions of users. It's not just the regular banks that need these apps but investment houses, mutual funds etc. You're telling me that it's not worth making apps for us BlackBerry users. I think it is. And many people that I know, and I know hundreds if not thousands of people in my line of work, love BlackBerry and want it to succeed but believe they are not supplying them with the tools they think they need to be productive. Just having great email and messaging just doesn't cut it in this day and age.

Again, my colleague felt that the Z30 did everything the G5 did except the one critical app that didn't work well enough... the Bank of America app. The deposit by picture function didn't work. That equals deal breaker.

Posted via CB10

I bank on my Z30 all the time and I don't have ANY banking apps on my device. I simply use the amazing browser. Fully supported by the three financial institutions I use. Why didn't your friend use the browser? I find we are getting so reliant on apps that we forget there may already be a solution that works quite well.

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Are you able to snap a picture of your check and then deposit it into your account? If so that's great and which bank is it? If not then that's the deal breaker for my friend.

It's not about our dependence on apps it's the option to use them. More options means more opportunities to be productive. I personally like using the browser because I believe that it's inherently more secure when using an https:// site. Maybe I'm wrong about that. But there are more steps involved and in some cases the interface is more convoluted than a simple streamlined app. Some of the mobile sites are not sophisticated enough to be functionally useful...

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$275 per user per year.
It looks like a really good back office system, but it's too expensive for the charity I know of that could make good use of it, but only needs the equivalent of a couple of days use a month. This is a case where actual pay-for-use pricing could be really helpful.

Not just more, we need much MOAR...

And a dedicated biz / productivity app section in BlackBerry World. That would really set them apart from the other app stores. Add subsections like invoicing / accounting / stocktaking, and industry specific sections for the industries BlackBerry is targeting.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree with you on that. I'd love to see BlackBerry World have a separate business section, just like they have for games, music, driving, etc.

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BlackBerry need to put out more and affordable solutions out there. I work, part time for a non profit and Apple and Android donates a lot os business tools, we never ear a word from BlackBerry, its a pity, because was always our first choice.

via  Z30

We use it for our Electrical service department,

We purchased a couple of Q10 and realized Pronto forms would not work on the Q10.

Went to Snap and downloaded the Android Pronto form and it works well for what we need.

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Tell them off... the update drama and the lack of love for BB. ;-)

(don't lose your job)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Indeed. I assume most people do not use an app on the PC to bank.
Why wouldn't one use the browser to bank?
Z30 is a mobile computer. You can use it as such and do not need to download apps and allow them access to your phone.

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