Project Green Screen's Two Scoops hits the big screen

By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2013 02:36 pm EDT

As part of the Keep Moving Projects, director Robert Rodriguez asked fans to help in creating a short film called Two Scoops. While the basis of the story was set, he took plenty of fan content along the way including submissions for a weapon, monster and even actors as the project made its way to the final stages.

After a few weeks and loads of effort from BlackBerry fans across the globe, Two Scoops has finally been completed and is ready for the big screen (kind of - it's just a short film on YouTube and won't actually be on the "big screen").

The film features a duo of ice cream scoopers that set out in search of their missing father. Along the way they battle a vicious monster with the help of some cool weapons and of course their trusty BlackBerry PlayBook

Check out the finished project above - if you sent in your photo as part of the project you may even be able to spot your mug! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Project Green Screen's Two Scoops hits the big screen


Yah, what a freakin' tool. I love how he was all boo-hooing on an interview about how he's the victim in the whole Sandra Bullock thing... You know, the media and people wouldn't be talking badly about you if you give them nothing bad to talk about... But of course, it's everyone's fault except his... Of course him cheating has NOTHING to do with the bad publicity he got... Idiot...

Uh, sorry, no he's not. He's DESPERATE for attention, and it's really sad... All you need to do is watch him do the bike build-offs. He talks all of this trash, and of course, doesn't deliver. He takes credit for things that he didn't do, like that Monster Garage show... He didn't even build anything on that show!!! Yet he takes credit. Then he boasts about how he's a master craftsman and how he learned how to weld in Israel (since you become a better welder if you learn there instead of anywhere else of course...), and blah blah blah blah blah... Then he tries to start one failure of a show after another, then he tries to squeeze his way into other shows, like commissioning a rifle build by a gun shop that "coincidentally" has a show on Discovery called Sons of Guns... Again, his way of getting his face on tv to try to satisfy his desperation for attention. And to top it off, his specs for his "dream gun" are so full of retardedly stupid decisions... I'm a gun expert, I know what works and what doesn't, and that piece of crap he forced Red Jacket to build was downright shameful. I think the guys at RJ knew that but didn't want to say anything so not to hurt his feelings, and that happens VERY easily... If you watch the behind the scenes interviews during the bike build off shows, everyone else interviewed normal, sitting and talking, he was trying so hard to look cool by loading rifle magazines while the interview was going on... Except since I actually know about firearms it didn't impress me since he was SLOW AS DIRT. I swear it took him longer to load one magazine than for me to load 3... Maybe even 4... Difference between someone who actually knows what he's doing and someone who just talks a big game... I bet Jesse James doesn't even like Robert Rodriguez, Blackberry, or anything. This is just his way of getting his face on your screen because, like I've said, he's just desperate for attention... It's really sad...

I guess you don't watch a lot of Discovery Channel. I do, and I'm getting sick and tired of seeing this idiot's face. He tries to squeeze his way into every show and tries to get his own shows, that all suck and fail btw... I have a pet-peeve against full grown men acting like whiny little children and that's exactly how he is. Whenever things don't go his way, he gets all butt hurt and it's everyone else's fault but his. "Oh, but I do what I want" is like his favorite line. Sounds like Cartman from South Park... If you buy into his phony cool guy act, then hey, I guess there are suckers born every day...

The playbook was the only thing Blackberry in the movie. I wish they would have also had Z10's or something... Like after they split up, show them using BBM video to video chat on Z10's or something...

And I think that frozen head guy would have been better than the one they used, lol.

Fun, enjoyable!! The Avellan twins...what can I say. Bonitas bonecas.

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Uhm listen up y'all. Sto calling it cheeze. I'm in there. Well not my personal body but yeah. I'm gonna be great and I'm going to get rich because of this. Wooohooooo. Yep in my dreams. Give credit. It may be cheese to some of you but compared to those big blockbusters from Hollywood it's got some small blockbuster theme behind it. Let's give it a cheer and make it super viral. Ok I said my peace and nonsense.

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Cheese doesn't really mean it's bad. Sometimes things can be so cheesy it's funny... Which means it's still entertaining.

I liked it! Kind of reminded me of the Spy Kids franchise. Well done and congrats to everyone that participated and those that were chosen to be in it. :D

This is terrible. This is really terrible.

What makes it so terrible is that compared to the Neil Gaiman project and the Alicia Keys project, you would expect this to have more BlackBerry user generated content, more BlackBerry product, and more demonstrated product feature, benefits and values. For a "science fiction" (and I use the term very-- uh, generously here) piece I would have expected more use of the PlayBook and BB10 phones "high-tech" communication features like Bridge, or video chat. WTF?

Jesse James? Yeah, that's about as creative as those tired BB10 music videos. I'm a BlackBerry person, but I hope that BlackBerry doesn't think that cheap gimmicky attempts such as these are going to make any type of positive impression. How did these twins use the BlackBerry products to "Keep Moving?"

For the many BlackBerry enthusiasts out there, it's fine to like a product like BlackBerry, and to like BlackBerry as a brand. But when you accept swill like this as "awesome," you are enabling BlackBerry by telling them it is ok to be sub-par.

An object-lesson in brand/director partnerships is the BMW Drive series from the early 2000's. You can see all eight movies directed by top Hollywood directors here:

That's how you get people talking, and keep them talking long afterwards.