Music fans - Check out StereoTube Player for YouTube Mp3 Movies, now for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Mar 2013 05:21 am EDT

We first featured SteroTube Player back when it launched for the BlackBerry PlayBook, however the developer recently dropped me a line to let me know that the BlackBerry 10 version is now available and OMG - I love it!

I tend to watch quite a lot of music videos/live performances on YouTube and with StereoTube not only can you watch/listen to videos but you can also download them straight to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone! Even better is that you get the choice whether to download them as video or MP3.

Using the app is really simple and there are plenty of gestures that have been incorporated such as swiping left and right to move tracks or pinching the display to make the video go full screen.

If you like to create playlists of your favorite tunes then this is the perfect application for it as there are no limits to the amount you can build. The BlackBerry's hardware media controls have full functionality within the app and in addition if you minimize the app while listening to a tune you will get a nice Active Frame showing the music track you are listening to.

Features of the app include:

  • You can create unlimited number of playlists with unlimited songs in each of them
  • Smart search engine that finds only those videos that are relevant to you
  • DOWNLOAD YouTube™ videos to mp3 or mp4 so you can listen music while offline!!
  • Listen to audio files stored on your phone, supported formats: .aac, .mp3, .amr, .flac, .m4a, .mka, .ogg, .wav, .wma
  • Watch video files, supported formats: .3gp , .3g2, .asf, .f4v, .m4v, .mkv, .mpeg, .wmv, .avi, .mp4
  • Mix YouTube™ videos with your mp3s or video files to create awesome playlists!
  • NO ADS when playing YouTube Videos!
  • Put your phone in standby and keep listening( BACKGROUND playing for YouTube, Audio or Video files)!
  • It supports using the hardware buttons: play/pause, volume up/down
  • The title of the current song is displayed on the Active Frame, when the app is minimized
  • BB10 native app and interface - Very easy to use and intuitive graphical interface(checkout the screenshots)
  • Player can be controled via touch GESTURES (play/pause - tap, next - swipe right, previous - swipe left, fullscreen - pinch in/out)
  • Discover related songs every time you watch a YouTube video
  • Search through literally millions of songs, listen for free!
  • Rearrange(sort) songs in playlists
  • Shuffle
  • Repeat
  • 100% instant REFUND if you are not satisfied with the app - no questions asked!
  • FREE updates for life
  • FREE SUPPORT by email 24/7

Priced at £2.50/$3.99 this one is a real bargain for you music lovers - trust me. Oh, and if you watch the above video please forgive my music choices!

More information/Download StereoTube Player for YouTube MP3 Movies for BlackBerry 10

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Music fans - Check out StereoTube Player for YouTube Mp3 Movies, now for BlackBerry 10


I believe it's illegal to download COPYRIGHTED media (meaning you can probably download videos from YouTube stars). That said, there are probably terms in an agreement when you get the app that you're not downloading copyrighted material and that the app developer does not take responsibility for illegal usage by the app purchaser.

As far as I know, if you download it (the videos) with the purposes of SELLING them, that is illegal. If you're downloading the videos to listen to them, or share, that's perfectly legal.

That's true and to be fair you wouldn't get an Iphone app for free just because you bought the ipad one, and we should support native developers.

Posted via CB10

Very good support, same day reply. My silly mistake, not the applications fault.

Play lists are great. I can see my self using this app a lot!!!

Thanks Andrei.

Posted via CB10

Yes! They work for the entire YouTube, even VEVO videos!

James, great article and video, thanks a lot!

Thank you guys for your appreciation, it means a lot to me. Also please write a review on BlackBerry World if you like the app.

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Fantastic app... downloaded it yesterday and worth the money... it does drain your battery very quickly as on continuous play for 1 hr... had from 99% to 52%... lucky for me I had a spare battery...

Posted via CB10

The supported video files are listed in the app description, but yes it can play mostly all kind of video files and audio plus YouTube.

Posted via CB10

The battery drain is not necessarily related to the app, it's just that streaming from Internet drains battery quite quickly. I recommend using a WiFi when possible for the YouTube videos.

Posted via CB10

Why would it be different than using a computer to watch YouTube videos. Have it on the PlayBook. Great for parties and throwing up music videos on the big screen. Vevo has better quality videos than YouTube but Vevo is glitchy for some reason. Also Vevo doesn't have older videos. The other thing I like about stereo tube is that it seems to offer better quality videos faster, than searching via YouTube itself. Has anyone else noticed this?

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I believe it's illegal to download COPYRIGHTED media. That said, there are probably terms in an agreement when you get the app that you're not downloading copyrighted material and that the app developer does not take responsibility for illegal usage by the app purchaser

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And it's not an illegal application or there wouldn't be any apps anywhere to even download youtube (or any other) videos for that matter.

Looking good Andrei!!

I'm hoping to have my Z10 in-hand on Thursday or Friday. StereoTube will go on soon after. You make some GREAT native apps. Keep 'em coming!

I'm looking for 2 features in a media player, and am hoping someone can tell me if these are included in this app before I shell out $3.99:

1. Can it create play lists from folders?
2. Can you save bookmarks of audio and video files?


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I'm getting this! I own it on my PlayBook, but I must have the BB10 version. Thanks to Andrei Avram for this.

Hey CrackBerry, why don't you do some developer profiles. There are some great small-time developers that are really doing some good stuff. Their work should be spotlighted so the community can support those who are doing an awesome job bringing cool apps to the platform.

You can use in your browser and do the same thing. ;)

Posted via Crackberry Z10

$4.... really? I honestly think there are free alternatives out there but will think carefully before considering a purchase.

Posted via CB10

The ability to handle all of those cool music formats is very cool. .ogg and .flac is good stuff.
Does the BB10 phone play these formats natively anyway?
(I do not yet have my BB10 phone)

No, unfortunately the .flv files are not supported yet. They will be in a future update.
Anyway, I advise you to not play too much .flv files because they are not decoded via hardware, but via software, that means that it will drain your battery a lot more faster.

Probably 75% of the videos I go to play say, "Sorry, this video is not available on this device". Am I doing something wrong?

No, there must be a temporary issue with your network, just try again a little bit later, or try to on a WiFi. I just checked the videos you emailed me and they all work fine.

Good app. I like the playlist and download features. But when I load a playlist with my own music, set it to shuffle, and start playing, it won't start the next song after the backlight goes out and the screen locks. I have to swipe up to unlock the screen, then the next song starts. Am I missing something?

It was a problem, indeed. I fixed it and next week you should receive the update. Thanks for letting me know about the problem!

I bought this for the PlayBook as I was really looking for something better than the default music player. There is one small problem that prevents me from using this app to listen to my music.
I have 2346 songs on my PlayBook in 400 folders - arranged by artist. Within each of those folders, the music is sub-divided by album.
So in order to add my music to SteroTube this is the process:
1. Select Browse icon at top in app.
2. Select Media Sync folder.
3. Select Artist.
4. Select Album.
5. Wait for song list to populate - tap screen if nothing shows up (that will make it appear).
6. Tap Song to select.
7. Repeat step 6 for all songs.
8. Tap 'Add selected & continue adding'.
9. Tap 'Go Up' icon to go back to Album selection panel.
10. Repeat steps 4 thru 9 for remaining Albums for that Artist.
11. Tap 'Go Up' icon to go back to Artist selection panel.
12. Repeat steps 3 thru 11 for remaining 400 artists.
Neddless to say, I have not loaded up my entire collection.

All this and I will say that StereoTube is INCREDIBLE for watching YouTube videos, finding similar music videos, and downloading them to my PlayBook. I have used this functionality extensively and quite successfully.

If I could load my own music in it would be my go to mujsic app and an easy buy for my Z10. Actually, I will buy it again for my Z10 for the YouTube downloading functionality alone!

I had a minor problem using this app... so emailed the Dev, he responded lightening quick and resolved my probz... worth the few quids I spent on this app... it is such an amazing app... and plus the Dev is so helpful guess that is the most important thing...

Posted via CB10

I have the PlayBook version and it's a great app! I'll be getting this app for my Z10 right away.

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Downloaded because of this article. Wondering once I download the .mp3, is there a way so that in the music player I can rename the file to pick up the artist? Can't figure it out right now so everything is just under "Unknown" in the music player.

I tried to download it on my Z10 but it says that application is not for sale...

Posted via CB10

I just downloaded it on my PlayBook! I ignored this app until I just read this article. I like the fact that I can create an unlimited number of playlists, which the Playbook media player only supports one playlist. That's such a dumb limitation- especially since every BB that I've owned for at least the past 5 years (maybe more) has been able to support multiple playlists.

Hi Andrei. Trying to purchase but I'm getting an error message. Application not for sale. Can you tell me how I can buy the app please?

Posted via CB10

Illegal? that's why it's already not available now... I guess... link in this page worked fine yesterday but doesn't anymore now!

We need tools, not toys.

For the moment no. In a way or another the app will be available again, that's for sure. Maybe BB will force me to make some changes, but it's coming back 100%.

When I click on the link it takes me to appworld where I get message "There was a problem loading Page, due to a network error.". Telus Canada.

Also won't show for me in appworld on PC.

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The app is not that good. I purchased it on my playbook and I will not pay again for the same mediocre software. Sorry

Posted via CB10

Do you honestly think there are alternatives to this fully blown download and media playing application? I'm sorry, but if you can't appreciate or support a developer's HARD WORK then it sure must suck to be you! That isn't mediocre, IT'S HARD WORK!! Andre did so much to make this app.

Thank you Brian!
I worked a lot to make this app, indeed, and I keep working on it everyday. I can't wait to make the app available again so everyone can enjoy it.

The will be available again starting next week. It will include several new features, optimizations and some fixes. Sorry for the delay.

Hi. I downloaded the app more than a week ago and I find it awesome. I just did a security wipe earlier and after I setup everything, I can't find the application anymore in BlackBerry World. When It reappears in BlackBerry world, do I still need to pay for it again or it will it automatically recognize my ID and let me download it again? Please let me know thanks.

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I can't download either I just get an error message. Can't find it on BlackBerry world either.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10

I can't seem to download the's not showing up on BB World and when I try to download it via CB10, it says unable to download due to network error but I can download other apps just fine...any one else having this problem?

Posted via CB10

Network problem... This app can download video directly to my bbz10? If yes its a go then

Posted via CB10

The app is available again!
Download it while it's hot! :) And it's also cheaper, for a limited time only !

Posted via CB10

It's available again, however, the download tab has been removed. I understand now. It's alright, the app itself is still awesome. Thanks for developing..

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Hello everyone,
The app is finally available again!
I was forced by BlackBerry to remove the download feature....but if you bought the app with that feature will NOT lose it if you update!
I added YouTube video quality selection and YouTube account login - you can fully sync your YouTube playlists - including adding/deleting/sorting songs and create new/delete YouTube playlists! The most awesome use case is to create a bunch of playlists on your computer and then open the app, sign in to YouTube(from the Settings page) and you'll have your playlists on your phone! You can keep adding songs to your playlists, they will instantly appear on the main YouTube page... I think you get the idea :)

The app is also 25% cheaper for a limited time! Only 2.99$!

Aww man was hoping to grab this and add music to my library.... did it save to the device memory or could it have saved to external?

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I bought this app for my PlayBook and now I have to pay for it again if I want it for my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Sir developer plz bring back the download option will surely pay even if it's 3times price

Posted via CB10

I bought it with download features but updated my os and the download features is gone when I installed the software again. Can I have the download back.

Posted via CB10

Looking good mostly, but is it just an idea or the image is really looking dark on this screen ? (lacking in contrast may be?) that flashing light on the top right reminds me old Nokia phones :) good stuff in general yeh though i ain't a real BB fan.

You can't download anymore. This review needs update as it is misleading...

I realised it only I paid for it.

Posted via STL100-1